Exclusive BMW M1 on sale: Is this worth 850,000 euros M1?

The company Mint Classics gathered in Muenster some old and stunning BMW models like the Z8 Roadster, 1600GT or M1. Since the end of June, the company has a BMW M1 in Polaris Silver on offer. Which price shall CEO Felipe Garcia solid at 939,590 US dollars.

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Bernie Ecclestone is said to have one. In addition, there should still be a prototype of it. And currently the third and final copy with the chassis number 4301424 is in Muenster. We are talking about a BMW M1 in Polaris Silver. This painting should, according Classics carry only three of the 453 made BMW M1 Mint Company. What makes the accessories for sale mid-engine sports an absolute rarity.

Garcia privately has another rare M1

A rare piece that wants to be Mint Classics boss Felipe Garcia paid expensive. The Colombian calls for the silver BMW M1 with 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder, 277 hp and 300 Nm at a price of 939,590 US dollars. Converted these are about 850,000 euros. For the background: With the launch of the 1978 M1 for 100,000 marks was offered.

Is the price of almost one million dollars too high? Well no. "Next week is a first prospective customer from Scandinavia. Then another from the United States," says Garcia. "I think that the BMW M1 can generally prices by 1 million euros reached in the distant future."

A few days ago, the Colombian, who himself has a black M1 privately owned has sold (one of three worldwide), a BMW M1 Procar with the red-white BASF paint to a gentleman racer. "The exact price I can not tell. I would have to deny only with the buyer. But even there we are in the range of 1 million euros."

Interior of the BMW M1 in top condition

The history of the BMW M1 in Polaris Silver is quickly told. In 1981, he was extradited to France. In 1983, the sports car wandered into the possession of a Japanese collector. "The car is standing in Japan longer unmoved," says Garcia. Currently, the BMW M1 has only 17,500 kilometers on the clock. In 2006, a Belgian grabbed the rare model. "I'm Over a fellow dealers to the owner hard to get," says the Colombian. And at what price he bought the M1? "I'm a seller. I'm not," he says and laughs.

Step by step Garcia has prepared the M1. "The paint was no longer so beautiful. Here we have repainted in its original color. In addition, we renewed all wear parts. For example, the brakes, rubber and water pipelines. Engine and transmission are in their original state," says Garcia. Problems with rust, there are none. "When M1 have to be careful. In many cases, rusts the space frame from the inside out. In this instance, however, everything is perfect."

At the interior, the Colombian had to do anything. "The interior we did just clean. The seats are original, and even the carpets." In the coming days he will have a check the M1 of BMW Classic. "To have it certified to me that everything is tip-top. You look at the engine, transmission, chassis, axles and suspension arm on. The result is a 20-page report, which I can show prospective buyers."