Porsche 911 Carrera S (991 II) vs. Mercedes-AMG GT: Which twin-turbo sports car is the better?

From now on the Porsche 911 Carrera S (991 II) is not wearing a naturally aspirated engine, but a twin-turbo unit in the rear. As the Revolution Carrera hits the Mercedes-AMG GT? We'll tell you in the test.

02/14/2016 Christian Gebhardt Powered by

First, browse our data pages inhale readings and lap times before it goes to the reading of the long running text? Prima, then yes the effort we exercise regularly for the figures worth. Not so great, that you then also have to determine relatively quickly that today lacks a fundamental part. Ironically, the first duel of the face-lifted Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Mercedes-AMG GT, we must forcibly renounce the "lap-Graphics" from Hockenheim.

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comparison test Porsche 911 Carrera S against Mercedes-AMG GT
Sports car 02/2016
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Dodge Viper SRT review: Totally crazy

Wild rear pans and a lot of smoke - who deliberately evokes the Rodeo ride past Viper days, it can still do so in the current Dodge Viper SRT. Basic modifications make the year 2013, however, predictable and much faster, as the test shows.

08/29/2013 Christian Gebhardt Powered by

What is so cool, Americans - they do their thing easy. If you ask in some corner of this globe for ketchup for breakfast, you will be looked at askance. In the US, all you hear is a long-drawn "sure ...", or the tomato condiment is morning already on the table. The new SRT Viper is like ketchup for breakfast - just wonderful different.

As soon as the ketchup spratzelt addition to the bacon, we sit in the bucket seats with good side support. The cockpit plastic desert of bygone days has been transformed into a leather interior. From Piëch Premium perfection, we are still miles away.

No matter. What matters now is the red star button. Deep bollernd and rattling ignite ten pots with a total of 8.4 liters. The mighty V10 Rotzen from the side pipes sounds like a dragster tractor at the starting lights at Tractorpulling. Even slight gas shocks call citizens' initiatives on the plan, provided their place of residence is not in Texas, but between German philistines. Elsewhere, smartphones are in this country immediately impressed unsheathed for a souvenir photo - Viper polarized extreme.

Dodge Viper SRT rightly called torque King 

Bore and stroke have not changed compared to its predecessor. For this, however, engine power and name of the "Snake" as the Viper is called in the States. From now on they will not stop "Dodge Viper SRT-10", but only simply to "SRT Viper". Sold through Chrysler's performance dependance "Street and Racing Technology (SRT)." With 648 horsepower, the US athlete makes 36 hp more than before. A torque-mountain of a maximum of 814 Newton meters crowns the V10 to the torque-king of the current series naturally aspirated engines.

Dodge Viper SRT review: Totally crazy
SRT Viper 320 km / h Acceleration Test sport auto 1:37 min.

The SRT guys announce proudly a new intake system, ten grams lighter forged pistons, valves lighter, a five kilos lighter aluminum Schwundrad and a new exhaust system with 20 percent less back pressure. Even if the power plant is expected to be 11.4 kilos lighter now after all the modifications, it still is a good, old and robust OHV two-valve with a camshaft.

Here there is only one motto: full throttle

Hand Tame than its predecessor? Let's call it sociable. The Viper motto still is: Male, intense, honest. Who is tired of perfection urge the European sports car industry, here is the right partner purism - still delightfully imperfect.

The stepping on the clutch pedal to the twin-disc clutch limited compared to other current sports cars still calves as Hulk Hogan in his prime. Also involved the SRT Viper also proposes to yet.

is under full load from the tractor rattling in the low engine speed, to the speed limit of 6,400 trips, a massive intake thunder. When starting the SRT Viper raises its snout, and the car body surfaced back in like a speedboat. "Full throttle, switching, full throttle" ensures the Wackeldackel movement snout tall, short down to its normal position, then again snout high. The Tremec six-speed gearbox has in comparison to the previous model shorter shift travel and a shorter gear ratio, but still hakelt with gnarled alleys lead in the parade.

SRT Viper first time with ESP

Who turned hesitant, where the entrance to the second gear is denied. So sleeves tear up your sleeves and brutal on gear lever - so it'll work with the SRT Viper.
From the optimistic factory specification for the sprint from zero to 100 kph in 3.1 seconds, the displacement monster is located about one second. The activated by a button on the steering wheel Launch Control to Set the off speed for a perfect slip-grip ratio actually, but plays more burnout machine.

Without launch control our copy accelerated faster. 11.9 seconds, the SRT-floor chasing (predecessor: 13.1 s) over 200 km / h mark and is aiming thanks to shorter sixth gear fast top speed of 332 km / h (previous 326 km / h).

Quite as pulse enhancing the Vmax-run no longer fails though, but courage is also required in the 2013er model. About half of 300 km / h, the SRT Viper runs like ruts gradually scatters sometimes a small hook. The straight-line could be better, but the drama of past high speed running is gone. For conscience they have now interspersed also an ESP for the first time in the shallows of electronics. Before the purists are upset we do not talk more about it. With us, the ESC was mostly in the mode "full off".

332 km / h or 12.6 liters

The eco-conscience here is similar to that of a Texas oil multinationals, at least as far as the look of the consumption indicator. To 15 liters as a green bar strikes. Furthermore, until the current fuel consumption of 63 liters at full load, the bar will light yellow. The color red not even found in the consumption indicator.

But honestly, what other sports cars booze at full load less? The SRT Viper is just so honest and shows their current fuel consumption in real terms on the display. Other premium manufacturers have long since sent the current fuel consumption in the info display retire, show him only up to a certain limit or hide the subject of consumption in a submenu.

Ashamed of the Viper does not need for their honesty. 12.6 liters minimum consumption over a distance of 235 kilometers, the capacity hero can then gargle quite economical.

And it must always be full throttle? We roll in the Sixth cozy and check the speed in this test fall into the cellar. 50, 40, 35 km / h - the speed has arrived at idle. As of gas, the primeval creature in sixth gear by 30 zones chugs to die without.

Displacement also makes up the discovery of slowness interesting. At least in the short term until we stand at the entrance of the pit lane of the Hockenheimring. Hockenheim Rockheim is. The Viper is hammering on the small track. In addition to weight reduction of the engine 63 kilograms compared to its predecessor could be saved by Carboniferous (hood, roof, trunk lid) and aluminum parts. The weight distribution of the middle-front engine racer is with a full tank at exact 50 to 50 percent.

Significantly faster than its predecessor

With adapted chassis (new Bilstein dampers, other spring rates, stabilizers with 27 mm diameter) and Pirelli P Zero-sport tires (SRT Track Package), the Viper directs a much more precise. Despite still existing body movements that Einlenkuntersteuern could be eliminated. The steering now almost resembles European sports car and give good feedback. With differential lock and 355er rolls back the snap-over steer-macho the past serpents among remains largely. The level of grip of the Pirelli tires extreme is simply terrific.

Thus, the SRT Viper at Hockenheim is only 3.7 seconds faster than its predecessor (1.14,2 min), but also more predictable than their ancestors. Up to a certain point, as surprising but then the tail twitches in the fast left bend of the crossbar under load. Good thing: A Viper without Rodeo posturing would also like America was for breakfast without ketchup.

Seat Leon ST and Skoda Octavia in comparison: Compact group brothers in a duel

The new Seat Leon ST relies more on strong design as the verdant space. Again, since its corporate brother Skoda Octavia Combi is quite large. Which of the two compact station wagon offers the better overall package?

11/30/2013 Thiemo Fleck

Qué guapo! - how cool nods a young Spaniard in passing. he is right, the star of our photo session near Barcelona is the new Seat Leon ST, the first compact class estate of the brand. In addition to the marked by precise lines and sharp edges design his brothers Golf Variant and Skoda Octavia Combi act pretty good - especially when the Spaniard in sporty top equipment FR (from 23,250 euros) with wide 17-inch aluminum wheels, dynamic suspension and bullish Gerer front compete. But the Seat Leon ST is also handy?

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Compare Seat Leon ST against Skoda Octavia Combi Nice to practice?
auto motor und sport 24/2013
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Maserati Levante in the test: The SUV with the saxophone

It took until Maserati decided to build an SUV more than 100 years. First impression after a longer drive: Maserati fans will love the Levant. And not only.

09/03/2016 Michael Harnischfeger Powered by

When Porsche introduced the Cayenne in the market, also alleged insider what this great car because should the program of a sports car manufacturer asked. As we now know, the Cayenne Porsche has resulted in a golden age, which continue to this day. Because SUVs were booming and booming all over the world, and the clientele is ready for this type car deeper than usual to reach into his pocket.

Maserati Levante with cost price from 70,500 euros

So now even Maserati jumps on the SUV wave. Levante is the just over five meters long SUV. In May, the SUV will start with the large grille and the flat headlights in Germany as Maserati S with a 430 hp V6 turbo gasoline engine, in July followed by the diesel with 275 hp. there will be at prices starting at 70,500 euros, while the gasoline engine is not to have under 88,000 Euros him.

Still, not all option prices calculated, but even without the frills of the Levant is not really poor therefore. Leather seats come as standard, such as a navigation system or an air-spring suspension with adaptive dampers. In other markets, there is also a 350-horsepower gasoline engine and especially for Italy a diesel with 250 hp, but in Germany it remains for the time being with the two power versions. For 2018 a hybrid version is planned.

Maserati Levante Photo: Maserati
Levante: The new SUV from Maserati.

Maserati Levante always with eight-speed automatic transmission

For the time getting to know we chose the gasoline engine, the three-liter V6 over the Ghibli from 410 to 430 hp strengthened. The power brings a fast and soft switching eight-speed automatic torque converter transmission to the rear wheels, if necessary provides an electronically controlled coupling the force fit to the front axle forth, whereby the forces back freely and can herfließen. Of course, the driver can choose from its large, not vice tight fit out also various driving modes. Among them, sure, an efficiency mode, an off mode with two different levels up to 210 millimeters of ground clearance and a sports mode.

Sharpening in the first stage gear and motor electronics, which manifests itself in a later upshifting and downshifting earlier. In a second stage, then the damper, which takes the over small bumps not brilliant ride comfort again something gentleness tighten.

Maserati Levante Photo: Maserati
2.1 tonnes in 5.2 seconds from zero to 100th

Maserati Levante with a great engine sound

Now the Levant, who is also the back has plenty of room for adults rider teeters, rather stiffly over the floor, but he compensated: By making full, fine annoying arrival at any speed, for example, and in the first Sports Level with a sound thunderstorm that Levante the will make for a friend of audiophiles. What's going on there in the regions by 3000 and beyond the 4000 revolutions, it sounds entertaining and slightly dirty like a skillfully drawn trombone. And the Levant S goes as it sounds 264 km / h Maserati promises and 5.2 seconds from zero to 100. These values ​​do not sound credible, the NEDC fuel consumption of 10.9 liters more.

Maserati Levante Photo: Maserati
The Maserati Levante has fun off road.

It is encouraging that the Levant in the normal mode is a soft touring car. Despite the frameless side windows Wind noise is barely audible, and with closed exhaust valve of the engine holds back long-distance compatible. A stylish, quiet family car so that is good with 580 liters of boot volume for the larger holiday.

Maserati Levante with agile handling

If the roads are curvy, especially the driver gets their money. The fact that the Levant weighs over 2.1 tonnes, is forgotten after the first jagged give in. It's amazing how agile this chunk of the pleasant feeling real steering follows and whistles around the corners without braking understeer. A driver car that makes you forget how brave it is also reflected in the field. This became a trip to the off-road tracks of Fiat-Chrysler in the Italian Balocco where many a Jeep can be brought to its limits.

A welcome new addition so the circle of noble SUV, which you have to see some peculiarities though. As nice as the cockpit is to be regarded as neglected treated Maserati while some findings of motorists everyday life. It is simply impractical to regulate seat heating or independent ventilation control only using the touch screen or having to go into sub-menu to activate the driver assistance systems. With most competitors for the quick pressure on the classic little buttons enough. Still, he late, the Levant came. But the wait was worth it.

Ford B-Max and Fiat 500L in the test: Only small – or smarter?

Because you can rely on nothing, even small vans are now translucent. Instead with baby on-board smugness to convince a small space with variable daily cleverness Ford B-Max and Fiat 500L.

22/01/2013 Sebastian Renz

The "Panorama sliding doors," said Ford sales brochure proudly proclaims come as standard on the new Ford B-Max. What! Everything else would be surprising in this car that are designed around the door concept the Ford developers. It eliminates the need for a B-pillar, is to increase the variability and help you get started, to help the small van to a kompaktklassigen space - despite its small car-like length of 4.08 meters, just eleven centimeters more than the Fiesta, on the Ford B-Max is based.

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Comparison Test Fiat 500L and Ford B-Max Only small - or smarter?
auto motor und sport 01/2013
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Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 1.6 Edition in review: The new Opel Insignia station wagon in individual tests

he wears the lightning as a badge in the grille. But otherwise, the Insignia Sports Tourer is barely recognizable as Opel. He focuses on design rather than on the brand's classic combination virtues.

27/04/2009 Marcus Peters

So now is also Opel addictive. The drug called premium was too strong, the desire for Image, the lure of lifestyle. Opel Vectra Caravan was yesterday, today is the great combination of Rüsselsheim Insignia Sports Tourer. And thus all see that it is serious Opel with sports, lettering Turbo emblazoned on the stern. Big and obvious. What is missing is a reference to the economy, and you have that name: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 1.6 Turbo Ecotec Edition. For the first test Opel sends the combination with the new, charged 1.6 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine.

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Single review Opel Insignia Sports Tourer
auto motor und sport 09/2009
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Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept in the test: Until the police come

Only the Audi TT Clubsport Concept Turbo rocked the GTI meet at Wörthersee, now Frankfurt's turn. Widebody, 600 PS, E-Boost, five-cylinder engine and a driving experience without Chichi.

06/17/2015 Stefan Helmreich Powered by

It was clear. Even before, when it was about when, how and killed around Warumausgerechnet-heart-in-the-city, already there we talked about the subject, who quipped, the deposit would be like as high if they catch us. And whether they would pay anyone. And we discussed what we would say if it's time to finally ask ourselves if perhaps even escape would not be the best solution.

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept - Driving Report - Concept Car - Sports Car
Audi TT Clubsport Concept 15 sec.

Five-cylinder roars all together

Shortly before eleven it happens. At walking pace of the Mondeo dieselt the roundabout. Silver gray course, combination course, hubcaps - that it is so unremarkable again striking. After two laps of honor the noble piece is regurgitated the curb, Doors open: "Good evening everyone" friendly. In civil.

And then you stand there. Before you, the race director, behind you the skyline of Frankfurt and the megastar from Wörthersee - with giant counter Sidepipe and a marketing authorization may be issued only after the old Bavarian Mia san mia-principle. Anyway: It smelled trouble.

A short time ago still smelled of fuel. The Audi TT Clubsport Turbo reach it in a single room. Behind a warehouse is unloaded. "Private property. Illegally parked ... "trespassing? The lesser evil.

Typically start running reports with the boarding, this time crackles's been before. Even in the trailer, the concept car is gewuschelt out of his pajamas. Slip into the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept. Doors and cockpit architecture come from the mass, only the start button moved to the steering wheel. Firing - five-cylinder roars all present only once neatly. He bawls, burps, taunts with flames shooting pops, almost snorts GoPro colleague at the sound clip rotation out of hand and ofenröhrt such that they continue to evacuate a few kilometers to the Main Tower. Most certainly.

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept with LED saber teeth

A hidden button raises the front end of the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept of electrically so that it does not aufschürft on the ramp, the carbon fiber grayling, he crawls down gently. One, two gas shocks gran stuffs even from the side sill, he stands there and looks. And at last he seems consistent. LED saber teeth in the skirt; dished 20-inch model, which originate from the RS 6 shelf; and these wonderful Breitbaubacken - forward from carbon fiber, rear integrated into the aluminum of the side part, which not only give the giant barbecue the right proportions, but also reminiszieren very mischievously with the racing history. With its own as well as with the competition.

Look at him again exactly on the butt. No, not embarrassed, he likes: With the removed wheel arches, the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo is virtually self garage. Außenrum Concept, inside is the production car. A bit of time in IMSA GTO Racer 90, says Audi. We think: Rather like the Porsche 935, the highly rocked during his long career but always funnier configuration levels in the core but always remained recognizable as nine-eleven.

And exactly in this pattern, the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept is knitted. Stylistically, but in particular principle: Because normally are concept cars quite windy huts, makeshift glued together to look good. The only requirement is that they are put in their drive, is the presence. To print send performance data on glass columns, or to roll with journalists once around the block. Please no faster than 18 km / h, you know, single piece and so on.

Audi TT Clubsport Concept Turbo with 600 hp

This one is different, it's a real car, a TT, no perfectly ordinary, but a TT. Means that the engine is not a minor issue, which is to carry around only the look, he is the main part - and much more extreme than all the trappings. Physically he is the well-known five-cylinder: 2480 Kubik, long excursion. Exactly the one that is the TT RS-fired and fuel again in the future. Currently he is involved only in the Audi RS 3 367 hp and 465 Nm he does there - more than ever. Yet almost pathetic, considering what is here in it: 600 hp, 650 Nm, exclamation point!

Simply from the flasks he did not shakes such bird wild performance. Will say: You shot him neatly on the left. Connecting rod, crankshaft, piston, fuel injectors, exhaust - all also comes from racing as the giant Garrett turbocharger, whose 60-millimeter turbine generates a maximum of 1.8 bar of boost pressure. Problem: The massive boost, and the rather low capacity - we are talking about a specific output of 240 hp per liter - would create a gaping hole between turbo gas and acceptance. Subjunctive because Audi stuffs it.

Well, almost. With the aid of an electric compressor. This is located immediately downstream of the intercooler in a bypass, is an electric motor accelerated to 72,000 / min, within 200 milliseconds and takes as long as the charging until the exhaust turbo has brought momentum. Lit one, right?

Pressure from morning till all too late

Even more: It works. Once the metal coupling thrashes the five-cylinder engine in the all-wheel drive, the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept rampaging forwards in the test. Blown away the slight rubber band effect is not in the power development course. Nevertheless, the torque increases earlier, steeper up and overgrown longer and bushier to the speed bands along. And of course the Audi employees have calculated great things to illustrate: For example, that the TT thanks to the hybrid charging travels in the first 2.5 seconds after launch six meters longer than with conventional turbo concept.

Or that applied from 3000 to 7000 / min always more than 92 percent of peak torque. In other words, the thing goes from front to back like the plague. He is under pressure and is energized. Feel and hear. In the gas approach is heard a faint buzzing noise when the high-voltage network anschmeißt the auxiliary compressor, then exhaust roar and the five-cylinder march mix. Folklore brand featuring the future, if you will.

How much TT RS is in the Clubsport?

Where: So far this future is not. For the electric turbo goes into production. Next year, the Audi SQ7, along with a new V8 TDI. But shhh, from me you do not have it! And also the role of the five-cylinder engine is likely to be a more complete support in the future. Not only in terms of its relationship with the e-compressor, but in general. During the development of the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept we have worked closely with the Quattro GmbH, they say.

in developed entirely at random, the show car is not so. And that allows two conclusions. First, in single piece a little bit TT RS has already been invested. Breitbau? Charging principle? Well within the bounds of possibility, 600 hp will probably not be there at the end.

Final number two is somewhat speculative. So let me go back a short: For some time now officially announced that Audi retired its veteran aspirated V8. Result: The new R8 currently stands without a base engine. Purely emotional considered this might be bearable. Only problem is that it is a low-volume alternative to the ten-cylinder need for the Chinese market, as everything is punitive taxes from four liters of displacement there absurd. So suitable: the twin-turbo V8 from S6 and RS 6 - or that series of five. 450, maybe 480 horsepower he would bring it. he creates easy - even in standard trim, says CTO Hackenberg. Schau'n mer times, the emperor says.

Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept is playful

But the engine is known as the denominator, what matters is the weight - even here, where you realize not every gram equal in the face of muscle mass. 1,396 kilos weighs the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept - a similar amount as a standard-TTS, whose lighter four-cylinder engine will first be purely saved again: A cage of titanium replaces the rear seats, instead of armrests on the doors, there are only Zuziehschlaufen, the air flew out, racing seats replace the Zig-way seats, to the various body parts made of carbon fiber: sills, bumpers, fenders, hood. The latter brings about 15 kilos. In short, lightweight design is a Sisyphean task.

But the pay off in driving pleasure: alone as the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept turns the steering wheel in the test to fetzt corners. Playful, humorless, but also no accident: dust-dry coil-over suspension, 275er tires all round, as can overturn the heaviness itself. Body roll? Zero. Understeer? None, partly because the wheel-selective torque distribution supports him with shrewd torque pulses. More important than the actual dynamics, however: Although as a concept really unapproachable, it leaves a close to him. This synthetic veil that covers the driving experience at Audi usually, he's gone. Everything looks real, real, can be touch and therefore all the more touching. Perhaps because are still on edge a few corners. At full wheels grate at the wheel arch, occasionally pimped the ESP.

Butts in rubber sleeve

Intimately the Liaison is above all through the gearbox. Yet again. It is a small kaleidoscope in the TT trilogy: Housing the TT two rubber sleeve from the original model, extra stable innards and the shortest switching floor of Audi's history. Narrow streets, ultra-precise detent, solid feel. Unanimous opinion: Mordsgaudi. Writes that it is cool, the Audi employees say, then comes something like that to you. we do hereby, now's you off her!

Very genuine, there is a risk to go into a rage. The plan therefore: only the images. But then there were even the cops. Escape? Ruled out all over his car paperboard flashes, the photographer is geknäult into the interior. How did we get to talk to us again the same? Too late, they are already talking about: What are we doing here? TT, study sports car; so and so, aha, aha. Whether one may be reinsetzen times since. If it has to be. Hoax. Clear. The situation relaxed. Selfies are shot out PS calls, then Frankfurt has more serious problems. Later, when we get down board an orphaned industrial area road ... - I mean - roll along, we meet the Mondeo again: side windows opened out stretched arm. Trowel? Smartphone!

BMW 650i and Jaguar XK 5.0 in the comparison test: Hard lane changes and loud V8 roar

The two luxury coupe BMW 650i and Jaguar XK 5.0 to escape the increasingly rampant downsizing with the power of their muscular V8 engines. In comparison test they did not flee, but come to a duel.

15.11.2011 Jörn Thomas

Just try to find an entry for a V8 coupe comparison, dripping from the not either pomade or engine oil. Rest assured, we find it not easy. So get down to the editorial garage. Reinforced concrete catacombs in which resounds shortly after the thumping of BMW 650i and Jaguar XK 5.0. The latter free priming with exactly 5,000 cubic centimeters; BMW cheating a bit, puts the 4.4-liter block for two turbochargers into the cylinder V.

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Comparison test BMW 650i and Jaguar XK 5.0 given a good eight
auto motor und sport 24/2011
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BMW Alpina B3 GT3 Super Test: Legitimate M3 CSL’s successor on the ring

The Super Test BMW Alpina B3 GT3 is the logical answer to a frequently asked question, namely, when it BMW finally succeed again to provide a typical sporty BMW in terms white-blue tradition on the wheels.

07/03/2013 Horst von Saurma Powered by

Strong, with begeisterndem straight-six, not too heavy, easy to work with, while also practical person in the best sense - good as it gets, as the Super test proves.
With striking foiling, characterized by a front splitter and Dive-Plates face and the winning of rigid wings plant rear excellent with the promising abbreviation GT3 B3 from Alpina is intimately close contact to racing. Godfather of limited edition of 99 pieces special model is the B6 GT3, overall winner of the ADAC GT Masters series 2011th

Especially now, when the always and everywhere enforced look forward not only provides pleasing views, it seems more than ever advised, sometimes again zurückzuwenden him - simply for the sake of better understanding's sake. For God does not know everything that bears the seal of the past may be outdated, unfashionable, let alone be considered forgotten.

Alpina utilizes the potential of the BMW 3 Series

A striking example? The BMW coupe based on the old threesome. A still attractive car, not too big, not too heavy and therefore with excellent technical equipment and undeniably high development potential. And then these green-blue color combination: For decades one of the most distinctive identification features of Buchloer automobile manufacturer - much memorable as the formerly typical gold stripes design, but - it seems at least - even under the Alpina disciples slowly but surely into oblivion falls.

And finally after a long abstinence took place last year re-entry into motorsport: a forced appearance at the ADAC GT Masters series, which was crowned against strong competition from Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, Corvette and Porsche spontaneously by winning the championship.

Thus, a circle with Weber carbs for used in competition 1500s-BMW took the early sixties, its beginning and currently is a very successful continuation in the attractive GT3 racing closes. From this it were backward-looking complex situation to create something new that is oriented in its objective extremely forward, not without a certain piquancy or genius - depending on how you look at it. Regardless of the result must - so much is already revealed here - are called fluke.

Alpina B3 GT3, makes the for sheer driving pleasure

At least for those who have internalized the proverbial joy of (BMW) driving and / or are by their own lesson by now aware that the proliferation supposedly profiled driving dynamics talents after the still current recipe - more power stands more weight - in the long run is not a solution. Besides, you exorbitant uses a lot of technology and coal. Just as the satisfaction of the Alpina clientele is fed comprehensive product range to date mostly from the non-positive and stylish sophistication of the now 12 different models, the offer window opens with the based on the Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo Coupé GT3 version finally also in the area which was all action for Alpina of origin. 

Gift as a result of success

The small manufacturers blew from the highest levels of integrity and acting with admirable diplomatic skills against BMW AG and M GmbH from Bavaria has made himself a gift with the limited edition of 99 pieces Alpina B3 GT3 quasi: it combines by his own admission the technical features of last year's championship cars Alpina B6 GT3 with the classic design elements of the brand. The exclamation "We've got them all already seen" is not so far wrong when exactly this coupe has a test in sports car has passed as Alpina B3 GT3.
But that was - as demonstrated by the new results - driving dynamics only a foretaste of those skills that lies in the exposure of all resources behind this supposedly traditional but ambitious project. Although already in the green-blue and white racing outfit with sponsor stickers at the start, it was the then test object to the GT3 base version with conventional road tires (Michelin Pilot Sport PS2) and correspondingly modest set chassis and wheel geometry.
News is that with the foiling only camouflaged in natura optionally available in Sapphire Black metallic, Alpina Blue metallic or mineral white metallic Alpina coupe on the so-called GT3 Cup wheel, which - as we shall see - gaining in importance. The 5950 Euro expensive set of wheels consists of the same 19-inch "Classic" -Schmiederädern typical Alpina racing style, but equipped with the known as black gold semi slicks by Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Plus.
The current Alpina B3 GT3 version is only now - after all, before the delivery of all 99 pieces - also in that the final version is, when at sports car Experience gained in the test - lack of fine-tuning the ABS, strong understeer tendency in corner entry and relatively strong power oversteering in the main - were used as an opportunity for Alpina to create the revealed weaknesses similar to the necessarily learned in racing operation immediately from the world. As shown by the results of the repeated visit to Hockenheim with resounding success.

Further shows its effect

Was the time jump from the 400-hp base Alpina B3 S in the test for the GT3 version with 408 hp already impressive enough - to improve the lap time of two seconds (1.14,2 to 1.16,2 minutes) - then the Alpina B3 GT3 shows in the final Super test version so unleashed and freed as a gepamperter of care for top athletes. With 1.12,2 minutes of Alpina creates a respectful distance not only to his brother in spirit, the BMW M3 in the Super Test (1.14,3 min), but also the previous sporting benchmark under the blue and white flag, the equally limited BMW M3 GTS Super test. Who was at the same place on the way with a lap time of 1.12,5 minutes - incidentally also with semi-slick tires, but with those of the manufacturer Pirelli P Zero Corsa type.
With the on the Nordschleife to the point after the comma same lap time - 7:49 minutes - performs without the 5,580-euro Beklebungs aria pleasantly unspectacular occurring Alpina Coupe an era fort, which in the recent BMW story of the BMW M3 CSL Super test took a remarkable beginning and a year ago found a defendant end with the BMW M3 GTS Super test and later nachgeschoben, four-door BMW M3 CRT in the test. From the perspective certainly not less fans of the white-blue brand of the BMW Alpina B3 GT3 is just the answer to the often asked question of when the great Mother BMW probably finally consistently contributes back its origins bill.
Ironically, an Alpina Coupe as the incarnation of what claim the traditionalists among BMW fans do not get tired? Who knows? Perhaps the Alpina B3 GT3 is yes - as numerically limited vanguard, so to speak - in its classic and consistent way a bit from the off, which is dealt with later in the form of future BMW M3.

Classic twin-turbo engine, as it appears in the book

Let's start with the motto: BMW-typical really is not. Finding a six-cylinder in-line engine in even better shape than at the Alpina B3 GT3 is expected, extremely difficult. Of course, it is not an offshoot of the spread at the Munich "Twin Scroll" -Turbokonzepts with only one turbine to generate pressure. He is a classic twin-turbo engine, and one that he is in the book. The physically gave her all the blessings in terms of mass balance and therefore with regard to the smooth running very smooth straight-six is ​​here exceptionally smoothly from two parallel working turbochargers, but - do not worry - still set turbo typically under pressure.
Not only die-hard BMW fans greatest pleasure in this - we call it engine technology Ideal with three liters of displacement, dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and a long stroke - feel. The nominal eight-PS, which also generates the Super Test GT3 towards his base Alpina B3 S, are in a sense just a waste product. Created from an exhaust system that found its way to the specifications mainly for reasons of weight.
the made of extremely lightweight and expensive titanium muffler with two oval, enclosed in heat-technical reasons of fiber trim tailpipes made by Akrapovic alone weighs eleven kilograms less than the original system. It makes thanks to a so-called X-Pants wants hot: because of the elimination of the middle silencer and the overall larger pipe diameter for a significantly lower exhaust backpressure. This alone PS increase of 400 feeds to 408 hp. Anyone who thinks that the institution responsible sports Alpina would scream so, roar, roar or howl looks pleasantly deceived: The dull, robust and highly attractive therefore, typical six-cylinder sound has consistently stimulating, never exciting character.

Increased performance without loss of comfort

Even after long and quickly driven stages without stopwatch in mind the inmates never run the risk of becoming the partial nursing care. The significant increase in driving dynamics of the Alpina B3 GT3 model is - that's for sure - at least not a consequence of radical tuning methods or significant engine tuning, which is elsewhere still like to practice for this purpose. That makes things very sympathetic. Inasmuch even more so when the increase in longitudinal and transverse acceleration must not be bought with excruciating loss of comfort. The strong harmony need which can be experienced in all Alpina exhibits, is also reflected in this atmosphere of sporting ambition environment. Here again, an amazing sophistication is maintained. Disturbing mechanical undertones, often the result of a consistent, owed the relief clearing out, are not heard.
Even the ride and suspension comfort, from which one might think, given the deep-set KW coilover suspension, the extreme wheel geometry 2.5 degrees negative camber at the front axle and semi slicks that he also dead could come to life because of inevitable Schüttelei can no pay remorse. Neither regarding the possible self-pity nor fear of scolding on the part of the three possible companion or companions. And yet - or because? - is the BMW Alpina B3 GT3 like the proverbial sow: cultured and accessible, safe and forgiving and therefore always faster than the often occupied by snobbery competition may grant it to him. That's what makes the fun factor.

Alpina B3 GT3 provides Nordschleife fun

Sorry - but to go hunting on the Nordschleife Porsche or similar talents with the Super Test Alpina B3 GT3 is because of the wrong agility, super traction thanks Drexler lock and confidence-inspiring borderline behavior, a source of joy that is not soon dry up. Finding a similar affable character who makes the trip to the site of the track day just as beneficial as the Driving around himself, tends to be difficult for fairly - especially for the price.

Technology transfer from the racetrack to on street

The coilover suspension developed in cooperation with KW for the BMW Dreier coupe shows that the direct technology transfer from the track can also be time voiced results on to the road. The award manually adjustable in compression and rebound damping enable extensive customization of the chassis on road and track as well as a balancing of handling according to personal taste. However: You have to know how to do it, or at least know someone who can. the everyday practicality hardly diminished - - Although measured in the Super Test Alpina B3 GT3 wheel geometry values ​​represent the probably most extreme variant, is - as already mentioned aside from possible long-term consequences in terms of tire wear. Only a slight nervousness in Vmax area - you hold firmly - only at 300 km / h ends, points to the special, only on maximum lateral acceleration that are optimized chassis set-up.
The ABS issue, as it could still be observed in the first test, with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Plus also no longer an issue. The correct of ABS regulations also heavily dependent delay performances are in the warm physical state now consistently above 11 m / s, which is a significant improvement and now adequately meets the geltenen sports car status quo. The six-piston fixed caliper brakes with 380 millimeter front discs grooved did not indicate the slightest weaknesses in braking power or fading. The pressure point on the pedal remains under the influence of high operating temperatures bombproof. The vocal in this environment noise when braking is not a weakness commitment - how else is often the case with BMW - but an acoustic phenomenon that is likely to be seen in the special cooperation of the blue painted brake calipers with the grooved steel discs.
Up to this point so everything in the green or better in the green-blue range. The Alpina colors define course sections of the pleasantly simple, high quality and well arranged interior. if we ignore the bombshell who also plastered with green foil dashboard, nothing disturbs the concentration on the essentials: the typically blue colored instruments are perfectly in view. The seating position in the front Recaros with leather / Alcantara upholstery and incorporated in the ALPINA racing colors blue and green designed: vertical stripes is perfect.

Racing environment with six-speed automatic

Also related with grippy Alcantara steering wheel has - on blue-green seams - how could it be otherwise. The push buttons behind the steering wheel rim, which normally have the gears are sorted at Alpina have become obsolete in this professionally designed cockpit course. Instead her there are now, as in racing environments commonplace, practical shift paddles with which the six-speed automatic is served - what? Yes, you read that right: the 408 hp of the twin-turbo straight-six in the Super Test model are channeled through the same automatic, as it is also installed in the base Alpina B3. But do not worry: Besides the fact that it shifts up automatically when reaching the red speed range, she does her job perfectly. Except that the gear change maybe a little more subdued go with her vonstatten - it differs in their consistently constructive way of working hard from a dual clutch transmission or automated mechanical switch box. But has any negative consequences? As evidenced by the lap times: clearly no.

Nürburgring Nordschleife 7.49,00 min
maximum of 10 points

The BMW M3 GTS Greetings: The Nordschleife lap time of 7:49 minutes, the considerably cheaper Alpina B3 GT3 creates the exact specification of the M3 special edition (Super Test BMW M3 GTS). The permeability, it sets the Buchloer Hecktriebler the day impressed the sense that despite his honed driving dynamics talents neither common hardening of the day he lays still operates in a booming voice. are to him evils in the form of zickigem oversteer behavior completely alien too.

BMW Alpina B3 GT3 lap time graphics, Nordschleife
Hockenheim-Ring Mini Course 1.12,2 min
maximum of 10 points

The small track in Hockenheim surrounded the Alpina by three tenths faster than formerly GTS - which is saying something. The turn-in fact resembles that of a racing car. The grip on the rear axle is no less impressive. The frosted with semi slicks threesome comes close to the ideal in terms of neutrality. The braking system keeps it cool even in the heat of the moment: The pressure point does not change, and the delay performance is maintained. A tempered day on the edge - the Alpina B3 GT3 is an invitation to do so.

BMW Alpina B3 GT3 lap time graphics, Hockenheim
Acceleration / braking 15.9 sec
maximum of 10 points

The powertrain consisting of turbo-line six-cylinder, six-speed machine with a manual driving program, and Drexler differential lock may be referred to as fluke. The engine alone is a blast. The transmission shows - although machine - a thoroughly sporty nature. And traction prevails thanks to lock no shortage. The sprint to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. The delay performance is accordingly: prepared from 200 km / h standing with 1,565 kg on the wheels of three stands within five seconds.

Acceleration 0-200 km / h:
15.9 s
wind Tunnel
maximum of 10 points

Despite the minimized lift on the front axle and downforce on the rear axle a good Cd value is amazingly preserved - 0.298. The Vmax of the BMW Alpina B3 GT3 is correspondingly at 300 km / h. The directional stability is only slightly disturbed regardless of aiming at increased lateral dynamic chassis tuning or wheel geometry.

Front at 200 km / h
12 kg lift
Rear axle at 200 km / h
8 kg output
lateral acceleration 1.40 g
maximum of 10 points

With the semi slicks of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, in the size 245/35 ZR 19 the front and rear 265/35 ZR 19 the maximum lateral acceleration from previously 1.1 g is increased to 1.4 g. A not insignificant contribution to supply the extreme wheel geometry values.

36-meter slalom 140 km / h
maximum of 10 points

The level of grip of the tires is superior. The body is based on the modified support bearings perfectly, so that the side and curl minimal fails. The coupe revealed at the limit but just enough movement that the driver can develop a good feel for the car itself and the corresponding requirements. In hard-edge racing chassis with zero curl falling well known, not always easy. With the required semi slicks at higher tire temperature drivability is downright inspiring analogies to professional racing machine: no delay give in, combined with a light, perfectly controllable co-steering of the rear.

change test 155 km / h
maximum of 10 points

The BMW Alpina expires either in agonizing understeering - still sweaty oversteer tendencies. In short: It runs in any curves, whether narrow, wide or changeable, as if on rails. So demanding course like this change test he traverses with fantastic grip, extremely high accuracy and perfect balance. The movements in the chassis are minimal. The sports suspension developed in cooperation with KW works with in compression and rebound multi-adjustable dampers.

wet handling
maximum of 10 points

The level of grip in wet conditions is expected to be poor. The colder the external conditions and the lower thus the tire temperature, the lower the possible speeds. At constant throttle setting first the Front announced by pushing the limits of adhesion. With vigorous gas using the side guide on the rear axle breaks off rather abruptly. That is, of a gentle, well-controlled transition from static friction to sliding friction can be no question. The ABS control is also very rough when wet. For everyday use, the manufacturer provided Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 are therefore clearly the better choice.


maximum 100 points

The BMW Alpina B3 GT3 is the logical answer to a frequently asked question, namely, when it BMW finally succeed again to provide a typical sporty BMW in terms white-blue tradition on the wheels. Strong, easy to work with, while also practical person in the best sense with begeisterndem straight-six, not too heavy (1,565 kg) - good as it gets. Who waived the colorful pasting in the eye-catching Alpina racing colors including starting number, and must adhere to the extroversion of 408 hp coupe is more rub. These sports version based on the B3 S is to own a harmony that makes it very edifying both on the public road and on the race track to show up with him. Elegance, style and sportiness unite here in a smooth compromise. The twin-turbo inline six-cylinder can not be basically its aluminum-block BMW-typical. The technical elegance is noted to him - and to listen. The fact that the B3 GT3 is based on the old three need not worry one - on the contrary: a step back in order to sharpen the view to the front, is known to have never hurt.


The BMW Alpina B3 GT3 is the logical answer to a frequently asked question, namely, when it BMW finally succeed again to provide a typical sporty BMW in terms white-blue tradition on the wheels. Strong, easy to work with, while also practical person in the best sense with begeisterndem straight-six, not too heavy (1,565 kg) - good as it gets. Who waived the colorful pasting in the eye-catching Alpina racing colors including starting number, and must adhere to the extroversion of 408 hp coupe is more rub. These sports version based on the B3 S is to own a harmony that makes it very edifying both on the public road and on the race track to show up with him. Elegance, style and sportiness unite here in a smooth compromise. The twin-turbo inline six-cylinder can not be basically its aluminum-block BMW-typical. The technical elegance is noted to him - and to listen. The fact that the B3 GT3 is based on the old three need not worry one - on the contrary: a step back in order to sharpen the view to the front, is known to have never hurt.

BMW 340i Facelift Fahrbericht: 3-facelift for fleet curves

BMW updated the 3 Series - but it is hard to see. For this, one should feel the facelift, as the BMW 3 Series is now to go more agile. Whether that's true, the exit clarified in the new 340i.

07/17/2015 Jens Dralle

Great friends of corny jokes are actually not just at BMW, at least it is not known. Therefore, there must be efficiency reasons that led to now a three-cylinder engine in the 3 Series works. With only three liters fuel consumption, perhaps? No, if they are then not yet. And really they dare thus not around the corner, sending instead prefer the BMW 340i to the door.

BMW 340i with 326 hp

After all: even the engine is new, now comes from the large modular and therefore has slightly more displacement. Power and torque as well, from 306 up to 326 hp and from 400 to 450 Nm (is already at 1,300 / min), before clear. The consumption is still reduced by ten per cent to 6.5 L / 100 km, but it is generally known how close these values ​​to reality. Significantly habhafter against it: The impressive thrust of the turbocharged inline six-cylinder. Already from the low engine speed accelerates the downright sucker moderate the speed scale up, 4.000, 5.000, 6.000 / min, and further -herrlich. to appeal for the fixed include the new, indirect charge air cooling to be responsible, in which the air has to travel a shorter distance to the combustion chamber than in the past.

Interior in the new 3 Series is clearly quality

But wait, the 335i could not it all just as well? Yeah, right, at least not significantly worse, at least in terms of the subjective impression. The same applies to the eight-speed automatic transmission, which now changes at low load automatically into neutral, but otherwise just fix and gently glides through her translations as before. Still nothing really new? Nothing really Noticeable at least. After all: Inside the BMW 340i seems a little high-quality furnishings and careful assembled, but this is not a great art, after all, the generation F30 was bad but far from these points by the premium standard.

BMW 340i with harder suspension

However, what can be very well feel: the BMW 340i rolls harder from relatively clearly even, and at higher speeds and longer bumps teeters the sedan binding, firmer. New damper stuck in the body, on top of that they are stiff connected to the plate, the manufacturer says. This applies, incidentally, for all chassis variants, not only for the optional adaptive M suspension of the test car. In any case the sweeps with greater enthusiasm through curves, as that has always managed the 3 Series anyway, remains long neutral, leans hard to one side. Whether he builds really more lateral acceleration? Again, it is: Wait until the first test. At least, the BMW positioned no more than Jack of all trades, but as binding Spezl for fun outings.

BMW 340i from 45.950 euro

This of course also contributes to the reliable A reacting steering. the BMW 340i will come around only not quite as flipperig as expected, because it takes a split second too long, until the front wheels obey the steering command. In comparison to the still propagated offer run-flat tires, the mixture of the conventional 18-inch tires the test car was a little softer, so the minimum delay, finally the suspension settings for all tire types and sizes must work. By the way: If you order 18-inch wheels and run-flat deselecting the option gets Michelin Pilot Super Sport raised - and which is good in theory, even for a few laps around the track.

There the least 3 out to be even after the facelift probably get lost, although the suspension modifications significantly better match its Dynamicist image. And that is serious, not a pun. The higher price of 1,200 euros compared to the 335i (ie from 45,950 euros) but probably.

Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid vs. Lexus GS 450h F-Sport: touring sedans with hybrid drive

The new Q50 Infiniti wants to offer its customers a particularly dynamic hybrid sedan. Around 350 hp and duly temperament but also has the Lexus GS 450h. Which of the two hybrid models offers the better overall package?

08/20/2014 Michael Harnischfeger

It has now already lasted for some time, until the hybrid came out of his green-gooder corner. A welcome Image boosters served here certainly the racing. May the Formula 1 fans gripe about the little exciting sound experience of the small 2014er engines: The hybrid has arrived in the premier class. And with that kinship in league with Renault Infiniti, Nobel label of Nissan and is one of the party. Finally, the French supply engines to Red Bull, Red Bull and Infiniti sponsors advertises with Sebastian Vettel.

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comparison test Infiniti Q50 S 3.5 V6 hybrid, Lexus GS 450h
auto motor und sport 16/2014
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BMW 125i Convertible and Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet in the test: An open question of character

The VW Golf GTI Cabriolet offers turbo-powered outdoor fun in a tracksuit, the BMW 125i Convertible uses classic elegance and a three-liter inline six-cylinder. The two compact convertibles in the test.

07/27/2012 Jörn Thomas

Unfortunately Sascha Hehn was too early for the VW Golf GTI Cabrio - he, the golden boy of the Black Forest Clinic Glottertales. Trademarks: the elegant jump over the door sill of his white VW Golf convertible. Goose bumps? Well, they were just the eighties. As the Golf Cabrio had a strap and sometimes a GLI version, but no GTI. Times have changed: Sascha Hehn no longer practiced, the open VW waives the handle, attracts it with coherent GTI folklore and a turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder that sends 210 horsepower to the front wheels.

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Comparison test BMW 125i convertible, VW Golf GTI Cabrio open race
auto motor und sport 16/2012
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Audi RS 6 Avant in the Super Test: Combined with a six-Appeal

According to Audi, this is the car with the drive racers to work. Whether the Audi RS6 Avant dominates with its 560 horsepower and all-wheel drive only the way to the race track inside out or there may even really impress, has not yet been clarified - that brings the Super Test by now.

02/02/2014 Powered by

That is precisely the formula 1 a forerunner of a trend stylized, whose main feature is the reduction, must be considered as evidence of a pervasive shift in values ​​- or as agents against relegation battle, depending on how you look at it. The ten-cylinder era is known to be placed since 2005 shelved, and the eight-cylinder has finally turned out to the end of the season, 2013.

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SUPER TEST Audi RS 6 Avant Six Appeal
Sport car 1/2014
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Audi workshop test 2010: Audi Zentrum München flyover

Klaus Wießmann

Although we arrive a little early in the modern car dealership, this is no problem for the service advisor who takes plenty of time for a dialogue reception. In this he falls no special features until the next morning he tells, license plate light and right wiper are defective and a glow plug must be replaced. When picking up the papers are handed over at the information booth, by a master no trace. Accordingly, the quality of work: That the maximum result is missed by eight points resulting from loose Abdeckblechschraube, of the incorrectly suspended brake line and the lack of recommendation for further cooling water control.  

Auto Motor und Sport-rating: Recommended

Overview: workshop test
  • Four Audi enterprises fall through page 1
  • Car Thönes Blieskastel Page 2
  • Autohaus Möbus Berlin page 3
  • Audi Center Saarbrücken page 4
  • Autohaus Franz Rath Herne page 5
  • Audi Center Munich flyover page 6
  • Autohaus Ernst Kirschner Moosburg page 7
  • Audi Zentrum Berlin-Charlottenburg page 8
  • Autohaus Bojahr Heusweiler page 9

Mercedes C 200 in the test: track the star forward?

Extremely low air resistance, exemplary comfort, optimum safety: According to Mercedes puts the new C-Class full of superlatives. The only question is: Does the Saloon C 200 with a two-liter gasoline engine, the high expectations?

05/16/2014 Bernd Stegemann Powered by

Mercedes driver old school must be very strong now: The new Mercedes C-Class of the good star has gone on all roads out of sight. In addition to avant-garde and AMG now wears it, the basic version in the grill, only the exterior Exclusive for 1,250 Euros specially still adorns the classic radiator grille with the trademark symbol on top of it.

12/2013 Mercedes C-Class AMG-line vesting 16/12/2013 10:00
Mercedes C-Class 2014: new version of the mid-range model 2:04 min.

Mercedes C-class with many expensive extras

Our avant-garde model for the drive report must therefore do without, but is good otherwise hardly the enfant terrible. Despite strong weight reduction (up to 100 kg) and sophisticated aerodynamics (drag coefficient of 0.24) is the Mercedes C-Class full and solid on its optional 18-inch wheels, visually, functionally and qualitatively shows a similarity to the flagship S class than for similarly long but shallow, inside very short-cut front-wheel drive yuppie CLA.

According convenient go up front and rear into the Mercedes C-class, enjoying the comfortable padding and the ungedrängte sense of space. Of the nearly four inches longer wheelbase and exterior length than its predecessor, however, little is felt more than the knees of the rear passengers have - thanks specially shaped front seat backs - a little more air. In return them getting closer to the head because of the slanted roof of the rear seat back tray.

Even the luggage compartment in the rear short grew only five liters and the tank drops even considerably smaller with ridiculous 41 liters volume than before. A larger 66-liter tank costs just charge (59.50 euros) as all the other amenities in the areas of infotainment (Burmester audio system), assistant (head-up display), security (pre-safe system) and comfort (heated and ventilated front seats), but not all expensive extras to make life easier in the Mercedes C-class.

So also the new navigation system Comand Online for lush 3,510.50 euros with its tangled menu structure and the visual and tactile send pleasant but redundant controls on the center console of the BMW iDrive is lagging behind. In materials and workmanship, the Mercedes C-Class is, however, clear front, underlines with tasteful high-quality plastics, fine chrome trim and tired clicky switches and knobs its premium standards.

Even more, the new chassis with a four-link front suspension and the optimized multi-link rear design solves it, which can be refined for the first time for 1,416 euros extra charge with air cushions (Airmatic). In conjunction with the adaptive dampers (series) bring even bad potholes, rough waves and high payload (up to 504 kg) does not significantly the 1506 kg heavy Mercedes C-Class from the rest - an idea only a slight rumble can sometimes the efforts of the chassis.

To less carious slopes on the other hand the benefits of air suspension of the Mercedes C-class perspective because speaks a conventional BMW 3 hardly worse at. Under the 18-inch tires also suffers from the slow ride comfort, and the sport button you should always stay away, because then it becomes quite uncomfortable. The same applies to the electromechanical steering, because the basic tuning already perfect and the procedures remain in the power assistance without apparent advantages. Although it is not as agile and super direct as in 3, but left in feeling neither the habit of goring and more generally pleasing.

Two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 184 hp

Along with the new front axle it gives the Mercedes C-Class handling, which reached the previous maximum in AMG trim. Even with quick changes of direction, the sedan does not waver, barely rolled out and announced by late relapsing bernde front wheels that now conclusion is funny. However, the rear hinged always something with and tends to oversteer.

From the already known from the renovated E-Class two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 184 hp and 300 Nm, the chassis is in any case less demanded. The not exactly sparkling direct injection has no particular strengths nor weaknesses, at least in response, refinement and performance. In conjunction with the slick shifting six-speed transmission, the Mercedes C-Class accelerates somewhat worse than the driven comparing automatic version (plus 2,499 euros) but is satisfied on average with modest 8.1 liters per 100 kilometers and are in Sport mode even zünftig between gas.

But if the appeal of this gimmick wears off and pending the first long-distance Mercedes C-Class scores despite all the posturing dynamics with traditional brand virtues. The excellent sound insulation for example, which can hardly penetrate to the occupant wind and road. Or the large, precisely because of their firmness in the long term very comfortable seats. And of course the safety equipment, grows alongside the usual standards class with a wealth of additional assistance systems up to the new head-up display (1,178 euros).

Also for the prices Mercedes C-Class is therefore still very traditional, is to purchase at least 3,000 euros more than its main competitors. But where the Mercedes has finally always a star ahead - whether in or on the grille.


The new Mercedes C-Class acts already visually much more dynamic than its predecessor, but excels particularly in terms of comfort, quality, safety and fuel consumption with the best values. However, for Class A claim lacks the two-liter petrol engine with manual transmission of commitment and refinement.