Citroen 11 CV Traction Avant in check: Most modern pre-war classics

Thanks to its unusual and well-proven technology in later years of the Traction Avant is one of the established do classics. The lovers car Citroen 11 CV in the purchase advice.

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Body check

The Traction Avant series has been built in many variants. To 1941 strong as Citroen 7 CV with a maximum of 36 PS 1,3-, 1,5- and 1.6-liter engines. The more powerful 1.9-liter 11-CV-models were also in "Large" -bodies with three side windows. The rare and expensive Citroen 15 CV-six-cylinder have a prolonged front end. Here one should also avoid with regard to body changes hybrids.

All versions of the Citroen Traction Avant have a self-supporting body comprising the rust problem areas: bottom cover with sills and front extension, trunk floor, lower door edges, battery box and rear shock recordings.

Technical checks

In general, the technique of Citroen Traction Avant is considered mature, especially in the post-war models. The well-worn, weak engines of the 7-CV models suffer sometimes under worn crankshaft bearings, of which there are only three. Some are subject to wear and gear, universal joints and front suspension. Here you should check the components for excessive play and binding on jacked-up vehicle. Also rattling noises in tight corners and a loud singing problems in front-wheel drive may indicate.


Prices for Citroen Traction Avant in state 2 move, according to Classic Analytics, depending on engine size from 20,500 to 26,000 euros. Moderate vehicles in state 4 cost around 5,800 to 8,300 euros.

Upon introduction in 1946 (Citroën 11 CV Legere)
7,500 Mark

spare Parts

Thanks to its widespread use as a long-time classic supply of spare parts for the Citroen 11 CV is easy. Because the Traction Avant series was produced in England, Belgium and even Germany, she is an international star.


  1. drive shafts
  2. journal
  3. Transmission with differential
  4. crankshaft bearings
  5. Door bottom edges
  6. Sills and underbody
  7. Sill stem
  8. battery box
  9. shock absorber
  10. Boot floor
  11. fender tips
  12. originality
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The Citroen 11 CV there is a clear recommendation for all, which depend mainly on the driveability: It should be a post-war model with 1.9-liter engine. The originality of a 11 CV is important because many Traction Avant were changed over time with other engines and body components. For all the robustness of the Citroen 11 CV but it remains a pre-war development - albeit one of the most modern - with all the challenges that the technique to the owner. An increased service and maintenance requirements must therefore be miteinkalkuliert.