Mercedes OM 654: The new four-cylinder diesel

With the new E-Class also a completely new four-cylinder diesel engine family starts at Mercedes. The new OM 654 is supposed to be more economical, more powerful, lighter and more compact than a predecessor.

02/15/2016 Uli Baumann

Despite diesel exhaust scandal of diesel Mercedes has yet future. Fit for this makes the group the OM 654 - the first all-aluminum four-cylinder diesel from Mercedes. The modular engine family with 500 ccm cylinder units is to be used in the car and the van models. Planned are several power levels, as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front, rear and all-wheel drive. Making its world debut of the new four-cylinder OM 654 220 d in the new E-Class in spring 2016th

When displacement of the new diesel was slightly cut - he went from 2.15 liter (OM 651) back to two liters. At the same time, the cylinder spacing was reduced from 94 to 90 mm. Fallen is also the weight of 202.8 168.4 kg. All emission control technologies such as multi-way exhaust gas recirculation, AdBlue injection and SCR catalytic converter and diesel particulate filters were placed directly on the engine. The injection pressure of the common Rauil system was increased to up to 2,050 bar.

In the four-cylinder 220d of 170 rose to 195 hp, maximum torque remains unchanged at 400 Nm, the consumption contrast to a savings of 13% have been realized. Already announced is the 200d with 150 hp then. 2017, the first turbo in 250 follows with d then 231 hp. Additional output levels can be expected.

Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022

In the compact class comes with the next generation of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class once again new momentum: more variations, fresh design, as well as higher utility value. so is the middle class redundant?

08/21/2017 Jens Dralle 3 comments

If anyone should even develop the business idea to the end to establish a chamber of horrors of contemporary automotive design sins, everyone knew which models it formed the main attractions, right? Pontiac Aztek, Ssangyong Rodius (first generation), Fiat Multipla (why?). But on the way there, the visitor would run determines also pass VW Jetta I or II, Ford Orion and Opel Kadett E form rear: all compact notchback sedans, the design of thirst while trying to combine traditional values ​​with maximum benefit in glaring ugliness.

Compact sedans for export, right?

And today? Everything is different. Audi raises a notchback variant of the A3 on the market that brings 60 percent of the series success in no time. Granted, it is the global sales. As is known, are mainly Chinese and American customers on the classic step cut, refuse to be in this country popular hatchback. But even in Germany, after all, 21 percent of A3 buyers opt for the notchback sedan - and there may be happy to be the 300-hp S3 variant.

Audi S3 Limousine Photo: Audi
About 60 percent of buyers around the world opt for the sedan of the Audi A3. Especially popular: the S3 with 300 hp.

The RS 3, the distribution strategists expected in Ingolstadt offering an even higher levels rear portion. Here, Audi does not try to hide the trunk by all means, as fooling with the Mercedes CLA at A3. To turn the Stuttgart like to praise as a four-door coupe, substantiate the claim with a stressed-flowing, low silhouette and frameless side windows. An equally successful strategy, since this model represents the first time in the US an offer below the C-Class is priced much cheaper and was able to reduce the average age of customers. However, in parallel also created a classic notchback, a study is already the direction. Candidate for a place in the chamber of horrors? Certainly not.

And what drives BMW? Now, the Munich hesitated too long, currently offer, although to a 1er notchback, already on the front-wheel drive platform, but even in the current design - and even for China. Nevertheless: In the four-cylinder high-rise, the trend has long been identified, and all three manufacturers are currently working on new models in the compact class. Where Audi still rather think.

Audi A3 Sportback in the style of the A5 and A7

The facts: The current sedan design is good, but the look of the hatchback models A5 and A7 Sportback as well. The A3 traditionally called the four-door hatchback Sportback demarcation to the two-door car. However, flying to the model change in 2019 from the program Sportback will speak standard. Yet to develop the successor under the additional designation, but in theory it would be free for another variant. Since a Sportback been more and more space offered than the respective base, a four-door model is discussed with great tailgate actually. The chances of realization are good, although there is no Board decision. Therefore it is not expected with the launch until the first quarter 2,022th

Audi innovations by 2021
Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022
This Audi models you can look forward

Until then, the BMW 2er should as Gran Coupe have already established a solid fan base, he is expected to start end of 2020. At first, there was still considerations to build it with rear-wheel drive, but that was discarded. For two reasons: For the 2er would be driving dynamics too close moved to the 3 Series sedan, at the same time, however, the space in the rear would not differ from that of the two-door coupe. Thus, the model for BMW is positioned strategically clever front-wheel drive. The only catch: So far, the Munich say so happy that it was damn the compact class customers, which wheels were driven to justify the role of the unique selling points of rear-wheel drive.

But why should not just apply to the 3-customers if they would get a similarly agile, visually fresher, while about 4,000 euros cheaper vehicle of their favorite brand with the 2er Gran Coupe? Just. So the goal can only be to attract customers from competitors and - as well as competitor Mercedes - to score points in the United States.

Mercedes A-Class and CLA with new architecture

The Swabians, meanwhile, are working on the second CLA-generation afford it continues the luxury of combining similar Shooting Brake. Although this variant significant at the big CLS only in a few European markets, yet barely reached profitable quantities, it is to be exported to America. In any case, both offer CLA noticeably more space than previously, as well as their base, the A-Class, which is due solely to the new architecture.

Mercedes innovations for 2020
Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022
A-Class to EQ luxury SUV

It also includes a downright spectacular interior, a huge screen at its center, reaches down over the middle of the vehicle. Unlike E- and S-Class he no longer infected with a scoop, but sits directly on the instrument panel, has little depth. At the same time Mercedes introduces a new infotainment generation that not only create the connection to BMW Connected Drive, but is intended to enable web-based updates for the entire vehicle also.

The motors in the upper performance variants, the offshoot of the new M-254 generation are used. They have a displacement of 1,999 cc and a twin-scroll supercharger, which enables a maximum power of 272 hp. Thus the CLA develops 250 Sport to a direct competitor of S3 Sportback and M240i Gran Coupe. The M-254 engines will drive more efficiently through a supported by the 48-volt electrical system integrated belt starter generator, a gasoline particulate filter reduces emissions further.

The answer to the BMW M2

Audi, BMW and Mercedes one in this niche in the future so the turbocharged four-cylinder as well as a hang-on all-wheel drive with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch at the rear axle. The S3 does continue to 300 hp, BMW avoided by switching to the four-cylinder power to something (M140i / M240i currently 340 hp), so can the M2 (still rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder engine) position radical.

BMW Innovations
Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022 Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class: New Premium Compact by 2022
¼ of all BMWs from 2025 electrically

What Audi and Mercedes go up against the M2? Sure, the RS 3 and the .45-AMG models. In the RS 3 thumps continue the charismatic five-cylinder TSI, anyway asserts an Audi Sport manager that you "hold strictly to this magnificent engine" may. Another specialty with four rings: the TT, technically closely related to the A3 - and a fixture in the model range, as the small sports coupe has to fear for the foreseeable future no competition. Mercedes-AMG, today with more than 190 horsepower king of the power output per liter, sets based on the new generation of engines by again, then also skip the 400-hp mark.

Alternative drive systems and models

because nothing comes more efficiently, Power did? Naturally. Mercedes development chief Ola Källenius recently announced an electric vehicle with 300 kilometer range for the price and with the everyday practicality of a conventional B-Class, BMW repeatedly emphasized the flexibility of the architecture in terms of the type of drive.

BMW 1 Series sedan Photo: BMW
The BMW 1 Series sedan is sold today with front-wheel drive in China, soon as a plug-in hybrid. 2020, small notchback will then come to us.

Expected Next, a plug-in version of the 1 Series sedan - for now again just for China. Why? BMW might be afraid now even in front of the front-drive 1 Series? Due to its appearance in any case he would not have the horrors. Perhaps because of its handling characteristics, who knows.

As an alternative to the self-styled premium compact will not press for many models. Of all the Gulf? Well, already the current acts of higher quality than the 1 Series, driving more comfortable than the A-Class offers more space than the A3. Golf number eight starts in 2019, will take over some assistance systems from the large Arteon, barely growing. Too banal? Good. Then the Volvo V40 would question that comes also in 2019, and instead of a Ford-based so-called Compact Modular Architecture uses. This is the basis for a whole family of models.

Conclusion - A variety than ever

New architectures allow clevereres package and thus a more harmonious design of the compact. This potential have recognized all three manufacturers, Mercedes CLA with the first, now that enough notchback after. This makes Audi already successful, is now considering a new interpretation of the Sportback. Only BMW instantaneous - hopefully not too long.

Infiniti QX80: Lyx SUV i morgon

Nissan dotterbolag Infiniti har sitt öga på den del av mycket stora lyxiga SUV. Som japanska tolkar detta tema redan studien Infiniti QX80 Monograph, som presenterades i New York visade. Nu finns den första teaser från produktionsmodellen.

2017/10/12 Uli Baumann Powered by

Under SUV boom, tillverkare upptäcker också allt lyxen kunden. Dessutom Infiniti vill vinst här och redo bygger på QX80 en entsprechenes modell innan. På New York Auto Show 2017, var studien presenterades QX80 Monograph, vilket har gett en ny design riktning och också tittat framåt till en ny lyxig modell. Detta avslöjas i november på Dubai Motor Show och går under namnet Infiniti QX80. Nu finns den första teaser bilder av den kommande produktionsmodellen.

Lyx SUV för Asien och USA

Infiniti QX80 Monograph Foto: InfinitiMit studien QX80 Infiniti Monograph var i New York redan har en produktionsbaserad syn på den kommande stora lyxiga SUV.

Den nya linjen är baserad på en bjässe, kraftfull galler, en biffiga frontspoiler med vackra underkörningsskyddselement, plus det är blossade fendrar och slitsformade LED-strålkastare. Fönstren agerar perifert, Green minskat totalt sett. En ny impuls till den C-formade D-stolparna har fått.

Studien Monograph är ca 5 meter lång, två meter hög och två meter bred. På kroppen många faktorer sitter borstad aluminium accenter. Ytterbackspeglarna har ersatts av kameror. Belysningen använder LED-komponenter. Vid hjulhusen 24 tums aluminiumfälgar användes.

Med den nya stora SUV, den japanska sikta speziall på den nordamerikanska marknaden och försäljningsregioner i Mellanöstern.

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Används supersportbil: Porsche 911 GT1: Begagnade detaljer extrema straff

Är du en entusiastisk fan straff, men grannen kör Porsche 911 Turbo, GT3 och efter någon kretsar kring en lång tid mer? Du letar efter ett stabilt värde investering? Vårt tips: Köp en begagnad sportbil, hur över straff? Porsche GT1.

07.04.2010 Frank Mühling Powered by

Parallellt med McLaren F1 skickade Porsche 911 GT1 1996 i loppet. Men sportmittmotor finalScore som fullblod homo modell för användning i FIA GT och Le Mans. Under 1997 och 1998 Porsche misslyckades i FIA GT-serien till den kraftfulla Mercedes CLK-GTR, men kom 1998, en famoser två seger i den franska uthållighet klassiker.

Endast 24 väg pågående bilar byggdes, varav två kopior i 1996 på grundval av 993 med runda strålkastare. '97 och '98 modellerna är baserade på 996-versionen och bär den ökända stekt ägg ljus.

Extreme Penalty glädja även bortskämda datanörd

Med 1,5 miljoner mark GT1 spelade i samma finansiella ligan som McLaren. För detta kunden fick en racerbil med registreringsskylt hållare för extrema straff kommer att glädja även bortskämda datanörd. På principen, övertagits från Carrera främre änden beror på höjden förarsadelröret ram, som är hem till den midskepps-monterade sexcylindriga boxare.

544 och 600 hk effekt mellan

Den vattenkylda turbomotorn utvecklats beroende på modell 544-600 hk och kommer direkt från Le Mans hjältarna 956 och 962 från. Tja, något som han känner väl. driven gång heta boxaren beror 4,200 / min vid gasen som bulldogg på benet sömmarna brevbäraren. Framdrivnings är skoningslös, ljudet påminner om Hunaudieres rakt.

I de smala skålade säten i Schwaben är Fyllig känsla gott om plats, och det hårda suspensionen dela ut allvarlig misshandel. Men annars över Elfer överraskade med perfekt bearbetning och utmärker vana.

Begagnad bil Expert Markus Esser från Auto Salon Singen: "Porsche GT1 en äkta Porsche är mekaniskt enkel, exakt. Endast på stand skador bör göra "The liten mängd ger en drastisk prisuppgången. Från DM 1,5 miljoner, 1,4 miljoner euro var. Erbjudandet tenderar att Homöpathische.

Mer detaljer och bakgrundsrapporter om sportbilar av förra seklet kan hittas på vår systersajt Motor Klassik.

BugattiBugatti EB 110
Corvettecorvette C5
FerrariFerrari F40
Ferrari F355 GTS
jaguarJaguar XJ 220
LamborghiniLamborghini Diablo
LanciaLancia Delta HF integral Evo
McLarenMcLaren F1
MercedesMercedes CLK GTR
PorschePorsche 911 GT1
RenaultRenault Sport Spider
UmfrageWas gör man med en superbil ut till programmet - på RennstreckeNur försiktig nutzenAusstellenKonservieren bewegenAls vardag bil vid speciella tillfällen och EinlagernErgebnis visa mer än 911

Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric: Vi som en ren elektrisk modell

Så langt var det Peugeot Partner elektrisk versjon kun som et kommersielt kjøretøy. På Geneva Salon for fritidsaktivitet kjøretøyet er presentert i en ren elektrisk passasjer versjon.

16.02.2017 Uli Baumann

Som Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric vil kombinere det beste fra de fritidsaktivitet bilen med miljøprestasjon av en elektrisk drift den nye elektriske modell.

Opp til 170 km rekkevidde

Partner Tepee Electric er en fullverdig fem-seters i e-versjon. De tre setene i den andre raden av setene kan likevel legges ned eller fjernes. Den lastevolum varierer så 1.350 til 3.000 liter.

Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric er drevet av en 49 kW og 200 Nm elektrisk motor på forhjulene. De to litium-ion batteripakker sitter i området foran de bakre hjuloppheng og komme til en total kapasitet på 22,5 kWh. Dette bør ha en NEDC utvalg av 170 km, Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric. Ladetiden vil være 12 til 15 timer ved en hvilken som helst jordet stikkontakt, via CHAdeMO Schnellladdung batteriene må lades i løpet av 30 minutter til 80%.

Peugeot Partner Tepee byr på utstyrssiden, to skyvedører, en fernbedien- og programmerbar oppvarming og luftkondisjone funksjon, et Multimedia pakke med berøringsskjerm, og en rygge kamera.

På markedet, vil den nye Peugeot Partner Electric være i september. Prisene har ennå ikke blitt kalt.

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Hyundai FCEV Next Generation 2018: New fuel cell SUV

Early 2018, the Korean carmaker Hyundai wants to launch a new fuel cell model on the market. In Korea, the near-the ix35 Fuel Cell has now been presented.

08/17/2017 Uli Baumann

At the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of Hyundai had already given to the study Hyundai FE (Future Eco) Fuel Cell Concept a preview of the next fuel cell SUV, to be presented in early 2018 at the CES in its final form and with its final name. Now the Koreans reengineer over again and exhibited in Korea the Hyundai Next Generation FCEV model.

Design almost ready for series

The design significantly clearer series trains are already visible. The face of the FCEV SUV form a trapezoidal grille with transverse lamellae and wavy deposits, ultra-flat LED spotlight, which are connected with a band of light, and a skirt with indicated underrun protection and lateral, L-shaped air inlets. Wheel arches and side skirts trimmed with Kunststoffbeplankungen from the car body. The flanks carry additional aluminum applications above the sill area, the door handles are recessed aerodynamically. Broken D-pillars are also intended to reduce air resistance.

In the wheel arches to Alloy wheels turn, the exterior mirrors are offset in black, on the roof of the SUV carries a railing.

More coverage and more power

Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept
Hyundai FCEV Next Generation 2018: New fuel cell SUV Hyundai FCEV Next Generation 2018: New fuel cell SUV Hyundai FCEV Next Generation 2018: New fuel cell SUV Hyundai FCEV Next Generation 2018: New fuel cell SUV
Outlook for Fuel Cell SUV

On the drive side, the fourth-generation Hyundai fuel cell is used. Its efficiency should be 60%, which is about 9% higher than in the previous generation, as reflected in the ix35 Fuel Cell is used. As a range on a tank of Hyundai calls around 580 kilometers (Korean Standard). The range specification according to the European driving cycle NEDC is 800 kilometers and thus more than 100 km in the previous model. Has also increased the performance that will be specified with 163 hp. and the cold starting capability has been improved. The new generation will be able to start work even at temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Further improved components - such assembly of the membrane electrode and the bipolar plates - to contribute in addition to a reduced production cost.

to have been optimized and the hydrogen tanks. Instead of two different sized pressure vessels three equal components will now be installed. More security while optimizing storage of hydrogen should guarantee new high-pressure Wasserstofftanksmit compared to the previous lower material thickness.

The interior of the study focuses on a wide instrument panel with a large display unit. The futuristic design and proximity to nature are complemented by a mix of woven fabric and suede on the seats.

New BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class in comparison: Which business sedan is better?

A full 36 millimeters longer, two higher, six wide: Greater hardly became the new BMW 5 Series. Interior to the G30 still offer more space. We once sat down and brought to the Mercedes E-Class the strongest competitors for the first comparison.

14/11/2016 Andreas Of 2 comments

Seven generations has this been going: Stuttgart to Munich, 5 against the reigning Mercedes luxury class. Where Mercedes may claim a slight edge by tradition, because it just in 1968 gave the Stroke Eight as E-Class precursor. This is called the 5 Series since 1972 Olympic way. And not only since 1993, when the W 124 of the star on the hood and the E in the type designation slid to the left.

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Mercedes AMG GT och GT S: G-Power ger ytterligare PS

Med hjälp av en avstämningsmodul G-Power ökar prestanda av Mercedes AMG GT och GT S upp till 610 hk - stolt 148 hk mer. Sprinten till 100 km / t tar 3,6 sekunder.

15/01/2017 Benjamin Bauer

Uppströms av fabriken motorstyrenheten 5 Bi-Tronik effektmodul modifierar data som detekteras av fordonssensor med hjälp av en mikroprocessor och sedan vidarebefordrar den anpassade informationen till standardmotorstyrenheten AMG-Boliden. Diagnos och skyddsmotorfunktioner behålls.

Motorn är skyddad

För att skydda värdefulla motorn är effektökningen också aktiveras endast efter att ha nått en föreskriven oljetemperatur och vid överskridande av en maximalt tillåten kylvattentemperatur ut - till exempel vid körning med Dauervollast i midsommar - tillfälligt inaktiverad. Effektförstärkning genom återstoden fria borttagbar G-Power Bi-Tronik 5 modul bibehålls även efter en uppdatering av fordon programvara.

Mercedes AMG GT och GT-S från G-PowerDenna lilla kraftmodul ger 148 hk mer.

Mercedes AMG GT och GT S med 148 hk mer

Kraften i AMG bröder och GT GT S är enligt effekt spruta vid 610 hk vid 6500 U / min och ett maximalt vridmoment på 755 Nm, vilket är 4000 till 5500 U / min. För AMG GT (serien: 462 PS / 600 Nm), utgör detta en uppgradering av en jättestor 148 hk och 155 Nm.

Komplett hjul från 9,098 €

tjänar till att matcha kraften behandling har G-Power smidda hjul med en dubbel ekrar. Dimensionerna på fastskruvad på sportbil axlarna hjulkombinationer / däck uppgår till 9x20 inches med 275 / 30R20 på den drivande och 10.5x21 inches med 305 / 25R21 på drivaxeln. Förutom den illustrerade yta Jet Black, de orkan RR smidda hjul är alternativt i ytan varianter Gun Metal Gray och Stardust Silver och även tillgänglig med diamant cut efterbehandling valfri. Särskilt individuellt: fullt polerade Full Silver version. För att få komplett uppsättning från 9098 euro.

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VW Jetta GLI: Ryggsäcken-GTI

Effekt med gott om utrymme, begreppet Jetta GLI, som biltillverkaren Volkswagen har nu införts i USA. Visuellt antar notchback Golf oberoende framför Europeiska GTI.


Serviceinriktad som optiken med röda gränsade grillen, de stora wabenvergitterten luftintag och de integrerade dimljus, är också motorn under huven. Här arbetar som i GTI 200 hk 2,0 turbo direktinsprutning motor, som ger ett maximalt vridmoment på 280 Nm. Kombinerat med en sex-växlad manuell växellåda, kommer GLI sålunda accelerera från noll till 100 km / t på under sju sekunder. Eventuellt kan GLI även beställas med DSG.

Standardutrustning för sportiga Jetta inkluderar tonade bland annat skivor, lättmetallfälgar med breda däck, aluminiumpedaler, en läderklädd tre-ekrade multifunktionssportratt, ESP, Xenon-strålkastare, en färddator och sportstolar.

Efter Tyskland, dock Jetta GLI får inte komma, de uttalanden som gjorts av VW i Wolfsburg. 200 hk turbomotor kan Jetta kunder fortfarande beställa från 25.000 euro, men bara utan GTI utseende, eftersom även den mest kraftfulla i detta land Jetta kommer med kromade grillen andra Jetta modellerna.

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Worldwide, millions recall at Mercedes: Risk of fire in the engine compartment

Mercedes has to recall about one million cars in the workshops because overheat during repeated starting the starting current limiter and can cause a fire worldwide.

03/29/2017 Uli Baumann, Andreas Of 1 comment

If the engine of the affected models blocking and yet tries to start the driver the car, the starting current limiter could overheat during multiple attempts to start and then start a fire in the engine compartment in some cases.

Fire hazard in case of multiple Start

Mercedes speaks of some 50 cases that had occurred mainly in the United States. This followed was always a water hammer, that is, the engine had sucked water and blocked. With multiple, unsuccessful start plastic panels are melted, which led to smoke and fire. Of injuries or deaths is unknown.

Mercedes calls in China back 400,000 cars

the Series A, B, C and E-Class models and the CLA, GLA and GLC model vintages from 2015 to 2017 worldwide by this recall over a million vehicles affected. After the US Transportation Security Administration NHTSA now also has the Chinese General Administration of Quality Control, AQSIQ, placed a call back. According to Mercedes about 307,000 cars are affected in the US. In China, nearly 400,000 Mercedes models are being recalled in the workshops.

In Germany affected 150,000 car

In Germany, around 150,000 Mercedes vehicles are being recalled. When one-hour workshop stay an additional fuse is installed. The owners of the vehicles concerned get mail from Mercedes, the Federal Motor Transport Authority has granted approval for the repair in February. When the action starts, is still open.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster (2017): sports car version with fabric roof and more power

That the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster was clear. And the open version, Mercedes with the GT C is still a new, highly potent version. From 2017 there is the sports car as a convertible from 129,180 euros.

21/11/2016 Uli Baumann 1 comment Powered by

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster opens in 11 seconds

As with the Mercedes SLS Roadster and the AMG GT Roadster carries a fabric top. Electro-hydraulic fired opens or the canopy closes to 50 kph in 11 seconds. The three-layer construction is to have black, red and beige colors. As an added roll-over protection, an integrated aluminum crossbar with roll bars is used. When closed, the soft top is characterized by the coupe form as far as possible, only the conclusion is somewhat steeper, so that even a visually longer boot lid yields.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C
First seat fitting in open GT 1:38 min.
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C Photo: Stefan Baldauf
The transformation is to take place on a button in 11 seconds.

Airscarf and stiffer chassis

Since lost through the open construction body rigidity is, Mercedes has refilled at various points. So stiffen side skirts with greater wall thicknesses and more chambers the structure. The carrier of the instrument panel is supported by additional struts at the windscreen frame, also a strut brace between top and tank stiffens the rear axle. A cross-member behind the seats accommodates the fixed rollover protection system. Also new is the rear cover with integrated retractable spoiler of a new carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, the active air control system in the lower region of the new front apron and the Pan-radiator grille. should not be missed in an open Mercedes Airscarf of which even the GT Roadster carries. In addition, a Burmester sound system has been adapted for the open two-seater.


Seat fitting Mercedes-AMG GT C

His gigantic Panamericana grill with the strikingly confident vertical struts seems to want to devour everything and everyone - the new Mercedes-AMG GT C has inherited the grill of the GT R. Of course, the big hit is opened there, has thrown in eleven seconds his cloth cap in the neck. He can at speeds up to 50 km / h - and the roof mechanism also works for a few km / h more yet robust enough.

When it comes to Mercedes Airscarf is now safe and grabs the warming Nackenfön purely where it goes. Thus, these anti-cool-season technology the GT C premiere in the slim Mercedes-performance seats.

In the car and large people have plenty of space properly, you sit low in power roadster. The small Alcantara steering wheel is flattened at the bottom, flatters his hands and carries on its back compact cool gearshift - who wants this access immediately and losballern unrestrained, probably looking forward possible for years on autonomous driving.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C Photo: Stefan Baldauf
The new performance version called GT C and brings 557 hp at the start.

The button panel below the four fat-bursting from the center console air vents was to Operating sitting in coupe in the roof, supplemented. The Roadster, the button sits in the interior mirror to open the roof. And open the GT C is already in the hall a stunner.

The well-known from the GT R Rear vent slot also breaks through the end of the GT C and the rear axle makes you want the most dangerous corners of the world. The extendable rear spoiler hugs your migrated to the boot lid third brake light. And retraction is exactly what one wants to do when you sit in the Mercedes-AMG GT C.

Gregor Hebermehl


New GT C version with 557 hp

In the basis of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is fired from the famous 476 hp and 630 Nm four-liter twin-turbo V8. The tears the Roadster in 4.0 seconds to 100 and allows the cockpit winds of up to 302 km / h. Who loves it even harder for the holding Mercedes-AMG at the Paris Motor Show a refill ready. With the Roadster debuts the GT C variant - which will be also in the coupe later. The slides with 557 hp and 680 Nm between GT S and the GT R and also relies on the four-liter V8 Biturbo. In GT C the sprint from a standstill to is Complete 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and the dynamic propulsion levels out at a top speed of 316 km / h.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster C Photo: Stefan Baldauf
Airscarf is also available for the AMG GT.

AMG GT Roadster costs from 129,180 euros

In addition to the Power-Plus, the GT C version still brings several features of the GT R (here the drive report) with. The chassis of the C uses AMG Ride Control adaptive adjustable damping as well as 19 and 20-inch wheels (GT: only 19 inch). The rear axle is electronically controlled and the rear axle must actively co-steering. Also the optically C may poach when R. The 57 mm wider rear fenders make room for the wider track and wider wheels on the rear axle, which are yet to enable higher cornering speeds, and improved traction. In the seven-speed gearbox, the first gear has been translated longer, the seventh gear and the final drive are designed shorter. In addition, the AMG GT C Roadster has a lithium-ion battery and is equipped exclusive. The standard equipment with the interior in Nappa leather, the AMG Performance steering wheel, the additional driving program Race and a performance exhaust system with valve control.

is expected to hit the market by Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster in the spring of 2017. The prices for the open AMG GT start at 129,180 euros for the GT, which costs GT C from 160,650 euros.

Daihatsu på Tokyo Motor Show: Liten framtida stora förflutna

Daihatsu är den lilla bilen specialist på Toyota Group. I Tokyo, har 110-åriga varumärke blir Daihatsu visar olika modeller för framtiden med en stark historisk karaktär.

2017/10/16 Uli Baumann

Med DN Pro Cargo, den japanska ser mycket långt tillbaka i sitt eget förflutna. Tillbaka till första Daihatsu modell någonsin - Midget 1957, en trehjulig utility vehicle med släp.

DN Pro Cargo tar över förebild både glubschäugigen runda strålkastare och den höga snäsa näsa. Emellertid sätter den pro last på fyra hjul och en sluten lådformad kabin med stora glasytor. Framsidan bär två konventionella dörrar och bakre vänstra sida en skjutdörr. Baktill öppnar ett stycke dörr. Den extremt höga bygga boxy konstruktion skapar utrymme i det inre - det inre höjd skall vara 1,60 meter. Små hjul och en extremt låg uppsättning fordonsgolvet gör ombord lätt. Interiören är förberedd för modulär utbyggnad, så att DN Pro Cargo snabbt kan anpassas till varje tillämpning.

Fyrdörrars coupe mycket liten

Daihatsu på Tokyo Motor Show: Liten framtida stora förflutnaKonceptbil för passnings pensionärer 43 sek.

Att fyra dörrar kupéer inte alltid måste ligga i den övre fordonssegment, visar Daihatsu DN Compagno. De fyra-dörrars bil i det kompakta formatet att vädja till aktiva seniorer. Vid utformningen av nya Compagno lånar den ursprungliga modellen av 1963. glastaket trimmas med silver tak valv. Från strålkastarna till en pärla övertar hela karossen och müdet i liten svans fenor på bakljusen. Gallret verkar frodig krom. För Compagno det bör finnas en turboladdad bensinmotor med en kapacitet på en liter, eller alternativt, en hybriddriv med 1,2 liter.

Utsikt över upptagen hemmafru Daihatsu DN U-Space har designat. Mini bussen bygger på en lådformad konstruktion, långt mindre oro hörnen av hjul och en frodig inglasad konstruktion med tunna takstolparna. Fyra skjutdörrar och en stor baklucka - alla öppna och stänga automatiskt - ge obehindrad tillgång till det inre. Tillgången underlättas utöver baksätet genom uppåt fällbara framsätena. Interiören designades mycket enkel och funktionell. Kraften är en stor 660cc bensinmotor.

SUV i miniatyr

Daihatsu DN Trec Foto: DaihatsuDer DN Trec rider SUV våg på kompakta bilar.

Naturligtvis Daihatsu rider också SUV vågen. DN Trec ligger i kompakta bilar och sker med muskulös utombordare hjulhus och fett hjul på. En All-bordläggning och underkörningsskyddselement spetsa den robusta utseende. På drivsidan, är en 1,2-liters hybriddrift igen anordnad utöver en en-liters turboladdad bensinmotor.

Hur liten kan en sex-sitsig kan vara, visar Daihatsu med fyrdörrars DN Multisix. Blandningen av Van och Combi kommer med höhergelegtem fjädring och entydig LED-strålkastare. Tillgång till den tredje raden möjliggör hopfällbara stolar i rad två. Den enda motorn är en 1,5 liters bensinmotor.

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Fiat Ducato 4×4: Big Box nu med all-wheel

Fiat åter stora skåpbilar Ducato finns nu med fyrhjulsdrift. Den nödvändiga tekniken kommer från en gammal bekant.

2015/12/16 Torsten Seibt Powered by

För årsmodell 2015 Fiat gick van bestseller Ducato en grundlig renovering. Nu finns det återigen teknik som kommer längre: från och med nu Fiat Ducato i 4x4 version kan beställa. Fiat använder sig av en långvariga välbekanta Umbauers, kommer tekniken som med tidigare generationer av de franska hjulspecialister Dangel.

Fiat Ducato 4x4 från Dangel

Dangel bygger på årtionden 4x2 bilar och skåpbilar på fyrhjulsdrift i ordning, inklusive kommersiella fordon systermodeller av Peugeot, Citroen och Fiat upp. I fallet med Ducato en ytterligare överföringslådan används som använder en viskös koppling. Designen valdes så att inga ytterligare arbeten skapas på underredet av Fiat Ducato 4x4. Tank och avgassystem förblir som standard.

Den enda begränsningen är motorn och transmissionen. Ducato 4x4 finns det uteslutande med 2,3-liters diesel, den 130 och 150 hästkrafter tillgängliga på effektnivåer. Dessutom kan den allhjulsdrift inte kombineras med den automatiska växellådan. Annars finns det ingen gräns, kan alla fyra axelavstånd och valbara alla organ från rutan på flatbädden till chassit vara ordning med fyra hjul.

Konverterings kostar cirka 7,400 euro

Fabriken garanti (fyra år) påverkas inte av omvandlingen emellertid beräknas från två sidor: Fiat representerar endast basfordonet hänsyn, Dangel omvandlingen. Priserna för detta ändamål har inte meddelats, men kommer sannolikt att vara i nivå med den tidigare modellen. Där omvandlingen rena hjul från 7,400 euro skulle haft och hade fortsatt att bygga med alternativ såsom Lift kit, underkörningsskydd och bakre differentialspärr.

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Honda Invisus 2020: V8 Supercars from the Designer

Within two months, the Brazilian graphic artist Leonardo Nitole Moreira has created a Honda supercar on the computer. His Invisus drives virtually to a V8 engine.

08/13/2017 Andreas Haupt 1 comment Powered by

The digital age makes it possible. Month after month, flooding new automotive design studies by independent artists on the Internet. One of the newer designs comes from Brazil and is dedicated to Honda.

Leonardo Nitole Moreira has assembled the computer a super sports car of the Japanese brand to his liking. The result was a model that could compete with Aston Martin Vulcan visually quite and would be an addition to the current NSX. Honda's supercar uses a V6 Biturbo and three electric motors which together apply a system output of 581 hp. The concept of the Brazilian, however, is based on a V8. The engine rabaukt, how could it be otherwise with a real supercar with ambition for balanced weight distribution, in the back of the driver.

Honda Invisus looks optically really quickly

The Honda Invisus said the 18-year-old artist calls his work shows a large rear wing that he is chosen for the race track. Peeping including two large tailpipes of the skirt, which in turn impresses a larger diffuser with four vertical members. The entire rear section produces Moreira carbonweave. As well as the wing, side skirts, side cooling inlet, the three blades on the V8, the mirror mounts, the outlets of the front fenders and front bumper.

Honda NSX, front view Honda NSX Super Test High-tech sports car with obesity

Visually the Invisus looks really fast. The super sports car built wide and deep ducks - as every school child could look over the roof. Carbon fiber on dashboard, center console and steering wheel dominates the interior. The instrument cluster carries three round instruments - which central tachometer. Including the Invisus plays the driver the speed. The power transmission seems to take an automatic transmission. This conclusion allows the selector lever. The driver switches on steering wheel controls.

The super sports car for 2020 should not carry around too many kilos with it. This is the weak as the current NSX. The hybrid sports car caulked with full 59-gallon tank just 1,772 kilograms on the scales. So was no more than a lap time of 7:36 minutes in there in the Super Test of sports car on the Nordschleife.

Worldwide, miljontals minns på Mercedes: Risk för brand i motorrummet

Mercedes har att återkalla cirka en miljon bilar i verkstäderna eftersom överhettning under upprepad start start strömbegränsare och kan orsaka en brand i hela världen.

2017/03/29 Uli Baumann, Andreas Av en kommentar

Om motorn av de drabbade modellerna blockering och ändå försöker starta föraren bilen kan start strömbegränsare överhettas under flera försök att starta och sedan starta en brand i motorrummet i vissa fall.

Brandrisk vid flera Start

Mercedes talar om ett 50-tal fall som hade inträffat främst i USA. Detta följde var alltid en tryckslag, det vill säga hade motorn sugs vattnet och blockerade. Med flera, är misslyckade start plastpaneler smält, vilket ledde till rök och eld. Av skador eller dödsfall är okänd.

Mercedes samtal i Kina tillbaka 400.000 bilar

Serie A, B, C och E-klass modeller och CLA, GLA och GLC modell årgångar från 2015 till 2017 i hela världen från denna återkallelse över en miljon fordon påverkas. Efter den amerikanska Transportation Security Administration NHTSA nu också har den kinesiska myndigheten för kvalitetskontroll, AQSIQ, placerade ett samtal tillbaka. Enligt Mercedes cirka 307 tusen bilar är drabbade i USA. I Kina är nästan 400.000 Mercedes modeller återkallas i verkstäderna.

I Tyskland påverkades 150.000 bil

I Tyskland är cirka 150.000 Mercedes fordon återkallas. När en timme workshop stanna en extra säkring är installerad. Ägarna av de berörda fordonen få post från Mercedes har Federal Motor Transport Authority beviljat godkännande för reparation i februari. När åtgärden startar, är fortfarande öppen.

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