The BMW M3 Convertible DCT in a brief test: BMW M3 Convertible completes the trio of open M GmbH

opens at the touch and the retractable hardtop of the BMW M3 Convertible closes within 30 seconds. And with the optional dual clutch transmission offered now can be sorted by pressing the so seven the offered courses.

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Granted - the contradiction is to have obvious and not obvious. While the BMW M3 Coupé boasts the use of intelligent lightweight components, the convertible variant drags a penalty weight around with you. No fabric hood as a lightweight counterpart to elite and slimming carbon roof of the coupe. No, a rigid helmet with all its weighty expression as in the conventional three-Cabriolet need be.

The convertible is also well behind the limo

Consequently, if the M3 convertible from sporting terms by springs? Compared to the 420-horsepower coupe that was so, of course, which by design to accept. That the open four-seater but even such moves against the sedan the short straw, and was initially not expected in this form. but at the latest after driving onto the scale, the signs are clearly revealed.

The open power Dreier - BMW M3 Cabrio DKG

Weighing 1,870 kg lush M3 Convertible is fighting in an entirely different league than his brothers. the sedan alone fails slimmer than 200 kilograms. In this respect, the graduated on the small track in Hockenheim lap time relativized. 1.16,3 minutes for the 2.6 km long course go for this weight class and with conventional Michelin Pilot Sport tires in 19-inch format so equipped absolutely fine. Especially since the convertible can be moved direct, honest and trust-inspiring treatable. That the open power of three by the new dual clutch transmission can make up some tenths of a second, is not evident in the Zeitenhatz. While the game on the paddle shifters facilitates the task to the limit, especially since the downshift with the exact presented interim gas shocks is garnished.

Driving pleasure from 73,950 euros

The question remains is why a per se without interrupting traction-shifting dual-clutch transmission has different modes - which even a discordant shift shock is generated in the most extreme case. Even the extra charge for the M DCT transmission-called option will make one or the other convertible customer brooding, he invested but already for top-down driving pleasure a base price of 73,950 euros. However, the 3,800 euros for the M DKG not only increase the play instinct when the gear changes go in manual mode flash vonstatten. Finally, the automatic mode is the convertible extremely good stead. Who wants to just drift away, his senses turns Vernal odors and under sun rays indulges in the pleasures of the passing landscape, pushes the Wählheben on D and drifts.

The sound of a chagrin

Supported by the power of greedy eight-cylinder engine and with the help of automatically sorted seven gears. Here, the M3 Convertible draws something from what many fetishists remains in coupe and sedan to the chagrin under the ceiling - the sound. The open mode of travel brings the occupation the machinations of the brilliant eight-cylinder directly and virtually without filters closer. Because especially the greedy intake noise that stands on the shortest path from the gaping hole in the hood of the inner ear, faded M3 CSL feeling brings. What even poses a contradiction in view of the lush weight - but one that is very welcome.

Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI in the test: SUV with little engine, but a lot of fun

Enough of the little 1.2-liter TSI in the compact SUV Skoda Yeti? Yeti fans who do not need a four-wheel drive, take the cheap economical and powerful 1.2-liter TSI best.

02/05/2010 Dirk Gulde Powered by

Basic performance - and then even with meager 1.2 liters. That sounds suspiciously like overtaking times with cold sweat guarantee and highway slopes behind Brummi-soot clouds.

First Skoda with the small turbo engine

Not so in the case of the Yeti. As the first Skoda he comes to enjoy the smallest Volkswagen TSI four cylinders, which make it thanks to turbocharging to 105 hp and, more importantly, 175 Nm of torque from 1500 rev / min. Thus equipped, the direct injection sets from the start to the wheel and turns exuberant high. Given the large end face is it forgivable that it beyond 150 km / h, the air goes out. His neat manners and the proper test consumption of 7.8 L / 100 km seldom let the desire for a more powerful engine arise.

Skoda dispensed with Yeti to a four-wheel drive

Since most compact SUV terrain tours only hearsay, Skoda decided not to offer the 1.2-liter four-wheel. The trouble is, though, that there is no air conditioning for the basic model. While costing variant Active with air and radio just over 20,000 euros. A reasonable price, finally convinced the Skoda Yeti with lots of space, high variability, solid workmanship, feinfühligem handling and orderly comfort. And all this already with the base engine.

Mercedes V-Class Prices: from 42,900 euros and goes # x27; s going on

The new Mercedes V-Class can be ordered now, the base model is available from 42,899.50 euros in the price list.

03/11/2014 Holger Wittich

Four trim levels for the new V-Class

At this price, the model V is to have 200 CDI with 136 hp four-cylinder diesel. A further stage of development, the 2.1 liter turbo-diesel is declared as V 220 CDI. This makes 163 hp and costs from 43,911 euros. As a top of the line V 250 BlueTec acts - also with the 2.1-liter diesel - but with 190 hp. The model is now 49,182.70 euros in the showroom of the Mercedes dealer.

In total there are in addition to the basic equipment four trim levels - Edition, avant-garde Edition and Edition 1 at the new V-Class.

Mercedes V-Class, Geneva Motor Show, exhibition, 2014
Mercedes Benz V-Class in Geneva in 2014 1:22 min.

The V-Class Edition in addition inter alia, for basic equipment includes exterior sports package with 17-inch light alloy wheels, 20-spoke design and tires of size 225/55. In addition, the track package with Blind Spot and Spurhalteassitent is included - as the Audio 20 CD system with touchpad and the 7G Tronic Plus with Direct Select steering wheel paddle and agility Select. The Mercedes V-Class Edition costs 45,220 euro as V 220 CDI and 47,552.40 euros for the V 250 BlueTec.

A class get ahead 17-inch alloy wheels in five-spoke look, therefore, with tires of size 202/55. Aboard the V-Class Avantgarde then also the LED Intelligent Light System, leather interior with wood trim in appearance and the separately opening rear window with cargo space subdivision. The design and equipment line Avantgarde is to have from 50,634.50 euros (V 200 CDI) and costs as V 220 CDI or as V 250 BlueTec 51,646 respectively EUR 56,917.70.

V-Class Edition 1 from 67,400 euros

Who the Mercedes V-Class in the Avantgarde Edition orders, in addition receive, among other things, the power tailgate and the driver assistance system with Collision Assist and Pre-Safe. Comand Online with traffic sign assistant and Burmester surround-sound system are also on board, like a bright leather trim and Holzzierlemente. The V 220 CDI can be had in the vanguard Edition from 57,227.10 euros. Who wants to buy the top model has to pay at least EUR 59,559.50.

The V-Class Edition 1 shows with 19-inch light alloy wheels in five-spoke design with dual 245 / 45er tires. flaunts a plaque with the "Edition 1" lettering on the wings and the center console. Inside, waiting wood trim and a Nappa Leather Aussstattung for seats, door panels and instrument panel. The Edition 1 version can be had only for the Mercedes V 250 BlueTec from 67,377.80 euros.

In addition to various sports and design packages, customers can still upgrade their V class individually with special equipment. So does a trailer hitch 1,018.64 euros, the electric sliding door on the left stands for 854.42 euros in the list.
2,499 euros costs the 7G-Tronic Plus, the cruise control fails with 337.96 euro record, the Sport chassis with lowering can be bought for 297.50 euros.

Some alloy wheels are available to the customers of the new V-Class is also available. The large 19 inch 16-spoke design with tires of size 245/45 cost 2,443.07 euros, as are 19-inch aluminum rims of Edition 1 models.

Metallic paint can be had for € 1,018.64, heated seats for the driver and front passenger costs from 449.82 euros and the 3-seater bench comfort in the second row with folding outer seat can be ordered for 497.42 euros. The full price list can be found in the article as a free download.

download Price List Mercedes V-Class (PDF, 3.75 MB) Free

Roding Roadster by Dähler: Carbon racer gets more power

Roding, the small manufacturers of carbon-lightweight sports car Roding Roadster has worked with the tuners of Dähler. The result is a power expansion of R1 in two stages.

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Under the name "Dähler competitionline" operates the unique that has been transformed not only in terms of power, torque and environmental friendliness, but also in terms of design. Among other things, a six-piston high performance brake system were installed, chose a more exuberant tires and optimized the chassis. But the centerpiece of the building is the two-stage power increase.

Roding Roadster R1 by Dähler
The Roadster was missed a luxuriant tires among others.

Increase of up to 110 hp

In stage 1, the in-line 6-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo is making with 2979 cc 408 hp with 540 Nm at a maximum speed of 300 km / h. In step 2, the N54 engine with 450 hp and 620 Nm fired at a maximum of 310 km / h. An orderly growth, is the basic engine of the mid-engine sports car with carbon chassis but at 340 hp.

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series: Stronger, extravagant and rare

The factory factory Porsche Exclusive has launched the 911 Turbo S a special series. As a 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series of the penalty becomes stronger and nobler. He is also limited to 500 copies and can be equipped with even more exclusive Carbon wheels.

08/18/2017 Uli Baumann 13 comments Powered by

With a Werksleistungskit the 3.8-liter turbo-piston engine climbs to 607 hp 27th The maximum torque of the six-cylinder is given as 750 nm. This is to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series in 2.9 seconds. 200 km / h limit falls after 9.6 seconds. In the top of the sports car reaches 330 km / h. The consumption is unchanged at 9.1 l / 100 km.

Also the optically 911 Turbo S Series Exclusive is distinctive. Thus, the special penalty contributes among other things, bonnet, roof and side skirts made of carbon. The rear view is characterized by the rear wing of the Aerokit Turbo, the new rear apron that Staulufthutze carbon and vierflutige exhaust system with two dual tailpipes made of stainless steel in black. Hood and roof carry additional carbon fiber strips. The fenders adorn Porsche Exclusive factory-plaques. In addition to the eye-catching color Gold Yellow Metallic the vehicle is offered in other selected exterior colors. The brake calipers of ceramic stopper wearing black lacquer and gold lettering. also include dasPASM chassis, the Sport Chrono Package, the rear axle and the roll compensation PDCC standard. The road contact produce black-painted 20-inch central locking alloy wheels.

Exclusive Carbon Wheels for the special model

Carbon wheels for the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series Photo: Porsche
For 15,232 euros extra, the special model can be upgraded with exclusive Carbon central locking wheels.

However, Porsche offers the world's first vehicle manufacturer to optional lightweight wheels with braided carbon fibers. The characteristic black high-tech material Carbon comes with a protective layer of clear coat clear advantage. The wheels weigh a total of a further approximately 8.5 kg or 20 percent less than the standard alloy wheels and are also fixed by 20 percent. The new Carbon wheel consists entirely of carbon fibers with a length of 18 kilometers, or eight square meters of carbon fiber mats.

Carbon wheels for the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series
Even lighter, tighter 1:56 min.

The new carbon wheels come in sizes 9 J x 20 for the front and 11.5 J x 20 for the rear axle beginning in 2018 as an option exclusively for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series on the market. The surcharge for a wheel set is 15,232 euros. For other Porsche models on which the central locking wheels would technically fit perfectly, the carbon wheels are not currently have.

The interior of the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series comes up with electrically adjustable leather sports seats, an Alcantara headliner, carbon applications, lit carbon door sills and the welt on the passenger side plate bearing the edition number. Gold-colored contrast stitching, logos and trim round out the interior.

Almost 55,000 euros Exclusive bonus

Porsche 911 GT2 RS PM, Goodwood 2017
Exclusive timepiece from Porsche Exclusive 41 sec.

To the car, the customer also gets an optional exclusively drawn titanium chronograph and an exclusive leather luggage set. The Porsche 911 Turbo S Series Exclusive costs from 259,992 euros. The sale starts on June 8, 2017. The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series is available in Germany at a price from 9,950 euros. The clock can be individually configured when buying a vehicle and ordered the Porsche Center. The five-piece luggage set will cost 5,474 euros in Germany.

A Porsche 911 Turbo S of the rod can be had starting at 205,133 euros.

Peugeot Hymotion 3 Compressor: Car Scooter combination

With the concept of mobile Hymotion 3 Compressor Peugeot tries to close the gap between the automobile and motor scooters. the tricycle for city driving on the Paris Motor Show is presented.

02.10.2008 Uli Baumann

When designing the unusual tricycle Peugeot divisions Motorcycles and Automobiles threw their experiences. The result is a two-seat scooter with a roof, hybrid drive and two-wheel front axle.

Roller drive set plus electric motor

While in a classic stern roller gear set - motor and swing unit are combined here - is used, the front wheels are driven by an electric motor. By ausgeklügeklte kinematics, the wheels may be liable there and it stays that way made the usual two-wheeled dynamics.

The petrol engine with supercharging makes from 125 cc 20 hp and 16 Nm, the electric motors come forward on each of 3 kW and 100 Nm. The average fuel consumption should be at 2.0 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions of 47 g / km. the Hymotion 3 is purely electrically moved - a maximum of ten kilometer range in it - is the emissions to zero. At the same time energy is recovered during braking with the three-disc brake system plus ABS. A start-stop system also helps save fuel.

The sprint from zero to 100 km / h to complete in 11.2 seconds 3 of Hymotion. Top speed will be called 110 km / h.

With its width of only 82 centimeters Peugeot sees the 250-kilogram Hymotion 3 as Aternative to the car for city driving. For weather protection to a polycarbonate roof, provide two integrated aluminum bracket for security. The rear view mirrors have been replaced by two cameras plus associated screens in the cockpit.

To make motorists to Hymotion three tasty it was designed to authorization technically so that it should be moved to France by car driving license.

Porsche 911 GT3 premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017: With six-speed manual transmission and 4.0-liter boxer

Porsche moves to the Geneva Motor Show, the wrap from the new 911 GT 3. The third generation lightweight sports car has a four-liter boxer under the trunk lid. We compare the 991 with the first 911 GT 3 Series 996th

07/03/2017 Christian Gebhardt, Holger Wittich 4 comments Powered by

Curtain up for the new Porsche 911 GT3. The Tarnfolie the Prototypes is gone, now he is in the studio. Together with the first GT3 series 996. Before looking back first facts: four liters of displacement, the six-cylinder boxer engine of the new 991 GT3. With speed, power and aerodynamics, Porsche's engineers have set new limits: Up to 9,000 r / min, the four-liter boxer must turn shortly after he produces 500 horsepower and a similar diffuser as the 911 R holds the aerodynamics in the balance.

911 GT3 with six-speed manual

Perhaps the most emotional fact for sport drivers: There is a six-speed manual again. As in the first 911 GT3. Curtain up so for number one. It really is already 18 years ago.

Who would have expected in March 1999 with such a success story? At that time, the Porsche 911 GT3 presented in innocent arctic silver and the not so beloved fried headlights, the world's press at the Geneva Motor Show. 18 years later the name GT3 stands for a sports car legend.

Porsche 911 GT3
On the wing supports the rear wing shows "4.0" emblazoned - an indication of what is hiding here under the new engine cover made of CFRP: Right, a six-cylinder engine with four liters of displacement and 500 hp.

Psst secret: new 911 GT3 for the first photos in the studio

Boxerröchelnd the first GT3 of the 996 series examined by sympathetic irregular idling his place in the photo studio. That we can not celebrate with a traditional curve Party on the track his majority, is due to his great-grandson of the series 991. At the time of the photo production of the second generation presentation was the not yet run at this year's Geneva Motor Show 991 GT3. The photo studio therefore still resembles a high-security prison since the current GT3 will present us naturally without Tarnfolie.

Who has the legend "GT3" actually invented? "I am not the inventor of the GT3 story. Initiators were my former boss Hartmut Kristen, our long-time head of motorsport, and Roland Kussmaul. Idea behind the GT3 development was not that we wanted to build a particularly great road car, but a Homologationsfahrzeug for racing, "says Andreas Preuninger that from managing the project for the Porsche GT cars 996 GT3 of the second generation and to this day holds. Nevertheless, he was of course already talking about the original design of the GT3 with at work.

Porsche 911 GT3
Lightweight athlete with 500 hp 1:14 min.

"The Aerokit parts already existed in the series, and the wheels are from the Exclusive accessories. Unique features of the first 996 GT3 were the bucket seats, which were developed especially for the car at the time. In addition, the rear seat was removed, and you have the GT3 "quasi made classic light, the GT-chief further reports from the beginning of the GT3 history. For number of fans: The leather-covered bucket seats of the 996 GT3 around 20 kilos savings over conventional seats. The lack of rear seats and reduced vehicle weight by a further eight kilos.

996 GT3 weighs 1,350 kg

The 996 GT3 have to simply love not only because of its weight of 1,350 kilos, but also for the small but important details. An example of the hemdsärmelig-looking from today's perspective weight reduction is also the missing glove compartment. "Just leave," which is no longer so easy today due to various process structures during development. In addition, the GT3 has become much more an all-round sports car, which is also used by the customer for the most part in everyday life.

"The first GT3 was more or less a car with components off the shelf and an engine from racing, which one has tamed for street purposes," Preuninger looks further back. The 3.6-liter naturally aspirated engine based almost on the engine of the Le Mans winning race car 911 GT1 from 1998. The rated output was 360 hp. The power transmission was done at that time via a manual six-speed manual transmission.

Six-speed manual and PDK for the new GT3

Manual switch, which once was? No way, the great racing driver Love is back! After the first 991-generation GT3 and GT3 RS, the manual gearbox was extinct, the manual switch experiencing now in the second generation 991-an emotional comeback. In addition to the standard seven-speed PDK from work immediately return a manual transmission for election. How crisp, the switch pole can drive through the streets and how short the circuit paths, we can imagine now, as the six-speed manual transmission is a good friend - it comes from the 911 R.

Sounds already on holiday, but it is even better. an indication of what is hidden here under the new trunk lid made of CFRP - shows "4.0" emblazoned on the wing supports the rear wing. Right, a six-cylinder engine with four liters of displacement and 500 hp. Honestly, we criticize in the sport auto have liked around, but are not grandiose times when even the basic GT3 carries a four-liter?

Four liter boxer as in the Cup race car

"The engine is not only a massive development in comparison with the 3.8-liter predecessor with 475 hp, but also for the four-liter from the 991 GT3 RS and 911 R. The new four-liter has a different crankshaft with a central oil drilling. Also, piston rings with a special coating used in order to reduce friction still further. Both in 3,8 liters as well as in a four liter of the RS and R cylinder walls were not coated, now they are specially coated. Also new: We now have a rigid valve train. So far, we also did not have any double active intake. The whole is now a package that feels noticeably different - suggests more than mere figures of 25 extra hp, "says Andy Preuninger of the new engine, which is also used in the new Cup race car.

Speeds up to 9,000 / min

Like the 3.8-liter, the new four-liter now turns to unprecedented heights. During the four-liter of 991 GT3 RS was allowed to rotate up to 8,800 trips, the speed limit of the new GT3-unit now stands at phenomenal 9,000 / min. Good news for the manual switch-Fans: Unlike the 911 R is the speed limit with manual transmission is not to 8,700 / min is limited, but it may - like the GT3 version with PDK transmission - be rotated to 9,000 trips.

Porsche 911 GT3
"With speed, power and aerodynamics, Porsche's engineers have set new limits: Up to 9,000 r / min, the four-liter boxer must turn shortly after he produces 500 horsepower and a similar diffuser as the 911 R holds the aerodynamics in the balance." so editor Christian Gebhardt.

"The six-speed manual gearbox is the same as the 911 R. But since a new crankshaft is used, which is no longer compatible with the single-mass flywheel, we now use a dual-mass flywheel. In the 996 GT3 and 997 GT3 Incidentally, there were also only a two-mass flywheel. In addition, another lock than 911 R is used in the new GT3. The barrier values ​​of R 22/27 and 30/37 GT3 now, "said the GT project.

20 percent more output, the same drag coefficient

Visually, the 911 GT3 of the second generation has been modified compared to its predecessor at first glance only subtly, but inconspicuous detail solutions will be of great benefit here. "My motto when generational change is always efficiency. The car reaches 20 percent more downforce than its predecessor, but has the same drag coefficient. So that the car has similar downforce as the 997 RS of the second generation. Now new Airblades help on the front apron, so that the flow bears laterally on the front section laminar earlier. So you can incredibly well positively influence the drag coefficient, "Andy Preuninger describes the first part of the aerodynamic changes.

Porsche 911 GT3
On the wing supports the rear wing shows "4.0" emblazoned - an indication of what is hiding here under the new engine cover made of CFRP: Right, a six-cylinder engine with four liters of displacement and 500 hp.

The rear wing is 20 millimeters higher and sits 10 mm further back than the first 911. "The real breakthrough in terms of aerodynamics but comes through the new floor. The second generation carries a derived from the 911 R rear diffuser, which the first generation did not have. The 911 R we needed to develop these rear diffuser, as we had some problems to get the car stable with no right rear wing. Only the little Ausfahrspoiler would have been far too little on the 911 R. Thus it came to the development of this diffuser. In effect ability we have the diffuser on the GT3 now but once again extremely increase. The GT3 we have it behind the front wheels turning vanes which accelerate the air under the car towards the rear diffuser. This counteracts this even better, "says the GT project.

Finer steering feeling on the front axle

Super Test: Handset and PDK And what has been happening chassis side? "The topics ABS and rear axle new data sets are used. Even with the front axle, a lot has changed. The hardware is actually the same, but the basic layout of the software structure is now derived from the 911 R. The steering is virtually a further development of the R-curve. In our specifications, was that we wanted to find more feeling in the steering. "Sounds delicious, we are looking forward to the first Einlenkvorgang the limit.

Porsche Releases 2025
Porsche 911 GT3 premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017: With six-speed manual transmission and 4.0-liter boxer Porsche 911 GT3 premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017: With six-speed manual transmission and 4.0-liter boxer Porsche 911 GT3 premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017: With six-speed manual transmission and 4.0-liter boxer Porsche 911 GT3 premiere Geneva Motor Show 2017: With six-speed manual transmission and 4.0-liter boxer
Future models of the sports car manufacturer

While the spring rates were unchanged, the dampers have been re-applied. "In the lower wishbone even tougher bearings are now also installed. Especially during fast lane changes over 250 km / h, the car is still quiet on the front axle. It is striking and the residual comfort behavior that is still sovereign. And yet you are with the car on the race track even faster, "says Andy Preuninger.

The super test may therefore come. Little idea of ​​us: We produce the super test, this time with two GT3 test car. For the liaison stages on the road and the highway between Stuttgart, Hockenheim and Nürburg we celebrate the GT3-hand switch. The clock runs on the track with, the GT3 with PDK comes back to the time sheets into play.

Ordered the new Porsche GT3 is available now with prices starting at 152,416 euros - initially only with PDK. On the handset option fans have probably have to wait until September.

New BMW X5 M (2018): All information, images and data from the hard-core SUV

The new BMW X5 (internally G05) is 2018 in the wings, now have the Bayern already the BMW X5 M being tested. First Erlkönig images show the hot SUV version during testing near the Nürburgring.

07/28/2017 Holger Wittich

Like the civilian version of the BMW X5 M and the output is based on the new platform CLAR (Cluster Architecture). It lowers thanks to lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon vehicle weight significantly and is used in the future for the models from the BMW 3 Series to the BMW 7 Series. Around 100 kilos less the platform could bring even the SUV.

BMW X5 M with 600 hp

BMW M5 predrive Miramas 2017 New BMW xDrive M All-wheel can only rear-wheel drive

Driving the BMW X5 M takes the V8 twin-turbo engine that comes with 4.4-liter displacement. This eight-cylinder engine makes its debut in the new BMW M5 bereiits and probably over 600 hp and 700 Nm maximum torque lift to the crankshaft. For the force fit of the Power SUV an eight-speed automatic converter provides. It routes the power to all four wheels, the interpretation of the four-wheel sporty preferably the rear axle rather. The wheel drive system called xDrive M will also stop first in the BMW M5 collection, of course, is also used in the BMW X5 M. However, it is questionable whether the all-wheel drive can be switched off and the exclusive power transmission will hold the entire power to the rear axle in the SUV feeder.

New BMW X5 M does not cost less than EUR 123,000

BMW X5 Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
The new BMW X5 (G05) is already on the market in 2018. He stands on the new CLAR platform that also carries the BMW X5 M.

Visually, the BMW X5 M is of course much different from his brother series. To contribute not only manifold M badges on the body, but also aggressively protecting designed front and rear, pronounced sills and special M-wheels. For this purpose, a reinforcing brake system with perforated brake discs, sports suspension and the modified exhaust system, which is manifested at the stern with double-flow exhaust tailpipes left and right join. Inside, in addition to various M logo, sports seats and sports steering wheel and to aluminum finish and all kinds of M-fuss waiting for the driver.

Currently the BMW X5 M costs from 120,700 euros, the new model will be to have our estimate no longer under 123,000 euros.

Vauxhall Maloo LSA: The other 536-horsepower pickup

Dream car for craftsmen. Vauxhall has missed the pickup Maloo a new eight-cylinder. The places to be, thanks to compressor by more than 100 hp and 100 Nm.

18/12/2015 Uli Baumann Powered by

Vauxhall is the British sister brand Opel. However, the British are limited in their range of models not exclusively umgelabelte Opel models, but also make use of the global GM portfolio. For a UK customers also benefit from the Vauxhall Maloo, who descended from the Australian Holden UTE models. The latest edition of the car pick-up hermaphrodite now gets a bold performance lookup.

Vauxhall Maloo with 536 hp to 250 km / h

Under the hood of the Vauxhall Maloo, the new GM LSA V8 supercharged thanks pressed whopping 536 hp from 6.2 liters of displacement travels. The maximum torque the eight-cylinder engine is 671 Nm. It is shifted either manually or by automatic. So far Maloo buyers had to be satisfied with only 431 hp and 570 Nm.

With the new source of power under the hood of almost 1.9 tons Vauxhall Maloo to sprint from zero to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km / h. The average consumption is given as 15.3 liters.

The driven rear wheels are guided on Maloo of independent suspensions. A locking differential optimizes traction. In the 20-inch forged rims 255 / 35s tires are front and 275 / 35s rear tires mounted. Brake power supply 367er discs with four-piston calipers at the front and 372er discs with four-piston calipers on the rear axle.

And how much fun mobile? In Britain they call 54,500 pounds (75,000 euros converted) than the basic price. And craftsmen take note: British trader added tax (VAT) currently amounting to 20% can be reimbursed.

Nissan GT-R Track Edition: Optimized for the slopes

Nissan will show at the New York Auto Show is another version of the sports car GT-R. As track edition of the four-wheel drive has been optimized for use on the racetrack. In Europe, it can be had.

03/27/2017 Uli Baumann Powered by

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition combines the standard powertrain with various features of the GT-R Nismo variant. In order for the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine continues to make 570 hp and 637 Nm. Combining the six-cylinder is provided with a titanium exhaust system

Among the features of the Track Edition include additional Karosserieverklebungen that will increase the rigidity of a body, a Nismo suspension and sports tires by Nismo specification reared on 20-inch Nismo forged wheels. Which in turn stuck under Nismo fenders front. At the rear, a Nismo Carbon spoiler is spreading. Redesigned to show the front hood and the front air dam.

The interior of the Track Edition priced on a red and black leather seats and Recaro sports seats. There is also a Track Edition badge on the center console. In the US, Nissan GT-R Track Edition rolled out until late summer to the dealers. In Europe, the Track Edition can be had at prices starting at 117,900 euros since November 2016th

Smart Vision EQ Fortwo (2030): The Car2Go Go future has no steering wheel

IAA 2017

The vision EQ Fortwo shows how smart imagines mobility in the 2030th Fully autonomous, electric, communicative and efficient. But without cup holders.

08/30/2017 Uli Baumann

The Smart EQ Vision Fortwo Daimler subsidiary at the IAA further study of the fledgling technology brand EQ, under all future electric cars are to run. With the vision EQ Smart Fortwo relies on a radical car-sharing approach, not only the vehicle-users, but also the used traffic environment designed to benefit.

08/2017, Smart Vision EQ Fortwo Photo: Jochen Knecht
Bound Bear comes from the 3D printer and simple is only to show small pieces of luggage can be lashed as smart future.

Thanks to swarm intelligence, which also determines the user behavior and the resulting likely needs that autonomous driving concept car takes its passengers directly from the desired location. EQ can easily be parked somewhere after use. At best, he hums anyway on immediately to the next job. Those who wish can come at ease with interesting users in contact with the help of the 1 + 1-sharing feature also. Potential passengers are proposed based on their stored profiles and current driving needs and can be accepted or rejected. Sounds like the future. And it is. Before 2030, which is said even with smart, is such a radical approach be unlikely to bring on the road.

The 30 kWh battery charges only inductively

08/2017, Smart Vision EQ Fortwo Photo: Smart
The side windows are covered with special film can be projected from the inside information on.

The vision EQ study builds on a conventional smart fortwo with electric drive and is therefore as usual 2.69 meters long. "Of this, we will not back in 2030!" Said Smart boss Annette Winkler during the presentation of Vision EQ Fortwo. Which is equipped with a 30 kWh large lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged only inductively. Smart from the future has no plug. By comparison, the normal Smart Fortwo ED is only 17.6 kWh. The vehicle communicates via a 44-inch black panel grill and LED displays, replacing headlights and taillights. The side windows are covered with special film can be projected from the inside information on. However, only when the vehicle autonomously and without passengers on the way. Why? Because the images and texts of two projectors in the dashboard come. And they can not shine through driver and front passenger plane. Moving inside, the black-panel display for user interface activities is installed as the front. The numerous digital surfaces can also be used to customize the EQ vision or communicate with the environment.

No steering wheel, no pedals, no boot

08/2017, Smart Vision EQ Fortwo
New car-sharing approach 54 sec.

Striking feature is the innovative door concept of the Smart Fortwo Vision EQ. The two doors can save space like wings of time turn on the rear axle, making it easier and reduces the risk of collision started with cyclists or pedestrians. Completely omitted in the show car to a steering wheel and pedals as well as conventional controls. And, unfortunately, on cup holder or a trunk. Where to put the luggage? "Just call a second Smart!", Puts it smart. Aha. Control tasks take over the personal mobile device (cell phone today as known) or voice control. The area of ​​the dashboard occupy a large and two smaller displays.

08/2017, Smart Vision EQ Fortwo Photo: Jochen Knecht
stay clean: For the sharing life's integrated sanitizer dispensers.

Instead of individual seats there are in lined with white leatherette interior a cozy seat for two. A fold-out center armrest provides if necessary for distance. In addition, two dispensers for disinfectants are integrated on the edges of the seat. Why? Because so an autonomous Smart ideally consistently rented or geshared, if it is not being used by its owner. When looking into the rental cars of today this little hygiene gadget can be realized much earlier than in 2030!

Audi A8 L Security at the IAA 2015: luxury sedan defies explosive charges

Audi has launched the Audi A8 a new security version. The luxury sedan now meets resistance class VR9 and celebrates its premiere at the IAA. The model is visually almost indistinguishable from the standard version, is available with two engines and has numerous security features.

09/08/2015 Holger Wittich

Thus, the vulnerable customer can order the 4.0-liter TFSI with 435 hp and a maximum torque of 600 Nm. The eight-cylinder biturbo is to run, according to Audi in 7.5 seconds from zero to 100 km / h - the consumption should be at 10.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Audi A8 L Security with two engines

As a top engine also ordering the W12 FSI is possible. The cleaner comes to a power of 500 hp with 625 Nm of torque and creates escape on 100 things in 7.1 seconds. At 210 km / h electronically limited. 13.5 liters of the Audi A8 W12 L Security consumed per 100 kilometers. Both engines are equipped with the eight-speed Tiptronic, which conducts the switching commands (via shift paddles on the steering wheel or using the gear lever) to all four permanently driven wheels. 

Audi A8, IAA
Audi A8 at the IAA 2013 1:38 min.

To make the Audi A8 sure reinforced components are implemented in the aluminum body in addition to around 450 hours of work. Only after the car body from the protected production environment goes back for final assembly to the factory.

Audi A8 L Security is a bullet-proof car

Filled the Audi A8 L Security 2014 nor the decision class VR 7 and was therefore a "bullet-proof vehicle" after the BRV 2009 guidelines (Bullet Resistant Vehicles), so in 2016 meets the version now the class VR9. This is the strictest resistance class for civilian armored sedans and is in accordance with Directive ERV withstand 2,010 explosive charges.

To ensure safety, Audi installed hot-formed armored steel, aramid fabric, ceramic, aluminum in special alloy and multilayer glass. The aluminum sill include massive profile, the vehicle floor is made of an aluminum alloy to withstand grenades. of course, particularly vulnerable in a car are the glass components. Here wear window, windshield and rear window special glass having a coating applied on the inside splitter retardant polycarbonate layer. Surcharge, the occupants can lower the window electric. A door-stop function holds the heavy doors in any position.

In the trunk of the new Audi A8 L Security keeps an armored communication box ready. It contains, among other things, the control units for vehicle and communication electronics and another battery. Optional also tank and battery can provide additional protection. Additional facilities at the factory include an intercom system with speakers in barbecue and microphones inside and out.

The option list is long for the Audi A8 L Security:

  • Emergency exit system can be activated via sealed switches: pyrotechnic separation bolts release the door from the body.
  • Fire extinguishing system activated by heat sensor or a button: Extinguishing media of two containers in the trunk is sprayed by nozzles into the wheel arches, on the lower ground to the tank and into the engine compartment.
  • Emergency fresh-air system with two pressure cylinders: activated by pressing a button, flows over the rim Luftausströme interior fresh air. The system also creates a positive pressure.
  • Starting safety: driver can start the engine via Fuznk from a safe distance.
  • The other features: selective door release, a minimum draft for the interior, an LED signaling system for convoy driving, Standard Holder, flashing lights, a siren, a preparation and installation of analogue and digital public safety radio communications, a permanently installed telephone, an accident data recorder, an additional rearview camera and a heated windscreen including partially heated side windows.

To accommodate the additional weight of the new Audi A8 L Security, the chassis, the brake system and the control systems has been modified. Contact with the road holding 19-inch forged wheel with tires of size 255/720 with a carrying capacity index of 117. In air loss plastic rings provide the wheels for limited 80 km / h Mobility.

The Audi A8 Security is available to order immediately, drivers and vehicle owners can also complete a special training at the Ingolstadt based.

Erlkönig Mercedes GLE (W167): New SUV generation from 2018

Mercedes is currently testing the new generation of GLE. Since 2015, the Mercedes GLE (W166) is a facelift version of the M-Class with the new three-letter type designation in the market. Now achieved a first look at the interior.

03/21/2017 Holger Wittich Powered by

Mercedes GLE W167 is based on the E-Class

With the W167, the Stuttgart put the SUV again and let him build on the MRA platform of the current E-Class. Which aims to facilitate the SUV again a few kilos - it is believed that the two-tonne mark is not reached, but only because of the new Mercedes GLE is delivered in the basic version with only rear-wheel drive.

Mercedes GLE Erlkönig
The new SUV generation caught 1:55 min.
Mercedes GLE 500 e 4Matic, Side View Photo: Hans-Dieter Seufert
This is the current Mercedes GLE series (W166)

Otherwise, the new Mercedes GLE to have more off-road qualities compared to its predecessor. In addition to more ground clearance and underbody protection includes front and rear also improved axle articulation, air suspension, limited slip differentials and gear with reduction opportunities. On the transmission side is a Neugangautomatik on board.

Mercedes GLE Erlkönig Photo: Stefan Baldauf
The new Mercedes GLE gets a refreshed front.

Two AMG versions of Mercedes GLE

As a top versions Mercedes will launch the GLE as AMG 63 and AMG 63 S. Instead of the aged 5.5-liter V8, the group all-purpose weapon, the four-liter V8 twin-turbo is used. In the AMG E-Class, this unit delivers 571 and 612 hp. For more civil propulsion are three-liter six-cylinder with 333 hp or as GLE 43 with 401 hp at the start. A hybrid powertrain is modified their way into the new Mercedes GLE.

Visually, the new generation of the Mercedes GLE turns out not as a revolution, but an evolution. Aprons and sills are revised, the grill modified. The striking beading on the side should also be revised. And also the characteristic C-pillar should continue to strive against the direction of travel. As with the current series and the Mercedes GLE as GLE Coupé (C292) is likely to come later on the market.

Gigantic display landscape in the cockpit

The view into the cockpit of the new GLE reveals an oversized display that reaches far into Düber the middle of the dashboard. As in the S-Class, the left half for displaying all relevant driving information is used, the right part uses the infotainment and navigation system. Below the display they make four new rectangular Lüftungssdüsen wide.

Nissan Navara pickup 2015: This is Nissan’s new pickup

Nissan has unveiled the new Navara. The mid-size pickup truck comes in 2015 completely new to the market and is available worldwide.

06/11/2014 Torsten Seibt

Japanese pickups are now almost all in the pension age, the Nissan Navara is no exception. After all, the Nissan Pickup, model code D40, under the name Nissan Frontier since 2004 on the world market; in Europe, he celebrated its premiere in 2005 as Nissan Navara year.

Nissan Navara Pickup comes as fourth generation

As with the competing models from Toyota and Mitsubishi, also appeared during this period in their current versions, it is now the Nissan Navara's time for a successor. For model year 2015, the production of which will begin in the third quarter of this year, the fourth generation of Nissan Navara Flatbed success is to start appearing on some world markets under the name NP 300th

No experiments: which is as big topic on the fourth generation of the Nissan Navara 2015. No revolutionary new design, but a modern interpretation of the famous theme was for the designers of the program.
At the front, design notes were taken at the (no longer offered in Western Europe) Nissan Patrol. This includes chrome grille with two "chambers" in addition to the struts and the lush, trapezoidal chrome surrounds for the fog lights in the drawn far down clothes. The headlights of the Nissan Navara 2015 with distinctive LED daytime running lights outline moved far to the rear, the hood on the sides upwards, giving a stepped appearance of the front end.

Navara world premiere in Asia

Its world premiere of the new Nissan Navara celebrated in Thailand in 2015, where he will be the first to market. In the side view, the more stretched appearance is striking. This is achieved by smaller, more drawn up windows and underscored by the stepped longitudinally at the top of the bonnet. Like its predecessor, the window line rises from the B-pillar towards the rear, but at a less steep angle. The A-pillar is - tilted further backward, the level of the cabin roof to Flatbed top is not as pronounced - even for a lower air resistance. Nissan talks about a Vebrauchsreduzierung of up to eleven percent for the new Navara / NP 300th
The rear view is similar to its predecessor, but the large plastic cover at the flap handle is missing and the taillights are drawn right to the front. The tailgate of the new Nissan Navara 2015 provided above the handle with a "spoiler".
The cockpit design of the new Nissan Navara has current Nissan SUV as a model. So the multifunction steering wheel design corresponds to that in the new Nissan Qashqai, two round instruments frame a central color screen, the central instrument panel has been thoroughly cleansed. Below the Multimediaschirrms is the operator island for the air control valves on the board a tray is now placed with 12V socket as in Amarok.

Technically, it is traditionally the Nissan Navara, 2015. The models in the world premiere feature the classic Zuschalt-wheel with reduction which is activated by rotary switch. Also on board is a hill descent control and ESP, brings the traction control. Optionally there are manual and automatic transmissions are available under the hood of the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel evolved is used. Two power levels are available: 163 PS / 403 Nm and 190 hp / 450 Nm. Classically it remains "untenrum": the ladder frame hangs behind a rigid axle on leaf springs, front independent suspension uses a coil suspension.

The market launch of the Nissan Navara 2015 in Europe is planned for early 2015, prices have not yet been called.

VW Golf R360S special model: 360 hp for Switzerland

Although the Swiss have to live with strict speed limits, but VW donated them exclusively a 360-hp special edition of the VW Golf R.

09/06/2016 Uli Baumann 1 comment Powered by

The special edition VW Golf R360S is limited to 220 copies and reserved exclusively for the Swiss market. With 360 hp, it trumps the standard Golf R by as much as 60 horsepower and pulls visually with the held in carbon appearance Fahrzeugfolierung everyone's attention. Available golf R360S is available as a sedan and as a Variant will enjoy the already extensive standard equipment, all higher level of equipment options. 165 vehicles from limousines are available; the variant is limited to 55 units.

VW Golf R360S special model Switzerland Photo: VW
165 vehicles from limousines are available; the variant is limited to 55 units.

Golf has never been stronger

Partner in building the special model is tuner Abt. The ensures ie increase in power to 360 hp and 460 Nm. In order for the VW Golf R360S is the most powerful Golf ever. And at a very fast. The top speed is 265 km / h. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h in the special model in 4.7 seconds.

For the exclusive equipment of the R360S only care about performance includes 17-inch winter wheels, a R360S badge on the rear as well as a foiling on the flanks - both in carbon look. In addition, a Volkswagen R Chronograph. The standard equipment of the VW Golf R360S includes, among others, the navigation system Discover Pro, the rear view camera, the proactive occupant protection system, the chassis control DCC and the electrically adjustable driver's seat.

The golf R360S with manual six-speed manual transmission is available exclusively from September 2016 available at prices starting at 55,200 Swiss francs in Switzerland. DSG cost charge. Gulf R360S variant are only available with DSG.

Back in April, VW had been compiled exclusively for Switzerland the VW Polo GTI 230th Also carrying a carbon look design and an uprated to 230 PS and 360 Nm 1.8 TSI engine. Partner was abbot here. Were offered only 230 copies.