Vintage and classic cars to get you started: with these 12 classics you can not go wrong

The decision has been made: you need a vintage or classic cars. But which is the right car for you? What should you consider? We have listed the top 12 starting classics and show what is important.

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Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina: The all-rounder

The large four-door Alfa Romeo are genuine all-rounders that can be used in many ways. They are athletic, have sufficient internal space and delight you with the grandeur that just only gotten Italians. Although the body of the Berlina as a geliftete

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
Italian all-rounder: For the Alfa there is a very good supply of spare parts.

Giulia occurs, it has retained the fascinating character of the icon from Milan. Beginners are well-prepared for the Berlina. The cars are cheap and available, the supply of spare parts is good, there are plenty of shops that cars are suitable for everyday use. And they provide a significant degree of fascination: Under the hood of the grandiose light metal inserted four-cylinder with dual overhead camshafts. Even the look is a pleasure that is accompanied by the distinctive sound. Sporty performance? Sure, of course!

Porsche 924 S: Real Zuffenhausen

Let it tell you anything: The 924 S is a true Porsche. Its four-cylinder is a highly reduced engine from the 944. The concept with front-mounted engine and transaxle gearbox pointed at Porsche in the 70 years into the future. And driving pleasure also gives the four-cylinder. Thanks mainly to more favorable purchase prices and a good sports car suitable for everyday use, it offers an attractive entry into the Porsche world. It should not conceal the fact that, unfortunately, move the prices of spare parts typical of the brand at a high level one. Anyone who accepts the fact has with the 924 S very much.

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
The iconic Ford Escort costs about 8,000 euros in the normal state. Ford makes 40 hp and is only 825 kg heavy.

Ford Escort Mk1: The original

The first series of the Ford Escort has managed it is a cult: Thanks to the distinctive body fans who missed it the nickname "dog bone". However, the small Cologne are in fair condition now quite expensive and some pretty verbastelt. Conveniently fall out of the maintenance costs for the robust four-cylinder engines.

MG Midget: English Roadster

The British roadster, the former stars of the classic car scene, it has become a little quieter. But the traditional car with the open and spartan bodies today have many fans. Particularly the smaller cars like the MG Midget or technically identical Austin-Healey Sprite are well suitable beginners classic. The prices currently stagnant.

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
Since the legendary form of the Citroen ID / DS is very popular, you have to dig deep into their pockets for the Frenchman thoroughly.

Citroën ID / DS: Individual Type

The comfortable Citroën sedan is one of the legends in the automotive industry. There are still many copies, and the supply of spare parts is good. However, the great popularity of the DS and the economy version ID (later D Spécial and D Super 5) for high purchase prices makes. The technique requires a specialized workshop nearby. Well maintained cars are much better than its reputation.

Jaguar XJ6 Series 3: British luxury

The most well-equipped classic Jaguar sedan abducted into the world of the British upper class. Although the third series through the body overhaul looks much more modern than its predecessor. But Jaguar improved in the 80 years the quality of workmanship, and the cars were reliable. These cars are prone to rust as less. For beginners only a car with six-cylinder engine is recommended. While not perfect twelve-cylinder copies are offered for about the same price as the six-cylinder XJ in comparable condition. But the cost of maintaining this top engine are extremely high. The six-cylinder specimens, however offer not only fine luxury at a low price, the engine looks back on a long motorsport tradition.

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
The Japanese rear-wheel drive is extremely stylish and makes the European classics powerful competition.

Toyota Celica: Cooler Nippon athletes

The chic coupe came out the Ford Capri and Opel Manta as Japanese answer. Stylistically Toyota can offer its European competitors easily match. Therefore, the first Celica generation is one of the most sought after classics from Japan. the Celica was known mainly by the rally events of the newly formed Toyota Team Europe (TTE). The rear-wheel drive proved to be not only very fast, but also very reliable. This feature distinguishes the classic. The spare parts situation is not as good as with European counterparts, but there is also in Germany specialists.

Opel Rekord C: Coke-bottle design

The third series of mid-range sedan Opel brought the end of the 60s a great sales success with over one million copies. Of these, despite the high susceptibility to corrosion have survived many. Spare parts for the technology are readily available, ornaments and replacement of worn parts of the interior, however, are hard to find.

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
With the E30 you do as a beginner no mistake.

BMW 320i (E30): Classic Convertible

Driving fun heard at Bayerische Motoren Werke for DNA because the wonderful Convertible second triple generation is no exception. In 1985 presented four-seat convertible E30 has all the characteristics that make a beginner happy, it is robust, cheap and easy to maintain, the supply of spare parts is good. Important: choose a non basteltes copy.

VW 1600 (Type 3): The big brother

It need not be a VW Beetle to be: The 1961 introduced so-called Type 3 also has the legendary air-cooled four-cylinder boxer. It offers the passengers but much more space than the original Volkswagen. Especially recommended is the from 1969 offered long Schnauzer version. Prices for the type 3 are a lot cheaper than the Beetle.

The-12-best-entry Classic vintage classic cars Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
When W 115 you should opt for the two-liter four-cylinder. This is considered particularly reliable.

Mercedes-Benz W 115: Secure banking

Mercedes is known for its solid and reliable cars. With the Stroke Eight, the brand conquered in 1967, the middle class and the taxi ranks. Unfortunately, the early copies were not protected against rust - a cavity sealing factory there until August 1971. Today, the sedan from Stuttgart shines with all Mercedes-attributes, leading up to an excellent spare parts supply is sufficient. When engine is the smallest four-cylinder gasoline engine recommends two liters. He is regarded as the most reliable and most economical engine beyond the rather rustic diesel fraction. The Stroke Eight is one of the most common in this country classics.

Volvo Amazon: The Reliable

When "Auto old school" called a tester Auto Motor und Sport the Volvo sedan Amazon. It does, thanks to its reliability and robustness as a perfect entry-level car. With its distinctive charm, the Amazon has established a long time in the classic car scene. Spare parts, there are problems, but the body is considered very susceptible to rust.