Sporting classic cars to 15,000 Euros: This sports car has classic potential

We have put together 25 sports cars, which have the makings, sports car classic. Whether Corvette, BMW M5 sedan with Ferrari engine - for 15,000 euros, there is a wide range of fast oldies.

26.09.2011 Kai Klauder Powered by

Those looking for a sporty second car, for example, can buy a Renault Twingo Sport with 133 hp for 14,999 euros. But there are more attractive cars that remain also spared from such extreme loss of value: Exactly, sporting classic cars and vintage cars. We have put together 25 sporting classics to 15,000 euros.

Exotic Wankel athlete for 7,500 euros

The range and the range is large, for everyone can be found a suitable car. It already is in far off below 10,000 euros. For 6,700 euros, there is for example a Ford Capri III, at least 160 horsepower and dashing style of the wild eighties. Or how about a 4x4 Opel Calibra 2.0i Turbo? After all, the almost forgotten athlete is with its 204 hp and all-wheel drive for race track and winter use alike. With less than 8,000 euros for a neat copy you are - there are usually just a Dacia Logan.

And if it should be something exotic, there are around 7,500 euros for a Mazda RX-7 rotary engine, or 9,500 euros a Matra Murena in which a family of three can be sporty on the road - and all in the front row.

Sedan with Ferrari engine for 14,900 euros, US sports car icon for 12,000 euros

The largest displacement you get with an American sports car icon: the Corvette C4. 5.7 liters and up to 330 PS already for about 12,000 euros. If you prefer the discreet appearance. Chooses to 14,900 euros rather a Lancia Thema 8.32, the unobtrusive family sedan is powered by a Ferrari engine of the 308 GTB. 

315 hp sports sedan for 13,000 euros

If the sports car, however, is to replace the same everyday car, we have the BMW M5 Series E34 a hot issue in the quiver: Where else 315 bouncing pony for just 13,000 euros? A comparable current 5 Series from BMW, the 535i with 306 horsepower, costs at least in standard equipment 50,500 euros. Since there is scope would remain for a second and third athletes. More tips are available in our slide show.