Maybach Exelero: With 700 horsepower against the zombie apocalypse

What do zombies and Maybach brand in common? Both are dead - in fact. For the Jordanian 3D artists Kehled Alkayed has revived the legendary Maybach Exelero and equipped the highly exclusive coupe for the fight against undead.

08/11/2014 Holger Wittich

Maybach Exelero with chain drive and machine gun

On the Internet, his paintings are currently being hotly debated and honorable mention - and we remember 2005 as the tire manufacturer Fulda with the Exelero to Maybach 57 S-based IAA rocked and sent the Maybach Coupe as a test car for high speed tire testing on record run. 351.45 km / h fast driving racing driver Klaus Ludwig then, Nardo.

But back in the "here and now", threatened us clearly the zombie apocalypse and who if not we dream of an automobile riposte: V12, 700 hp, armor all around, reinforced doors, vergittere washers, optimized sills and a rear chain drive. At the front, a martial bumper with flashing lights, auxiliary lights and winch, behind which one can only imagine the slim Exelero grill. The triangular headlights are protected by gratings and on the front there is a zweiläufiges machine gun. The fat wide tires protrude from the fenders and surround high-gloss chrome wheels. The rear end is equipped with pivotable guns and also barred windows.

If the zombie-Exelero built in time?

Apparently it is the model even as a 1: 1 type vehicle. But instead of the original Exelero from the Italian design company stole must serve a 2010s Dodge Viper well - after all, we could then go with a 8.3-liter V10 zombie hunting, if it were not just a whole horde stood before the editors! "Oh my God, break the door, goes away, away from miirrrr, ahhhhh". Schlurf, smacking, blood splattering, arggeg, gurgling, mrummmpf ...