Car check before driving: RundumSorglos

to enjoy a vacation check his car before departure not only soothes the nerves. later it also saves some unnecessary trouble.


Actually, of course: The holiday check should not be performed until the evening before departure. Then it would be already too late to get to new wiper blades for example, or change a damaged tire
allow. Also, such a review is obviously no substitute proper inspection in the workshop. but a couple of standard controls are easy to perform yourself.

It begins with an assessment of the tires: Is there enough profile exists, corruption has occurred? Here, if any, do not forget the spare wheel. The air pressure should be adjusted to the additional load, the correct values ​​can be found in the operating instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. Provided that the wiper blades are not fit snugly on the disk or to detect wear and damage, it is better to replace them before departure. After opening the hood, the tank of the windscreen washer system can fill.

look at the opportunity immediately after the coolant and the engine oil level in automatic vehicles, even after the transmission oil. Attentive panoramic view completes the check under the hood. In particular, pay attention to cracked rubber on hoses and loose or corroded connections. The belt should sit tight enough and must not show any visible damage.

To further control the electrical system, it is helpful if a second person is present. While checking all light units front and rear, and also remember the horn.

For just in case replacement should be taken in any case. Make sure that not only light bulbs of all kinds installed on board, which in some countries
is even required. Also spare fuses should be there. In addition to the jack and wheel brace also a set of tools of the popular sizes is one of the car.

The phone number from the breakdown service should not be ignored. Last but not least look for the first-aid kit, warning triangle and safety vest.

Other countries other manners

Those who travel abroad must comply with the applicable there traffic regulations. this applies
not only for speed limits, alcohol limits and regulations for the use of the lighting system. In many countries there are special laws that are unknown here in Germany. As in, for example, in England and Spain to carry spare bulbs is prescribed. England travelers should also Beam Converters get called to adjust the headlights driving on the left. Those looking for
Italy or Spain runs and carries a bicycle that has to attach a special warning sign on the bicycle rack.