Brabus Mercedes 850 6.0 Biturbo Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show: Crazy Engine now also in the S-Class Coupe

Brabus has done it again: The Bottroper 850-horsepower V8-purpose weapon performs its work soon in the Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe. The tuner actually promises a whopping 1,450 Nm of torque - were it not for a catch.

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The Mercedes press release sums it actually already perfectly together when they philosophize about the S-Class coupe as "a combination of elegance and sportiness." The model with the emphasis on the latter property contributes the AMG insignia and is known internally as the S63 AMG with the 585 hp V8 biturbo engine M 157 to have. This machine is also the favorite of Bottrop tuner Brabus.

Brabus Mercedes S-Class Coupe 850
Fats premiere of Brabus 850S Coupe 1:25 min.

Extensive change to the 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine

Which specializes in the refining of Mercedes vehicles with manufacturers EVENTS status has already modified in the past several AMG models with M 157 engine and 63-ID. The changes on the original motor are complex. By means of a special crankshaft, enlarged cylinder bores and forged piston, the capacity increases from 5.5 to more than 5.9 liters. The eponymous 6.0 liters not quite achieved (5,912 cc), but for the second number in the model designation; Namely, 850 hp. The the massive coupe reached at 5400 / min. For this was more necessary than a capacity extension.

therefore installed in Brabus 850 6.0 turbo coupe two specially manufactured turbocharger Metallkats and 75 mm measured downpipes. As a down pipe, the exhaust pipe is referred directly to the turbocharger. Down Pipes enlarged diameter reduce the back pressure of the exhaust gases and can be used in combination with a customized electronics to improve performance, especially in turbo engines contribute. Brabus programmed settings for injection and ignition new, which provides next to a power increase or for the maintenance of the standard Euro-6 emissions standard.

In 3.5 seconds to 100 km / h - despite the limited torque

After the Brabus-Kur, the power plant produces 1,450 Nm between 2,500 / min and 4500 / min to the crankshaft - actually. Brabus limits the force to 1150 Nm; "Out of consideration for the longevity of the Anstriebsstrangs" as they say. These are still 250 Nm more than the S63 AMG (900 Nm). Like the basic version also transmits the Brabus 850 Biturbo 6.0 Coupe its power through a seven-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels.

The power distribution of the "4Matic" -Allradantriebs on performance models is 33:67 percent in favor of the rear axle. With the thus guaranteed traction, the more than two-ton 850-hp Brabus in 3.5 seconds to 100 km / h to heave. The production model with 585 PS needs for 0.4 seconds longer. 200 km / h to be reached by Brabus after 9.4 seconds. At 350 km / h conclusion - at least with the propulsion. In addition to the considerable increase in performance Brabus still offers other modifications and enhancements to the S-Class coupe.

Sport exhaust, forged wheels and black leather

Among the delicacies include a sport exhaust system for adequate sound and aerodynamic fine-tuning for stability at high speeds. A splitter on the front apron and a small spoiler on the trunk lid will reduce lift and ensure that the Brabus 850 6.0 even at 350 km / h remains on the ground. Wheel the 850 PS version is equipped with 21 inches measured forged wheels, 22-inch model are optional. The tire dimensions correspond 255/35 front and 295/30 on the rear axle.

Inside, Brabus is the S-Class coupe on black leather with copper-colored accents. A total of 219 items in the interior carry this painting, which is also available for the rims. Furthermore, the Bottroper block in addition to various carbon components and metal. The shift paddles, the pedals and the door pins are made of aluminum.

The Brabus 850 Biturbo Coupe 6.0 can be purchased as a complete vehicle either or the customer can convert his Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe. The price of the complete vehicle with full equipment is sporty and ambitious 342,288 euros - without VAT.

Mercedes B55 AMG: apprentices build B-Class with a V8 engine

In 2010, a very special B-Class was launched. The Mercedes B55 with a V8 engine was the result of a project of twelve train the Mercedes-training workshop in Rastatt. We remember.

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What you do not do anything to motivate staff. For example, let build a Hells B-Class. The Rastatt Mercedes plant manager Peter Wesp put its employees in 2010, the task of creating a special vehicle based on the then current B-Class. Here, the spatial concept of the B-Class unchanged and the daily use should be maintained. From the outside, only subtle hints should mark the renovation and the interior will be upgraded accordingly.

388 hp for the retiree-Van

As a new centerpiece for the sporty Mercedes B55 a 5.5-liter V8 with 388 hp and 530 Nm, together with seven-speed automatic was chosen from an E 500th "The V8 heart fit amazingly well, we could even use the original engine mounts," says Wurz was happy after the transplant. But the athletic class B called for further modifications. Thus, the steering has been adapted and integrated the rear axle of an E-Class W210 series in the B55-body. For the propeller shaft to the new rear-wheel drive, a path has been cleared by the sandwich floor - without any modifications to the chassis. Moreover, even the engine control unit must be reprogrammed to the new rear-wheel drive. On the adaptation of ABS, ASR and ESP, however, was omitted.

From the extensive Mercedes-of spare parts, the trainees served in the exhaust system with centrally arranged twin tailpipes, which provides a corresponding acoustic development of the V8. That the power of B55 can be slowed down, sitting behind the AMG sports wheels in five-spoke design, the brake system of the C32 AMG. For corresponding driving dynamics in the B-Class provides K&W coilover suspension and wide 18-inch tires in size 235/40 front and 255/35 rear. In the interior, the Mercedes-training workshop controlled in Sindelfingen Alcantara coverings of A, B and C pillars as well as a likewise in related with the noble material headliner.

Overall, the Mercedes B55 AMG puts the weight opposite the base while 180 kilograms to 1,620 kilograms, totzdem to the Mercedes B55 AMG sprint in 5.2 seconds from zero to 100th Only at 270 km / h, the V8 power is to admit defeat the driving resistance. Not bad for a former B 200 CDI. The Mercedes B55 AMG remained the only one - not surprising in a former conversion price of around 100,000 euros. TUV would, however, given with small modifications to the B55 AMG his blessing.

McLaren 570S Spider: All information, data and prices for hard-top convertible

The British sports car manufacturer McLaren extends the offering of the 570er series to the new 570S Spider. With its folding hardtop, the Briton is the convertible with all-season option.

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McLaren 570S Spider was announced, now he's there. As a guarantee of plenty of fresh air pleasure McLaren has missed the 570S a folding hardtop of two parts. The top technique is well known from the models 650S Spider and Spider 675LT.

Hood brings additional weight 46 kg

The entire roof structure is to bring only 46 kilograms. Additional reinforcements of the chassis will not be necessary despite the open roof. The spider is intended to have the same torsional stiffness as the coupe. the roof can be opened and closed electro-hydraulically at the touch. The transformation to within 15 seconds and up to a speed of 40 km / h may be possible. The folded roof disappears while under a fixed cover behind the driver's seats. The rear window between the two AIRDOMES can be electrically sink separately and use as a windbreak.

McLaren 750S Spider Photo: McLaren
The retractable rear window serves as a wind deflector.

Since the McLaren 570S Spider generated with its newly drawn lines slightly less output than the coupe, McLaren has reacted with a modified rear spoiler. The higher was mounted by about 12 mm and is intended to fully compensate for the output loss. this is kept gray as standard, optionally it can be ordered in carbon fiber. Carbonweave and the top compartment lid and the new engine cover are made.

315 km / h with the roof open

On the drive side of the McLaren 570S Spider carries the same hardware we 570S Coupé. The 3.8-liter V8 with twin turbochargers makes 570 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Nm. is switched with a seven-speed double clutch transmission, which transmits the drive power passes solely on the rear wheels. The aim of McLaren 570S Spider in 3.2 seconds to sprint from zero to 100 km / h. 200 km / h are reached after 9.6 seconds. The top speed is specified when the top is 328 km / h. Who wants to try the roof is open, can look forward to a maximum of 315 km / h. The standard consumption values ​​should coincide with those of the coupe.

McLaren 750S Spider Photo: McLaren
The two-piece roof opens in 15 seconds.

Its official public premiere will celebrate the McLaren 570S Spider on the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood in late June. The customers of the open two-seater is to then roll in August. The first 400 copies will be placed in a special Launch Edition. The new McLaren 570S Spider is now available for order. Prices for Germany start at 208,975 euros.

Where Opel produces: The works that sites

150 years after its founding, the carmaker Opel is in deep crisis. To get the cost in the face of weak demand in Europe in the grip, the car manufacturing in Bochum is set to expire 2016th We have maybe been where Opel else manufactures its models.

17/12/2012 dpa

At year-end Opel will employ 37,400 people in Europe. In Germany, a total of about 20,300 employees work according to the company at four locations. In Bochum, the Astra Classic and Zafira Tourer off the line. The Bochum plant was designed for 10,000 employees at peak times around 20,000 people were employed. Today there are only 3,200 employees, 1,000 partners and with foreign companies.

Opel's main plant is located in Ruesselsheim

In Eisenach build almost 1,600 employees the Corsa, from 2013 onwards also to Adam. still - - At the headquarters Rüsselsheim, the Insignia and Astra are a model manufactured. 13,800 people work here, including 3,500 in production and 7,000 in the areas of development and design. Kaiserslautern build nearly 2,500 workers components, engines and axles.
In Gliwice in Poland since 2011, only the Astra rolls off the assembly; in Poland about 3,500 people are employed. At the location Zaragoza in Spain around 5,500 employees produce the Corsa and Meriva. In the UK, approximately 2,100 employees build Astra models to Ellesmere Port. In Luton the van Opel Vivaro of 1,100 people is made.
Motors and / or gearboxes are manufactured also in Szentgotthárd (Hungary / 660 employees) and Aspern (Austria / 1700) and in a joint venture in Tychy (Poland). Ruesselsheim and in Turin, Italy Opel also has development centers.

that of the combo and the off-roader Antara and mocha are manufactured by other manufacturers. The combo will be built at Fiat factory Tofas in Turkey, mocha and Antara at GM Daewoo in South Korea.


Ford F150 Raptor in Detroit: The predator is now four-door

The new F150 Raptor Ford brings the extra hot sports version back to the stage. For the first time now a double cabin premiere at the Detroit Auto Show.

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The salami tactic continues. At the NAIAS in Detroit, Ford had early 2015 the new Raptor first shown. At this year's auto show in Detroit now the four-door version follows. But until the customer can drive such a power pickup, it is autumn 2016. Raptor, the car with the name of a ravenous dinosaur, is the fun version of the full-size pickup Ford F150 and is made at the factory with a number of conversions fit for rough terrain ,

Fetter race truck

Intellectual background in the development of the Ford F150 Raptor are American Bajas, extremely fast and demanding desert races, which depend mainly on powerful Power and rugged landing gear. According to the Ford F150 Raptor was previously equipped with the violent 6.2-liter V8, which roared with the sound of 411 hp from the arm-thick exhaust pipe.

That's the time being over, because the new Ford F150 Raptor gets the new 3.5-liter V6 Ecoboost engine, which is scheduled to be settled in performance over the previous V8. What, Ford will still not reveal - we are talking of over 500 hp. In the standard version in the series F150 V6 engine produces 365 horsepower. Coupled is the new V6 turbo petrol engine in the Ford Raptor to a new ten (!) Stage automatic transmission.

With the four-door variant Ford pushes for the first time after a raptor in the (US) family format. The "SuperCrew" not abandons any loading area, he was a total opposite of Anderthalber cabin stretched: The wheelbase of the Ford Raptor Super Crew is at 3.68 meters, 30 centimeters more than the shorter Supercab-Raptor and the average of the five deliverable F150 wheelbases. The length of the four-door Ford Raptor growing as 5.9 meters.

The new six-cylinder Raptor is supposed to be about 25 percent faster than its predecessor. Ford refers to a 1,800-kilometer-long test marathon in the American Southwest. On a 100-kilometer test track, designed to reflect the lines of the Mexican Baja races, the new model had reached them accordingly better lap times. The prototype is said to have reached a top speed of over 160 km / hr and an average speed of 80 km / h - in the field, mind you.

Ford F150 Raptor now with V6

The chassis has improved Ford. It comes from Fox and is now to offer even more travel and more reserves in racing stress. The frame is specially reinforced for the Ford F150 Raptor and according to Ford the most robust variant throughout the F150 program. The Raptor is widened compared to the standard F150 by 150 millimeters and stands on 17-inch wheels with BF Goodrich off-road tires.

New are here also deliverable factory Beadlock rim where the tire is bolted to the rim ring. So can be driven with extremely low air pressure in the sand and mud.

As with the specially prepared for the Raptor frame and the engine of the off-road trucks was trimmed to more power. The new transfer case distributes the power between the axles as needed, in addition there is retuned terrain-control programs, including a "Baja" mode for high-speed desert ride. An automatic Torsen differential lock for the front axle is available on the rear axle a lock is fitted as standard.

The new Ford F150 Raptor is also equipped with LED lighting and an outdoor camera system. In a roof console there is prepared switch for subsequently installable accessories such as additional lights or a air compressor.

BMW brand boss Hildegard Wortmann in an interview: be digital, remain authentic

BMW brand boss Hildegard Wortmann for autonomous driving to electric cars and whether women have a better chance to be a leader.

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It's been a few years: BMW gives journalists a preview of the coming model program. Hildegard Wortmann is as head of product management there. She knows absolutely every detail of the new 3 Series GT will explain configurations and has the right to this car customers exactly in their sights. On the other hand, the new X5 is ready, the then Chief Medical Officer. He can not answer all questions about the suspension immediately. Therefore, he can call for his assistant.

How does it feel to take the brand line after 18 years with the company?

Wortmann: It makes me very proud, but above all, I have great respect for the responsibility for the BMW brand, the value of which amounts to over 40 billion US dollars, which looks back on more than 100 years of tradition. How many brands have that? He has to be very carefully handle and she still evolve continuously.

Let us look with clichés: women who have made it in such leadership positions are either freezing cold, calculating or vain scratch brushes. Hildegard Wortmann is nothing about it. She is a person who is a board meeting in emergency also cancels times when there is someone in their private lives, who desperately needs their help.

They come to the office at a time of great upheaval. How do you deal with that?

Wortmann: For me it is clear that more changes in the next ten years than in the 30 previous years. But I see the change as a great opportunity, because as a company we are sure strategically excellent position. We are in many areas such as electric mobility, networking, mobility services or on the way to autonomous driving leader, and digitization is only one cross word, which is being implemented at BMW already in all areas. My responsibility is to the BMW brand so to "digitize" that they will continue to be perceived as authentic, but also contemporary and modern.

Hildegard Wortmann speaks as always quiet. It has retained its pleasant way over the years. You can punchy occur, it shows. But she is no alpha male, the other overwhelmed with condescension.

BMW brand boss Hildegard Wortmann Interview Photo: Dino Eisele
"We are in many areas such as electric mobility, networking, mobility services or on the way to autonomous driving leader, and digitization is only one cross word, which is being implemented at BMW already in all areas." Wortmann said to BMW.
What will change for the car brands?

Wortmann: You must perform a brand today in real time, that customers expect. They must always be available, throughout the world. We want to assist our customers in a 360 deal around the clock. This is an important marketing approach, I will also continue to expand in the future. Because I assume that customers will deal in future with only ten, maybe 15 relevant to them brands. And I want to ensure that BMW goes with it.

The new BMW brand boss has worked his way up. Started as a bilingual secretary, then the honors as a business economist, career at Unilever. At BMW, she started as a consultant in marketing media before they took over the relaunch of the Mini brand.

Have you made a special promotion of women?

Wortmann: Of course, I want to encourage women, but not in the sense of a quota. me, is important rather young women to encourage further like to start with car brands. To do this we need to show them how exciting the tasks are and that you can make at BMW future. And I want to give the mothers in my team, some of which also hold leadership positions, the greatest possible flexibility in order to reconcile family and job in time. I think that there can be nothing worse for a woman than to be a "token woman". I myself have a network of business women, but here is not being a woman, but the professional exchange in the foreground.

Despite the optimism, the Hildegard Wortmann radiates, there are also issues that cause her obvious concern - compliance with the CO2 emission standards, for example.

BMW brand boss Hildegard Wortmann Interview Photo: Dino Eisele
It is not a car manufacturer by: ". That they will continue to be perceived as authentic, but also contemporary and modern" "My responsibility is to the BMW brand so to" digitize, Hildegard Wortmann said in an interview with the stellvertredenden chief editor Birgit primer.
Does it make you a headache to reach the world's CO2 goals?

Wortmann: Before that, I have great respect. Of course it is not an easy task to meet global standards, because the requirements are technically extremely demanding. But we have already accomplished a lot. Internal combustion engines we have made very good progress since the introduction of EfficientDynamics in 2007, and we are working on intensively. But without electric mobility future goals are unreachable. So I'm incredibly happy in any case that we started in 2008 with the Mini E, then from 2013 with i3 and i8 and now have the largest plug-in hybrid fleet by 2 or up to 7 series on offer. By the end of 2016, we have sold over 100,000 electrified cars. And this year we will again drauflegen 100,000.

The theme i series moves Wortmann. In recent months, many employees have left the i region - including design boss - and went to Chinese competition.

Are you still satisfied with the positioning of the i3 as a four-seater with butterfly doors?

Wortmann: Who is the driving i3 times, the notice immediately: This is a real BMW, he drives very dynamic, can at the traffic lights are many sports cars and fascinated at the same time with the electro-typical silent gliding. Sure, we could make in retrospect certain things differently. But for me, counts above all the pioneering spirit that we have demonstrated as a company. We have built up expertise in e-mobility in the company, occupied the segment very early, and in addition, the i3 is extremely successful from a brand perspective.

The BMW brand boss sees a dream car in the Z8. Do they could, but to keep him down to earth it is particularly important. "I still like to eat schnitzel," she says, laughing.

What helps you to relax from these complex tasks?

Wortmann: I like to do sports, and outdoor activities make me with this most joy, because I really love outside. But I can switch off very well with music because I enjoy above all the time in the car. And whatever works is to spend a nice evening with friends.

The sevens as a plug-in hybrid 740e is currently Wortmann's official car, before that it was a i8. Already today enjoys the first functions of autonomous driving when it controls from their homes Bogenhausen for four-cylinder. While she is on the way, colleagues already received electronic mail.

BMW Z8 Photo: BMW
Hildegard Wortmanns dream car: a BMW Z8.
Believe to the autonomous driving?

Wortmann: Clearly yes. The autonomous driving's not a technique that comes in ten years on the market. Today, we are already on the way. We currently still speak of semi-automated driving, ie from systems such as a traffic jam assistant, which support the driver. Up to autonomous driving, there is a way to go, because the systems for today are not yet ripe. Whether high-resolution maps, sensors, processing power or artificial intelligence: There are some areas where we are working hard, some with partners like Intel and Mobileye. Realistically, we see 2021 as a time when we go into production with the BMW iNext.

When Hildegard Wortmann strolls brand boss of BMW Welt in Munich, she is approached by many people - sincere. Just clarify a little thing, no problem. Wortmann is extremely popular, it shows.

What role do issues such as artificial intelligence for the car manufacturer?

Wortmann: I am deeply impressed by how much progress in this area - in the context of autonomous driving, this technology plays a major role. First, we can leave the hands off the wheel, then turn his eyes and in a third step to draw even concentrating on something else. Then we no longer need our brain essential for driving. And if we want to use or capitalize this time gained in the car, then a whole new disruptive business models at this point.

The joy of self-driving remains despite everything, because Wortmann is safe. The slogan "The car as a third living space" as it tries to establish itself as a major player slogan, it can not quite follow. One thing is certain: As a brand boss has recognized the signs of the times.

US Army Humvees in free fall: Only scrap heavy landing

With a drop exercise of the US Army in Hohenfels, there was an incident that has now conquered the power: Three Humvees rushed in free fall to the ground. Ouch. Well that everything was filmed.

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Even regular exercises of the US Army are a case for the camera: spectacular, noisy and fascinating. An airdrop in Bavaria Hohenfels was also filmed - and has now brought to worldwide fame in the net. But just because things did not go as planned.

Three Humvees detach from carrier parachutes

Actually, the 173rd Airborne Brigade wanted to rehearse the braked of parachutes dropping some Humvees. Unfortunately, broke away the heavy off-road vehicle of the type "High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeld Vehicles" (HMMWV, therefore Humvee) from their carrier umbrellas and rustled almost unabated on the ground. An uninvolved soldier filmed the action-packed crash:

After about 20 seconds, the first Humvee released from his three parachutes. The second Humvee can be unbroken fall to the ground after about one minute. Finally Humvee decides to break out after a half minutes Number Three. Luckily was only scrap metal, people were not hurt in the action.

An ideal drop looks different

To survive the dropping of a relatively low altitude, the Humvees of the US Army are heaved on metal pallets. Three in diameter about 30 meters measured parachutes are attached to the vehicle.

The Humvee is stored padded on its wheels, as even the normal landing is not necessarily smooth. the Humvees were dropped in the video from aircraft type Lockheed C-130 Hercules that flew rapidly about 260 km / h when shedding.

How quickly the Humvees went down, we do not know. The force of the impact, however, was immense.

Skoda Releases 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023: All about Polar, Karoq and Kodiaq Coupe

Skoda is similar to the sister brand Seat, again it up a notch in terms of SUV. After Skoda Kodiaq are still a RS and coupe version as well as the Skoda Fabia as Polar SUV and the second generation of the Yeti, the Karoq in the making.

04/26/2017 Holger Wittich 2 comments

But next to the SUV mainstay Czechs revise their famous model lines gradually. Here, the characteristics of the most important innovations to Skoda 2,023th

Seat Ibiza SUV Seat new products by 2018 The large SUV offensive

Skoda Karoq - end of 2017

The compact SUV on MQB platform has its equivalent in Seat Ateca or the Golf SUV T-Roc. Compared to the latter, however, it falls a bit bigger. Here are 4.30 meters for the VW over the 4,382 meters of the Skoda. During the Yeti II aka Karoq compared to its predecessor in the length At length to 106 mm, and also builds up in width by 30 mm muscles, he will turn 40 mm lower in terms of height. The Skoda Karoq is retained as an option, the movable and removable seats of its predecessor and feature all-wheel drive. Base engine will be the 1.0-liter TSI 115 hp, it is followed by a 1.5-liter TSI 150 hp.

On the diesel side, the 1.6-liter TDI versions are available with 115 hp. In the top of the range and the Skoda Karoq will at least get the 2.0-liter TDI with 190 hp, it is available with 6-speed manual or six-speed DSG as well as all-wheel drive version. Whether the two-liter petrol engine with 230 PS will hold in the small SUV collection, is questionable.

Skoda Polar - 2019

Skoda has had to protect the name "Polar" for a vehicle, it is still unclear whether the Fabia SUV (wheelbase about 2.50 meters) is actually bearing its name. He, too, is based on the Modular Transverse Volkswagen - more precisely on the MQB A0, to which also the coming VW T-Cross is based. The Skoda Polar will replace as the SUV station wagon version of the upcoming Fabia, which it as I will be only in three-door VW Polo.

Skoda Vision D Photo: Skoda
The Skoda Vision D gives a first glimpse of the Kodia coupe.

Skoda Kodiaq Coupe - 2019

It is still unclear whether the model will actually come onto the European market. With a wheelbase of 2.75 meters, the model is exactly in line with its MQB brother Tiguan AllSpace. However, he is nine centimeters flatter and its rear overhang by 10 cm cut. A first glimpse of the model is the vision E study for the auto show in Shanghai. There, in China, the model should be offered first priority.

Skoda Octavia - 2019

He is the best-selling brand and comes from 2019 in the new generation with sharper optics on the market. For the interior, large screens are provided and the driver is supported by numerous new assistance systems. Autonomously, the new Octavia after Level 2 drive off independently and parallel parking or controlled by remote control. Even a pure E-model based on the modular electric kit (MEB) by Volkswagen with a range of 600 kilometers, there will be from 2020 onwards.

Skoda electric models - 2015

With the Skoda Vision D at the Auto Show in Shanghai Skoda was not just one design outlook for the coming Kodiaq coupe but also his interpretation of an electric model based on the modular electrification kit. the Skoda Vision D is driven purely electrically. The performance of the two electric motors should be at 225 kW, the maximum speed at 180 km / h. The built-in lithium-ion battery pack is to enable a range of up to 500 kilometers. In addition to the Octavia (see above) will give the 2020 Superb as an electric model, in addition, the Skoda Citigo, based on the VW e-up. A total of five electric cars by Skoda in the planning.

Skoda Superb - 2022/2023

The new-generation Superb, the platform tells the VW Arteon and is exactly turn out 4.86 meters long. While VW is from 33,000 euros to roll to the dealers, the Superb is expected to cost around 25,750 euros. he will receive a plug-in version with a range of 100 kilometers during its product cycle.

Skoda Octavia facelift March 2017
Skoda Kodiaq March 2017
Octavia RS facelift May 2017
Skoda Rapid Facelift June 2017
Skoda Citigo Facelift July 2017
Skoda Scout KodiaqAugust 2017
Skoda Kodiaq SportslineAugust 2017
Skoda Octavia Scout 2017
Skoda Octavia RS 245 2017
Skoda Fabia Facelift2017
Skoda Karoq2017
Skoda RS Kodiaq2018
Skoda Superb Facelift2018
Skoda Citigo2018
Skoda Superb Facelift RS2019
Skoda Polar2019
Skoda Kodiaq Coupe 2019
Skoda Octavia2019
Skoda Rapid2020
Skoda Rapid Spaceback2020
Skoda Superb2023

Irmscher Opel Adam: With chubby cheeks and 170 hp

Opel tuner Irmscher is planning to make a new project vehicle to bounce based on the Opel Adam. A first teaser image reveals where the journey should go.

06/04/2016 Uli Baumann Powered by

The Irmscher Opel Adam, which is based on the Adam S, gets bold fender flares front and back. For esthetic harmony, of course, the front and the rear skirt are adapted to the wide body.

Irmscher Opel Adam with 170 hp

As a filling for the wide wheel arches Irmscher has 8x19-inch alloy wheels provided. The interior of the Opel Adam intends Irmscher with sports seats and a leather interior upgrade with a retro look. Should not be missed, new floor mats.

For driving dynamics, a performance-enhanced to 170 hp 1.4-liter turbo engine to provide. To connect to an old Irmscher tradition, the project vehicle is to be painted yellow and green in the Irmscher colors.

BMW 3 Series Edition Models: Shadow puts on black

BMW brings the 3 Series as a touring and sedan Edition Sportsline Shadow, Edition Luxury Line Purity and Edition M Sport Shadow with exclusive range of equipment at the start.

05/11/2017 Uli Baumann

The BMW 3 Series is happening from July 2017 what. The standard equipment then includes LED headlights and LED fog lights. the program of individual options and the choice of body colors, alloy wheels, upholstery colors and interior trims are also supplemented.

Also new are three special models. The Edition Sport Line Shadow brings with black inserts for the headlight units and dark tail lights, black outlined kidneys and air intakes, black chrome exhaust tips and black 18-inch alloy wheels. The interior is worth contrasting stitching, a leather sports steering wheel, sports seats with fabric / leather combination and special applications on.

Those who choose the edition Luxury Line Purity will be rewarded with satin aluminum elements on the body and 17-inch alloy wheels. Interior enhancements on a leather interior, precious wood trim, a leather sports steering wheel, contrast stitching and additional ad volumes.

The Edition M Sport Shadow characterize darkened headlights, rear and fog lights, black kidney, black chrome exhaust tailpipes and gray 19-inch M wheels. Inside, black leather sports seats with blue contrast stitching, special trim and the instrument cluster with extended features for the new look care.

New Volvo XC60 (2017): Chic compact SUV in Swedish style

Long, Volvo has left with a new XC60 time - now, nine years after the introduction of the first generation, the successor is finally here. We have competitors for Q5 and X3 have just looked at.

07/03/2017 Gregor Hebermehl 3 comments Powered by

When volatile inspection he might pass for a scaled-XC90 - while the new Volvo XC60 has successfully emancipated from its big brother: His windshield is significantly inclined in the wind, its front sits just much closer to the asphalt and its overhangs are shorter. The rear overhang is the shortest what the SPA platform (Scalable Product Architecture) will bear. The SPA platform is similar to VW's much quoted MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix), but Volvo proclaimed for the more complex and therefore more expensive system.

Volvo XC60 world premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017
Chic compact SUV in Swedish style 1:19 min.

The only one with the XC90 identical proportion is the distance between the front axle and instrument panel - allowing the driver to enjoy as much freedom as in the larger model. Overall, the new XC60 looks compared to the XC90 slightly rounded and family. Compared to its predecessor the XC60 is growing by 62 millimeters in length (total length: 4,690 mm), twelve millimeters in width (overall width: 1,902 mm) and the wheelbase stretched by 91 to now 2,865 millimeters. In height it comes down to now 1,658 millimeters to 14th

Also new are the front headlights, the distinctive light line now runs up to the front grille frame - inward extended headlights of Citroën designers Oleg Son for example, had been designed for the C-Crosser in 2007 and BMW used this design element in the 3 Series F30 ( since 2011).

Volvo XC60
Q5 and X3 competitor in the video 2:02 min.

A technical innovation are the windshield wipers of the XC60: The wiper rubber support water jets are recessed over the entire blade length. The system is similar to the "Magic Vision Control" technology, which began in spring 2012 Mercedes for the first time in the SL. The Volvo wipers are optional heated and the rubber wiper can be replaced without the entire bracket must be equal to be replaced.

clean start

When boarding is striking that the doors to the side skirts pull down. The rocker opens with so when opening the door. This has two advantages, according to Volvo design boss Thomas Ingenlath: Firstly to trespassing threshold is significantly narrower than with side skirts, on the other hand, a boarding Santander can spot no longer the legs on may vollgeschmuddelten side skirts - a clever design trick to him Saab, for example, already 1978 began the Saab 900th Customers have this structural improvement specifically requested, Ingenlath tells us in an interview. The biggest challenge in designing the new XC60 was loud-born Krefeld Volvo designer the feasibility of details, as they did not exist previously at Volvo. Fortunately for Ingenlath's Magnus Olsson, Volvo chief for "Vehicle developmet mid size cars" such innovations very open.

Volvo XC60 Photo: Christian Bittmann
Bright, modern and comfortable inviting: The interior of the new Volvo XC60.

Tricky set

Although basically the same design language is spoken inside with XC60 and XC90, there are differences. In the XC60 the occupants sit in there deep in the XC90 enthroned rather majestic. In the XC60 there is a modern residential atmosphere, with Volvo on a decorative element is particularly proud of running down to the steering wheel along withdrawing from the far right line of "Adrift" -Furnier. The interior Interior use here, of course, no real driftwood, but the silvery open-pored veneer actually resembles sun-bleached driftwood or weathered larch wood. This smart application is anchored with a neat trick on the underlying instrument panel: In order to compensate the different expansion of timber and instrument panel in case of temperature variations, the timber is slidably fitted in a groove which is disguised as a small Swedish flag. This flag is centered under the right air vent. Volvo, it is obviously important to distinguish itself as a Swedish brand from the Chinese parent company Geely: In the seams of the bright and extremely comfortable leather seats, a tiny Swedish flag was sewn per seat also.

absolutely chic

The nine-inch infotainment screen at the top of the center console is very slightly inclined towards the driver. The infotainment system dominates Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Top drop the sun visor designed as a very hard disks, and even the glove box is made of plastic of the harder variety - but the Swedes have the optically well covered with a rough and perfectly color-matched to the surrounding leather surface. Daylight is a huge panoramic roof into the interior - the roof is the same as the XC90.

zip extreme is on the center console seated behind the rotary roller start button for setting the desired driving mode. Those who opt for an R-design model, gets a dark interior and the blowing wood veneer is replaced by stamped aluminum. In addition, the designers followed a trend in the XC60: The pedals are always chic - the new Swedish SUV they are made of stainless steel. And there is to discover a commonality with the XC90: Among the aluminum grids of Bowers&-Wilkins audio system in the front doors shimmers out the bright yellow-green colored speaker membrane.

The entire interior of the new XC60 is in comparison to the interior of his predecessor, who also worked very modern in its conception, a significant step forward. But in terms of modern minimalist design, a competitor from England is quietly pulled past the Swedes: Land Rover is in this respect just with his new Range Rover Velar standards. While the British have built the much more modern and stylischeren interior in her SUV, the XC60 is somewhat more livable space and generous - especially rear seat passengers enjoy better space.

Volvo XC60 Photo: Christian Bittmann
Comfortable: In the two storage compartments under the rear seats, for example, iPads can be stowed.


All-round visibility is good in the new XC60, only the rearward field of vision is constricted by the far extended inside C-pillar - here the rear view camera will help. And a look forward an optional head-up display without additional plastic disc for overview of important driving data provides. The space is front and rear lush in all directions. There are new open storage compartments under the rear seats, right and left, in which loosely can disappear an iPad. Volvo has, of course, tested it: In an accident the stowed in the compartments objects do not fly out and thus can not violate the rear passengers. Nice also from the back: the tailgate swings wide open and a disturbing charge threshold conspicuous by its absence.

Security sees Volvo as one of its core values. Thus, the new XC60 gets all the Swedes in safety technology on the shelf - so everything there is in the XC90, only partially upgraded. Thus, the City Safety system can brake not only autonomously at speeds between 50 and 100 km / h. If brakes are no longer sufficient to prevent an accident, the system generates a steering impulse to drive around the obstacle. Between 60 and 140 km / h, City Safety actively "Oncoming Lane Mitigation": Approaching when driving over the center line of oncoming traffic, provides an active steering intervention for returning to the original lane. The same speed window of the new Totwinkelwarner is active, which also redirects the XC60 in the original track when vehicles are approaching in the blind spot. City Safety is one of the new XC60 standard equipment, the new Totwinkelwarner BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) comes as part of genuine Yamaha IntelliSafe-Pro package into the car.

In the area of ​​the front wheel arches Volvo XC60 is the first high-strength drill steel one - according to Magnus Olsson this was only thanks to tailored blank, that sheet metal parts in various wall thicknesses possible.

Optional adjustable air suspension

The wheel dimensions of the new Volvo XC60 cover the of the 18 to 22 inches. Standard care steel springs for comfort, optional air suspension takes over the job. The air suspension can in this case adapted to the current driving mode (eco, Comfort, Dynamic and off) adjusted in height: In off-road mode, the air bellows raise the XC60 by 40 millimeters. When driving in Eco mode it's ten, down in the dynamic mode at 20 and when boarding by 30 millimeters. Surcharge, there is possibility of lowering the rear axle in order to facilitate loading of the XC60. By default, the ground clearance of the new XC60 climbs to now 21.6 centimeters to a few millimeters. For steering Volvo promises a better feedback than its predecessor.

Diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid

More than four cylinders will not exist at Volvo in the future, after the current engine concept for Sweden has proved. When XC60 are all available at market launch versions with all-wheel drive on the road and in all versions of an eight-speed automatic transmission from Aisin takes over the work done. The entry forms of the XC60 D4 AWD in the Equipment Momentum with 190 hp for 48,050 euros - the predecessor was 5,900 euros cheaper. The D5 AWD develops 235 hp and costs from 52,600 euros. The petrol-engined 254 hp payable T5 AWD is calculated with at least 51,000 euros, the T6 AWD (320 hp) fails with 55,500 Euros to the price and the plug-in hybrid T8 Twin Engine AWD (407 hp) will be paid 69,270 euros , The higher equipment R-Design and Inscription are priced accordingly - see the table below. The new Volvo XC60 is delivered in Germany since the summer 2017th

Volvo XC60 Photo: Christian Bittmann
Less is not possible: The rear overhang of the new XC60 is the shortest, can realize the Volvo with its SPA platform.


Stylish exterior and visually a little emancipated from its big brother XC90, the new Volvo XC60 makes fun inside: Right plenty of space for all passengers and a chic home-style décor many friends will find. Of security technology in the new XC60 everything can come, which is state of the art - in this respect the old XC60 was already longer not keep up. In terms of engines, there are no surprises in the power range from 190 to 407 hp should be something for everyone interested in something.

download Price List Volvo XC60 (PDF, 6.93 MB) Free

The current starting price of 48,050 euros for the 190-horsepower all-wheel drive diesel volvo typically quite high up: A Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv G 192 AWD with six-speed automatic transmission and 192 hp will cost 37,490 euros, the Mercedes GLC 250 d with Neungang- automatic and 204 hp is calculated with 46,827 euros. However, Volvo has not ashamed: Land Rover wants for the above-mentioned new Range Rover Velar (eight-speed automatic, 180 hp) with more modern interior but significantly less space in the rear at least 56,400 euros - in comparison, the new XC60 is almost a bargain.

Manhart BMW M3 Touring: BMW 3 Series station wagon with M5 Power

BMW has never been able to bring herself factory to offer the BMW M3 as Touring. Tuner Manhart takes heart and gets the Bavarian failure by the BMW 3 Series has been upgraded with the V10 from the M5.

27/10/2009 Uli Baumann

It was available as a coupe, sedan and a convertible, but never as a combination - the sportiest BMW 3 Series, the M3. Tuner Manhart from Geilenkirchen wants to close this gap.

BMW M3 parts for the 3 Series Touring.

However, the tuner is not dull to a technology transfer from the coupe in the Touring body. Manhart goes straight into the full and uses for the M3 Touring the technology of the BMW M5.

First, however, the 3 Series chassis with the original parts from the BMW M3 was converted to M3 look. were replaced as the front wings and the bonnet and the front bumper and side skirts. the wider rear fenders and rear bumper in M3 look were developed at Manhart itself. The aerodynamically shaped mirrors round off the M3 transformation.

The V10 makes 550 hp

In the technique Manhart attacks even the BMW-shelf, but the compartment of the BMW M5. Thus, the 5.0-liter V10 together with the seven-speed SMG migrated 3 in the BMW 5 Series from the power. Combined with a stainless-steel sport exhaust system and a recalibrated engine electronics, the V10 delivers a powerful 550 hp. A 100-percent differential lock strives to optimize traction on the rear axle. At best, the Manhart M3 will accelerate 5.0 V10 Touring in 4.3 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The maximum speed is with 324 km / h well over the 250-km / h-regulated plant-M models.

Stark upgraded Also the chassis presented. A fully adjustable coilover suspension ensures the road, 380s discs and six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston calipers and rear wheels 355er secure the delay work. the chassis Converted three-piece 20-inch wheels are with 255/30 tires at the front and 295/25-based rear tires is completed.

The interior trims Manhart with sports bucket seats, a full leather interior and a sports steering wheel on M3 look.

World Premiere at the GTI meet at Wörthersee: Oettinger pumps the Golf R to 500 hp

The tuning company Oettinger has made the Golf VII R is a super athlete with over 500 hp. The plan is a small scale and further high-performance versions of 600, 650 and 750 hp.

05/15/2015 Patrick Lang

Schwachbrüstig he comes actually not, therefore, the Golf R - so he is probably the perfect foundation for a super sports car, it was thought at the Friedrichsdorfer tuner Oettinger. Thought done after only three and a half months of development time celebrating the Oettinger 500R at the 34th GTI Meet at Wörthersee its world premiere.

Oettinger 500R is not for the showroom

Short facts Check: 518 hp, 2.83 kilograms per hp, 2.5-liter TFSI, five-cylinder in-line engine, modified turbocharger, 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100, top speed beyond 300 km / h. And you know what? The Renner should not end as a study in a museum, but come in small batches on the market. Increased salivation commands only the estimated starting price stop. So much power wants to be paid, with around 150,000 euros for the entry-level version.

Technology and design of the Oettinger 500R facing the motor sports. The compact super sports car coming in specially developed Racing Design Package therefore and gone over the series to 100 mm in width. That would be bad for one's wife, but in a Golf R can be done already.

All around a modified Golf R

The engineers have invested in some places hand. High-performance forged pistons were also installed as the Ansauglüftung from joint venture partner VWR. Next, the water-charge-air cooling, the exhaust gas system, the transmission and the clutch have been revised and trimmed to track. There, the Oettinger 500R can now lift with a maximum torque of 680 Nm in the wind.

The adjustments also extend beyond the axles and the braking system. A gauge extension has not been installed, instead they sat at Oettinger on an aluminum front axle and rear axle control link from the same lightweight metal. The wheelbase is 2646 mm, which is nine millimeters larger than the production Golf R. The chassis was supplied by KW and is a 3-way Clubsport suspension with racing valve technology. To a standstill, the PS 518 to be placed on two-part perforated and vented high-performance brake disks.

Oettinger 500R with a self-confident appearance

A widened front apron, large air intakes and a carbon splitter and diffuser cause a stir. The use of carbon meets the tuner apparently with pride, because at your fingertips, all carbon parts with the Ambi-Light "500R Orange" can illuminate. The design concept also takes place in the interior. There, take orange decorative stitching on black Alcantara racing bucket seats and a three-spoke sports steering wheel. Well, then let's go and hunt Porsches. Weidmann's salvation.

New VW T6 based sample: So much does the new VW Bus

Volkswagen equips the VW bus in the next generation of powerful, in order to better compete against rivals such as the V-Class from Mercedes. Also on board the VW T6 are new assistance and infotainment systems, a slightly modernized look and fuel-efficient engines. We were allowed the new VW T6 already boarded for a seat fitting.

05/15/2015 Uli Baumann, Holger Wittich, Stefan Cerchez

New VW T6 with a new face

The sixth generation of the VW bus, which is actually just a big facelift, celebrates as T6 its premiere at Auto RAI April 2015 in Amsterdam. For a refreshed look to primarily provide a newly designed front which is based on the angular design of the study Bulli e-Co-Motion, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The face characterize this two-tier grille and new headlights. The beefy front apron of the study is only in the passenger car variants of the T6 used. The normal transporter will turn out simple here. Otherwise, the car body remains untouched. The rear lights get even a new graphics and a new rear bumper shape. In addition, the exterior mirrors were struck deeper. These optical retouching of VW T6 should stay fresh in the fight against the Mercedes V-Class. It was not until 2020 VW will then go with the new T7 at the start.

VW bus T6 holding period 15.4. 21:00
Presentation VW T6 51 sec.

Motors in the VW bus to 204 PS

Under the newly drawn hood two-liter four-cylinder TDI and TSI engines working again. In the diesel aggregates, the power levels are denominated 84, 102, 150 and 204 hp. The two gasoline come to 150 hp and 280 Nm and 204 hp, 350 Nm. Depending on the performance, these are coupled to form a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission or with a 7-speed DSG. Optional all-wheel drive is for different versions again to have. As standard a start-stop system will reduce consumption of all motors by about 1 liter.

In order to improve the hitherto rather moderate ride comfort, optional adaptive dampers come in the future for use. Here, the chassis control DCC (Comfort, Normal, Sport) can be set in three different modes. Those who prefer even tighter, but needs to invest some extra euros for a sport suspension with 20 mm lowering. When it comes to assistance and infotainment systems VW sets to the new T6. In addition to an adaptive cruise control, city emergency brake assist, Multikollisionsberemse, high beam-Assi, parking sensors, electrically opening tailgate and Hill Start Assist is the new VW bus, a drowsiness detection system, Front Assist, the dead angle Wizard and the Trailer Assist and a heated windshield offer. In addition, the latest components from the Volkswagen infotainment platform are used, so that a smartphone integration and online access are possible. In addition, the touch screen operates with a proximity sensor. Extra charge, the headlights and rear lights with LED technology can be upgraded.

redesigned dashboard in VW T6

Completely redesigned the interior of the new VW T6 shows. Easy-entry seats are at Caravelle / Multivan and Kombi on board, also a driver's seat with memory function. The instrument panel has been completely redesigned. The central element is a screen at the center, which is flanked by two air vents. The driver engages a dreispeichiges steering wheel, looks at classic circular instruments and changes gears via a lever on the stub-center console. In addition, the very simple material quality is enhanced in the interior by significantly more valuable materials. Thus the T6 will get larger areas that can be designed either with piano black, body color, brushed aluminum or precious wood. The instrument panel in the commercial vehicle versions carries a narrower center console and dispensed cup holders, multimedia compartment, fold-bottle holder and integrated telephone interface.

Offered is the VW T6 again as a panel van, a combi-glazed, as Doka version, as Caravelle, Multivan and trailer as well as California. To have again are two wheelbases and two roof heights. Ordered the new VW bus from 20 April to the HChange he comes in July 2015. The prices Volkswagen has now also announced. Thus, the scale starts for the basic Multivan "Concept Line" at 29,952 euros - for the long wheelbase are at least 47,047 euros due, for there is the T6 but then also in the version "Comfortline". The top version of "High Line" is available with the 204-horsepower engine from 62,326 Euros. To introduce VW also wants to offer a special "Generation Six" from 45,905 euros to T6. 30th anniversary of the Multivan VW also attaches to the special Multivan Edition 30 and California Edition with expanded features and special edition 30-decor. The prices for the Multivan Edition 30 start at 49,242 euros, the California Edition is to have from 47,682 euros.

Author Stefan Cerchez could take place already in the new VW T6, here his first impressions:

VW T6-seat fitting

At the first meeting, confirmed what had been previously suspected: The visible changes fall comparatively low - purely optical T6 is larger than a T5 facelift by. Still, VW has invested in numerous places hand and speaks of a renewal rate of 75 percent.

For the drivers Important: Depending on the basic type and equipment, there are different cockpits: The standard control panel with open shelves and narrow center console for the transporters, the Comfort version with wide console, closed shelves and various decorative elements, and a blend of exclusively in Multivan Trendline is used. Especially the comfort cockpit here sets it apart from its predecessor and acts in conjunction with the newly designed, optional multi-colored door panels and foamed materials in the handle area of ​​high quality.

The central element is a radio or navigation system with 6.3-inch touch screen, which now has finally also in the Multivan the current functions of the car systems - including gesture control and proximity sensors.

however, the T6 looks at most other places in the interior like a good old friend: The seats with rail system (Multivan) or removable seats and single seats (Caravelle) remains in principle also be unchanged as the Multivan lining with carpet and the Caravelle interiors with robust Plastic.

was the secret star of the premiere, the Multivan special "Generation Six", which establishes a two-tone paint and 18-inch wheels in high-gloss look the reference to the Samba Bus of the first generation Bulli. While the generation Six but only be available for the launch of the T6, it is intended to create in the options list of the standard model, at least the two-tone paint.

equipment lineHorsepowertransmissionPrice in €
Conceptline845-speed manual29952
Conceptline1025-speed manual32065
Trendline845-speed manual34301
Trendline1025-speed manual36414
Trendline1506-speed manual / 7-speed DSG39252
Comfortline1025-speed manual44053
Comfortline1506-speed manual / 7-speed DSG46981
Comfortline2046-speed manual51384
Comfort Line (LWB)1026-speed manual47046
Comfort Line (LWB)1506-speed manual50432
Comfort Line (LWB)2046-speed manual54377
Highline1506-speed manual / 7-speed DSG57989
Highline2046-speed manual62326

Ram Power Wagon 2017 Premiere: off-road beast with new clothes

Ram Trucks, the pickup brand of Fiat Chrysler, revised the top model Power Wagon. The V8 giant is fit for hard terrain.

02/12/2016 Torsten Seibt Powered by

The baddest off-road thing from the Fiat-Chrysler Group's "Power Wagon". The legendary name, derived from the indestructible Dodge Power Wagon from the 1940s, is an extremely-terrain device. For model year 2017 Ram Power Wagon has revamped the technically and visually. That makes him with plenty of black instead of the current chrome attachments for Super Macho under the already not particularly delicate colleagues of Ram model program.

2017 Ram Power Wagon
Offroad Colossus 1:30 min.

Ram Power Wagon 2017

The Ram Power Wagon 2017 is equipped with quite tangible technology that goes well beyond the standard of US full-size trucks. Ram himself speaks of the "Ultimate Off-road truck," which is at least not grossly exaggerated, given the many details.

Especially at the Ram Power Wagon 2017 is primarily its chassis. Front and rear rigid axles are installed, each equipped with coil springs. One technique that is almost extinct in today's pickup construction and structurally equivalent to the Wrangler Jeep family member.

Also like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon the Ram Power Wagon 2017 has an electrically uncoupled stabilizer which is located on the front axle. If the stabilizer deactivated by pressing a button so that the entanglement is increased again significantly, the already above average fails due to the coil spring rigid axle chassis.

Extreme terrain chassis factory

Both axes of the Ram Power Wagon is equipped with differential locks. Terrain tires in size 33x12,5 are mounted on 17-inch wheels. As another technical feature the Ram Power Wagon features a moving two-point bearing of the trailing arm to the axle, and this improves the axle articulation separately (see picture gallery). The chassis, equipped with Bilstein dampers, higher placed over the series-Ram by five centimeters.

the Ram Power Wagon is powered by a real V8 Trumm: the 6.4-liter Hemi engine shaking 410 horsepower and 582 Nm of torque from the eight pots to their conversion takes care of a six-stage automatic transmission in advance. This not only provides nice acceleration, but also for a lot of power on the hook - 4.7 tonnes trailer load must the Ram Power Wagon move.

is the standard warning winch, also a slightly larger specimen under the now completely black-colored grille. The warning 12000 winch brings it to a maximum of 5.4 tons of traction. The Power Wagon is based on the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 4x4 Crew Cab. Price has not yet been named Fiat-Chrysler, which will begin shipping in the second half.