F1 plans for 2021: Motor presentation on October 31

On October 31 and November 7, it will be exciting. Then Liberty Media presents the team the future of Formula 1. First, the new engine rules, then the budget cap.

10/10/2017 Michael Schmidt 12 comments

Lange was only talked about it. Finally, it seemed almost forgotten a bit. The new Formula 1 owners have promised the teams that they want to present their cornerstone for Formula 1 by the end of this year. And that starts with the end of the Concorde Agreement in the 2021st

After the announcements, it was quiet. But now Liberty Media will deliver. Rights holders have worked out the rules together with the FIA ​​that should apply in 4 years for cars, engines, teams and decision path.

Wheel drive died

The moment of truth will kick off on 31 October. Then FIA and FOM will present the teams, the new engine rules. It is cheaper, simpler, louder and displayed to a private motor manufacturer. No V12 as in Red Bull wishes, but also no space technology as it would like to have Mercedes, Renault and Porsche. If one tries for a V6 Turbo with two electric motors.

Pierre Gasly - GP Japan 2017 Photo: Red Bull
An all-wheel drive is for the future from the table.

Many standard parts are the aggregates rob their complexity and halt to development costs. The combination of MGU-K and MGU-H is designed to help crack the 1,000 horsepower limit. Along with an aerodynamic disarmament that will end up giving back cars that are difficult to drive. The all-wheel drive died for weight and cost reasons. A KERS on the front axle generates enough current to compensate for the Gewichtshandikap.

Unlike before, the new mastermind want to avoid a large round table. One can apply for changes, but it must establish sufficient. Reasonable objections rule determination group wants to incorporate into the engine of the future. Those who reject concepts of principle, is faced with a choice: take it or leave.

Discussions will disappear

Something is about to change. The current system of decision will be abolished. There will be no strategy group or Formula 1 Commission more. The debating the premier class has produced only a halt in recent years. The makers of the Formula 1 want to remove the freedom to respond to errors. Many theories are only broken in practice.

FIA and FOM want to quickly respond to abuses or mistakes even in the art. Ross Brawn has built a team of engineers around him that can explore future rule changes in terms of lap times, or the sensitivity of aerodynamics in traffic with their own wind tunnel models. This is a completely new dimension. Then makes Liberty Media Team from the expertise independently. And whispering the Rule makers in the past always what they took, but it was not necessarily good for the sport.

Budget cap concept comes on November 7

So that the regulations can be prepared for the cars starting from the 2019th Until then, the budget cap should be. The basic framework of the new opportunities will be presented at the next strategy group meeting on November 7. The costs are to be progressively reduced, so that the big teams can downsized slowly.

In the initial phase each team could be made at least one watchdog to the side, which is involved in the daily operations. So it is difficult to hide spending or camouflage. The most difficult task of cost control is to win the trust of the team. You need to feel that monitoring is uninterrupted.