Buyer’s guide Fiat 1500 Cabriolet: Simply beautiful

It's easy to inspire spontaneously for this two-seater Fiat 1500 Cabriolet, which in this case is clear to the elegant design, penned by Pininfarina. The bottom plate tinkers brave large-scale technology - and makes the car a relaxed cruiser.

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Body check

The self-supporting body should be taken before making a purchase absolutely precisely under the microscope - preferably with a specialist. Serious rust damage can be solved only with great effort and cost in many places. Tragic: The Fiat convertible, the brown plague gnaws very often first to the carrying body parts. Particularly sensitive is the whole sill area. Among the outer sills are stiffening plates, which are often completely crumbled.

At the transition to the rear wheel also tilts the entire underbody to rust. Just as often can all Body folds his scruffy, which is especially true for the covers: the double folds of their financial statements are true rust nests, which can be set only with great difficulty restored to operation. In many cases, a new part because only helps. have the Arches wheel Rust spots on extensive and very costly welding operations are due. The tip of Werner Gotzian, Chairman of Fiat rarities club and years 1500 Convertible owners' access to the wheel arches through the trunk from above. " At this neuralgic point one would quickly realize the true state of the sheet. Rust on the longitudinal beams front passengers carrying the front axle and the engine block? Then also extensive welding work are due. When looking under the car necessarily the recordings of the leaf springs Check who like to become another victim of Rostfrasses over the years.

Technical checks

For technical point of view, the Fiat Cabriolet is considered to be extremely robust. Unpleasant surprises? With proper handling and proper care, the 1200er- and the 1500s engine turn out (with cross-flow head) as cross-country skiers without significant weaknesses. In case of damage, this comparatively simple bumper aggregates can also comparatively easy to get under way again. a rattling timing chain after 30,000 kilometers? No problem. In just over two hours, a new chain is fitted.

Difficult and expensive it will be for the (few) convertibles, which are powered by a technically more sophisticated Osca engine. Spare parts for the constructed by the Maserati brothers machine have become scarce. Excessive (Sporty) acknowledges the strain rear axle with singing differential wheels. The Bevel gear combination is also considered too weak dimensioned as and can even block in the extreme. eighth at high speed on noise. Before buying necessarily the joints of Front and the propeller shaft investigate. (Without regularly conducted extensive lubrication lubrication schedule note) these can be quickly knocked out.


Despite relatively high quantities of the stock of good cars in Germany is quite clear. Werner Gotzian: "Many of the convertibles offered are unfortunately in a moderate condition." The quality of the body should be the deciding factor when making a purchase. "The bottom line is quite robust technology can be against it comparatively easy and inexpensive to overtake." From 6000 euros there is a 1500s with TÜV. "It will be interesting but only from 10,000 to 12,000 euros," says Gotzian. Really good to very good convertibles are not to have under 16,000 to 20,000 euros.

At launch in 1963 (Fiat 1500 Cabriolet)
9,850 Mark
At the end of production in 1965 (Fiat 1500 Cabriolet)
10,450 Mark

spare Parts

From a technical point of view, the owner of a Fiat 1500 Cabriolet need to make little worried. The supply of spare parts is almost completely, especially since quite a few engine parts are identical with those of Polski-Fiat. Only the from 1965 mounted five-speed transmission are definitely no longer available as new parts, and even used copies can muster barely. Bad it looks at tail lights, chrome parts or bumpers. If such little gems are still available, then dizzyingly high prices.

By contrast, the amounts, for example, a fender (around 270 euros) or a lower rear panel, which is often scruffy (around 240 euros) act required, almost like bargain. These products are generally to reproductions that are produced in many cases only to order (waiting times take into account). Who is looking for parts or vehicle, should be based on the Fiat rarities club contact, among others (see address below). The club holds in the scene to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


  1. sill
  2. wheel arches
  3. floor pans
  4. Door and Haubenfalze
  5. Sub-frame cross member
  6. Leaf spring receiving
  7. frame
  8. rear axle
  9. Vorderachsgelenke
  10. Cardan shaft (joint play)
  11. roof
  12. originality
Buyer's guide Fiat 1500 Cabriolet: Simply beautiful


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It's easy to inspire spontaneously for this two-seater Fiat 1500 Cabriolet, which in this case is clear to the elegant design, penned by Pininfarina. The bottom plate tinkers brave large-scale technology - and makes the car a relaxed cruiser.