Exotic Sports Cars: Less than 100 units, more than 1,000 hp

Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini - bread and butter! Do you know Koenigsegg? Henessy is for a Cognac? There are sports car with such a name, homeopathic single-piece, but four-digit horsepower numbers. A look at the exclusive exotics among the super sports car.

28/11/2015 Andreas Haupt Powered by

The PS monster under the exotics: For a performance explosion Zenvo ST1, SSC Tuatara, Hennessey Venom GT care and Spyder, Koenigsegg One: 1, Agera RS and Regera. Each of them makes more than 1,000 hp, taken together, there are 9,221. In particular, the Swedish super sports impress. From a fifth-liter V8 Biturbo of the Koenigsegg One draws: 1 whopping 1,360 hp - weighing in at just 1,360 kilograms.

Even better in the juice is the Regera. In the 1420 kg heavy over-Sweden-known twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors to agree to a power-Symphony with over 1,500 hp. The maximum torque can climb the manufacturer to over 2,000 Nm. The standard sprint to abgefrühstücken in 2.8 seconds, reaching 400 things in just under 20 seconds, the Koenigsegg Regera. Since even the 1,160 horsepower Agera RS gets an inferiority complex.

Incredibly fast is also the Hennessey Venom GT, which is to be swept according to its manufacturer with 435.1 km / h on the road. With a capacity of 1,261 hp conceivable. The Spyder version even bubbles even more power out: 1,471 hp. Can it still be a powerful exotic car? The Pagani Huayra (travel report) gushing from its AMG V12 biturbo Heart 730 hp.

The exotic among exotics: Undoubtedly, in this category of Icona Vulcano belongs. Not because of its 6.2-liter V8 compressor. Which is derived from the Corvette ZR1. But because of its special body. The super sports car from Italy is made mostly of titanium. With a bit of carbon for the optimal baking mix.

The titanium-strengthened body of the Icona Vulcano Titanium was the maker of the Italian company CECOMP finished in 10,000 hours. All by hand, of course. To prove the super sports car has been left colorless.

In the standard configuration gushing 670 hp and 840 Nm from the eight combustion chambers of the titanium-athlete. With this performance the Vulcano to mooch to 60 mph (96.56 km / h) in 2.8 seconds. The top speed estimated Icona on over 350 km / h. the sports car to break the 1,000-hp mark on request.

The lightweights among the exotics: Especially fun to drive promise exotic cars of small-scale manufacturers that rely on an open existence. For example, the KTM X-Bow, Ariel Atom 3 and Radical SR3 SL. All three open-wheeler are characterized by low weight and in-line four-cylinder engines - sometimes with, sometimes without turbo. The units provide all of more than 240 hp. On the Ariel Atom, another lightweight roadster is built on. The racer of American sports car manufacturer Rezvani is named Beast.

In our slide show we will show you another exotic sports car.

KoenigseggOne: 1
KoenigseggAgera RS
Arrinera AutomotiveArrinera Hussarya
Zenvo CarsZenvo ST1
HennesseyVenom GT
HennesseyVenom GT Spyder
Noble AutomotiveNoble M600
PaganiPagani Huayra
Ariel motorAtom 3245
Rezvani MotorsBeast
Radical SportscarsRadical RXC
Radical SportscarsRadical SR3 SL
DonkervoortD8 GTO
Spania GTAGTA Spano
GlickenhausSCG 003 Stradale
Shelby SupercarsSSC Tuatara
IconaVulcano Titanium
Sin CarsSin R1
FahlkeFahlke Larea GT1 S10

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro 2017: Sharp terrain truck

Premiere for the Tacoma TRD Pro. Toyota sharpens the midsize pickup truck by and missed him more off-road capability. Drive is a 278-horsepower V6.

02/12/2016 Torsten Seibt Powered by

Off-road pickups are trend in the US. The factory-prepared with larger tires and special chassis for better off-road capability pickups are selling dazzling. What Ford began with the F150 Raptor is now obviously a mandatory program that is not spiced up with at least one big, bad sibling hardly a pickup series. Only logical: the now to the Chicago Auto Show presented Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro
Off-road pickup truck factory 1:00 min.

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, which is the Group division in a good mood. In the off-road sector, TRD care about maximizing the terrain capabilities. For the presented model year 2016 new Toyota Tacoma TRD has a complete package on offer. It allows for the manual transmission versions starting in gear to be able to start on steep slopes and brings a rear differential lock with. Furthermore, the known from other Toyota-terrain models electronic aids (Crawl Control, Active Traction Control) are on board.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with off-road suspension

When being showcased Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro package will be enriched a bit. The Tacoma TRD Pro is also equipped with improved Fox shock absorbers, the adjusted suspension lowers the pickup by 25 millimeters higher, on the rear axle new, progressive leaf springs are installed. In addition, the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro factory has an underride guard. A real, none of these plastic dummies that are known from the SUV range.

The V-6 engine of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro represents from 3.5 liter capacity 278 hp ready and can be combined with automatic or manual transmission, each sechsstufig, order. Deliveries of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro begins in the fall, prices have not yet been called. The cheapest Tacoma currently costs the equivalent of about 21,000 euros.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept: Raptor fighter with V8 diesel

Nissan shows with the titanium Warrior Concept in Detroit a response to the successful Ford Raptor. a five liter diesel serves as a drive.

01/12/2016 Torsten Seibt Powered by

A year after the premiere of the second generation Titan will show Nissan in Detroit a study that comes significantly pithy than the relatively well-behaved styled series model. The thrust is clear: in the United States since the remarkable success of the Ford Raptor those towards off-road racing customized pickup trucks a real hit. Ford himself has further introduced the Raptor a few stalls as Doppelkabinerversion at Chevrolet, there were also more than a hint in this direction, Fiat-Chrysler has finally since 2015, the RAM Rebel at the start.

Nissan titanium Warrior Concept

The Nissan titanium Warrior Concept skin in exactly this notch and shows off archaic off-road equipment. For the launch of the production version of the Titan, the concept car for proper attention to ensure the public. Nissan titanium Warrior Concept is driven by the five-liter Cummins diesel turbo-eight-cylinder from the production model.

Compared to the standard version of the Nissan Titan Warrior Concept higher down by about eight centimeters, to make room for the tire: 37's off-road rubber mounted on 9,5x18er wheels. Additional spacers and the attached wheel arch widen the Nissan Titan Warrior Concept 15 centimeters to 2.2 meters adventurous body width.

Military Geschwurbel

In the description of the Nissan Titan Warrior Concept Nissan-Upper spend a lot of military-babble, talk "weapon-colored" from a painting and the design details of an armored vehicle. Apart from marketing speech, the Nissan Titan Warrior Concept works with the four tailpipes in the rear apron, the flares and the aggressive front-end design with its distinctive LED lights in any case quite tasty. And compared to the brave Series model also significantly more exciting.

Mass production of the Nissan Titan Warrior Concept is currently planned. It is quite possible, however, that accessories seller to the topic and offer appropriate tags. And before the bustle goes to the concept car: in a subordinate clause of press release Nissan announces the titanium with a new Endurance V8 gasoline engine to which makes 390 hp and comes in the spring on the market.

New heated, wireless front window of VW: No disc scratching, sun protection for your car

VW brings the first time a heated windshield without visually distracting heating wires on the market. The climate-controlled comfort disk works thanks to a conductive silver layer in the disc even as heat protection in summer. Hot is the price.

01/24/2017 5 comments

Air comfort disc called Volkswagen's latest coup. The panel is to be heated without the known heating wires and freed from ice and snow. An electrically conductive silver layer in the laminated glass pane ensures by conversion of current for the necessary heat. In addition, the disc will also serve as a passive heat shield. It reflects the sun's heat up to 60 percent, thus reducing the internal temperature as opposed to a conventional front window by up to 16 degrees.

The maximum capacity of the air windscreen is between 400 and 500 watts, thus ensuring a fast defrosting. Moreover, additional heating wires are arranged in the lower region of the disc, so that the wiper blades do not freeze. VW offers heated and infrared reflective windshield model dependent on starting at 340 euros. They are optional for the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Tiguan, Sharan, Passat and Passat Variant.

Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupé: luxury coupe with V12 biturbo power

A top engine for the top model: the Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupé, the driver can look forward to 630 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque, provides a six-liter V12 Biturbo. The premiere takes place at the Moscow Motor Show.

07/14/2014 Uli Baumann Powered by

For the sprint to highway speed, the new Mercedes S 65 AMG coupe is forearmed. Ensure carries a dormant under the hood V12 engine. The engine with six liters of displacement conveys the luxury car in 4.1 seconds from a standing start to 100 Style Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. The standard consumption of the luxury coupe is said to be 11.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupé from 244,000 euros

In order for the V12 Power gets properly to the rear axle, works in the Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupé a seven-speed Speedshift automatic transmission. It has three driving modes. For optimum road holding an active steel spring sports suspension to guarantee that combined with Kurvenneige- and Road Surface scan technique. The electromechanical steering uses a variable gear.

Other features of the S 65 include AMG in the coupe, a lithium-ion battery, which saves about 20 kg, 20 inch forged wheels with 255/40 and front tires 285 / 35s rear rollers as well as a high-performance composite brake system. Ceramic stopper there is an extra charge.

The look of the Mercedes S 65 AMG characterize special aprons, front and rear, numerous V12 Biturbo lettering and a sports exhaust system with two chromed twin tailpipes. The interior cost to quilted nappa leather, electrically adjustable sports seats, a sports steering wheel and AMG-specific instruments.

Mercedes S 65 AMG Coupé can be ordered now. Prices start from 244,010 euros. To dealers but the luxury coupé rolls until September.

New Porsche Panamera (2016): Luxury sports from the luxury class

You immediately recognize it as a Porsche Panamera, but he is a completely new car and the second generation is finally beautiful. And even better, he is the exclusive factory. We were able to approach the new luxury liner from Zuffenhausen.

07/28/2016 Gregor Hebermehl, Holger Wittich, Uli Baumann

The pummel hump is gone: The new Panamera pushes a sleek coupé roof under the wind. The head space for the passengers in the second row remains almost untouched: Compared to its predecessor, it's all about two millimeters down. More good news from even further back: The Kofferaumausschnitt has grown, the loading sill has dropped to a height of 77 centimeters, the opening button now sits in the cover and the luggage compartment is longer by 6 centimeters. The luggage volume increases compared to its predecessor by 55 to 500 liters. Here, the extendable rear spoiler, which is located now helps considerably lower. Characterized could move back to the fitting on the inside of the trunk box for Ausfahrmechanik. The rear spoiler (Figure 11) is in itself a statement: When Turbo model he has in the fully extended 40 percent more space than the comparable predecessor version and is reminiscent in its dimensions to the wing of the 911 GT3.

Porsche Panamera 2: Four Point Light and aluminum skin

Front of the new Panamera radiates standard with LED daytime running lights and four-point, optional Matrix LED light of the latest generation is going to have working headlights per 84 pixels. Thus the oncoming traffic can still be precisely fitting hide from its own remote light even to light reflective traffic signs are obscured by the Ausschallten individual LEDs on a visually acceptable level. The expert calls the operation of the LED matrix lighting device "fine granular masking". According to Porsche fast sporty cars and good visibility are even at night thanks to a corresponding light necessarily together - because the layman asks naturally: Why is this matrix LED light does not show? The Panamera 4S and 4S Diesel is now standard LED light without the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), matrix light here costs 2,011 euros extra. When Turbo is the PDLS (adaptation of the light distribution to the speed, dynamic and static cornering light) series, matrix LED lamp is charged here with 1,059 euros.

Porsche Panamera Turbo
The sound of the V8, the rear spoiler extends 44 sec.
Porsche Panamera Turbo Photo: Porsche / Marcus Werner
"You feel immediately comfortable and the new operation ensures confidence," said editor Gregor Hebermehl the new Porsche Panamera.

The entire outer skin of the Panamera is made of aluminum, the supporting structures of high-strength steels. In a combination of Rollfalzverfahren and bonding aluminum and steel are joined together, the total Rollfalznähte are 12.7 meters long. Nothing against the sum of the pure adhesive seams indicating Porsche with 147.73 meters. The achieved thanks to lightweight construction weight saving of 50 kg but completely eaten up by the more facilities. Thus, the Panamera 4S weighs (all data according to DIN) 1,870 kg, the turbo brings it to 1,995 kg and the 4S Diesel stands with 2,050 kilograms on the scales.

The new Panamera is based on the modular standard kit (MSB) of the VW Group, which puts under the Bentley Bentayga and the Audi SQ7. The wheelbase of the Panamera is growing by 30 millimeters, the front axle travels around twelve millimeters to the front, the rear axle by 18 millimeters to the rear, while the whole car is still 5,049 millimeters long (width: 1,937 mm, height 4S / 4S Diesel: 1,423 mm , standard height of equipped with a variable air suspension Turbo: 1427 mm). Very striking is a change to the rear doors: The sweeping far to the rear disc tip is gone. Further ahead, the exterior mirrors are now sitting with a double foot on the door sills.

Porsche Panamera: Bermuda Triangle of buttons disappeared

The interior designers have done a thorough and good job in the new Panamera. The controversial because of its many buttons center console Porsche has a lasting tidy. Now there are only a few direct-dial keys. They sit smartly hidden under glass. When you press a "Shaker" conveys called vibrator to push a real mechanical button feel. Available directly for example, the settings for the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) - Porsche expects that the sports-oriented Panamera drivers like and often use these functions. In addition, two cup holders are waiting for the broad center console vessels. The bottom first press down the cups, so that can serve a hole-free surface as an armrest there in the normal state. Of course, a new steering wheel comes into the car and if the extra charge, Sport Chrono Package is on board, this steering wheel also has a driving mode switch. Optionally, massage seats and a new panoramic glass roof. Ambient lighting bathes the interior on request in different colors, a system by the US audio specialist Bose, surcharge used to generate sounds as standard there finest Burmester sound from Berlin.

The rear view mirror is following the general trend of interior decorating, frameless and the center console is finished up by a broad and frameless fitted 12.3-inch touch screen. The driver looks as ever to a central mechanical tachometer, right and left of it but now sit seven-inch screens, let the ads be configured in many ways. get a comfortable head-up display Panamera drivers and the new model not even an extra cost. According to Porsche you can not make friends with the display capabilities of such displays in terms of sporty vehicles. Schick is also the rear end of the center console: Who ordered the four-zone air-conditioning, there gets a seamlessly fitted seven-inch screen.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Photo: Gregor Hebermehl
True statement: The extendable rear spoiler of the Panamera Turbo sits lower than its predecessor and is larger by 40 percent. In its dimensions the spoiler reminiscent of the wings of the 911 GT3.

In the first seat fitting the interior entknopfte enthusiastic. The new center console simplifies due to better overview the operability and the tiny rotary-push button above the gear lever allows a carefree surfing through the menus. To the generous interior space of the four-seat sedan has not changed in the transition to the new model. You immediately felt comfortable in the car and the new operation ensures confidence.

Porsche Panamera Exclusive

Of course, the Exclusive manufactory of Porsche to the new Panamera care. the four-door is designed here by the customer. To have, for example, darkened tail lights, a sports exhaust system with black tailpipes, a sports appearance package design, painted in a contrasting color logos, door handles, air vents and exterior mirror housings and various special wheels. For the interior, the specialists offer including a rear-seat entertainment system, an extended leather trim, an embossed center console and colored belts.

Now with all-wheel steering

The wheels of the front hanging Panamera double wishbone, rear sits a multi-link axle. New are the three-chamber air spring is 40 percent more air volume, meet previously had two chambers. The roll stabilization is now working electromechanical, each two stabilizer halves can be the straight running completely decoupled from each other. Thus, according Panamera series director Gernot Döllner Wankkopieren is excluded. Wankkopieren is transferring moments by the stabilizers of a person sitting on the other to the corresponding axle wheel. In Sport Plus mode waver is completely eliminated. To generate the necessary for quick and strong reactions, the system operates with a 48-volt electrical system. Another new feature is the working as a central coordinator suspension 4D Chassis Control, where the fourth dimension is meant the time. The suspension coordinator produces a mathematical model of the Panamera and constantly calculating in real time the best possible suspension setting for each individual wheel. Among other things, hence the Polterneigung that some found fault on the front axle of the Panamera, its history.

The steering is now electrically power assisted. Optional is now also available in the Panamera a rear axle steering. It directs opposite to a speed of 50 km / h at higher speeds to draw front and rear wheels in the same direction. The maximum steering angle of the rear wheels is three degrees.

19-inch tires are now the Panamera series, the Turbo model is fitted as standard with 20-inch monitors, 21-inch wheels, there are optional. What every viewer immediately lights in the eyes: The giant yellow calipers of the optional Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB). The carbon-ceramic discs on the front have a diameter of 420 millimeters, the associated monstrous calipers accommodate a ten piston brake system - a good bit of security in a two-ton car, jumping as Turbo in 3.6 seconds to 100 and a maximum of 306 km / h is fast. The offer for all Panamera models ceramic brakes calculated Porsche but with 8,937 euros. The previous model only ten percent of Turbo customers have ordered this extra.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Photo: Porsche / Marcus Werner
So Turbo is the new Panamera up to 306 km / h fast.

New V8 Biturbo

The Turbo shown us traveling with a newly developed Porsche 4.0-liter V8 biturbo that the Panamera in 7:38 minutes equal to the fastest luxury sedan on the Nordschleife made (article). The engine will later be used by other models of the VW group is available, just a work is pulled up to the production of this aggregate in Zuffenhausen. The engine provides 550 hp with hot V, generates a maximum torque of 770 Nm and consumed on the test 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Series director Gernot Döllner promises ease of turning a sucker for the turbocharged engine. In addition, the engine now sits in a so-called purge air channel, which contributes to optimal thermal management. Particularly proud of the developers are on the integration of the chic engine cover dividing into two halves strut bar: This significantly increases the rigidity of the car. In addition, the power plant is in any case in a kind Strebenwabe - a total of Panamera compared to its predecessor was significantly stiffer. In terms of sound, the V8 like his dry-nuclear bollern, forcing the driver literally the next burst of gas.

Under the eight-cylinder unit which operates to save fuel with cylinder deactivation, and thus acts in case of need than V4, the 2.9-liter six-cylinder ranked from the 4S with 440 hp and a maximum torque of 550 Nm. In 4.2 seconds, the 4S sprints to 100 km, a top speed of stand 289 km / h in the data sheet. Burns 8.1 liters of 4S on average per 100 kilometers. When 4S Diesel again a V8 is used, which makes 422 hp and 850 Nm of violent shoots to the crankshaft. In 4.3 seconds speed 100 is reached, a maximum of 285 km / h in it: Porsche speaks of the fastest diesel in the luxury segment. 5.7 liters of diesel fuel average consumption should be enough for 100 km. All Panameras offered at market launch have all-wheel drive.

Eight-speed double clutch transmission

Even with the 850 Nm of the 4S-diesel is finished: The forces are divided in the new Panamera by an eight-speed dual clutch transmission. This short build four-shaft transmission is a new development of the supplier ZF. The switching mechanism is already designed for future hybrid versions of the Panamera, Porsche may practically all realized with the same motor position. Which internal combustion engines are used as a basis for the hybrid versions, Porsche does not tell to date. A sports car manufacturer could well make the potent V8 Biturbo with a hybridization even better performance.

The new Porsche Panamera is available for purchase from November 2016 prices start at 113,027 euros for the 4S, the 4S follows diesel with 116,954 euros, the turbo will be charged with at least 153,011 euros.

Volvo shows R-design package for V90 and S90: Sports additives for sedan and wagon

Volvo has introduced a sports package for its top class models V90 and S90: The immediately available R-Design includes new aprons, wheels and a sport suspension. Inside, it's off with carbon, aluminum and leather.

06/22/2016 Roman domes

Sweden can already be really pretty: cleared the previously available versions of the Volvo S90 and V90 already countless design awards (including "Red Dot Design Award" for elegant look) from both upper-class cars with the new R-Design sports package will still prettier. Here, the face gets a bit more angular, aggressive look of the car body deeper.

Volvo V90 / S90 R-Design to be particularly dynamic trim

The designers modified the front of the upper graders: The skirt runs down deep, can it accommodate large air intakes for brake and engine cooling. integrated into the apron fog lights, about adorn the stays in the radiator grille in high-gloss black are.

Volvo V90 R-Design, Volvo S90 R-Design Sport package, 06/2016 Photo: Volvo
Dark Noble Swede: Inside are added to the R-Design package in carbon, aluminum and leather.

In the wheel arches, new 5-spoke alloy wheels rotate in two-tone paintwork and titanium look. New also the chassis: Volvo V90 installed in / S90 with R-design package a tight spring-damper combination and want to give the pilot a more direct feedback from the road. Specifically for the R-Design package, the new color "Bursting Blue Metallic" were mixed together.

Dark, metallic interior

Of course, the interior of the V90 / S90 does not remain untouched. Included in the R-Design package include new, highly contoured sports seats and a new leather steering wheel. They are joined by carbon-fiber inlays, dark colored panels, aluminum door sills and sports pedals.

Prices for the Volvo S90 / V90 with R-design package

  • Volvo S90 T5 R-Design, 187 kW (254 hp), from 52,350 euros
  • Volvo S90 T6 AWD R-Design, 235 kW (320 hp), from 59,950 euros
  • Volvo S90 D4 R-Design, 140 kW (190 hp), from 51,150 euros
  • Volvo S90 D5 AWD R-Design, 173 kW (235 hp), 56,850 €
  • Volvo V90 T5 R-Design, 187 kW (254 hp), 55,400 €
  • Volvo V90 T6 AWD R design, 235 kW (320 hp), 63,000 Euros
  • Volvo V90 D4 R-Design, 140 kW (190 hp), 54,500 €
  • Volvo V90 D5 AWD R-Design, 173 kW (235 hp), 59,900 €
Volvo V90 R-Design, Volvo S90 R-Design Sport package, 06/2016
More aggressive looks for sedan and wagon 35 sec.

Luxurious design packages

oriented towards luxury are the design DeLuxe packages for the S90. With prices starting at 1,787 euros plus installation costs are design packages available in body color. They offer not only deposits in chrome-look, among other things front and rear spoilers, side skirts and exhaust tailpipes in vierflutiger optics. The design packages Kinetic and Momentum include a rear diffuser beyond. Alternatively, customers can choose the large accessory kit for Volvo S90: In addition to the design package with inserts in chrome look, a set of 21-inch summer complete wheels is part of the package perimeter. The package price starts from 5,059 euros plus installation costs.

B & amp; B tunes Mini JCW Mini now runs 280 km / h

B&B has taken up a Mini JCW and given him a three-stage power increase. In the largest of the three versions of the Mini runs 280 km / h.

05/30/2016 Benjamin Bauer Powered by

In stage three of the power treatment, the Mini gets 300 horsepower and 465 Nm (3,950 euros). Thus, the JCW needs from zero to 100 km / h just 5.4 seconds (instead of 6.3 seconds). be achieved this performance with a new intercooler, a new downpipe, a revision of intake paths and air guides, as well as by an increase in boost pressure and an adaptation of the injection maps. Smaller performance kit with 272 hp and 400 Nm (1,298 euros) or 286 hp and 430 Nm (1,950 euros) are also available. In all performance levels, the annulment of Vmax limitation is included. In Mini models with automatic transmission, an electronic adjustment is made.

Mini JCW from B & amp; B Automotive
Three power outputs B brings&B up to 300 hp from the Mini John Cooper Works.

In order to improve the sound, B provides&B both a sports muffler (from 895 euros) as well as a sports exhaust system cat (from 1,398 euros). By using the B&B-racing exhaust system with metal catalyst (from 2.795 Euro) is achieved a higher power output while reducing the thermal load of the engine and turbocharger. The extra power is according to B&B in this case around 20 hp.

Oil cooling system, wheels, brakes

Recommended for all power levels of the 2.0-liter turbo-engine according to B&B an additional oil cooler (from 998 Euro), which is made with thermostat sky. Also available are a adjustable in height and pressure stage KW-thread gear (from 1,849 Euros), alloy in 8,0x18 inches with 215 / 35-18 tires (from 2,198 Euros completely) and a brake system with a maximum brake discs size of 342 mm on the front axle (from 3,295 euros).

BMW Hydrogen 7: Small series with wasserstoffbetriebenem V12

BMW brings the first time a small series of conditions suitable for everyday use Hydrogen 7 with wasserstoffbetriebenem V12 on the market.

15.12.2006 Eberhard Kittler

Hydrogen will be in the future one of the main fuels. He comes not only with fuel cell vehicles are used, but at BMW - as the only manufacturer - in reciprocating engines. Ford and Mazda at least researchers are working on this issue.

The great advantage of hydrogen is nearly emission-free operation - assuming its production with renewable, such as through the use of wind and solar energy. In this and in the previously inadequate infrastructure - both for fuel cell cars than for even those with hydrogen engine - is one of the biggest problems.

After running order prototypes of the old BMW sevens go from March 100 units of the current sedan with a bivalent hydrogen / petrol engines on lease basis to selected customers. Power and torque of the six-liter V12 be inherently only PS 260 or 390 nm, while the 760i proud 445 hp and 600 Nm of torque manages. Only future hydrogen engines are to achieve more power (up to 136 hp per liter of displacement).

The four-seater eco-long sedan externally differs only in details from the conventional sevens. Recognizable is the BMW Hydrogen 7 at the higher shaped bonnet, under which the modified injection system including Soundproofing takes place: in addition to the known direct petrol sits here the blowing intake manifold for the hydrogen.

Between the two systems can be switched while driving. The combustion noise in the hydrogen mode sounds harsh, because the expensive eco-gas ignites much faster. The reservoir for a total of eight kilograms of propellant sits well insulated in the trunk; the hydrogen is enough for just 200 kilometers. "Fueled" is liquid, cryogenic hydrogen, which is only brought on the way to the engine in the gaseous state. If you were to fill up the same gas would be needed for large bottles, but for which would be nowhere on board space.

Right now, the Hydrogen 7 has to live with many compromises. This affects not only the reduction of power and space in a multi-weight of 200 kg, but also the nature of the hydrogen itself to evaporate through double Super tanks (boil-off): Within nine days, the memory is almost empty. BMW wants to get all of these problems and the cost under control. For the Hydrogen 7 is to become the alternative in addition to the fuel cell.

McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar

By 2022 McLaren plans to develop 15 new sports car. One of the first appears to be a high-flyer. The internally called P15, it is scheduled to start with a McLaren P1 - without a hybrid powertrain.

08/18/2017 Andreas Haupt Powered by

The plan is known since last year. McLaren invested from 2016 to 2022 around one billion pounds in the research and development of new models. The British want until the end of the six-year strategy, called "Track 22", 15 building new sports car or derivatives. Such as the 570S Spider as an offshoot of the 570-horsepower coupe. Or the BP23 as a completely new development. That is the code name of a new Hyper-GT hybrid powertrain that will have as once the McLaren F1 three seats.

McLaren builds BP23
McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar
Hypercar with three seats

First deliveries of BP23 are planned for 2019th Even before that, it is said, is McLaren introduced a completely new sports car. Probably at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. The British Autocar had reported on the internally called P15 end of July. A supercar, the demonstrated capacity to drive in McLaren's Ultimate Series, which founded the P1 as the fastest sports car from Woking.

BP23 and P15 for Ultimate Series

Actually McLaren wanted to keep the project secret. But one of the employees has been chattering. Leaked, it means Germanized word for this. Officially available at McLaren on demand just as much price: "We work in addition to the BP23 on a new sports car for the Ultimate Series, we realize within the track 22 plan."

It is said that although the planned new super sports car can not get to connect with the performance of the P1, can compete with him well though. A double-supercharged 3.8-liter V8 combined in P1 together with an electric motor to a system output of 916 hp. 737 of which spring from the Biturbo. In the racetracks version P1 GTR V8 makes 800 hp even. A similar level of performance is awarded to the P15. Reportedly not set a McLaren the newly developed twin-turbo engine with four liters of displacement, which the 720S from the Super Series carries below the Ultimate Series.

The new McLaren 720S
McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar McLaren P15 for Geneva Motor Show 2018 ?: McLaren working on a new supercar
Seat fitting in the supercar

The weight of the P15 should be well below that of the P1. The hybrid super sports car weighs 1,385 kg dry. With all operating fluids is around 1.5 tons. Due to the lower mass of the game P15 would balance its power deficit. Autocar says that he is sprinting at the level of P1. The sets 2.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h 6.8 seconds and 200 km / h before. Like the P1, built the McLaren 375 times, the indirect successor to be stückzahl limited.

McLaren and the electric sports car

2022. McLaren will hybridize its fleet at least half. Namely, the sports car in question will be developed for the hybrid powertrain around. So hybrid not as an option but as an integral component. Task for the engineers: Despite additional weight by a battery, the sports car will drive like real sports car.

In the future plan McLaren also speaks of a pure electric sports car. However, without mass production to flesh. Woking is engaged in the development of a concept. That is known. This electric sports car would theoretically also fit into the Ultimate Series. It can be expected that such car is presented at the end of the implementation of future plans. Knowhow accumulates McLaren in the meantime in Formula E. From the 5th season (2018/2019), the Group branch McLaren Applied Technologies supplies the batteries for the electric racing car. With a storage capacity of 56 kWh.

Mercedes X-Class Pickup Study (2016): Mercedes makes the Nissan Navara beautiful

Mercedes shows the X-Class Concept a preview of the new pickup that is the end of 2017 when Mercedes X-Class on the market. We sat in there already and tell you what makes him a Mercedes. For he shares with the Nissan Navara, the technical basis and production.

25/10/2016 Andreas Of, Holger Wittich, Torsten Seibt 4 comments Powered by

The complete Neuvorstellung with all the facts about the X-class concept can be found below.


Live from Stockholm: First Impressions of the world premiere of the X class. 12 points, which are noticed.

  1. Mercedes has learned from the Citan. Rebadging it is difficult to attest here. Unique appearance, great interiors on car level, according Navara sees there rather little off.
  2. The front of the "street version" of the X-class concept is very then from what you can imagine in 2017 the production car.
  3. A right step in that - the chassis was completely redeveloped and coordinated - at least according to a statement of the technicians. The Nissan Navara is no precedent in this detail.
  4. The X-Class will come exclusively with coil springs at the rear axle, even in the heavy-duty versions. Brave, but exciting.
  5. With the V6 diesel and permanent all-wheel drive in the top version of the X-Class, the new VW Amarok lose its unique selling point. Whether they like it to be in Wolfsburg?
  6. The decision to take over the four-cylinder engine of Renault-Nissan in the basic version is correct. The engine matches a pickup for tangible user has properly Punch and runs comfortably.
  7. The street version will love many. With AMG package even more. Low-profile tires on a pickup are socially acceptable.
  8. Most of it word of the evening at the premiere: Premium. Second Meistes: Lifestyle. For the Chronicle: A pickup truck.
  9. Love designer that you can find the round air vents great - ok. But a two-double battery of it in the middle of the fitting boards, plus the patch display of the multimedia system behind it, um, no.
  10. Love designer grille Offroad variant makes me associations with the current Unimog, well done!
  11. Dear designer, you have in all this effort really no more budget had to mount a real winch to the off-road version?
  12. To screw love designers, great that you have resisted the temptation fashionable Beadlock wheels to the ground-X class. And instead a wheel and tire combination, the real hardcore off-roader would also choose: 35x11,5 R16. Great!

Torsten Seibt


Cooperation assured lately at Mercedes-connoisseurs rather frown. As 2012 came Citan, Mercedes had to rework the car to a moderate result in the Euro NCAP crash test. Appearance, comfort and quality of borrowed Renault model was not convinced at first. But: The 1.5-liter diesel from the cooperation with Renault Nissan sells.

Mercedes pickup in cooperation with Nissan

The sale, it is also the next cooperation project: Mercedes sees in the market for one-ton pickups growth opportunities and uses the pickup 80 years experience of the cooperation partner Nissan for its own model to look more for Mercedes as the Citan. What's a little easier, because the pickup based on a leadframe and because changes to the body are easily possible.

Mercedes X-Class Photo: Mercedes
Second variant of the study: noble, white and with red light strip on the rear.

The front of the Mercedes X-Class actually does not look more like Nissan. Cleverly conceal the designer to Kai Siebert that the double cabin looks almost exactly like the Japanese counterpart. Even the rear doors of the study are very similar to the standard model of Nissan. The front doors, however, are new. designed quite differently and far issued: The fenders. When Sit down falls on: The driver has complete bonnet in view - typical pickup up.

Four- and six-cylinder, four-wheel and locks

What is under the hood of the Mercedes X-Class, Mercedes wants to not say more than that there will be four and six cylinder engines with four-wheel drive. Whether the top engine, a V6 diesel with permanent all-wheel drive from Mercedes or Nissan comes? Plus, there's no official statement. Rear axle and the central barrier after all, promise a decent area of ​​competence.

Mercedes X-Class
A pickup truck for Mercedes 1:09 min.
Mercedes X-Class Photo: Mercedes
The cockpit of the study shows with steering wheel and infotainment brand identity.

Of course, the study is not yet on production status, which shows, among other things, the lack of fuel filler flap. The milled from solid aluminum trim on the center console so rather not come. Other the other hand, will go into production: Mercedes promises an infotainment system as we know it from about the C or V class. As there the display sits on the dashboard and the rotary pushbutton controller on the center console. This has the Nissan Navara course not. The dashboard is based more on the cars, the center console is less powerful than usual pickups. The handbrake on the center console, however, will also get the production car. From G, except 190 and SLK first time, a rather rare component of a Mercedes.

Not typical for a pickup, but Mercedes standards: driver assistance systems and networking. Cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors will in part be standard. The plan is to also offer Connect-me services, can be displayed with which, for example, the location of the pickup on the smartphone. So far, the competence of pickups limited here often reversing beepers and camera. Because Mercedes offers a wide range of customers, the X class can be configured from robust to smart and customized with numerous factory accessories.

Mercedes X-Class with 3.5 tonnes trailer load

Tangible and for the clientele with a heavy load a key selling point: The pickup is good zuladen 1.1 tonnes and may draw up to 3.5-ton trailer. This corresponds approximately to what the Nissan can.

Name change: From Fuji Heavy Industries is Subaru

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) is the parent company of the Japanese car manufacturer Subaru, but only until 1 April 2017 - then will be renamed.

03/24/2017 Uli Baumann 2 comments

Because the appeal of the brand name Subaru is a world much larger now than that of the parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, the Japanese company will rename April 1, 2017th The known as Subaru car models then come from the Subaru Corporation.

Whether Fuji Heavy Industries and Subaru Corporation - the Japanese conglomerate is one of the largest technology companies in the country and produces, among other buses, locomotives and farm equipment and is a major supplier to the aircraft industry. Cars are sold only since 1958th 2016 Subaru sold 958,000 cars worldwide (+ 5.2%), 2017 will be the first time over one million.

Prices Mercedes E-Class W213 (2016): E-class will cost at least 45,303 euros

Mercedes released the new E-Class with a lot of assistance systems and two giant screens instead of classical instruments. Prices start at 45,303 euros. We show images reveal all the details about the technology - and how it sits in the series W213.

01/18/2016 Holger Wittich, Tobias Grüner

It is again in January, it is again and again Detroit Auto Show Mercedes shows its most important model year of the Westin Book Cadillac hotel on the second floor in the heart of the Motor City. Only that what was waiting under the cloth on journalists from around the world, much more massive acts as the petite C-Class two years ago. That the E-Class has grown by 4.3 centimeters seems understated at first glance. The presence of the W213 goes more in the direction S, as C-Class. In comparison to the two models horizontal landscaped rear lights - optionally with "Stardust effect" - and the two LED Tagfahrlichstreifen in the headlights provide despite the same design language for distinctness, but apart from the lights could be stronger. With the criticism that it is possible the three Mercedes limousines hardly tell them apart, those responsible will have to live. Even so, the proportions appear very consistent (the wheelbase grew by 6.5 centimeters), even propper and with large wheels athletic. The E-Class acts compared to C and S-Class flatter and wider.

The front end is designed differently depending on the design line. The base and Exclusive versions of the new Mercedes E-Class wearing the classic cooler with star at the top. In the equipment lines Avantgarde and AMG sports there is a cooler with big star in the middle. Thanks to a shutter system that opens the radiator grille according to air demand by means of fins and closes, the drag coefficient is expected to fall to 0.23. The wind noise will be on top class level.

Mercedes E-Class W213 with large displays and spacious

Inside, the the the new E-Class Mercedes all - all so familiar here. However, with further enhanced impression of quality: from the level of the forth quite reached the acclaimed Audi processing, but with its own style. Taxi drivers are not the only reason to look around. Because the two displays, each with 12.3-inch screen size - that are each more than 31 centimeters - the first impression on the driver's seat. An enormous horizontal surface of impressive brilliance (the resolution is 1920 x 720 pixels) forces itself since the field of view.

Downside: the distance between their border and the top of the windshield is smaller than you would expect from a sedan of this format. Could it be that some little longer plays at the beginning of the seat height adjustment to alike to get the end of the hood and high hanging lights well into view. In between, still pushes on request even a high-definition head-up display, the hard white numbers for night driving may be almost too contrast.

Operation of the new Mercedes E-Class by voice, but without gestures

Time for a place Change: Both the front and rear door openings are sufficiently large so that passengers can easily climb. Behind is the space available for both head and knees for more than neat. The trunk is unchanged from the volume and has huge.

Instead of the effect strong gesture control in BMW's 7 Series and 5 Series in the new Mercedes relies on touch panels on the steering wheel, that are used to casually wipe on the central display by the menu tabs. A good complement to the rotary pushbutton and the touchpad on the center console. Those accustomed to giving orders, may call instructions and the new E-Class. Additional gesture control should not miss E-Class customers probably. How well the voice control works, we'll only know after the first own tests.

Prices Mercedes E-Class W213 (2016): E-class will cost at least 45,303 euros
Here is rolling the new business class 1:59 min.
Mercedes E-Class (W213) - E 350 e - plug-in hybrid - Interior - Cockpit - Presentation Photo: Mercedes
The cockpit of the new E-Class from Mercedes: Two large displays dominate the dashboard.

Mercedes E-Class from 45,303 euros

With the launch of the new Mercedes E-Class two engines will be available. In E 220d a newly developed 195 hp diesel unit, for that is to consume only 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers is coming. There is also the base gasoline engine E 200 with 184 hp.

The entry into the new Mercedes E-Class World starts at 45,303 euros, to be applied for an E 200th The predecessor was almost 2,800 euros cheaper, but also had offers as standard not automatic. In addition to the petrol engine are available at market launch nor the E 220 d with 47,124 euros and the E 350 d with at least 55,603 euros in the price list. Also in the base diesel price differences to its predecessor is around 2,700 euros, and now also includes here an automatic standard. At the big diesel, this has always been on board, the impact to its predecessor is around 400 euros.

The avant-garde and the exclusive exterior package can be had at prices from 655 to 1,250 euros. Those who appreciate the AMG look, is requested depending on the base model with 2,797 or 3,332 euros to pay. The optional Night package for avant-garde look is charged 536-952 euros. Will it be ordered to the AMG package, as uniform 536 euros will be due.

must also be upgraded in the interior. Avantgarde costs 1,370 euros here, the matching leather trim at least 2,059 euros. The Exclusive package consumes 2,975 euros, the matching leather additional 2,618 euros. If the E-Class line up inside the AMG look, so 2,202 euros are calculated from Mercedes. Even leather to: making further 2,618 euros. Still not satisfied? Designo it is even more exclusive and 5,831 euros also significantly more expensive - but then leather is already included.

And to the E-Class does not just drive up in black or white, then Euro charge will arise on other colors from 1035 to 3332. For the Driving Assistance package Mercedes charged 2,261 euros, 2,856 euros are due for the corresponding Plus package.

More detailed prices can be found in the price list in the download.

As of June more motors and drive variants be pushed. This is followed by the 184 hp E 200 with manual transmission, the E 200 4Matic, of E 250 with 211 hp, the E 300 245 PS, E 350 e (211 hp + 60 kW), the E 400 4Matic with 333 hp, the e 200 d with 150 hp, the 43 AMG which is likely to make around 400 hp 195 hp E220 d with manual transmission, the e 220 4Matic d and e. The two genuine AMG versions follow until the beginning of 2017, the E 350 4Matic d with 258 hp in Q2 2017th

Large screens in the E-Class

The central display in the new Mercedes E-Class makes way, only really makes sense if extra charge Comand Online is ordered. Navigation charts are equipped with it appear full format on the central screen. Informative graphics and animations take alternatively 2/3 of the screen right, 1/3 shows further information.

At all the facilities: In terms of seats, Mercedes has designed differently depending on the seating system line. In the basic version they are available in fabric. In the line avant the seat surface is transversely attached and provided with a rear ventilation. AMG-line larger sidecar for support and the seats of the Exclusive Line still worry characterized by longitudinal stitched center panels in color coordinated fabric and leather combination. Last but not least, Mercedes launched the Designo seat with diamond pattern.

Mercedes E-Class assistance systems Photo: Mercedes
Car-to-X communication in the new E-class - just a support system of many.

Mercedes can drive the new E-Class semi-autonomous

but the new Mercedes E-Class will also be more safety and comfort on the way to the driver so carries the E-Class various systems for semi-autonomous driving. New on board is the Drive pilot who uses a stereo camera and radar sensors: The distance pilot Distronic can not just automatically maintain the correct distance to the vehicle ahead in conjunction with the steering-pilots but they also speeds up to follow 210 km / h. the stop&Go-pilot allows future follow-trips up to 130 km / h.

In conjunction with Comand, the switchable partial function "Speed ​​Limit Pilot" on camera recognized speed limits or known about navigation limits, for example, 50 km / h in town or 100 km / h on country roads, einregeln independently. The semi-autonomous systems can always and at all times be overridden by the driver.

New in the E-Class and the Active Brake Assist with junction function comes. The system detects collision risks, including horizontal traffic and pedestrians, and initiates an autonomous braking. The Active Brake Assist is active for colliding objects in a speed range from 7 up to 250 km / hr and can react from 7 to 70 km / h to stationary objects.

Under optimal conditions, it should thus can prevent a rear-end collision on a stationary vehicle or a collision with a pedestrian at speeds up to about 65 km / h. Collisions with the cross traffic should be able to avoid the intersection function depending on the situation in the speed range to about 50 km / h. In Stauende scenarios without alternative the Active Brake Assist will be able to reduce even up to 90 km / h automatically.

on and ausparken by app

Also new is the alternate steering Wizard: Initiates the driver through a steering movement evasive action, the system supports this alternative request by the Steering impresses precisely calculated additional steering moments. They help the driver to avoid the pedestrian controlled, and then facilitate Geradstellen the vehicle in order to be able to safely pass.

On request, the new E-Class can also be remotely activated via the app and ausparken. In addition, the E-Class via car-to-X can communicate based on the mobile communications technology with other cars and so warn of dangers. Also, the smartphone can be used as a door opener. An approach to the castle goes and opens the car.

Next on board the known systems Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist and Pre-Safe are Plus, all of which were developed in their functioning and sensors. are taken from the S-Class integrated into the outer rear belts airbags.

Mercedes E-Class ride Photo: Mercedes
We were able to ride in the new E-Class.

Ride in the new Mercedes E-Class

We were allowed the new Mercedes E-Class already feel and ride. Also, the W213 smells like a Mercedes. Taking a deep breath meets the receptors to capture the doubt. And this is the first, not insignificant knowledge if you sit in the new Businessliner. They will whisper to customers later into the subconscious ". Home, welcome to your world Welcome" There are, finally, the seemingly small things that convey a sense of familiarity. Autonomous driving? Digital display? Interesting - but as a feel-good factor? Secondary.

Second perception of comfort. The E-Class offers its passengers like a big Mercedes. Not quite as fluffy as the S-Class, but with a similarly high seating comfort. This has nothing to do with soft, that is simply enjoyable. Here one settles like. Especially since the atmosphere despite all the modernity still has a certain amount of homeliness. Typical Mercedes - but clearly time mental than before. At least with the dark and large wood inserts of the prototype, the dashboard is very high quality. This impression amplifies the display with its crisp graphics.

Even if the control units are partially migrated via the center console, so everything is within sight. The hand falls by itself on the rotary push button, the buttons on the control panel are well fitted. And the steering wheel? At first glance, a typical Mercedes-multifunction steering wheel; at second glance, however, one notices the two touchpads that are within reach of the right and left thumb. Anyone who thinks that the face-area digital displays of the play instinct take over the helm, was mistaken in Mercedes. Here trends steer clear from not the essence.

And the most important is the convenience. The prototype is a E 300 with two-liter four-cylinder turbo. The sedan sets when accelerating confidently going on and the automatic transmission popped through the nine courses. During fast cruising the four-cylinder remains calm, outside noise hardly penetrate the laminated glass. Only when kick down the gasoline raises his voice - a bit too much.

The roads are narrow, curvy and hunchbacked. "The suspension settings Comfort and Sport are intended for permanent driving. In Sport plus contrast, must there ever a little harder to go," says development chief Michael Kelz. And then he puts so to speak, to the switch. Sport plus, kick-down, the sedan gets going. Kelz holds on to the next curve, articulated by remarkable high speeds - and the E-class keeps clean their trail.

The four-link front has almost no understeer, the dampers can hardly falter or roles. And to load changes, the multi-link independent rear suspension responds with a gentle tightening. Now Kelz is hard on the throttle, traction control calls the plan. The astonishing thing is that they wegregelt performance only briefly. The ESP Würgeband was yesterday. Despite all the comfort, the E-Class seems to be a Driverscar.

Return to position Comfort. Even asphalt whose surface is reminiscent of clods, makes the E-Class cold. With delight she seems to eat irregularities of all kinds, cushions without Nachzuschwingen over them. Self-sided holes copes brilliantly the sedan - its pinnacle.

Mercedes E-Class station wagon comes in 2017

Since 2009, the Mercedes E-Class (W212) is on the market. In 2013, the model received an extremely extensive revision. Mercedes itself had estimated that that was spent on development costs to 1 billion euros. The new-generation E-Class is on the modified rear-wheel drive platform (MRA) of the current C-Class.

Thanks to this new platform, which consists among other things of aluminum, the E-Class is expected in the future more likely to fail by 70 kilograms. the model is to bring a maximum of 1.5 tons on the scale as the total weight. The Kombi wagon is expected in 2017 come on the market, an AMG version will not be missing any more than the four-seat convertible and the coupe.

download Price list Mercedes E-Class (PDF, 5.28 MB) Free

Jeep models special 75th Anniversary Jubilee jeeps as limited edition

On the 75th anniversary of the brand Jeep launches special editions to the year of the festivities. Four of them come to us.

07/01/2016 Torsten Seibt Powered by

2016 is celebrated vigorously in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In the Jeep headquarters one adjusts to a special jubilee year, the brand can look back on 75 eventful years. The beginning of the festivities make special models of the complete vehicle range, the debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Jeep 75th Anniversary

The Jeep Wrangler to - not offered in Germany - Jeep Patriot, the spectrum ranges, the specifics of the Edition models are not just in appearance. Allen is the subject of low gloss bronze, for coloring bumpers (Wrangler) wheels together (all models) or details such as towing hook or the grille of individual Jeep variants is used. Also everywhere Topic: Seats and partial panels get two color stitching.

There is also the special color Recon Green to choose from and some model-specific features. Most will be upgraded the Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary. In addition to the aforementioned extras he gets a power dome hood, leather seats, door sill protection tubes and a touchscreen satellite radio. Too bad: this time the sexy front bumper will not make it into the EU version, there are a defused version.

In Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee are new Robust materials for the seat cover for election, the Jeep Renegade comes with a potent Beats audio system. In addition, Renegade and Cherokee on the menu: a glass sunroof.

Prices for the special models have not yet been called.

StreetScooter Work L: New look and more space

The post has opted for electric cars of the type StreetScooter the delivery service. At the IAA Commercial Vehicles, the new StreetScooter Work L has now been presented with redoubled loading capacity.

09/23/2016 Uli Baumann

The big brother of StreetScooter Work, which was developed at a subsidiary of the German Post DHL Group and is being built, is now offering a box body, which accommodates up to 8 cubic meters of charge and can be stuffed with up to 1,000 kg payload. The base model came to 4.3 m³ and 710 kg. For this purpose the new StreetScooter Work L has a more powerful engine (45 kW continuous power / 70 kW peak power) and a new lithium-ion battery having a range of up to 100 kilometers. The simple work are 38 kW engine power (48 kW peak power) and a range of 80 km to book. The maximum speed of the StreetScooter is down-regulated 80 km / h. Open are 120 km / h in it.

electrically deliver parcels and letters 2:50 min.

StreetScooter also for the free market

By the end of 2016, the German Post DHL will bring on 170 StreetScooter Work L on the road. 2017 will be already built 10,000 copies and transferred to the mail application. The post office would be at once the largest electric car fleet operators in Germany. Among the electric models, the post is based on a dedicated charging infrastructure at its distribution centers.

Thinks StreetScooter about offering the electric model on the open market. To this was now presented in Hanover a version with trucks in typical municipal orange. Other bodies would easily be displayed on the box frame so Marcus Arens, Director of Marketing & Sales. Higher payloads could be implemented relatively easily by adjustments. Of prices Arens did not want to speak, but that would be competitive in any case.