VW Touran as used cars: Convinced also second hand

With the Touran VW 2003 hit apparently exactly the customer's taste. To date, the multi-renovated compact van is a recommendation not only for families of popular class representatives and the Used.

21/11/2013 René Olma

The launch of the Touran went with three petrol (102, 115 and 150 hp) (100 and 136 hp) and two diesel engines at the start. In 2004, the 1.9 TDI (90 hp) and the 140-hp two-liter TDI, which was followed in 2005 a version with 170 hp came. Reinforcement at the Benzinerfront came to a facelift in 2006 in the form of the powerful 1.4 TSI (140 hp). With the 2.0 Eco Fuel (109 hp), there was also a natural gas variant in the program. 2008 was followed by the economical 1.9 TDI BlueMotion (105 PS), 2009 the natural gas version of the 1.4 TSI (109 hp), and finally new 1.2- came in 2010 for the last Facelift (105 hp) and 1.4 TSI engines (still 140 and 170 hp ). Also new are 1,6- (90/105 hp) and two-liter diesel with common-rail instead of pump-injector fuel injection.

Select Frequent the two-liter TDI with 140 hp. Few riders are best served with the TSI petrol.

VW Touran with good workmanship

The perceived quality is at a high level even models with six-digit odometer readings tend hardly rattling noises. In view of isolated problems with cracked timing chains in the TSI engines but you should prefer a precaution checkbook cultivated specimens from the dealer.

Given the large supply can afford to make a detour around poorly maintained copies. to find a better Touran is easy.

VW Touran with flexible interior

The square shape of the VW Touran allows ample space for passengers and luggage. in the second row increase foldable and removable single seats, the flexibility of the cargo compartment, which swallows 695-1989 liters. The optionally available third row of seats is all Touran on board only in about half. Those who want to stand out from the crowd, has been held since 2007 in the form of cross-Touran a model with SUV look. Rust is not an issue.

With its flexible interior of the Touran is the right car for families or recreational athletes.

VW Touran with good safety features

ESP and up to eight airbags are standard with the VW Touran. When Euro NCAP crash test, there were five stars. In terms of safety, he leaves nothing to be desired. For freight transport a partition net is recommended.

VW Touran with qualities and stable prices

With the Touran, VW has made manifest the taste of buyers, although early copies were by no means free of defects. But the sum of its positive qualities makes him interesting as a used car. That he may be found, despite the large supply rarely a bargain, you can almost be called typical of the brand. Anyone looking for a TSI petrol engine, is currently a growing supply three years after the introduction of the 1.2 TSI with 105 hp.

Frequent access to 140 horsepower diesel

The Touran is its good stability when Dekra check with increasing mileage test. Initially, most only slightly above the class average, are vehicles with higher mileage reading significantly better position than comparable vans. Weaknesses are the bearings of the wishbones, damaged dust boots and the range control. Especially in the diesel engine electronics or exhaust emissions falls again and again negatively to. For comparatively heavy Van best fits a diesel engine and especially the 2.0 TDI with 140 hp, which is also in the majority of used car under the hood. Little driver on a budget find a little dynamic but robust engine in the form of 1.6-liter gasoline engine. Clearly sovereign and economical operates the 1.4 TSI or in younger specimens of the new base gasoline 1.2 TSI. Given the complaints of cracked or lengthened timing chains should engage only checkbook neat copies.

VW Touran with a high price level

Even when the particulate filter is fitted as standard in the TDI engines until 2006, even earlier diesel models get the green environmental badge. Air conditioning belonged only from the facelift in 2010 as standard. At the same time, the fuel-efficient 1.2 TSI engines were available.

Nearly two-thirds of all Touran offered in the equipment line Comfort Line, a third has the dual clutch transmission DSG. Thus can haggle well equipped with simple models.

A VW Touran is stable in value, even five year old copies still cost around 10,000 euros. responsible with this are the relatively low insurance premiums, resulting in low operating costs.

Competitor of VW Touran

Compact vans are a fixture on the used car market. Those who do not necessarily have a VW wants should look at these four alternatives in more detail.

Citroen C4 Picasso

On the German market, the C4 Picasso does not get beyond an exotic status. The large panoramic windscreen ensures a spacious feel. Only the twelve centimeters longer Grand Picasso has space for seven occupants. Four-year-old specimens are found from around 10,000 euros.

Ford C-Max

Who needs seven seats, makes around the C-Max First generation (2003 to 2010) a bow. The van on Focus base is rather brisk design and agile handling. Only in the second generation was added a third row of seats with the extended version of Grand C-Max. Four-year-old hand there are from 8,500 euros.

Opel Zafira

Its flexible seating system set at the launch of the first generation (1999 to 2004) standards, the new edition of 2005, convinced qualitatively. Visually, up-to-date is one with models from facelift in 2008, which will be further offered as Zafira Family today. Four-year-old cost at least 9,500 euros.

Renault Scénic

The Scénic third generation (since 2009) is obtained as its predecessors in two lengths, with only the Grand Scénic can be upgraded with a third row of seats. Used copies are relatively low: from 7,500 euros, there are models of the model year 2009. Qualitatively it can convince.

Super Test heroes in the Buyer’s guide: How (un) reliable BMW E46 M3?

The BMW E46 M3 applies 17 years after its premiere, is still considered the flagship M3 par. Problem: Its six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine has significant weaknesses to which you have to take care of when buying used.

06/30/2017 Roman domes 3 comments Powered by

When BMW introduced the E46, the reaction of the sports rider-visitors was initially behave: The New was heavier engines were known already from the previous and also the actually very classic design by Chris Bangle did not find anyone good. But then the M3 came: 343 horsepower, 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and M-differential on the rear axle.

The M3 was so good that all doubts and any criticism vanished - even in the Super Test sport auto. But how well the E46 M3 is today? As at least ten year old cars he naturally has some weaknesses.

BMW E46 M3 abolished the Nordschleife in 8:22 minutes

Judging by today's standards, the E46 M3 is not an absolute flyer more, that much is clear. But then, in 2000, he made the Porsche 911 arg life difficult. He needed 8:22 minutes for a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife 15 seconds faster than its predecessor, the E36 M3.

BMW M3 Super Test
Super Test heroes in the Buyer's guide: How (un) reliable BMW E46 M3? Super Test heroes in the Buyer's guide: How (un) reliable BMW E46 M3? Super Test heroes in the Buyer's guide: How (un) reliable BMW E46 M3? Super Test heroes in the Buyer's guide: How (un) reliable BMW E46 M3?
Test of the BMW M3 on the Nordschleife

As with sports cars often the case, not only the engine brought the big leap in time, but the strong compared with the E36 M3 and E46 all civilian revised suspension. The track at the front axle is increased, the wheel wells were swollen by 20 mm, to accommodate the large tires. Stiffer springs and dampers, thicker stabilizers and a new axle kinematics with sporting camber and caster values ​​complement the suspension tuning and made the M3 to what it is today: a really good sports car.

Well-kept copies from 25,000 euros

Let's look briefly at the offer on the popular Used platforms. Around 120 offers are available at mobile.de, half of which are convertibles. Interesting: From 120 offers 80 BMW E46 M3 equipped with the automated transmission SMG, which does not enjoy the best reputation. But more on that later. Well-kept copies with less than 100,000 kilometers and transmission cost at least 25,000 euros, an upward trend. For a little less money there's some M3 with more kilometers and SMG. The best deals for used M3 start at 15,000 euros - for private providers and without any warranty.

In general - as with any used car purchase: Neat checkbook is compulsory, few owners a "nice to have". Of course you can also found in cars firsthand never be sure whether they were treated well, but the risk of getting a verheiztes copy with maintenance storage, is the four-Thand-M3 much higher - because can be find out exactly never, who which service has slept. And this care is absolutely necessary especially when motor.

Dream naturally aspirated Nightmare weaknesses

The S54B32 called Sportsaugmotor makes 343 hp at legendary 7900 / min and a maximum of 365 Nm of torque at 4,900 / min. He is considered the heart of the E46 M3, shines with near-perfect throttle response, extremely linear power delivery and mad revving up nearly 8,000 tours.

These high speeds make to create the engine - even with good care. Especially the early model years 2000-2002 are above average often plagued by engine failures. Used on various platforms, much of the M3 is already offered with replacement engine.

What are the problems of the high-performance engine? In principle, it can be said: The S54 engine is generally very sensitive and has quite a lot of vulnerabilities. Matthias Mandel of racing technology Mandel, an expert in M ​​engines, said: "One of the most common problems are worn connecting rod."

Defects on connecting rod, oil pump, vanos

Almond recommends a replacement with at least 100,000 kilometers. Costs, including wages: about 1,500 euros. One should be check the oil pump - the next weak point of the M3 and not entirely innocent of the high wear of the bearing shells. So that the oil pump is not meant as a whole, but the wheels set within the pump and - above all - the pressure control piston. Problem: "Some pistons are coated aluminum and soft," says Mandel.

BMW E46 M3, buying guides Photo: BMW
Vulnerable: the 3.2-liter naturally aspirated engine is not considered reliable. Biggest problems: the big end bearings and oil pump.

This often leads to a seizure within the oil pump. Consequence: insufficient oil pressure (only 2-3 bar under load) and a lack of lubrication of the connecting rod, that is: very high wear. A replacement oil pump costs about 500 euros at BMW, rebuilt part with better innards are slightly cheaper. Increased control piston costs individually around 65 euros - not counting installation.

From 2003 BMW is said to have built stable shells and also a higher quality oil pump factory. A recall there were: all vehicles were recalled were manufactured between 1 October 2001 and 28 February 2002, there connecting rod and oil pumps were replaced. However, the experts at Reuter Motorsport advise against starting from buying older models than 01/2003.

Damage to the VANOS, so the variable camshaft adjustment, also occur occasionally - an eternal problem of older BMW engines. The sealing ring hardened over the years, become porous and leaking. Consequence: Since the camshaft only can still be inadequately controlled, the motor might lose power and torque (!).

Match differential, torn rear axles

In addition to Vanos-, Pleuellagerschalen- and oil pumps dilemma is yet another, frequently occurring joined phenomenon: the rear axle transmission. "The drive flanges on Diff often have significant game," said Christian Reuter Reuter Motorsport. In the worst case, lead to a ruined differential, an exchange easily costs more than 2,000 euros.

BMW E46 M3, buying guides Photo: BMW
Unlike previously thought and the E46 M3 suffers torn rear-shots

In special workshops or directly at BMW can repair the defect. Check also is very simple: "You just have to look at whether the flange can move up and down by hand. If yes: Repair "Christian Reuter recommends.

Thus not yet enough was A common especially in early-E46 series up to 12/1999 problem tearing out the rear entrance to the body. Until now it was thought that the newer model years it carried no damage from 2000 to the lifting points - is not entirely true. Also in M3, which has reinforced recordings and is in the program only since 2000, come for a few years on damage at exactly this point. So before making a purchase is allowed even better look under the car a specialist.

not recommended SMG transmission

For a gear recommendation no need to crawl under the car: The SMG or SMG II gearbox virtually no one recommends - when it comes to durability. Not even the most die-hard BMW fans. Christian Reuter also does not recommend. Reason: the extreme susceptibility to errors.

BMW E46 M3, buying guides Photo: BMW
Clearly structured cockpit inclined towards the driver center console. The built here SMG transmission is also considered as a problem maker.

Apparently many SMG transmission become too hot with regular power demand and die the slow heat death. The servo motors of the hydraulic pump, a run and leave the service. End of working day. A revision of the SMG transmission is quite expensive with more than 2,000 euros.

The couplings of the sequential M gearbox also wear out quickly and must be changed frequently. The SMG II still has a comical error. If the gear indicator flashes continuously, but no gear is assumed, which is often on faulty contact switch on the hood. Actually would be there to prevent driving off with an open hood. Other helpful information on the SMG can be found here.

The safest solution is a BMW E46 M3 to buy with manual transmission. From manual six-speed transmission, no serious problems arise.

Brake everyday steadfast, not on the track

In the brake, the opinions differ. While we read in some forums that the original brakes fully sufficient and does not let even with larger loads, the Nordschleife and trackday enthusiasts agree: the original brakes is too lax! Here are some retrofit solutions as initially steel braided brake hoses and more heat resistant coatings and compound brake discs from the special edition M3 CSL. Hence some laps around the track should be possible without braking problems.

If the M3 used only as a track tool, we recommend retrofitting a complete sports brake system, for example from AP Racing and BMW M Performance itself.

In good condition BMW E46 M3 is a future classic today. Aspirated engines die out, just like the manual transmission. The M3 combined (if desired) both - in absolute sport mode. That makes him so extremely desirable. How much a well-kept M3 could set price in a few years, shows the M3 CSL. traded Ten years ago, for some 40,000 euros, the prices for the limited special edition move today at the 100,000 euro mark.

Used VW Golf IV in the Faults Report: VW Golf IV The evergreen

The Gulf flat, and for many still the best of times: With the fourth generation of the compact, the Wolfsburg managed a perennial favorite that is still to glow even almost seven years after its setting - on the used car market.


1.3 million Golf IV VW sold between 1997 and 2003 in Germany alone - the Variant even until 2006. Therefore, the offer falls even today from so lush that
to his desire golf can almost compose yourself and look for quite. There is almost everything: four-, five- and six-cylinder, front or all-wheel drive, level, oblique and estate rear, plus a hereditary the convertible based on the VW Golf III.

In order not to lose track of the amount of choices, it helps to make some fundamental decisions. First, the body, and thereby the price hardly matters, because neither the notchback - then just called VW Bora - still the variant are far above the sedan. Is considered that they were best built after the model year 2000 for all models - then the VW Golf was standard ESP. In the engine already has the smallest gasoline engine, the 1.4-liter four-cylinder PS 75, sufficient performance that hardly lower than those of the fuel-intensive 1,6-Gal. Four-door with the 1.4-liter and 80,000 kilometers cost from 4,500 euros.

While still the V5 recommended by the stronger gasoline, acquiring a version with a powerful and economical 1.9-liter TDI will be carefully considered. If it was not retrofitted with a particulate filter, it only meets the Euro 3 emissions standard and gets only a yellow emissions sticker. Because even the latest VW Golf IV TDI now have high mileage, a retrofit (cost around 600 euros) worth in very few cases. In addition, the maintenance is older TDI far beyond the petrol. Even the 60,000 km recommended timing belt replacement costs around 600 euros.

Cars by 15,000 Euros: Fifteen models, a price

there is much car for 15,000 euros? We present 15 models from small cars to SUVs, which are close to this price limit, and call their main strengths and weaknesses.

26/10/2013 Heinrich Lingner Powered by

Skoda Rapid

With its lush space the nearly 4.5-meter-long sedan can easily replace a medium-sized car. The seemingly simple interior materials lose given the price and the good processing important. When driving the TSI petrol ranges with 86 HP; He is frugal and cultured.


A temperament stud is not the only 68 hp natural gas-Up. However, this has hardly a car with which commuter routes can be cheaper deal. Containing 2.9 kg of natural gas (CNG), it needs to NEDC standard for 100 km today cost three euros scarce. In the absence of CNG he goes naturally with gasoline.

Hyundai i20 CRDi

Diesels are not very popular in the small car class. If it should still be one of the little Hyundai is a good choice. Although his three-cylinder diesel runs something polterig and is rather mild temperament, but he proves to be in everyday use as sparingly. Very tidy is also the space.

Opel Adam

The lifestyle Opel is developing a model for success. there is the Adam with the 100-hp version of the 1.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine for about 15,000 euros. The engine is spirited, if not outstanding sparingly. Who get along with less power, can already leave from 11,500 euros Adam.

Peugeot 2008

The long-legged 208 spin-off should not be just one more lifestyle SUV, but at the same time replace the successful combination 207 SW. Both succeeds well with his stocky appearance and the great space. On all-wheel drive, of course you have to do without, but this is likely to disturb the least 2008 prospects.

Fiat 500C

There may be more economical, larger or more practical car for the same money as the 500 Cabrio, but few that are more fun. The electrically opening sliding fabric transforms the retro Fiat into an open-air Funmobil at discount rates. For 900 euros extra, there is the 500C even with automatic.

Nissan Juke

You have to find the Nissan Juke is not pretty to like him. Amazing that there is such an original car for so little money, but without all-wheel drive. With shuffling by traction front wheels, the juke driver must not having trouble due to lack of torque of the 1.6-liter gasoline engine, the performance figures are moderate.

Dacia Duster

A spacious compact SUV with all-wheel drive and 105 hp gasoline for just under 15,000 euros, which makes Dacia so fast nobody after. With all the enthusiasm one tends to forget that the Duster also has one or another disadvantage: ESP, there is an additional charge, and the 1.6-liter four-cylinder is thirsty.

Honda Jazz

With the 100 hp 1.4-liter paid the Honda is very cheerfully motorized, but his greatest asset is the excellent space: nearly 1.4 cubic meters of maximum storage space to 3.9 meters exterior length. For 3,390 euros extra charge of smart Jazz is available with hybrid drive. A continuously variable automatic is available for 1,300 euros extra.

Opel Corsa LPG

The LPG Corsa also one of the least expensive cars when it comes to the pure fuel consumption. According to the standard cycle it is 100 km to 6.8 liters LPG, five euro will cost at current fuel prices. In addition, the Corsa is a mature, reliable and comfortable small car.

Renault Clio Grand Tour

Renault is dispensed not like Peugeot in favor of a mini SUV on the wagon, Clio Grand Tour and Captur offered in parallel. So if in the small car class is looking for a spacious and quite handsome combination, is right at the Clio Grand Tour. He is to have the fuel-efficient three-cylinder for 15,100 euros.

VW Polo

Actually, this segment also Polo class could mean for the Wolfsburg small car is here for decades the bar. High quality, safe driving experience, solid technology - those are his secrets of success. The 1.4 liters of 85 HP is not the latest Polo engine, but smooth-running and quite economical.

Chevrolet Cruze

In three body variants Chevrolet Cruze offers, but only the hatchback can be had for around 15,000 euros. At that price, he goes from strong 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 124 hp. The gasoline engine has a lot of trouble with the heavy Chevy, but the more powerful Cruze engines are far more expensive.

Kia Rio

The compact Kia with 109 hp and four-speed torque converter automatic is the right vehicle for people who need lots of space and partout not want to switch itself. Thanks to strong 1.4-liter gasoline engine of Rio is not too slow, but much slower and thirstier than its manual-shift counterpart with six gears.

Citroën DS3

A little bear the DS models from Citroën still on the burden of great name. Here, the DS3 a smart, chic small car beyond the monotony, which is noticeable with its contrasting roof and the bold styled B-pillar. A comparable motorized Citroen C3 is just 450 euros cheaper.

Transmission Report: switch or automatic ?: advantages and disadvantages of types of gear

The transmission is not only incredibly complex, but also splits the minds the question: switch or automatic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various gear types, and how we turn in the future?

01/24/2017 Annette Napp, Marcus Peters 16 comments

What can we consider ourselves lucky in Europe: In many cars, we still have the choice of manual and automatic transmissions. Material for many regular table discussions is therefore still valid. But why do we discuss again and again and often so emotional about it?

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Switch or automatic BMW 318i, Mitsubishi, Smart Fortwo, VW Golf
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Theory test: Relevant information theory test

Already fit for the theory test? Have a question about the end of the theoretical part? Here are useful tips to prepare for the theory test.


The theoretical exam can be taken no earlier than three months before reaching the minimum age of each license category. Compliance with the prescribed theory classes is mandatory, that is, it must have at least twelve lessons "basic training" to be there. Those who have already passed a driving test must pass in the training in a second class only six "duty hours."

Good preparation is half the battle

However, to avoid unnecessary costs and stress that theory test should only be addressed if the exercise arches sit and we have prepared well.

The theoretical test runs from writing under the supervision of TÜV or Dekra expert. The examination papers meet the exercise sheets in the driving school. In some states, the test is also available on the PC already. This is since 1 December 2008, the case in Hamburg - and Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland and other states have already switched to the PC test.

By 1 January 2010, the theory test to be carried out in all provinces exclusively on the PC according to the will of the federal government. The PC mouse merely replaced the pen - it stays here for a total of 30 questions about the basic and specialized knowledge with different weighting.

Driving license theory in multiple-choice test

To every question there are one or more possible answers (multiple choice). All questions are provided with different error points. Exceeds one each permitted number of penalties, one fails. A re-examination is usually only possible at a later date (two weeks) and costs money again (see fees cost chapter "Prices for the exams"). If a student three times through, he must wait six months before being admitted to the exam again.

Learning materials for driving theory test

The test sheets and the Land Registry must be purchased in driving schools from the students themselves and serve as teaching material and prepare for the theory test. Stencilled can check whether the answers are right or wrong and figure out the points of failure of students. Teaching materials are usually available in different languages.

Theoretical partWhat to pay attention to?
Registration periodearlier than 3 months before reaching the minimum age for the respective guide certificate class and only after completion of the prescribed number of hours of theory
placeApplication over Fahrschule- test at a testing organization (TUV, Dekra etc.)
Exama maximum of 10 defect points and allowed A1 is checked in multiple-choice method (by checking the given answers) - - for categories B, A ()
check time30 minutes
validityA passed theory test is valid for 12 months. A practical test should thus be completed within one year.
What happens if I fail?Test can be repeated after two weeks, but must be paid again.
costsSee cost chapter ( "prices for tests")

The unvernüftige purchase Mercedes 230 CE (C124): Germany’s lowest priced Mercedes coupe

Germany's lowest priced wheeled classic cars Coupé for 699 Euro. There is even a Mercedes. Holding the little verwohnte C124 coupe, which promises the beautiful form? Alf Cremers checks the Billigheimer - and dare the purchase.

01/28/2015 Alf Cremers Powered by

Internet anyone can. In five minutes I have 50 coupe under 1000 euro at the start, mostly exotics total: Mazda MX-3, Ford Probe II, Mitsubishi Eclipse or Nissan 100 NX. For me it's exciting to hunt prey in the wild as virtually on the desk. My my self-imposed task is: Find Germany's lowest priced coupe, ready to drive and at least two months rest MOT. Why? Because I would like to finding an elegant alternative to my limousine monoculture. Spontaneously, I'm me. Decided before I penetrate into the wildlife parks risky Verbrauchtwagen.

Auto Paradise Rosenheim

There are certain areas in southern Germany economical high ELV, ie youngtimer population: Augsburg-Lechhausen, Ingolstadt-Süd, Straubing or Munich-West. Also Rosenheim is a hotspot quick and dirty traded export cars.

Much cheap goods from Austria spills over here. At times also a Mercedes E 300 4Matic, but unfortunately no coupe. Four wheel is either soda or station wagon.

Rosenheim, Klepper road, very busy, a few hundred meters long it runs parallel to the railway line. Behind the chain link fence auto paradise is. Estimated 150 cars sparkle in the sun, often rattle endless freight trains over. You can smell the diesel switcher and the oak sleepers, where the heat is driving the tar out of the wood. My scanner view scans the terrain slowly and thoroughly.

A C124 in the off-color bornite

Front is an Opel Kadett D, along with actually a 4Matic, even a super rare 300 Turbo D, and over there leaning a Volvo 240 on the shack wall. Inside can someone click the mixing ball a color spray violently, and later rolled out as a BMW 525tds with painted wheel arches out. I zoom on a coupe only see the C-pillar. A Mercedes CE, color bornite, rare and noble. Many say intentionally "narrow-minded" because they do not like.

I schlängele me through the ranks, run slalom between the outer mirrors and trailer hitches. The Mercedes CE is coming closer, his coat shining in the sun, the original aluminum wheels promised authentic spruce. My wish is reality.

That could be it, your Sunday coupe for little money, I think. The price tag, beautiful writing on stark yellow, hypnotized. You can read it as 230 CE, 270,000 km, 699 euros. I would have expected twice. remain small at first quiet, runterdimmen Petal, sunglasses, and critically looked through the clear glass. The Mercedes is completely closely parked cars. The inspection is to strip search, brushing my pants while the Sacco boards.

A real Sportsline with good facilities

The Mercedes 230 CE even seems to be a real Sportsline: Seven-inch wheels, slightly deeper and with leather covered steering wheel airbag. Even when prying clean look, I discover walnut veneer, one with switches studded center console including over desired automatic selector lever and inclined Sportkaro seat covers. The perfect match for bornite, but they are so embarrassed hyper fashionable or as apocalyptic as once cool Pasha at Porsche.

but I also discover that in the Mercedes 230 CE, a dog must have raged, the cover of the instrument panel is poorly bonded, the sky hangs over the passenger door shut. In short, the truck looks inside pretty bedraggled. Normally, it would be for me now, because a bad interior turns me off totally.

The Mercedes 230 CE Sportline Coupe I stay off the purple bornite are in the blazing sun all around me rumzukriegen. Sechshundertneunundneunzig euros, you hear the siren call? In my mind I'll throw out the verwohnte plaid furniture, leather buy me at E-Bay. Sechshundertneunundneunzig euros, but he has to run. Nothing like her with the key piece I run for office containers. Auto Paradise owner Joachim Landauer's degree in business administration and has a dry sense of humor.

"Once through, eyes, and is like new again"

The small key bundle for Mercedes 230 CE is found quickly. "The starts immediately, I am still driven him recently by eye once, and the inside is like new again," grins Landauer. He knows he can not fool me, and I know that 699 euros, the minimum fare for travel Ready is rusted Hinterachsaufnahmen in an emergency included.

At the Mercedes 230 CE with the great color now only what is, and not what does not go from one. The engine starts, runs right off the bat around, the windows operate, the sunroof does not move. The exhaust blows, inside smells that once fantastically elegant, charming coupe strongly of smoke, but not after dog. The air conditioning does not make a sound, but the test drive shows up in a somewhat worn out front no signs that the car would not withstand the 200 overpass kilometers.

Changing a wheel does not

Even the typical Mercedes rust is in this 230 CE at first glance not so dramatic, some nasty scratches on the paintwork on the driver's door and a nasty bubble nest at the left front fender, as always under the indicators. Three out of four jacking see with open clips passable, which is rear right through, including but not TÜV looks after.

But the turned front wheels reveal strong links funky profile. It would bring me a point when the police anhielte me with what she likes to do when a red number. So a wheel change in the Mercedes is announced 230 CE in the car paradise, even the man who Landauer pushes me, grinning a lug wrench in his hand and the sweat drops me at the cranks on the hands. Links is the tire size 205/65 R 15 now taking place right 195/65, but the main thing, it is enough profile on it. Later I have to let check the front axle because the tire is only on the outside so bright.

23 Extras drove the original price of 83,000 Mark

In container "I pull the trigger," Landauer said jovially, "690 euros due to the slicks front left". Before the three indicators of gasoline supply, washing water level and a broken taillight be silenced at the next gas station, I see my Mercedes 230 CE coupe aware of.

Remember the face and silhouette of the Mercedes 230 CE in an elegant older woman, the one still looks at how beautiful it used to be in the prime of life. Charm and grace are still not alien to the once 83,000 Mark expensive coupe with 23 extras.

With a clear conscience that the move nothing can go wrong, I get on. Seriously I miss only the great refreshing Luke the sunroof. In the bottom of my heart I feel quiet joy and almost a little infatuation for so much car for so little money. Hardly anything that is broken or worn, can not procure inexpensive e-Bay is. There is already a list of defects for the Mercedes 230 CE in the head, which comprises ten positions for the basic necessities. A good set of tires on Fox Alus I still, even the lettering "230 CE".

Sophisticated driving in the 124 Coupe

Freshly washed and with a full tank of Mercedes makes 230 CE on the trip home. I do not go straight to the highway, would like rather slowly get used to the 23-year-old car and its peculiarities. The brakes can bite miss, the steering wheel is in straight ahead wrong, and the front axle staggers a bit extended ruts. Nevertheless, the coupe pleasant driving it is handy and comfortable, which provide 132 hp four-cylinder from the cultured for enough temperament.

Even the cassette radio works. Robert Plant sings solo, not Led Zeppelin. "Pictures at Eleven", gentle and melodious, matching the mood. With a speed of 100 I drive the Mercedes 230 CE the B 15 along, overtaking a tanker via kickdown. Temperature and oil pressure are in the green. Everything is going well for just 690 euros. Germany's lowest priced coupe drives and also looks good.

Audi A5 buying guides: Models and engines at a glance

The Audi A5 wants to ensnare as an elegant brother of the Audi A4 all those buyers for whom a car is more than a mere means of transport as a coupe, convertible or Sportback.

22/03/2011 Dirk Gulde

However, eleven engines, four transmissions and countless driving, comfort and safety options do not just make the choice easy. Which Audi A5 is the best to clarify the headings of buying guides.

Make no mistake about it: price-performance optimizers or hobby forwarders, see the VW Group vehicles more suitable than the Audi A5. Those who opt for the chic A4 brother does so out of pure pleasure. No wonder that the base engines are less in demand.

Audi A5 buying advice: body and drive

Although already run through the weaker four-cylinder neat, makes about in heavy Audi A5 Cabrio only the cultured 2.0 TFSI with 211 hp for lively temperament with acceptable consumption. Because it is delivered as standard with xenon lamps, the equipment adjusted charge for 180-hp variant holds also in the frame. However by far the best-selling engine in A5 is the 3.0 TDI with 240 hp. Not without reason: Along with the famous seven-speed dual clutch transmission even have to stretch the sporty S models to stay tuned to the 500 Nm-force Grumpy. Also because of its much lower consumption get coupe fans with the large diesel engine perfect for long trips - thanks Quattro all year round.

Audi A5 buying guides: Models and engines at a glance
Audi A5 Sportback vs. Passat CC 4:54 min.

But it's also cheaper. Although the 170-horsepower diesels sounds mundane, but attracts strong and remains extremely economical. If there is anybody needs an excuse: The two-liter TDI of the four-door Audi A5 Sportback is almost to reason car.

Equipment and extras for the Audi A5

Unlike the sister model A4 with the equipment lines Attraction, Ambition and Ambiente you can configure the options free of the Audi A5. Despite good standard equipment (such as automatic climate control and 17-inch alloy wheels) can be easily increased by the equivalent of a good motorized A1 of the purchase price.

Especially recommended are the Audi A5 security extras like xenon lamps with adaptive headlights, rear parking aid, light and rain sensors, rear side airbags as well as the lane departure warning and lane change assistant.

The comfort of increase in the Audi A5 in addition to the comfortable sports seats including lumbar support and a center armrest, heated front seats and the driver information system, while metallic paint flatters the eyes and resale opportunities increased.

Although our sample A5 rolls on 17-inch standard wheels and we decided not to luxuries such as leather upholstery, flowing so already nearly 5,600 euros in extras - and the multimedia sector is yet to come. There are cheaper options just to drive a car than an Audi A5.


The salted surcharges are continued in the infotainment area Audi A5, where already the "small" suggests guidebook with 2,100 euros. Therefore, dear eyes and the large MMI navigation plus select that contains a three-dimensional graphics for another 710 Euro, the better voice control and a ten-gigabyte music server.

Also recommended in the Audi A5: the Music interface for 245 euros, the connections for iPods and USB sticks cleaned up in the glove compartment holds. Given the small TV channels of digital radio tuner in the Audi A5 is not worth any more than the receiver for digital and analogue television. are hi-fi fans, however, with the B & happy O sound system.

Frequent callers offers Bluetooth car phone for 870 euros best reception quality (with cordless handset 1,450 euros). Occasional users reaches the Bluetooth pairing for 300 euros.

Ford S-Max and Galaxy: MPVs in the buying guides

With S-Max and Galaxy Ford is placed unusually wide in the segment of MPVs. Both are available with two petrol and three diesel engines, and three trim levels and a lot of extras. Which combination is the best choice?

01/06/2011 Peter Wolkenstein

The persistence has paid off: Contrary to the general trend of focusing on the compact models the size of a VW Touran, Ford still engaged in the van segment also in the class about it. While the competitive offers are usually getting on in years, the introduced 2006 Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy present in the buying guides around on the current state of customary in the middle-class comfort and safety technology.

Ford S-Max and Galaxy have been thoroughly revised

They not least thanks to the thorough overhaul this spring, with which the two technically closely related Modelle Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy are gearing up in the buying guides against the former sister models VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra, which after 15 years of construction autumn are in a completely new form at the dealership. Finally, it is important for Ford to defend the longstanding market leadership in this segment, which one has developed with the cleverly positioned Van-double. The Ford Galaxy plays the role of the classic large-capacity van, always with three rows of seats on board and with its versatile interior to the needs of large families designed.

With the slightly shorter and shallower S-Max Ford aims, however, to those customers, while a large and variable spatial concept, as well as estimates a comfortable driving position, but that will not waive a dynamic packaging still agile handling. In Germany, Ford is the S-Max regularly almost twice as many copies as from the Ford Galaxy: with success. Even with the engines, trim levels and options customers have a wide selection. Which are particularly recommended clarifies the purchase advice. 

Ford Galaxy mutated with standard third row of seats for seven-seater

Despite many similarities Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy develop their own character in the buying guides also with the equipment - if one is not satisfied with the already properly equipped basic version trend. There is little difference, except for the fact that the Ford Galaxy is basically equipped except for the special edition Viva trend with a third row of two retractable bucket seats. But also for the 1,700 euros cheaper Ford S-Max are available as an option with prices starting at 835 euros. A two-zone climate control is one in both cases as standard, as well as an MP3-compatible CD radio with eight speakers, auxiliary jack in the glove box and remote control on the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel. the electric child safety on the rear doors proves to be practical.

Equipment and extras are extensive

A touch of luxury sprayed in the buying guides that also electrical height adjustment of the driver's seat which is formed in the Ford S-Max stronger. In Ford Galaxy sports seats are only from the next higher line Titanium (2,600 euros) to the there is also for the Ford S-Max and there only costs 2,100 euros extra. 17-inch alloy wheels (otherwise 1,290 euros) and decorative elements in aluminum look create a dynamic touch to this variant, which also brings together some useful function Extras. These include a heated windscreen (210 euros), cruise control (330 euros), automatically activated headlights and windscreen wipers (320 euros), a color display for the onboard computer (300 euros) and heated front seats (255 euros). Galaxy-specific in addition equipped with a system for the rear passengers is Climate Control (600 Euro). In contrast decorate the S-Max Titanium characteristic LED Tagfahrtlichtleisten (160 euros).

Ford S-Max with a sporty, luxurious Galaxy with strike

In each case third equipment line Ford Galaxy and S-Max soft in the buying guides significantly from one another. The Ford Galaxy luxuriously inspired by special decorative elements Ghia ranked parallel next to the equally-priced Titanium and has held color display and sports seats sun blinds for the rear side windows. The role of sporting top version of the Ford S-Max Titanium S assumes - with spoiler optics, bi-xenon headlights including cornering light, 15 mm lowering and stocked with 18-inch wheels sport suspension. Interior exude leather and Alcantara upholstery with red stitching and aluminum pedals finished sporty and luxurious ambience, however, requires 3,250 euro premium over Titanium. In addition, the extensive options list offers some interesting extras.

Hobby shippers should consider the partition net for the luggage compartment (from 205 euros), the level control (670 euros) or the retractable loading platform (420 euros, only Ford S-Max) into consideration. An electrically adjustable driver's seat (from 510 euros), air-conditioned front seats (325 euros), leather upholstery (from 1,300 euros) and parking sensors increase (505 EUR) comfort. The operated via button electronic parking brake (205 euros) you can save the other hand, since it does not create additional storage space between the seats compared to manual parking brake.

Good compromise between agility and comfort

Among the high-tech extras include the sufficiently sensitive working adaptive cruise control (945 euros) and the electronic damping control, including hill-start assist (1,525 euros). However, already the base chassis for Ford S-Max and Galaxy in the Buyer's guide provides a good compromise between agility and comfort. Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning including Beam Assistant provides Ford only in the technology package (from 820 euros). Speaking of packages: Many of the extras offered individually are grouped in useful packages adopted. This opens up price advantages of up to 865 euros.  

Cutting of the S-Max and Galaxy satisfy different needs

With the model family of S-Max and Galaxy Ford is an unusual way. Usually, length and wheelbase be varied in vans. Ford S-Max and Galaxy, the center distance is the same, however. Passengers take in the second row on each individual seats that can be moved in length. The wide retractable head restraints also satisfy long riders. To expand the already lush luggage compartment it is enough to fold the backrests forward - then creates a flat load floor, unless one also flat retractable third-row seats (Ford Galaxy series, Ford S-Max optional) on board. Here, the Ford Galaxy can demonstrate the benefits of its longer and higher tail in the buying guides that offers a bit more head and luggage compartment (308/830 liters as a seven / five-seater under the load compartment cover).

At the other end, only the shape of the grille and fog lights are different from each other, the Ford S-Max grace in the purchase advice in addition to the round lights from Titanium distinctive daytime running LED. In well-made and clear cockpit were no significant differences. When driving it is clear that an agile cornering is considered typical of the brand characteristic and thus also features the Ford Galaxy. In addition, it is not exaggerating the S-Max with the dynamism and dispensed too taut suspension tuning.  

Diesel convince addition to good power delivery with low cost

Whether liability, full or partial coverage - the type classes of Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy in the buying guides are identical with the same engine, as well as the consumption in the standard cycle. Differences are only in the loss of value. Here, the slightly cheaper and gefragtere Ford S-Max can claim an advantage. The motors speaks from a cost perspective, all for significantly more fuel-efficient diesel engines, even with a mileage of 15,000 kilometers per year make it pay off. Even excluding the depreciation, the diesels are least monthly maintenance costs. The disadvantages of tax and insurance they compensate by much lower fuel costs more than off.

The 115- and 140-hp versions of TDCi are here par at the top, while the Topdiesel with 163 PS demands a premium on account of higher type classes for liability and comprehensive insurance. In the petrol, the basic two-liter moved only slightly higher than the diesel. By contrast, the new Ecoboost direct injection requires a significantly higher financial commitment. Biggest chunk is the loss in value, but this is also due to that the most powerful engine in the program is not offered in the low-cost trend version.  

In the circle of large MPVs include Ford S-Max and Galaxy the first choice

Specifically, the Ford S-Max offers in the buying guides with its dynamic appearance as well as individual clever alternative to the SUV and station wagons in the middle class and combines comfortable boarding thanks to an elevated position with limousinenartigem handling. Drive and atmosphere meet high demands as well as variety of equipment and comfort. Therefore, the S-Max acts in the sporty Titanium S luxury equipment with the cultured Ecoboost Turbo (39,900 euros), including as standard Powershift automatic overall particularly consistent - if they did, because already.

Although the Ford S-Max can also play the role of the variable family cars without any problems, the Ford Galaxy has the better cards in the buying guides here. Are low maintenance costs in the first place, the Galaxy is recommended as a trend with diesel engine, the 140 PS TDCi (33,050 euros) overall best in harmony with the seven-seater, despite 1,250 euro premium over the 115-hp version.  

The end of the engine range grows

For the petrol a 1.6-liter version of the EcoBoost family follows with 160 hp, which costs in the trend equipment 29,050 (S-Max) and 30,750 euros (Galaxy). Only the Ford S-Max gets a top model, a 240-horsepower version of the 2.0 (from 36,650 euros), while a 200-hp 2.2 TDCi and the Ford Galaxy (38,400 euros), the diesel range rounds (S-Max: 36,200 EUR).

Those who complete a purchase agreement for the 145-horsepower gasoline engine by the end of November, saving the Viva special models based on Trend and Titanium up to 2,210 euros for the Ford S-Max and up to 3,000 euros for the Ford Galaxy. Very attractively priced: the Ford Galaxy 2.0 Viva trend for 25,790 euros, but without the third row of seats and air conditioning instead of automatic climatisation.  

Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy? Which of the two is your favorite?
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Classified: find dream classic – now on Motor-klassik.de

Now there is a classified ads on our internet site. With many advantages for users and readers.

25.04.2008 Kai Klauder Powered by

Ideal for buyers and sellers

Our online marketplace is the right place for buyers to look for the desired vehicle to browse through the offers of automobilia and accessories and to find the right parts.

And sellers offers many advantages our online services. Thanks unlimited number of characters cryptic abbreviations are superfluous. By accurately describing every little detail of the vehicle can be explained in detail.

To illustrate the ad up to ten images can be uploaded and the display are added. The best part is that the online ad costs no extra charge.

Quickly find thanks to extensive search functions

Possible Maybe find exactly what is wanted - no problem with our extensive search function. The search is of course possible for non-registered users. The search criteria are manufacturer, country and location. Additionally it can be filtered through the limitation of the model year and the selling price.

A Wish List is the garage for selected ads. There interesting classified ads can be parked. The classified ads are the way to be recognized by an icon clearly as a private dealer or display.

Web-number in the booklet for easy to find on the net

From now on, each placed online ad includes a Web-number. It is sufficient to enter this number into the search box to www.markt.motor-klassik.de and already the object of interest can be viewed in detailed form here.

No binding to the advertising deadline - fast online

The classifieds can be entered at any time. Once an ad has been placed online, it is tested and released the next weekday.

Click here for the Motor Klassik marketplace

BMW 2002 tii Alpina restoration: Alpina rarity back on the road

Bernd Koberstein was suddenly the owner of a BMW 2002 tii Alpina. But it was a lot of work yet until the red-black rarity stood on its wheels in presentable.

22/10/2014 Bernd Woytal Powered by

Bernd Koberstein from near Stuttgart has just been lucky. A longtime friend had the intention to buy a BMW engine for motor sport, took over but a whole garage full of parts, because the seller wanted to give up his hobby. Koberstein got it by chance with, but at least some of these parts soon should he be interested in burning.

Criminological serendipity

Including a four-cylinder engine with kugelfischer and individual throttle butterflies, the unique in the BMW scene prized tuner Alpina was, for example, had hands. And this machine could be noisy engine number exactly that prepared for the sport and violently maltreated there BMW assign 02, who was also part of the garage resolution. Particularly interesting was the Alpina instruments proved. The latter had red hands - a sign of the authenticity of the watches as Koberstein found out later.

It should be about one-Alpina BMW that had been picked apart and rebuilt? The interest of the native Swabia was aroused, and he agreed with his friend that he would take the car and all matching items, if he found them in this jumble of parts.

With growing enthusiasm and skills as sleuths to Koberstein made to the research. According chassis number came the body of 1973, and by Alpina he got the confirmation that the engine this year had been revised.

Tuned engine with several modifications Alpina

It was the engine of a BMW 2002 tii, the Alpina was trimmed with a 300-degree camshaft, several other modifications such as expansion of the intake and exhaust ducts as well as the aforementioned individual throttle butterflies to 155 hp.

had just as a BMW 2002 tii Alpina Auto Motor und Sport 1973 tested. "On the basis of this review and the information experts interviewed I was looking for all the parts of things through that might belong to the Alpina" says Kober Stone remembers. For a real Alpina more than just a tuned engine or a few Alpina instruments are needed. "There are many fakes in circulation," Koberstein knows by now.

So he took as little by little all with the BMW 2002 tii Alpina acquired struts under the microscope. For this he had to once free from dirt, to recognize the part numbers. Alpina had then installed Boge strut with negative camber. After consultation with the company Fichtel & Sachs, has risen in the Boge, he could actually filter out the right parts.

he was fishing and the proper coil springs, the typical Alpina roll bar without crossbar, or the then offered by Alpina Scheel bucket seat out of the parts package.

A puzzle game with missing pieces

Gradually, he finished the BMW 2002 tii Alpina-piece puzzle. From the rear dampers, however, he found only one, but again, it occurred to chance to help. When he later acquired namely low original sheet metal parts from a standing to dissolve BMW-parts warehouse, he discovered there three more dampers and, to his surprise and great joy, the missing square airbox.

After consultation with Bilstein he knew he had the no longer available damper for the road-going chassis package. "You can only long for rally use and brief get for motorsport," says Kober stone, and he is glad that he could be revised dampers for his BMW 2002 tii Alpina with Bilstein.

What he could not see the purchased parts also, the front spoiler and adjustable anti-roll bars of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina were. The spoiler he bought on Ebay, the stabilizers and also untraceable steering wheel he has waived until now.

BMW 2002 tii Alpina should be as original as possible

In any case, the parts finds confirmed him in his belief that he was actually encountered an original Alpina-BMW. Now he was worried about the restoration. "I wanted to bring the BMW 2002 tii Alpina back on the road as Alpina had prepared," Koberstein explains his claim. He had his first close contact with cars the way, the age of six in a museum. Excited he was passed from the man an autograph on the ticket, which all belonged to the exhibited vehicles: It was Fritz B. Busch.

The first moped, to be followed by more, and his first cars took advantage of the young Koberstein to explore the technology. Meanwhile, the 42-year-old is quite fit, in terms of repairs, on the other hand he also knows his limits. And he had clearly exceeded during the repair of a body of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina. Because there was not only rust. The wheel arches were damaged because of the fender flares, the stern had square instead of round taillights on that front was rebuilt, the A-pillar was crooked and much more.

Professional done Sheet Metal

He confided to the wreck of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina including the newly purchased metal parts a coachbuilder who painstakingly built up to 02 using a straightening bench and a standard rate again. For Kober stone itself enough remained to be done. So he devoted himself such as the engine, which he disassembled, examined, re-level and abdichtete. lost over time previous parts such as water or oil pump he added. Also, the electric fan was missing, here he made do with a spare part from another car.

Unusable was the front axle of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina. Koberstein got a used item and reinforced after sandblasting the motor carrier in the area of ​​the steering gear by Alpina model because it often comes here to vibration fractures.

The Alpina shines in "Verona"

For the revision of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina rear suspension he procured himself used semi-trailing arm, as found in 02 types of ti use. Since these are made of an open profile, they rust less and are available in a better condition. Koberstein treated the parts to the sandblaster and then closed the profiles by means of a welded-in sheet to get the necessary stability again. Then he filled the inside of the painted handlebar with wax to prevent rusting.

Meanwhile, the restoration of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina took over four years, directed chassis shone in the applied factory hue Verona. "Red, I really do not like that for me are fire extinguishers or tool boxes," jokes Koberstein. So he opted for a compromise by letting paint certain parts matte black, as was customary at Alpina racing cars.

Many low-quality spare parts on the market

Now it went to the assembly of the BMW 2002 tii Alpina, the Koberstein also himself took in hand. He could not talk about much of what he has experienced in this restoration, as on the problem of supply of parts or the poor quality of many on the market offered parts. But this space is not enough here.

"It is particularly difficult to get concrete and useful information for the restoration of this car was," groans Koberstein. Such a source, he emphasizes Wolfgang Herz of the BMW 02 Club. But now it's done, Koberstein has a very special BMW 2002 tii Alpina, which he never really wanted, but no longer want to give.

Restoration Details BMW 2002 tii Alpina

  • Place of purchase: Schorndorf
  • Purchase year: 2003
  • purchase condition: Rebuilt vehicle as a rally car, dismantled almost all Alpina-specific parts and replaced by more modern parts but were largely kept, bad condition of the body.
  • prehistory: Delivered by a dealer in northern Germany. Who had rebuilt the car with Alpina, is not known. According to Alpina, the engine 1973 was prepared. It was later operated by car motorsport.
  • restoration scopeThe body was constructed with numerous new parts, by using a straightening bench completely new, subsequent changes at the front, the rear, the wheel arches etc. undone and painted in the original color. The engine was opened, tested, stored and newly refitted with a new gasket set, missing parts could be added. The chassis has been completely overhauled. Discrete missing Alpina parts such as spoiler or rims could be newly procured.
  • restoration time: 2003-2008
  • Expert assistance and spare parts suppliersSheet Metal: Reißmüller body and vehicle construction, 73037 Göppingen, Tel +49 (0) 7161 822656, consulting:. Wolfgang Herz, BMW 02 Club Germany, www.bmw-02-club.de
  • costs: Not recorded
  • market value: Due to the unavailability undetectable

Summer tire test 225/45 R17: Eleven brands in the test

In the summer tire test, eleven wide tires 225/45 R 17. The measure test car is a 170-hp VW Golf GTD. There are major differences in cornering and braking performance resulting in wet conditions. Rolling resistance plays a crucial role.

26.03.2010 Götz Leyrer

That the so-called squaring the circle does not work, we know. Likewise, that are diametrically opposed in the development of tires various desired properties. So it is important to unite on a wet road as intractable problem, optimal low rolling resistance with the best possible grip properties. Rolling resistance of course, is in a time when every gram of carbon dioxide is haggling, more important than ever. The lighter the tire rolls, the lower the consumption. "But no," says Continental's chief designer Burkhard Wies, "want to exchange the achievable fuel savings compared reduced security."

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Comparison Test summer tires Broad-based
auto motor und sport 07/2010
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Big summer tire test 2016: 9 summer tire for compact SUVs in the test

Auto Motor und Sport tested 9 tires for compact SUVs in the dimensions 215/60 R17 H. A candidate from China falls through, two Japanese manufacturers convince limited. A winner there too. All findings and recommendations here, the individual notes in the verscheidenen wet and dry categories we show in the gallery.

03/21/2016 Thiemo Fleck Powered by

A mixed result shows our current tire test with nine tires for compact SUV. Nine tires, mainly premium products, face the Auto Motor und Sport-Comparison, and not all were able to convince.

Summer tire test 2016 in the dimension 215/60 R17 H

Even if you have to pay attention on the money, should be the best tires, the Chinese Linglong Greenmax 4x4 HP fingers. The tire, which is advantageous at a distance in the test with a price of 75 Euro, fell by smooth. The tire has the longest braking distances on wet and dry roads, high rolling resistance overridden in curves and is weak in the side guide.

Conditionally recommended the Toyo Proxes CV are two SUVs from Japan and the Bridgestone Turanza T001 produced in Spain. Both tires have considerable drawbacks in the wet, have long braking distances, deficiencies in cornering and aquaplaning. Convinced they can only rolling resistance and rolling noise.

Summer tire test 2016 from auto motor und sport, air pressure tester Photo: Auto Motor und Sport
By means of a Shore hardness-measuring device, the tire is tested before and after the test.

The premium brands can convince

Quite different with the four premium tires from Goodyear, Continental, Michelin and Pirelli, who have all achieved the test result is highly recommended. Test winner was the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV, very thin before the Continental PremiumContact 5, the Michelin Primacy 3 and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde.

All four tires convince with short braking distances and good driving behavior. There are weaknesses at best when rolling noise and rolling resistance.

the two tires Nokian Line SUV and ZIEX ZE are also recommended 914 Ecorun of hawks, both around 20 to 40 euros per piece cost less with unit prices from 100 to 115 euros as the winner.

Summer tire test 2016: So the tires fared


Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV

  • Price per tire: 137 €
  • EU Tire Label: B / A
  • Weight: 9.5 kg

PER: Especially on a dry track very reliable driving behavior with large reserves, very short braking distances on wet, very balanced tire.

CONS: Minimum load change and puddles sensitivity when cornering on wet, deficits in cross-aquaplaning.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: very recommendable


Continental Premium Contact 5

  • Price: 147 €
  • EU Label Value: C / A
  • Weight: 8.9 kg

PER: Low understeer tendency and good control in the wet. Very safe handling characteristics on nasser Bahn.

CONS: Deficits in cross-aquaplaning, partly ESP understeering intervention in dry handling, slightly raised levels of rolling resistance and rolling noise.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: very recommendable


Michelin Primacy 3

  • Price: 152 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / A
  • Weight 9.6 kg

PER: Very precise and safer tires with short braking distances on dry roads, balanced in the wet, much of announced, kind-wide limit. Very quiet, very low rolling resistance.

CONS: Light deficits in comfort, some reduced level of cornering in the wet.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: very recommendable


Pirelli Scorpion Verde

  • Price: 144 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / B
  • Weight: 10.3 kg

PER: Very secure, more stable and balanced tire on wet and dry tracks, no significant weaknesses in the dynamic properties.

CONS: Loud road noise, high rolling resistance.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: very recommendable


Nokian Line SUV

  • Price: 115 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / A
  • Weight: 10.2 kg

PER: Very reliable, surprise-free and easily manageable tires with a high level of cornering on wet and dry tracks.

CONS: Long braking distances on dry ground, something poltriges rolling on hard transverse joints.

Auto Motor und Sport rating: Recommended


Falken ZE 914 ZIEX Ecorun

  • Price: 103 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / B
  • Weight: 9.5 kg

PER: Balanced wet properties dry with very neutral handling and steering precision, short braking distances, good ride comfort.

CONS: Oversteer during load changes when cornering on dry pavement, sluggish steering behavior, somewhat higher rolling resistance.

Auto Motor und Sport rating: Recommended


Toyo Proxes CF2 SUV

  • Price: 117 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / B
  • Weight: 10.2 kg

PER: Ordinary handling characteristics on dry track. Good comfort characteristics. Very quiet tires with very low rolling resistance.

CONS: Weak cornering level in the wet, long braking distances on dry asphalt, weak aquaplaning prevention.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: conditionally recommendable


Bridgestone Turanza T001

  • Price: 137 €
  • EU Tire Label: C / B
  • Weight: 9.4 kg

PER: In a surprise-free turn-ordinary handling in wet track, good ride comfort.

CONS: Tendency to oversteer on wet, weak cornering level, longer braking distances.

Auto Motor und Sport Rating: conditionally recommendable


Linglong Greenmax 4x4 HP

  • Price: 75 €
  • EU Tire Label: E / C
  • Weight: 10.6 kg

PER: At low reserves and at a reduced level proper handling characteristics on dry track. Good comfort properties

CONS: Significant oversteer already under static circular test and insufficient balance in the wet, weak cornering level, long braking distances on dry asphalt, high rolling resistance.

Auto Motor und Sport rating: not recommended

The individual scores in the verscheidenen wet and dry categories we show in the gallery.

Overview: summer tire test 2016
  • 9 tires for compact SUVs page 1
  • How We Tested Page 2

Ferrari Lusso GTC4 T in the test (2017): driving pleasure V8 boost for the family Ferrari

Last year, the shooting brake of the FF was evolves to GTC4 Lusso, now he gets a twin-turbo V8 to complement the V12 naturally aspirated engine and with it new traits: 610 hp, rear-wheel drive and a handling to kneel down. Praises in eight stanzas.

03/23/2017 Stefan Helmreich Powered by

1. The "why"?

The dominant question: Does it take a 610-hp, 226 246 euro expensive version of a car that is available for around 260,000 euros already with 690 hp? Well, that's the need in these dimensions indeed such a thing. Nevertheless, the answer is yes, it needs them. And for two reasons.

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Fahrbericht Ferrari Lusso GTC4 T
Sports car 05/2017
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Child seat test 2015 (Group I): Transport in the transition phase

How safe the little ones can carry between the ages of nine months and four years in the car? Various child seats Group I in the big crash test.

17/11/2015 Annette Napp

The tension mounts as the child seat is Multi-Tech II of Britax's turn. Not the impending crash test worries, but the built-in crash body. the many straps and buckles catch the eye already when unpacking that promised a complicated handling. But at least the seat is a little rounder. For he transported children from 9 to 25 kg, that is, until some six years - and forward and backward. Although he is now also approved for the seat Group II, the test limited to the Group I requirements.

Crash sled simulated accident with 50 km / h

Therefore, for all crash tests a Q3 dummy waiting for its operations, which corresponds to a three year old child. First, the Multi-Tech II as Reboarder his safety test. Before the crash sled bangs around 50 km / h on the obstacle, however, takes the installation than an hour to complete. Only with the help of instructions and online video succeeds sure to brace all the straps and to find the right angle of the base. Before buying a trial installation should definitely clarify whether the seat fits into his own car. A look at the type list also clarifies on which seats the installation is allowed. Reverse Directional convinced of Britax in the crash, all readings are in the green. However, the second attempt, built forward, that is different. The not quite plausible belt guide holds the seat only in the pelvis, head and upper body work on impact far forward. The great advancement shows an increased risk of injury. In this installation position, the verdict is therefore: only conditionally recommended.

Similarly, it is with the Chicco Oasys 1 Isofix, the result of other reasons. Since the seat may only be installed in conjunction with Isofix hooks and Top Tether belt, she is very tightly connected to the vehicle and leaves little advancement to. but the strong restraining effect leads to elevated readings in the head area, which point to a similarly increased risk of injury. Although the seat meets the requirements of the standard ECE R 44, but shifts to the requirements slightly upwards, the Chicco shows weaknesses. The sport and auto motor and selected TÜV Süd settings are only slightly above the norm and meet an accident scenario that often occurs in reality.

Child seat Phoenixfix per 2 with padded table

That the requirements are quite achievable, the Kiddy Phoenixfix proves per 2 - all measurements are in the green. Its special feature is the padded table which retains the child in the area of ​​the upper body over a large area and secure. While the head moves on impact far forward and contacts the padded table slightly, but without any measurable impact. The problem of this system can still be.

Not all children accept the bulky front end in front of her belly. If you can convince them of the seat the little rider but he is a recommendation. Dealing leaves little to be desired. The light and comfortable padded child seat is installed quickly and easily in any car, because it may be used both with and without Isofix hooks. The size of the child he adapts quickly thanks to removable seat cushion and adjustable headrest. Another thing that speaks for the seat: He is the best representative in the test.

These child seats we tested
Britax Multi-Tech II (reboard)
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Which seat fits my child?

For children up to twelve years and 1.50 meters tall in Germany a child seat is required. The approval standard ECE R44 divides the restraint systems on the weight of the child into five groups: Group 0 for babies to ten kilograms (age: about nine months) Group 0+ for babies up to 13 kg (approximately 18 months) Group I for children 9-18 kg (nine months to four years), group II for children from 15 and 25 kg (three to seven years) and group III for children 22-36 kg (six to twelve years). Since 2013 parallel applies the UNECE R 129, also known as i-size, in which the height is crucial. It is also important that the manufacturer has released the desired location for the respective car. Especially with Isofix systems, there may be restrictions.

How We Tested

For over 20 years, auto motor und sport tested together with the TÜV Süd child seats. To simulate a head-on collision, the crash -Karosserie a Golf V from more than 50 km / h acceleration slowed by up to 31 times the Earth. For comparison, the approval standard ECE R 44 only requires values ​​to a maximum of 28 g. For practical test Mazda 2, Opel Zafira Tourer and Renault Grand Kangoo were ready for installation. Handling were rated about to comfort the child and how articulate the instructions.


Position the support foot meticulously by the specified angle, complicated wrap two straps around the front seat and thread the vehicle belt by hidden tabs on the seat: While some of the costs for installation is too large, others are happy because of the flexibility of the Multi-Tech II After all can. he be installed in both directions of travel and stay until the age of six in use (but then it is tempting to resort to a simple booster seat, but offers little security). To complain about is the great advancement in the forward-installation.

Also, the Chicco Oasys 1 Isofix convinced the crash under certain conditions. Moreover he comes out of the question by the Top-tether strap for many older cars. The Kiddy Phoenixfix per 2 against completed this test as a recommendation. He is universally suitable in every car is easy, cheap, and safe, provided that the child accepts the padded table. Buy Blind but no one should him. As with any seat applies: Test installation in your own car and let your child sit sample. Only when everything fits, a seat permanently protects well.