Viper ACR-record attempt at the Nurburgring: crowdfunding team fails at the 7-minute barrier

The Nurburgring record attempt of privately financed Viper ACR team has failed. Faster than 7: 01.3 minutes made it none of the drivers at the Nordschleife of the ring. In the end, the team can still be proud of yourself!

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Whether Russ Oasis is disappointed? Maybe a little, after all, it was his idea to send the Dodge Viper ACR on its final mission: The record for street-legal vehicles on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring should be cracked. A unique project, for the record attempt was crowd funded by donations from Viper fans and Nürburgring freaks. No manufacturer, neither Dodge nor FCA, was behind it. Only Kumho sponsored the tires.

Lance David Arnold goes almost under the seven-minute limit

In the end it did not work: Replacement drivers Lance David Arnold, who stepped in for the active in the VLN Luca Stolz and Dominik Farnbacher, punched in his fifth round a 7: 01.3 minutes in the asphalt of the "Green Hell". Anyone looking at the round can immediately see that there's a lot would have gone: Arnold connected a few times, true in some corners not perfect racing line and could here and there put something pace. "The Viper was also a full tank at this time."

"Everyone believed that the Viper ACR good for a 6: 55-minute round would be good enough," says Russ Oasis. And with each he does not mean any spectator, but its technicians and the drivers themselves, all three would have said. "The car is just amazing!"

Nevertheless, the lap time of 7 may: impressive 01.3 minutes well. That, after all, is No. 3 in the all-time list of the Nordschleife heroes. The ACR is therefore behind the Lamborghini Huracán (6:52 minutes) and the Porsche 918 Spyder (6:57 minutes). And unlike the Lambo and 918, the Viper ACR uses only rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission instead of four-wheel and dual clutch transmission.

And at the end falls but a ring record

Means that the Viper ACR has decided to go a record cracked, namely for rear-wheel-driven, manual transmission sports car. Our sport auto Supertester Christian Gebhardt had broken the record for this very sports car some time ago - with the Viper ACR is not dissimilar Corvette Z06 he clocked a 7:14 minutes.

Lance Arnold could have done faster - without a doubt. But it should not be. The Viper ACR already fought throughout the record attempt with tire problems - the Kumho V720 simply held not long enough. And at some point the consequences were clearly noticeable. At 220 km / h - in the middle of a curve - the left front tire burst Arnolds Viper. He brushed the Leitplante, then slid across the track to the other side, and crashed into the other guardrail. Luckily he was not injured. In sharp contrast to his service vehicle, which was heavily damaged. Shows an image must have been the impact as severe.

The blog "Nürburgring: Bridge to Gantry" brings it pretty much to the point: "You see this not as a Viper broken car, but as a hero with scars from his fight. A fallen champion, who has fought for thousands of fans around the world. Without factory support without automatic without questionable tires or turbos with more steam than specified. "

So long, Viper ACR!

Background: fundraiser for the Viper ACR

A group Viper fans tinkered over the last few months on relinquishing the legend once again to the Nordschleife. The original goal: the hardcore version of ACR (American Club Racer) should the Porsche 918 Spyder snatch the record of 6:57 minutes. The now others have done. The Lamborghini Huracán-performance roared in 6:52 minutes through the Green Hell. The electric runabout Nio EP9 should even have plunked down a lap time of 6:45 minutes.

Although the bar now so much higher, the fans have not let up. The Viper Club of America gathered on the Internet via a crowdfunding site money for the venture on the Nordschleife. It should be collected through donations 159,000 US dollars. With the money two Dodge Viper ACR are hauled across the Atlantic, paid the route rent and operating costs are amortized on site. A Texas Viper dealer had previously agreed to provide the two required ACR.

The fund raising has paid off: 378 Viper fans donated a total of 165,160 US dollars. This corresponds according to the current exchange rate around 147,000 euros. Power per head on average about 388 euros. Who for the planned trip to the Nordschleife, which was originally passed in April in the eye, but now to take place in July, paid 10,000 US dollars or more will be invited to the track.

Can the displacement giant with 8.4-liter V10 really set a new record? According to the latest improvements is hard to imagine. There is a reference. The 2010 model lapped with Dominik Farnbacher the dreaded Eifel track in 7: 12-13 minutes (article). The current Viper ACR with 654 hp and 814 Nm should already can undercut. Especially as the engineers put especially great resources in aerodynamics. With its wings work of the US sports car to nearly a metric ton of output at 285 km / h. 13 US routes, the Viper already holds records.

Either way: It would be a worthy farewell for the Viper. For the last ride on the Nordschleife Dominik Farnbacher and Luca Stolz were chosen. The Viper ACR comes with the "Extreme aerodynamics package" and will compete on Kumho semi-slicks in the dimensions 295/25 R 19 in front and 355/30 R19 rear.

In our photo show, we show you the Dodge Viper ACR.

Peugeot 308 GTi (2016) at the IAA: The GTi is much stronger and more expensive than the Golf

Peugeot shows a new hot-hatchback with the 308 GTi at the IAA in Frankfurt. The compact sports car makes with its 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine 272 hp - and is therefore quite unremarkable. But: A special equipment makes it particularly striking.

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What we have puzzled: Throttles Peugeot to secure the performance of their turbo engine from the RCZ R in the 308 GTi, the sports car a unique selling point? The clear answer is yes and no!

Peugeot 308 GTi (2016) in Germany particularly strong

They exist, the restricted version. It makes 250 hp, 22 less than the top model, the 308 GTi 270. However, this is not important to us: "The weaker version does not come to Germany," says Peugeot man Ulrich Bethscheider-Kieser talking with sports car. Good, because the strong variant has the advantage not only of something died eiger tern engine power.

But first, let's stay in the 1.6-liter engine. We know already from the RCZ R, and have it may already thoroughly enjoy. In the 308 GTi Peugeot still puts it two PS. And makes the compact becoming the most powerful production sports history. The maximum power of 272 hp is at 6,000 / min. on, the engine is roaring at 6,500 revolutions in the limiter. In not even 2,000 rpm the engine heaves 330 Nm of torque to the crankshaft, the power transmission takes place - always hand connected - to the front wheels.

Torsen limited-slip differential on the front axle

To implement the power not only in the longitudinal but also in lateral dynamics, a Torsen limited-slip differential arranges the distribution of power between the two front wheels. This, technically quite complicated measure, Peugeot Sport will eliminate the typical on front-wheel drive understeer when accelerating out of bends. The locking action is 37% when accelerating, braking 30%. 

The values ​​for the standard sprint to 100 km / h move with smooth six seconds at the level of the sports car. At 250 km / h sharp Peugeot 308 GTi is captured electronically. The enlarged brake system with four-piston front stops the pretty but unremarkable hot hatchback. He is painted in black and barely distinguishable from weaker GT-brother. Only the GTi sticker and the double-flow exhaust system indicate the power under the hood. But: A paint option is likely to bring the attention that he deserves the 308 GTi, namely the combination of red and black, as we already know it from the more compact 208 GTi.

The French make lightweight properly

Here, the Peugeot 308 GTi is not a bulky vehicle: With a length of 4.25 m, it is marginally shorter than a VW Golf GTI, but is associated with a slightly wider track strong on the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. And now beware: The Peugeot 308 GTi is a real lightweight! With 1,205 kilograms (without driver, full gas tank), he has the weight of the Golf GTI by more than 200 kilograms (Super Test Golf: 1,406 kg). On the similarly strong, 1,311 kilo Renault Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy Peugeot has still good two talents advantage - if you like to give the manufacturer faith. A first test will provide clarity, until then, we are impressed. 

The low weight is the result of consistent lightweight construction. So Peugeot philosophizes not for hours about spaceframe and Co., but is thought to easily. Various chassis parts are made of aluminum, so in about the transverse control arms on the front axle. Furthermore, the French manufacturer of Paris relies on the use of high strength steel. This material is characterized in that it is a result of admixtures of elements such as vanadium or titanium by a multiple solid. Characterized the thickness of the steel parts can be reduced - without any loss of safety for the occupants.

Peugeot 308 GTi from 34,950 euros

Driver and front passenger, meanwhile, look to a reduced, minimalistic, stylish interior. Many buttons, toggle and rotary switches? None. All essential features were - integrated into the touch screen, which was planted in the center console, between the ventilation outlets - as in normal 308er.  

Also anything but ordinary: the small steering wheel and instruments overlying with counter scales for speed and engine speed. Almost like Aston Martin. Much lower than the elegant British the Peugeot 308 GTi is both the price and the consumption. 100 kilometers of the 1.6-liter turbo will consume only 6.0 liters of premium petrol, at least in the laboratory. In reality, this value is expected to be around eight to nine liters.  

For their 308 GTi the French call a base price of 34,950 euros. He falls more expensive than the VW Golf GTI with Performance Package. This GTI will cost at least 30,400 euros with us. The Peugeot 308 GTi can be ordered now and available from November, 2015.

modelpower0 - 100 km / hWeight (DIN)Price from
Honda Civic Type R310 hp / 400 Nm5.7 sec.1382 kg36,500 €
Seat Leon Cupra 290290 hp / 350 Nm5.7 (DSG) / 5.81395 kg33120
Opel Astra OPC280/4006.01550 kg34990
Peugeot 308 GTi 270272/3306.01395 kg34,950
Renault Megane RS265/3606.01403 kg27950
Ford Focus ST250/3606.51437 kg29100
VW Golf GTI Perf.230/3506.4 / 6.41382 kg30,400

Price Audi Q7 e-Tron Quattro 3.0 TDI: diesel plug-in hybrid from 80,500 euros

Big car, small consumption. In the Audi Q7 e-Tron Quattro 3.0 TDI, a 373 hp diesel plug-in hybrid powertrain is to provide a fuel consumption of just 1.8 liters. Ordered the hybrid in early March.

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The powertrain of the Audi Q7 e-Tron 3.0 TDI Quattro combines a three-liter V6 turbo diesel with 258 hp and 600 Nm of torque with a 94 kW, 350 Nm electric motor that takes its place along with a clutch in the eight-speed automatic transmission. The necessary energy reserve buffers a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17.3 kWh, which can be loaded on demand up to 7.2 kW in about 2.5 hours. As system power the E-Tron are 373 hp and 700 Nm. This is to spurt the big SUV in 6.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, and have a top speed of 225 km / h. But the most striking figure is likely to be the standard consumption of 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The pure electric range puts Audi at 56 km, the total range should be up to 1,410 kilometers.

Audi Q7 e-Tron Quattro will start in spring 2016

Power is transferred to all four wheels is entrusted to a permanent all-wheel drive with locking center differential and torque vectoring. The hybrid drive offers four modes of operation, the recuperation can be adjusted in steps on the steering wheel. was developed especially for the Q7 e-Tron develops also the standard thermal management system with integrated heat pump.

To visually differentiate its conventionally powered brethren, the Audi Q7 e-Tron is based on an independent grille, new air intakes in the front, special 19-inch alloy wheels and a new rear diffuser. The standard specification also the Virtual Cockpit, LED headlights and a large navigation system on board.

As the base price for the Q7 e-Tron Quattro 3.0 TDI Audi calls 80,500 euro. the hybrid SUV from summer comes.

Hyundai ix20: Standard equipment is upgraded

Hyundai ix20 evaluates the current from a more extensive standard equipment. Thus, the trim level Comfort now being replaced by the line trend.

22/10/2013 Holger Wittich

In the basic version "Classic" is the standard tire pressure monitoring system and the emergency brake light, which simultaneously switches on the hazard warning light in emergency braking included. Furthermore, it is fitted an enlarged from 45 to 50 liter tank. 150 euros will cost the Hyundai ix20 in this release then more.

Winter and Plus package for the Hyundai ix20

In the second version features an illuminated window Trend lever switch on the passenger side is now available. In addition, the power windows on this page is equipped with an auto-down function and trap release. In the third line "Style" a two-stage seat heating is forward from the factory. The price adjustment is 30 euros here.

Optionally there are the seats for the equipment lines "Classic" in conjunction with the Winter Package (340 euros) and "trend" in conjunction with the Plus package (820 euros). This package includes, among other things automatic air conditioning with cooling glove box, Scheibenwischerenteiser front, rain and light sensor, and dark tinted windows from the B-pillar. For an additional charge of 1,300 euros are available for the Hyundai ix20 in the lines of "Trend" and "Style", a radio navigation equipment, including rear-view camera.

Touring Superleggera Bentley Continental Flying Star Geneva: wagon version of the Bentley Continental GTC

The Italian coachbuilder Touring presents at the Geneva Motor Show and at the Villa d'Este with the Flying Star a wagon version of the Bentley Continental ago. The conversion of the Continental GTC to the combination goes back to the request from a solvent collector. Prices start at 590,000 euros.


Headquartered near Milan and Founded in 1926 company Touring is no stranger to the industry. Among other things, the Italians invented the famous "Superleggera" concept: based on a lattice frame allows using aluminum and magnesium partially the construction of very light vehicles. Among other things, the BMW 328 Mille Miglia emerged from 1940 as well as various Ferrari models under the aegis of Touring. Other models were Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint, Lancia Flaminia coupe, Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini 350 GT and 400, and Maserati 3500 GT and 5000.

At the Geneva Motor Show 2010 is now touring a new creation before going back to a very specific customer requirements. In 2008, a collector turned to the resident at Milan company and expressed the desire for a Bentley Continental combination.

A similar project was implemented in 1966 with the Lamborghini Flying Star II prototype Touring, 2008 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, the Maserati A8 GCS Berlinetta based on the Maserati Quattroporte.

Up to 1,200 liters of cargo volume in the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star

As a basis for the Bentley combo Milan, the Bentley Continental GTC Convertible selected. From the A-pillar no sheet remained more on the other. Touring built the rear of the Continental to scratch. A longer roof, modified aluminum doors and an electrically opening tailgate make the open-topped British Bentley Continental Flying Star. For this, the Touring engineers reinforced the rear frame. They were supported in this endeavor even by Bentley technicians.

The newly designed rear compartment shines with folding rear seats and a variable, up to two meters long cargo area, which is covered with leather. On request, here a specially adapted luggage adds millimeter inside the large luggage compartment. The latter swallows after reconstruction 400-1200 liters. For non-folded seats of the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star should find space for up to four golf bags in the trunk.

It was important to designers, led by the 32-year-old Belgian Louis de Fabribeckers that the typical Bentley features have been preserved. At the rear, the oval surrounds of the rear lights are reminiscent of famous Bentley hatchback models of the 50s. The side view dominate the flat roofline and the wheel arches. The interior of the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star dressed Italians made with two-tone leather.

Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star: W12 engine with up to 610 hp

Under the hood, everything remains the same: There is a choice of 560 hp six-liter W12 Bentley Continental GTC, which sends 650 Nm to all four wheels. For the stressed brisk Combined enjoyment is alternatively trimmed to 610 hp twelve-cylinder engine of the Bentley Continental GTC Speed ​​for election.

Touring will put the Bentley Continental Flying Star is a limited edition of 20 vehicles at Kiel. However, the base price of 590,000 euros is likely to be only a guideline. Every customer can make his model individually. The service for the combined way, assumes all Bentley workshop. In addition, the full factory warranty remains intact.

Mercedes-AMG GT R: With 585 hp on the road

Mercedes brings a street version of the spectacular Mercedes-AMG GT3 in 2016 on the market. Its V8 Biturbo brings 585 hp and a lot of racetracks features make it the road-going GT3.

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Mercedes-AMG GT R with expressive look

The stated goal: They want to attack Porsche 911 GT3, and as it should at AMG tradition, you deal with aggressiveness just bluntly to than in Zuffenhausen. In other words, the AMG GT R will strike held taunt. With naked violence, but "högschder" precision, as they say in Vorarlberg. And as you have turned on all relevant screws. And strong.

Visually, the AMG GT R clearly shows its descent from the GT3 racing version. Wider front and rear mudguards wider track enable (46 mm at the front, 57 mm at the rear) for more traction and even higher cornering speeds. The new forging wheels carry the dimensions 10 x 19 and 12 x 20 inches and with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in the size 275/35 ZR 19 the front and rear 325/30 ZR 20 equipped.

The new front bumper with active elements (from 80 km / h moves from a carbon spoiler; the radiator fins can be closed), the large rear wing with an adjustable blade and the new rear bumper with double diffuser to increase aerodynamic efficiency and contribute to optimum grip. Also new is the active rear are (deflected by up to 1.5 degrees with) the fully adjustable sports suspension with electronic damping control and the nine-adjustable traction control. the hood and the grille was changed. Here the so-called Panamericana grill comes on the AMG GT R first used. The roof of the GT R is made of carbon.


First contact and seat fitting at the Mercedes AMG GT R

Who is at the AMG GT R, may it difficult to ascertain how much the new variant of the previously known AMG GT and GT S is different. Sure, the color of the wings is striking the Panamericana grille can not be overlooked with the vertical struts, especially behind considerably wider at second glance. At the latest at the tail might suggest clueless that was a GT3. But inside are the GT R then the road-going sports cars. Although the seats are extremely cupped and you learn at the presentation that they bring 16 kilos of weight savings, but the cockpit and instruments act civil, carpets and panels create an almost homely atmosphere. But among the air vents on the center console sits a rotary knob with a plastic head the diameter of a 5-cent piece, whose strong lemon yellow stands in contrast to the black auffälligstem Cabon- and plastic coverings its surroundings. Only the belts and the decorative seams of Alcantara upholstery are just as yellow.

Mercedes-AMG GT R
Spectacular world premiere at Goodwood 9:23 min.
Mercedes AMG GT3, rear view Photo: Andreas Lindlahr / Mercedes
The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is the model of the GT-R.

What should the yellow button in the AMG GT R?

The knob adjusts the sensitivity of traction control. And in nine levels. It was the brainchild of AMG boss Tobias Moers and recalls what the GT R is made despite street legal: for racing. "The classic is the mousetrap on Bilster mountain. There, a crest relieved briefly the rear axle. Who then too strong stands on the gas, which is struggling with a sudden loss of traction and rear outburst. The guardrail there can sing a song about it - many strikes. With the yellow button you can set how much the traction control to limit the slippage at the rear axle. This actually works like in Formula 1 - and in some places it sounds even quite similar, "says Moers.

The changes in the AMG GT R come from the same meticulous improvement work on the basic concept of the sports car. Nearly Affalterbach have scrutinized everything, new solutions, often inspired, weighed and simulated by the GT3. Promising were apparently among others: a rear axle (premiere in a Mercedes), the carbon tube for the propeller shaft, cross-shaped bracing underneath, also made of carbon, a fully variable locking differential, a new front axle, parts of the front of magnesium, an outlet for the heated by the exhaust gas air under the vehicle between the rear lights, the exhaust system with the three tail pipes, in which the outer only be passed through when the exhaust valve opens and so on.

In view of this effort, the secrecy on the price seems to have a good reason. But Tobias Moers is sure. "Sure must also have a GT R bring a comparable contribution margin as the other GTs, but the price is a positive surprise." And that AMG will bring the GT "three or four other variants" because Moers is already certain. One of these will debut in March before the launch of the GT R - perhaps a GT4?


GT-R makes 585 hp in the road version

Under the hood, it is then passed to the direct connection to the race car. During the GT3 is still working with the known from the SLS 6.2 liter V8 vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 500 to 520 hp, comes in Mercedes-AMG GT R the four-liter V8 biturbo used. Which was for his new field of application mainly with new turbochargers with optimized compressor side, a tickle from 1.2 to 1.35 bar boost pressure increased and a new engine management software to 585 hp and 700 Nm of torque. By comparison, the AMG GT S has 510 hp. A 7-speed double-clutch transmission with longer and shorter first seventh speed forwards in the GT R, the drive torque via an electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle. In 3.6 seconds, the GT R will sprint to 100 kph, the maximum speed is reached at 318 km / h. The standard consumption is Mercedes with 11.4 liters.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Photo: Mercedes
First look into the interior.

Premiere at the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood

Inside was a standard night package with many darkened components ensures greater sportiness. In addition, Matt Carbon applications are to be had. Lightweight construction: the Mercedes-AMG GT-R uses a front cover made of magnesium, front fenders and torque tube made of carbon, a titanium muffler, lightweight forged wheels, a lighter dual-mass flywheel, Radfangstreben from composite and less insulation material. In total, 15 kg were saved, the DIN-weight dropped to 1,555 kg. The power to weight ratio should be at 2.66 kg / hp.

In addition to the fine tuning of all components three points are fundamental. First, the reduced Karosserietorsion. About a so-called tunnel cross made of carbon fiber, which supports the two sides of the vehicle in the area of ​​the torque tube tunnel against each other, the stiffness increased by 7.5 percent.

supported the whole - second - from a spurverbreiterten Gewindefahrwerk with enlarged wheel dimensions, as standard Cupbereifung, Unibal link bearings on the rear wishbones and the steered by up to 1.5 degrees rear axle. Depending on the speed it supports either the agility and stability and is in turn supported by the equally active as adaptive aerokit - the third elementary point.

In addition to the manually adjustable rear wing there are electric motor-controlled elements in the bow area used. These are, for a blinds in the skirt and current increase in the closed state air resistance and only open when required by the thermal. On the other is located below the splitter, a carbon plate from 80 km / h extends by about 40 millimeters down. The purpose: to generate a Venturi effect, ie suction of the cars on the road. Exact values ​​AMG wants to not cough up, only that the Vorderachsauftrieb thereby reducing 250 km / h: about 40 kg.

And where will it all lead? Well, on the small track in Hockenheim the target time frame is well below the 1.5 seconds AMG GT S, ergo in the area deeper one-eighth times.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Photo: Mercedes
In 3.6 seconds, the GT R will sprint to 100 kph, the maximum speed is reached at 318 km / h.

His premiere of the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the exclusive color "AMG magno green light" at the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood. In the trade it comes only in March 2017 on order it is from 21 November 2016, the basic price is 165,410 euros.

Mercedes-AMGGT R
Engine:V8 biturbo m. direct injection
displacement:3985 cc
Power:585 hp
at6250 / min.
Max. Torque:700 Nm
at1900 to 5500 / min.
transmission:7-speed dual clutch
Drive:rear wheel
0 - 100 km / h3.6 s
V-Max:318 km / h
Power to weight ratio:2.66 / 2.79 kg / PS *
Mass:1,555 / 1,630 kg *
Consumption:11.4 liters / 100 km
CO2 emissions:259 g / km
*without driver / driver with (75 kg)

Ford Focus RS Blue & amp; Black: Vorderachssperre for more traction

For 4,100 euros extra evaluates the Ford Focus RS from a mechanical limited slip differential for the front axle. The equipment package Blue & Black also changed the public image of the compact sports car.

06/02/2017 Andreas Haupt Powered by

The Ford Focus RS is not looking for the last tenth on the track, as do Mercedes-AMG A45 or VW Golf GTI Club Sport S. The RS should and will be more fun charm. A four-wheel drive, which can sometimes hang out the tail like a rear-wheel drive. So someone who goes dizzy and driver without degenerating curve that pace and speed.

Focus RS Blue & Black for 44775

A new option, but Ford wants to integrate into the meritocracy the RS a bit more. Fee Ford organized a mechanical limited slip differential on the front axle. It is the Focus RS make traction stronger by the lock in friction coefficient and compensates Radlastunterschiede between the front tires. Slip is minimized by the wheel with better traction shouldering most of the torque to the front axle. The stronger the lateral acceleration, the more the system is to exploit its advantages.

Ford Focus RS - Blue & amp; Black - hot hatch Photo: Ford
Blue & Black: The name says it all.

The mechanical locking differential is part of the equipment Blue and Black. The package costs 4,100 euros. Means: with lock on the Ford Focus RS is expensive 44,775 instead of 40,675 euros. Dynamic driving behavior alone does not justify this surcharge. Ford still makes a few cosmetic Handles: Roof, roof spoiler and mirror housings colors of US manufacturers in matt black. The Brembo calipers take the blue body color. In addition, Ford pulls the RS on new alloy wheels in 19-inch format with lockable wheel nuts and tire size 235/35 R19.

On the power screw is not rotating. It remains (470 Nm in overboost) that ascends the 2.3-liter, four-cylinder Ecoboost at 350 PS and 440 Nm. Ford's hot hatch sprints in 4.7 seconds to 100 km / h. Says the manufacturer. in the sports car-Super test of the RS needed 5.5 seconds. The Nordschleife he rounded in 8:06 minutes. Not bad. With the new lock a better lap time would possibly be in there.

Secret Goldfish Project BMW 7 E32 750iL V16: 16 cylinders, gills on the sides and 408 hp

For the Techno Classica BMW took a spectacular limousine individual piece 80 from the archive: the 7 Series (E32) with 408 horsepower V16 engine and codenamed goldfish.

04/10/2017 Andreas Of Gerd Stegmaier 5 comments Powered by

The 7-series E32 from 1987 falls on next to his golden finish especially with gills in the side rear. The slots behind collecting fresh air. No, the 7 Series has no rear engine, but behind its narrow kidney, which was originally part of a 735 iL, puts no honest straight-six, but a powerful V16 engine. And the only reason fits just been so into the engine compartment because his coolers were placed in the trunk. That is why the gills. also between the rear lights sits a black-painted radiator grille: although not yet sufficient. The cooling liquid sloshing in their tank right to the side wall.

The V16 is an elongated V12

Tempering we were the 6.7-liter engine is not, unfortunately, much less drive: The Goldfish so inspired by the paint and the gills nickname would need after the long service life only once a major inspection.

BMW 7 E32 V16 Goldfish Photo: Kai Klauder
Looks like the V12 from the 750i, but has four cylinders more: The V16 in E32 goldfish.

On displacement of 6651 cubic centimeters reveals what becomes obvious when the look under the hood may hike: The V16 was created by extending the 5.0-liter V12. Just looks the monster unit: As a V12 with four cylinders more.

With the V16 BMW wanted to counter the Mercedes V12. Mercedes once again countered with the V12, the 1991 came in 600 SE, that of the 750i. This engine (M70) with 300 hp BMW had introduced 1987th He was with the "small" M20 six-cylinder engines (320i, 325i) is used. The V16 of the "Goldfish" is coming to BMW specifications to 408 hp - exactly the performance of the M120 by rival Mercedes.

No arms race, not a 16-cylinder

Why does the V16 did not come? Today, BMW says you wanted to avoid an arms race. In addition, the twelve-cylinder potential approach reached almost to the power of the V16 had: in the 850 CSi he reached with higher compression and more displacement 380 hp and 550 Nm. Later stages of development, such as the McLaren F1 managed even 600 to 700 hp.

Porsche 911 Turbo S & quot; & quot ;: A Chromaflair finish, almost as expensive as a penalty

It's called "Chromaflair" and is the latest evolution of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur: a paint job, which is more expensive than a new Cayman S. 718 per year are only a handful of vehicles are painted - and there are reasons.

08/18/2017 Roman domes 6 comments Powered by

Porsche Exclusive factory is well known to have ready for fun - now they have released a new paint, exclusively for the Porsche 911. "Chromaflair" is the effect spraying and it costs more than 80,000 euros. So that they may well be one of the most expensive extras that are available at present on the car market. We remember: Even for the Porsche 918 Spyder was to have a rather expensive painting: "Liquid Metal Silver", which was not that terribly expensive with almost 50,000 euros but as Chromaflair.

Special pigments provide a unique effect

In principle "Chromaflair" works similar to a flip-flop paint. Say arise Depending on the angle of the viewer different colors. Responsible for this are Chromaflair pigments, paper-thin scales, which are housed in the top coat. These scales are only one micron thick - one-fiftieth the size of a human hair.

They consist of an opaque and reflective core layer of aluminum, which is in turn surrounded by a kind of glass. Interesting: Depending on how thick this glass layer is negotiable, please distinct colors to light. Problem is that the layer thickness is not by conventional means, such as are customary in the paint, produced. Only a few atoms define the thickness - the manufacturing method is extremely expensive. The complete Chromaflair paint performance by hand.

Only five 911 are painted every year with "Chromaflair"

Because the production process is so expensive to get, according to Porsche's only five vehicles this special varnish. Anyone who thinks that he can put on his new Panamera, Cayenne, Macan, or 718 with the expensive effect paint, will be disappointed: Porsche offers the Chromaflair paint only for the 911th

Porsche paint, Chromaflair, 911 Turbo S, Porsche Exclusive Photo: Porsche
Depending on the angle and lighting the Chromaflair paint lights (here in the color "Green Python") in different tones.

The need not necessarily green ( "Python Green") can be seen in the picture. "Basically, there are no limits in terms of color," says Porsche Exclusive.

Currently there are six Chromaflair color variants: "Shifting Carbon", a kind of blue-black, "Explosive Gold", an orange-gold mixture mentioned above "Python Green", "Urbanbamboo", a turquoise-gray. These are still "Magic Magenta" and a mixture of gold and silver joined.

The prices for each color vary widely. For the example shown in the image copy of the Porsche 911 Turbo S in "Python Green" the Chromaflair paint will cost 82,645.50 euros.

In the gallery we present the other colors of the "Chromaflair" finish was.

Design study BMW X9 Concept: Shuts Batman soon BMW X9?

The study martial BMX X9 Concept combines off-road genes and classic coupé lines. Granted, the draft outlook for the SUV design of the future? Or does the 18-year-old Khalif Oussama Batman tailored a new service vehicle on the body?


Batman in the BMW? Design Novice Khalfi Oussama considering the gloomy hero with a vehicle that will enable Gotham City in fear - and could cause a stir in Munich. For the - virtual - BMW X9 polarized.

Suitable for everyday use is the design does not, of course, the 18-year-old self-taught from Tunisia emphasized. He had merely asked how could "German" version of the legendary vehicle plant look like the chauffeured Christian Bale in the film "The Dark Knight". Here, the BMW X9 is aware beyond the current design language of the Bavarian off-road models. The futuristic design is rugged, aggressive - almost animalistic. A crossover model, the elements of the Race Touareg with the line of a coupe combined. so does the future of the X-series?

BMW X9 futuristic crossover design

The classic BMW kidney, the restless front end feels any case, hardly committed. The profile in turn acts organic: The sides bulge out swinging on the wheel arches of BMW X9 and end in dashing rear wings, perched above the powerful exhaust system. The evil brother of the X6? Bruce Wayne would look the martial might like. But: Whether Batman would also order the roof rails from the BMW-shelf?

BMW X9 designer Khalfi Oussama despite the young age not unknown: the self-made man from Tunisia, BMW has imputed a new design language in the past. And the nameless, aggressive coupe that was it would redound to Batman Honor: Subtle stylistic devices are also misplaced.

Study is only the beginning of a young design career

Meanwhile, 18-year-old also has the design of Audi and Ferrari "revised" - because in the future he would like to design the flagships of European automobile companies. He has never set foot in a university by its own account. "I'm not rich in money, but in ideas." Technical details it contains the world so far in front of yet.

How do you like the design of the BMW X9?
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Hyundai i30 Neuvorstellung and seat fitting: 3rd generation starts at prices starting at 17,450 euros

Since 2012, the current Hyundai i30 at the start, in 2015 he received a small facelift. 2017, the Koreans then bring the third generation of the compact model to the dealers. Premiere celebrated at the motor show in Paris. Now there are all prices.

01/13/2017 Uli Baumann, Gregor Hebermehl 2 comments

With an optimized chassis and new engines, the new Hyundai i30 will score the European public. How that feels, we were able to try on a test drive in disguised pre-production vehicles. The new i30 can be identified by streamlined design. Designed in Europe and developed Hyundai i30 carries the typical new cascade grille with big Hyundai logo. The LED daytime running lights were positioned upright at the bottom of the skirt and extended by the turn signals, headlamps - optionally with LED technology, series is halogen, xenon is not available - extend as far into the fenders. Also thanks to active air flaps in the cooling air ducts of the drag coefficient should be at 0.30. With its wide LED taillights, the black rear spoiler and the rear apron raised the i30 from behind looks brawny. By a slightly higher roofline rear passengers seem to enjoy more headroom. However, the i30 wider, become flatter and longer - as it is with the headroom, is in the "seat fitting".

New Hyundai i30 Teaser Photo: Hyundai
The new Hyundai i30 will be sold via its design by the manufacturer.

The wheel arches of the new i30 fill alloy wheels according to the version 15-inch steel or 16 and 17 inches. For steering Hyundai promises increased by ten percent directness. When chassis Koreans now use 53 percent high-strength steels, which the stiffness is said to have increased by 20 percent and reduced the chassis weight by 28 kilograms. The color selection of the body extends to 12 coatings. The rear seat is now shared with a handle folded down and for the first time provides a through-loading facility. The load volume varies from 395 to 1301 liters. An optional glass roof extends the interior visually. As more body variants come a station wagon and a coupe.

The interior of the new Hyundai i30, are available for the three color combinations to choose from, shines with a fitted on the dashboard 8-inch touch screen (plus an inch compared to the previous model). In the basic version, a 5-inch monochrome display has to be enough, for an additional charge there is this display then in color and a touch screen. The navigation system is always coupled to the 8-inch screen and can be extended by a traffic sign recognition. The steering wheel is heated, the round instruments remain analog.

Hyundai i30
Hyundai i30 1:13 min.
New Hyundai i30 Teaser Photo: Hyundai
The interior of the i30 has been thoroughly modernized.

Hyundai i30 comes with sporty N model

The refreshed engine range of the Hyundai i30 offers two new turbo gasoline, a Saugbenziner and a diesel in three power levels. The new one-liter, three-cylinder turbo petrol engine 120 hp and 170 Nm, the 1.4-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline comes on PS 140 and 242 Nm. The 1.4-liter petrol engine base 100 hp and 134 Nm. The 1.6-liter turbo-diesel is 95, 110 and 136 hp (all with 280 Nm) is. is switched to a six-speed manual circuit, optional stands for the three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and the two more powerful Diesel also a seven-speed double clutch transmission is available. With the chassis, the i30 uses a multi-link rear axle and stiffer dampers. The braking system has been increased.

Sports fans can look forward to an N version (this is where you first ride in the Sport model) are pleased that will come in 2017 and will then carry a 260 hp two-liter turbo engine.

New Hyundai i30 Teaser Photo: Hyundai
"The perforated leather seats of the well-equipped exhibition model feel fantastic and make you want on a long journey." Says editor Gregor Hebermehl the new Hyundai i30.

Hyundai i30 with large safety package

Even with the safety equipment was refilled. In addition to seven airbags fitted as standard, the package includes, among other things, an emergency braking system, which can be extended optionally to a pedestrian detection cruise control (standard) with adaptive distance control and stop function (optional), an optional Blind Spot Warner, a cross-traffic warning rear, an active lane warning system (option), the above-mentioned traffic sign recognition, a high-beam assistant and the first time a fatigue warning.

The new Hyundai i30 was developed in Europe and tested (including 480 laps on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, which corresponds to about a distance of 150,000 kilometers) and, like its predecessor, built in the Czech Nosovice for Europe.

From the end Jahuar the Hyundai i30 Pure with the 1.4-liter petrol engine with 100 hp from 17,450 euros available, making it more expensive than its predecessor. In addition to the basic version Pure still available to buyers four more lines to choose from. As standard, the Pure-line assistance systems, body-color bumpers, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, air conditioning, tinted glass, multifunction steering wheel, light sensor, alarm system, projection headlights, six airbags and an RDS radio with free-standing 5-inch display.

The Hyundai i30 Select can be combined with the engines 1.4 MPI, 1.0 T-GDI and 1.6 CRDi and costs from 18,300 euros. The Hyundai i30 trend from 21,450 euros) can be ordered with the top engines (1.6 CRDi with 136 hp and 1.4 T-GDI with 140 hp). For 23,550 euros, there is the Hyundai i30 Style in particular Aussstattung. Top line is then "Premium" which is available for all engine from 110 hp. Here, the price starts at 25,550 euros.


Seat fitting Hyundai i30

complacent extremely she stands, the latest generation of the model that was the first to Hyundai the "i" in the name. The design should appear like the world - because Hyundai design boss Peter Schreyer says. "Design should be for a Hyundai purchase Reason number one" Thanks to the lateral bead which to the rear lights extends from the headlights, the car is compact and all of a piece. Inside the development is also clearly visible: the multimedia screen sits ergonomically on the upper end of the dashboard. His wide margin you have to like, but still is space to accommodate right and left three large direct selection buttons. The climate control is now separated from the audio control unit and sits well below the multimedia screen. The new Security Wizard can be a row of keys on the left below the steering wheel use.

The perforated leather seats of the well-equipped exhibition model feel fantastic and make you want on a long journey. In addition, the new i30 is much clearer and brighter inside than its predecessor - the shoulder line has decreased down. The view to the rear is however constrained by the wider C-pillar. The optional large panorama roof lets more daylight into the interior of the i30, but also ensures that 1.90 meters tall people almost hit my head to the car roof. This also applies to the well-made ground with its comfortable rear seats: The headroom is okay for 1.85-meter man, for Larger space is limited. Back in the driver's seat: The thick steering wheel holds good - just like the other soft surfaces. The selection lever of the dual clutch transmission can be gripped great, fits the driver's seating position.

The trunk lid opens easily, the trunk floor can be folded in half and is the spare tire as well as storage compartments left and right freely.

Gregor Hebermehl


BMW M Performance Kit for 340i and 440i: 360 hp per plant update

BMW has expanded its M Performance range with a performance kit for models 340i and 440i. Per update put the supercharged six-cylinder to 360 hp.

09/14/2016 Uli Baumann 1 comment Powered by

The BMW M Performance Power Kit and Sound, the official name, includes a retuned engine control software as well as a sport exhaust with valve control. Whose two tailpipes can be decorated with chrome or carbon covers from the M Performance program either.

To have the kit for BMW 340i and 340i xDrive from year 15/07 and BMW 440i and 440i xDrive from 16.03. With the new software and hardware components of the six-cylinder inserted into these models from 326 to 360 hp to. The maximum torque climbs from 450 to 500 Nm. While the models can fully exploit this with eight-speed automatic, the manual switches are limited to 480 Nm. In addition to the performance boost kit buyers can also look forward to a sound profit by the new exhaust system

Prices for the BMW M Performance Power Kit and sound start at 2,665 euros.

BMW M5 (2017): All images, information, video for Sport Sedan

IAA 2017

The new BMW M5 comes as a high-performance sedan with racing circuit potential and high suitability for everyday use in the premium segment. A 600-horsepower V8, a new automatic transmission and an intelligent all-wheel drive will make the balancing act possible.

08/21/2017 Uli Baumann 19 comments

Already in 2016, BMW has launched the new generation of the 5 Series to the market in mid-2017 followed the appropriate Touring. At the IAA 2017 now follows the sporty icing of the series - the new BMW M5 - and is on the way to extreme driving dynamics in an entirely new means.

BMW M5 comes with 600 hp at the start

As the normal 5 Series is also the top model in the all-new lightweight platform that relies on high-strength steels, aluminum and magnesium. Together with altered components in the interior and a roof made of carbon and a lightweight exhaust system and a lithium-ion battery, the new BMW 5 Series has been slimmed down. Despite all-wheel drive and automatic it is 15 kg under the predecessor. To stand out clearly from the civilian 5 Series, the front bumper of the new BMW M5 has been completely redesigned. It ensures large vents the supply of sufficient cooling air for the engine, intercooler, transmission, and brakes. At the rear, the new diffuser apron frames the four tailpipes of the flap-controlled exhaust system. The hood is made of aluminum and has striking on beads.

As standard, the new BMW M5 rolls the 275/40 are equipped with tires measuring 285/40 at the front and rear equipped with 19-inch, gray five-twin-spoke wheels. Optionally, seven-twin-spoke wheels in 20-inch format with 275 / 35er tires at the front and 285 / 35er rolls are to have back. Exclusively reserved for the new M5 the paint color "Marina Bay Blue Metallic" remains.

BMW M5 2018, vesting 21/08/2017 19:10 Photo: BMW
With new loaders and a new intercooling of the 4.4-liter V8 has been revised.

Under the hood, the well-known 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, working as he is already seen in the M-editions of X5 or X6. In the BMW M5 that now delivers with new loaders and a modified charge air cooling system 600 hp and a maximum torque of 750 Nm. Alpina had led the way with the Jubi models B5 and B6 and the Eight Ender elicits 600 hp, also the special edition 30th anniversary of the M5 came to 600 horses. Also new is the change from the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to an eight-speed automatic torque converter, which is, however, matched extremely athletic.

Fahrbericht new BMW M5
BMW M5 (2017): All images, information, video for Sport Sedan BMW M5 (2017): All images, information, video for Sport Sedan BMW M5 (2017): All images, information, video for Sport Sedan BMW M5 (2017): All images, information, video for Sport Sedan
Fun cannon now has four-wheel

Also new is the change from rear wheel drive to four-wheel drive train to bring the high performance still safe on the road. BMW relies on a strong rear-biased interpretation, which is designed exclusively to driving dynamics. The M-tune the four-wheel drive appears under the name M xDrive (here all the information on the drive system). In addition, the new M5 carries an option that configures the all-wheel drive as a pure rear-wheel drive.

The chassis itself has been stiffened consuming the back of cars and in the front, retuned the suspension and fitted with variable dampers.

If desired, up to 305 km / h

BMW M5 2018, vesting 21/08/2017 19:10 Photo: BMW
The new M5 comes as standard lavish.

In the performance, the BMW M5 is impressive in the new generation: From 0 to 100 km / h accelerates the 1,930 kg (EU with driver) heavy M5 in just 3.4 seconds from 0 to 200 km / h in only 11, 1 second. The top speed is electronically limited at 250 km / h or on request at 305 km / h. The standard consumption should be at 10.5 liters. Also impressive is the braking values ​​should fail. BMW is here as standard to a compound brake system with blue painted six-piston calipers front and rear equipped single-piston floating calipers. On request it is available with the 23 kilograms lighter and more powerful carbon-ceramic brake with golden painted brake calipers.

Even with the equipment of the new BMW M5 makes no compromises. It comes standard with a leather interior with electrically adjustable sports seats for driver and front passenger. On request, the new M multifunction seats are ordered. In addition, the M5 can be ordered with all and for the BMW 5 Series deliverable assistance systems optional.

BMW M5 2018, vesting 21/08/2017 19:10 Photo: BMW
The special model BMW M5 First Edition. is limited to 400 copies worldwide.

The wait for the new BMW M5 in spring 2018 to an end. Then he finally rolls to the dealers. the M5 can be ordered from September 2017. Its price is 117,900 euros. Limited to only 400 units worldwide is the special model BMW M5 First Edition simultaneously available. It is painted in BMW Individual Frozen Dark Red Metallic, exclusive, and costs 19,500 euro premium over the base model.

ADAC crash test side: side air bags do not protect

The ADAC has studied side crash. In many cases, the side air bags provide no protection, the inmates slip through the belt or injured even each other.

09/27/2016 Uli Baumann 1 comment

At lateral collisions to safety deficits for the occupant on the opposite side of the impact show in most vehicles. This was the result current tests of ADAC. In such collisions is the risk that the driver slipping sideways out of the belt upon impact there is. The current air bags are not designed for this load case. Although they trigger, but offer no protection. The consequences are severe injuries in the head - chest, hip and pelvic area by hitting fittings, door trim and seat parts - due to low interior widths mainly a problem of small cars. At worst, driver and front passenger even bounce along and hurt each other.

Side crash test ADAC 09/2016
Crash Test on the passenger side 2:25 min.
Side crash test ADAC 09/2016 Photo: ADAC
Driver and front passenger can hurt each other in a side crash.

Driver and front passenger can hurt each other

Evaluations of the ADAC accident research has shown that at every third heavy side collision accident, the passenger-side takes place. Currently, the security systems such as seat belts and airbags, however, are mainly focused on optimal protection in crashes on the driver's side.

According to the ADAC experts injury could already be significantly mitigated by simple measures such as the activation of pretensioners in the front seats in a side impact. The occupant remain bound during side impact to the seat, a lateral displacement of the body is minimized and the possible contact with the passenger, and dividing the interior prevented. In many cases, an increased center console has a decisive influence on the severity of injuries. The latter, because it supports the chest area and thus avoids the dangerous body shift. Center consoles with integrated airbags could prevent in the future that the driver collides with a side impact against the passenger seat or -Beifahrer.

were crashed in the side impact test the VW Golf and the BMW Z4 (high center console). Were investigated in different accident situations the impact on the occupant when a 1.3-tonne barrier wagon with 50 and 65 km / h bounced into the passenger side.

The ADAC will work to ensure that the new crash-test variation found in 2020 entered the norms of the crash test EuroNCAP consortium from the year.

Maybach Exelero: Con 700 caballos de fuerza contra el apocalipsis zombie

Lo que hacen los zombis y la marca Maybach en común? Ambos son muertos - de hecho. Para los artistas jordano 3D Kehled Alkayed ha reavivado el legendario Maybach Exelero y equipado el cupé muy exclusivo para la lucha contra el no-muerto.

11/08/2014 Holger Wittich

Maybach Exelero con transmisión por cadena y ametralladora

En Internet, sus cuadros están actualmente siendo objeto de acalorados debates y mención de honor - y nos recuerda 2005 como el fabricante de neumáticos Fulda con el Exelero a Maybach basan-S 57 IAA sacudió y envió el Maybach Coupe como un coche de prueba para las pruebas de neumáticos de alta velocidad en la carrera de grabación. 351,45 kmh piloto de carreras conducción rápida Klaus Ludwig entonces, Nardo.

Pero en "Ahora mismo", Nos amenazaban con claridad el apocalipsis zombi y que si no soñamos con una réplica del automóvil: V12 redonda, 700 caballos de fuerza, armadura, puertas blindadas, vergittere arandelas, alféizares optimizados y una cadena de transmisión trasera. En la parte delantera, un parachoques marciales con luces intermitentes, luces auxiliares y cabestrante, detrás de la cual sólo se puede imaginar la parrilla Exelero delgada. Los faros triangulares están protegidos por rejillas y en el frente hay una ametralladora zweiläufiges. Los neumáticos anchos de grasa sobresalen de los guardabarros y rodean ruedas de cromo de alto brillo. La parte trasera está equipada con cañones giratorios y ventanas enrejadas también.

Si el zombi-Exelero construido en el tiempo?

Parece ser que es el modelo incluso como 1: vehículo de tipo 1. Pero en lugar del Exelero original de la empresa de diseño italiana robó debe servir bien un Dodge Viper década de 2010 - después de todo, podríamos ir con un 8.3 litros V10 caza zombi, si no fuera simplemente una horda entera se puso delante de los editores! "Dios mío, romper la puerta, se va, lejos de miirrrr, ahhhhh". Schlurf, golpeando, salpicaduras de sangre, arggeg, gorgoteo, mrummmpf ...

Más sobre Maybach