Diesel against petrol – Part 2: Mid: When is a diesel sense?

Diesel direct injection and turbo gasoline nowadays are equally strong, but especially in the middle class, the diesels are very popular. Sometimes, however, the gasoline engine is a better alternative.

07/06/2016 Sebastian Renz, Heinrich Lingner 3 comments

Gasoline? Not interesting. Many customers of the middle class waves bored off when it comes to which engine variant of the new A4, 3 Series, Mercedes C or Passat is to be appointed - a remnant from the time when the powerful and economical turbo diesel so many Saugbenziner did look old. However, since the gasoline engines, turbochargers and direct injection also standard program has also in the middle class changed a lot.

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Middle-class comparison test Diesel against petrol
auto motor und sport 10/2016
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VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI Sport setting follows with 200 hp

After 16 years, a new reality is fading from the memory of its predecessor: the VW Scirocco wags around the corner, the rear drive-fraction is restless. A new Kurvenstar? Test the 2.0 TSI with 200 hp.

19.08.2008 Marcus Peters

The pause was long enough: About the Eighties Popper second-generation grass has grown. Now, after 16 years, shooting a new Scirocco from obscurity, is hardly recognizable as a VW. A messenger of the future brand design, announces its presence with switching salvos energetic, can flash shrewish little eyes nearly through open visor and takes the next corner goodbye with stretched rear jagged.

What a performance; a digestif, please. We have wanted that Angaser coupe for the people. so far VW mass sports offered only the GTI. Its technical basis of the Scirocco uses now, with external references to the compact Allstar are clever wegkaschiert: The new one is a hand ax.

What's in it yet typical Scirocco? The concept about: The new speaker is a two-door four-seater hatchback, front-engine, front-wheel drive. Similarly, the populist, golf similar price remained. From 23,300 euros, the Scirocco already ducking into the garage, then on 17-inch alloy wheels. The tested top model, which starts 2.0 TSI with 200 PS and 280 Nm at 25,550 euros - Tariffs for access. Not to mention the extroverted appearance. It brings maximum attention for the money; maximum discussion of the new VW front included. Just because he has no direct predecessor, surrounding the Scirocco an atmosphere of virginity.

difficult entry

Even on the road, the two-door seems unapproachable as on the stand. He arrived in the midst of life. Typical coupe opens wide the door, the eye falls on the sports seats: Riffel-references as in the sixties. Tight grip there as well as the boarding aid EasyEntry factory, leather costs 2,010 euros extra, the electrical adjustment 390 - both unnecessary.

The view to the rear by surprise. It falls on twin bowls of seats in a horseshoe shape. As front wide cheeks promise backlash back fit. Despite EasyEntry the climb to the spare compartment is difficult and for older people with yoga breviary reasonable. Who buttocks into folds forward, lands a form fit in unexpectedly generous environment and even finds mounts for child seats.

Everyday use Coupe

Typical coupe: The head is the sky near, but arms and legs can spread. For people up to 1.80 meters size of the fund is conditioned for human consumption. That also a useful trunk stays, is situated on the combinatorial similar statements. Unfortunately, the boot lid can be opened only with a key or button on the inside. The flap is a scarce free hatch including rückentraktierender loading edge, the rear seat back is divided umlegbar; 755 liters of storage space created. Whining about tightness in spite of suitability for everyday use, is probably more of a Golf GTI type.

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Single review VW Scirocco
auto motor und sport 17/2008
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Mercedes A 200 CDI in the test: As dynamic as ever

Clear message: With the all-new Mercedes A-Class Mercedes directly targets the segment of high-quality compact. Hit or not? You'll find out in our drive report.

07/12/2012 Jörn Thomas

In the new Mercedes A-Class follows its predecessors: It does away with the raised star on the hood. And, although thus could take their competition even better targeted. Finally, this is now finally clear: Audi A3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, BMW 1 Series, the VW Golf and the rest of the compact class Marksmen.

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Fahrbericht Mercedes A-Class Teachable moment
auto motor und sport 15/2012
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Renault Grand Kangoo dCi 110 in the test: Large suitcase Dream

38.4 centimeters more length, two additional seats, a maximum of 4,600 liters of cargo space. If more, then right, Renault probably thought at the Grand Kangoo. he shows true greatness?

03/26/2013 Sebastian Renz Powered by

The Kangoo is the court jester of Renault. Perhaps his most important trait is that he does not take himself seriously and really is too good for anything. We know that since the first commercial that lovemaking between a Kangoo and a rhinoceros (or was it a Renault zeros?) Discussed. In its second generation, he can be painted in two colors even as extra short Bebop to fail grandiose than self-deprecating lifestyle van. Recently, he has done it to convince the Daimler people, it was a great idea when she costumed him as Mercedes. Now he appears there on the Citan.

Wheelbase falls extremely from long

And now they have made a long-wheelbase version also out of the car variant at Renault. They have - what it looks like without having to seek a designer - extends the flanks behind the sliding doors by 38.4 centimeters. As the Grand Renault Kangoo now stretched to 4.60 meters. He is still getting shorter than a VW Jetta, but due to the long wheelbase of 3.08 meters, it threatens to tilt in tight parking garages.

In contrast, the stretching directional stability and cornering relaxed. In bends and the Renault Grand Kangoo swaying, but remains quiet and reacts calmly to load changes, well supported by the ESP.

Renault Grand Kangoo with space till you drop

Above all, the Renault Grand Kangoo maximizes the space. Because the whole cultivation indeed goes to the trunk space is enough there loose for two more seats. They are from the Grand Scénic, offer even adults good comfort, can be moved along - so the volume of the luggage compartment on the minimum 300 liters increases - fold or completely remove. The term of the expansion not quite hitting the procedure because it sounds as if you could it follow a clear procedure. In contrast, the extraction of the seats succeeds by chance after many around pulling on the levers.
Are the beasts finally out, fit to window edge 750 liters of pure, appears to the unchanged spacious rear bench down, creating a container-like luggage hall with a completely flat floor, which even exceeds 4,600 liters of the cargo capacity of a completely evacuated VW Multivan. What all can rein!

And what is in there, the 1.5-liter diesel with polynuclear determination pulls ahead and on a maximum of 170 km / h. Wherein the wind speed above 130 stormy surges around the chest of the Renault Kangoo. For long trips, the Grand nevertheless qualified with low fuel consumption (7.5 l / 100 km), nice suspension and ordinary seats.

Everything added up, it costs the only one - sufficient decked - version available Renault Grand Kangoo is 350 euros more than the short. So: who can, the Grand.


The Better family car: The long Kangoo is extremely spacious, fast motorized, practical, cheap and safe travels.

Honda CR-V 2.2 4WD lifestyle in the test: Little temperament meets comfort

His great-grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the SUV movement. Can the fourth-generation Honda CR-V capitalize on the long experience? We have tested the SUV with the perfect choices matching diesel.

11/21/2012 Dirk Gulde

The trick of the Honda CR-V with the rear seat mechanism is so good that you want to bring him equal to a few times in a row: On the command of an inconspicuous Hebelchens in the trunk of a spring pulls first the seat upwards, then the headrests create before finally obeys the back of a further spring and pivots downward. the largest luggage compartment in its class (1,669 liters), a flat load floor and the realization that 16 years SUV experience can not hurt remain.

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Single Review Honda CR-V 2.2i-DTEC With plenty of comfort
auto motor und sport 24/2012
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Brabus 850 Biturbo 6.0 Widestar: Mercedes G 850-horsepower Tripp

Brabus 850 Biturbo 6.0 Widestar - according to the latest challenge to all states who think they have a strong Mercedes G in the program. 850 hp have light with 2.5 tons Mercedes G game.

09/04/2015 Uli Baumann Powered by

With the six-liter twin-turbo V8 engine Brabus has a new universal weapon on the shelf. Mercedes-AMG G 63 of the 850 hp and 1,450 Nm is where powerful eight-cylinder engine of the on-Breitbaukit. The capacity increase achieved Brabus with new forged pistons, connecting rods new and a new crankshaft. In addition, both cylinder heads are optimized for mixture flow, new charger and exhaust manifold installed and revised the intake area.

Only at 260 km / h Brabus Widestar is intercepted

Despite a weight of almost 2.5 tons of the four-wheel drive in 4.0 seconds from zero to at 100 km / h spurt. the brabus 850 Widestar is intercepted at 260 km / h above the electronics.

Because hardly anyone will venture into the terrain with this SUV well, Brabus has screwed properly and at the finish. In the widened wheel arches - a total of Widestar is 12 cm wide - 23 inches to turn light-alloy forged wheels, which are fitted with 305 / 35er tires. Behind the front wheel arches to make Radhausentlüftungen wide, which are used in the doors through essays continued. The standard front bumper gets a spoiler adjusted under the radiator grille with Brabus logo to make an additional aperture wide. Black tinted Xenon headlight units with integrated turn signals complete the Brabus-face. The rear values ​​to a new apron and a roof spoiler. Before the rear wheels, the tailpipes of the stainless-steel sport exhaust system with valve control lead. The chassis Brabus uses dual electronically adjustable dampers - to choose between voting comfort and sport.

But Brabus is also interior. Here, the customer may play to his wishes. Finest leather meets illuminated stainless steel door sill panels, an alcantara headliner and an extensive multimedia equipment. In the rear, the passengers can slouch on a fully electrically adjustable individual seats from the S-Class.

Premiere of the Brabus 850 Biturbo 6.0 Widestar the way at the IAA in Frankfurt.

Cars that will not be forgotten (12): Honda N360 – In the kingdom of the Dwarves

For 40 years Klaus Westrup writes about cars in Auto Motor und Sport. For MotorKlassik he remembers - this time to a tiny Honda, N 360th

17.12.2007 Klaus Westrup Powered by

Hard to believe from today's perspective, what Honda has made in the famous Apo-1968 on four wheels. N 360 is the little wagon, and the number does not signal the length in centimeters, but the displacement in cubic centimeters. "Where will stop the car," Reinhard Seiffert asks the first single review a little worried - and says not only the three-meter overall length, the new Honda with the British mini splits, but also the small motor. "360 cubic centimeters, which is for a motorcycle a good capacity. But for a car?"

Two cylinder rotating to 10,000 / min

It's a car, edged cut, with four seats, two doors and two cylinders. So small the built far forward in front of the front axle twin also is in one point, he is the greatest. It reaches speeds that you know only from Japanese motorcycles or racing machines. One clue is the tour counter, which is available on request and extends to 10,000 revolutions.

Also in terms of performance, the fan-cooled howler in the former small car music. Get 27 hp at 8,000 tours the Honda engineers who have about the same time as the famous four-cylinder CB 750 created a two-wheel Classics, from the short-stroke two-cylinder. That's enough to accurately 111 km / h and an acceleration of 41 seconds to 100, the four-speed constant mesh transmission, a design that is commonly practiced only in motorcycles, is closely stepped kept the final drive ratio short. 80 km / h in fourth gear rotates the N 360 almost 6,000 / min, at 100 it is smooth 7000.

Extremely high speed and noise level

This is not without consequences for the noise level. The engine makes a huge noise while driving an agreement is practically excluded, since the narrow capacity makes a reckless exploitation of the high speed reserves almost always necessary. "You get the noise of a racing car and the acceleration of an old VW," Seiffert shares with his readers. From him the disrespectful title comes called "Rappelrutsch."

Honda against competitors

Many cars has Honda then no longer sold, but 360 still leave the north to take part in a comparison test courageous. The competition comes from the small-car establishment, the Dyane Citroën, the Austin Mini, the Fiat 850 and the R 4 Renault. The three latter have proper car engines, water-cooled inline four-cylinder, only Dyane and Honda compete zweizylindrig. The Dyane in the maximum power despite 600 cubic centimeters volume three PS lying under the Honda.

Comparative tests have great importance to Auto Motor und Sport, also because they occur rarely, be drawn on two issues and should provide the reader with tingling excitement. Some appear hemdsärmelig from today's perspective, such as the hill climb on the Swabian Alb, the five competitors have to undergo. Mountains at that time were still real obstacles that had to be overcome - and the worse the power to weight ratio, the greater the slope percentages threatened with their dreaded downgrade.

A road sign warns of the steepest passage of the selected track section. "17 percent to 3,400 meters," it proclaims threatening, the small engines must summon all their strength. We sit four of the Honda N 360 and let us fraternally the displacement. Everyone gets 90 cubic centimeters, even Seiffert, clutching a driver the puny zweispeichige plastic steering wheel with his powerful hands. The Honda weighs 535 kg empty, with the four well-fed mountain auditors should weigh on the ten-inch wheels over 800 kg - truly a challenge for the roaring Twin.

Fiat 850 behind the Honda is the fastest uphill

The stopwatch is running. We need the time after passed an examination, in order to calculate the average speed from a standing start. Man and machine will do everything possible Seiffert always keeps the engine with skillful, but also robust carried out switching operations than 7,000 tours and so happy. After four minutes and 14 seconds of the peak is reached, the average speed is 48.2 km / h.

Not so bad, as can be seen in direct comparison with colleagues. The in engine capacity of over twice the Renault R4 creates exactly 44 km / h, the sluggish Dyane Citroën drags himself with just 33.2 km / there, and even the Mini 850 is 47.3 km / h has a touch under the Japanese barrel organ. Fastest drives the Fiat 850. He puts brisk 55 km / h on the asphalt.

Nevertheless, with the Honda over the Alps, a nightmare. Because it is yet again downhill. The brakes have can end format and move into a heated state on all sides. The Walk around the many bends, however, is more of a pleasure. The Japanese dwarf is good-naturedly when cornering at speed, even if he reaches the inside rear of the leaf-sprung live axle admonishing into the air. Load change reactions also shows the small front-wheel drive hardly more difficult for him the simple straight-line stability. One is constantly on steering and is reminded of movie scenes where the Hollywood stars also constantly turning in their American cars on the steering wheel, even though it's all straight.

The 360 ​​as the beginning of the Honda Car evolution

The comparison test finale sees as the best all-rounder the Fiat 850 and the Renault R4 at the top, the little Honda ends up relegated far behind. The Japanese company that has been building for many years excellent motorcycles and sets standards here, still shows significant distance in the art to represent similar on four wheels.

At that car scene of Rappelrutsch is quickly forgotten, and Honda is about not unhappy. What follows will be getting better and perfect in small steps, to this day. A car with the aura of a CB 750 with its four exhaust pipes, however not be there. Who listens Honda, still thinks today first on motorcycles.

VW Tiguan buying guides: Tiguan: All equipment, all engines

The VW Tiguan leading the sales statistics for the compact SUV to clear, although the competition has created the market. Which engine and which equipment suits, there is not - but here in the great buying advice.

10.02.2011 Powered by

Drive and body

The VW Tiguan offers a wide range: seven engines, four-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission. Needs a compact SUV wheel? Many now nod to then go to 98 percent over fixed, snow-free roads. In the VW Tiguan one finds the answer in the search for the best engine. The four petrol engines are three reasons to recommend less: The most powerful four-cylinder, two-liter with 200 hp, is the Tiguan an engine that felt no more pressure than does the thirsty 170-hp version. The 1.4 TSI with 140 horses charged by turbo and compressor and convinced not ams endurance test certificate. Remains the mere entry-level gasoline 122 hp, which should enjoy only occasional drivers in the VW Tiguan.

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Buyer's guide VW Tiguan The high-flyer
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Nissan Rogue Sport: Shrunken success SUV

With the Rogue Nissan has an absolute bestseller in the US market. For 2017 the model range is extended by the sporty cut Rogue sport. Premiere of Rogue Sports in Detroit.

01/11/2017 Uli Baumann 2 comments

Looking at the number of registrations in the US for 2016, then there is in 10th with 329,904 registrations of Nissan Rogue. To stand in future even further up and more to lure more customers, the Rogue Sport is now set aside the Rogue.

Dimensions much more compact

Besides a slightly modified design of the Rogue Sports is counting on its compact dimensions. The wheelbase was shortened by almost 6 cm, the total length shrank by almost 31 cm. In addition, the Rogue sport is narrower and shallower. Thus, the Rogue is to withdraw benefits especially in the urban jungle. Clear that the interior shrinks, but the rogue Sport will offer 5 passengers.

Sporty is also the optics. The front crouches lower than the Rogue, the grille - more V-signature - is narrow, the lower cooling air intake is larger and the round LED fog lights rely on LED technology. In the rear, the Rogue sports from rogue settles by wider current lamps and a brawny apron. The flanks of the Rogue Sport buy new beading and modeled rear shoulders more dynamic.

Only one engine on offer

The engine range of the Nissan Rogue Sport includes only an aggregate. The two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine delivers 141 horsepower and 200 Nm and is coupled to a CVT. The Rogue sport can optionally be ordered with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Depending on the version of Rogue Sport rolls on 16, 17, or 19-inch alloy wheels. Always on board is the Shield-assistance system package.

In trade, the Nissan Rogue Sport comes in the spring of 2017. He will be built in Japan. Prices have not yet been called.

Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl: Mobile home for adventurers

IAA 2017

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the concept car Citroën Space Tourer Rip Curl is celebrating its world premiere. The all-wheel drive camper on the Citroën Space Tourer comes as a companion for unlimited outdoor adventures.

08/31/2017 Uli Baumann

The concept car Space Tourer Rip Curl created in collaboration of Citroën and the surf equipment Rip Curl. a Citroen Space touring, which was equipped with a switchable by the supplier Dangel-wheel drive and more ground clearance serves as a base. The rear axle is activated via a dial on the instrument panel. In the motor, the choice fell on the 150 horsepower turbocharged diesel with four cylinders and two liters capacity, which is coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. To convert into a compact camper the bodybuilder Pössl is responsible, the self-serving already with the Pössl Camp Ster a compact motorhome based on the Citroën Space Tourer.

Camper relies on two-tone

The Citroen Space Tourer Concept takes Rip Curl with its two-tone exterior paint - dark khaki in the upper body area, bright beige in the lower part - a typical design feature of the surf scene on. In addition, a bar in Neongelb highlights the horizontal body line. The pop-up roof creates space for a sleeping surface for two people, which is shielded by an interior fabric and a mosquito net outward. In the wheel housings of the study, 17-inch alloy wheels rotate.

The interior of Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl focuses on the subject two colors. The seating surfaces are covered with a khaki leather and horizontal ribs in the embroidery pattern. Dark gray Alcantara brings the upper backrest portion, the head restraint, the door panels and the front seat edge to advantage. There is also color accents in neon yellow: seams, colored strips and a strip of neon yellow adorn the seats. Decorative elements on the dashboard, steering wheel and doors in neon yellow highlight the cockpit. As a contrast different surfaces in the interior were kept matte black.

Extensive residential amenities

Facilities include a folding table on the seat backrests and a folding, sliding table in the side wall. In the tailgate, a shower with built curtain is installed. Protects the interior from water splashes and the user from prying eyes. A water canister, which is integrated in a storage space, supplies the shower with water. The removable kitchen unit comprises a sink and a stove. There is also a refrigerator and ample closet space. The front seats can be rotated. The rear seat can be converted thanks mattress in a flat lying area.

Pössl Camp Ster
Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl: Mobile home for adventurers Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl: Mobile home for adventurers Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl: Mobile home for adventurers Citroën Space Tourer Concept Rip Curl: Mobile home for adventurers
VW California beware

On board are also a waterproof container for the surfing suits, a weather station and a safe which is fixed under the vehicle. Surfboards find a home on the ceiling in special holders. For outdoor applications, the Space Tourer is also equipped with an outdoor sofa, a removable lamp, blankets and other utensils.

The bottom line of the Space touring Rip Curl may be understood as a quasi Pössl Camp ester with all-wheel drive, which has been trimmed for show purposes on mobile Surf.

Honda Odyssey 2017: Van is a family-friendly

The Japanese carmaker Honda has unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show the new Odyssey. The siebenitzige Van has increased, especially in the inner values.

01/10/2017 Uli Baumann 1 comment

The Honda Odyssey is in the vans on the US market a real number, and has been for years. Accordingly, the Japanese have not changed the concept of the van in the new generation a lot. A few sophisticated new details are the Odyssey more attractive yet.

Honda Odyssey Photo: Honda

Seat system variable

the "Magic-Slide" seats are new in the second row. When the center seat is removed, the outer seats can be moved in 5 steps inside, the backrests are naturally folded flat. To the passengers in the rear seats - especially children - to monitor observed a camera on the roof lining the passenger compartment. Internal communications will be supported by the on-board audio system. Various board functions can be controlled from all seats by special app. And for the passengers in the second and third row is a new entertainment system.

was also updated its range of security systems. New to the list of options available LED headlights and a heated steering wheel.

Design remains true

is driven, the new Honda Odyssey by a 3.5-liter V-6 gasoline engine with 280 hp. Which can optionally be combined with a 9- or 10-speed automatic transmission.

Despite the new edition of the design of the Odyssey remains true to a large extent. The front has been adapted to the new family face. The grille is now working with active grids. The tail was donated LED lights, tailgate now opens under sensor control. New materials will make the interior valent, the instrument cluster in front of the driver puts on a TFT screen. Central control element is an 8-inch touch screen on the dashboard. Nevertheless, the new Van windschlüpfiger and 45 kg is to be made easier. Also new are the suspension and electric power steering

The new Honda Odyssey rolls from spring 2017 to US dealers. Prices have not yet been called. , the new Odyssey will be built in the US again.

What drives Jean-Marc Gales ?: The cars of the Lotus CEO

Lotus CEO like unscrewed earlier even with dad on cars and continues today almost every day a prototype. Alone it would rather buy second-hand as a new car.

04/21/2017 Andreas Haupt
What is your private collection?

For the family I drive a Mercedes E 420 CDI, the 2009 Year. I have gained needed me the car for a test in your magazine. With 730 Nm you know what you have. When another car I own a used W124 convertible, a 300, built in 1991. The but I suppose only in good weather. What will surprise people: I have a Porsche when I was still working 911 Turbo 997, the I bought six years ago in Brussels, but I am not driven for three years. The car was then five years old. The Porsche is easily tuned to 550 hp.

Do you like tuning?

I would say that customization is already my case. Our clients Lotus also go more and more in that direction. Porsche has carbon brakes, is black on the outside and inside fully equipped with beige leather.

Why getting a used car?

It's a little economic thinking, because some of these cars have already as a new car in the first few years a significant loss in value. After ten years of their value sets then again. This is also a little the goal that I am following with Lotus: That the cars are classics. My cars are fun, they are classic, the performance is positive: what more could you want? There is no reason to sell it, even though I move rare. During the week it's all about Lotus.

With what are you going to work?

My engineers are working on many projects. I drive a further development, a prototype Lotus every night. This may be a change to the transmission, or on the aerodynamics, or to the springs and dampers. If the weather permits, I turn the evening a few laps on our race track before I go home. When I'm home, I give my engineers in the late evening feedback. can best judge whether a car is well balanced when understeer there, and when overdriven it on the narrow, winding and bumpy British roads.

the prototypes carry a Tarnfolie?

Sometimes even when it comes to changes to the body. If it only affects the landing gear, then do not. the cars fall late at night not with Tarnfolie really on. There are very few photos with a lotus in Tarnfolie.

What was your first car?

That was a Fiat 127 cc of my father with 903 displacement and 47 hp. He had 70,000 kilometers on it and I drove it to 110,000 kilometers. I was constantly by car in the red. The only thing that bothered me was that the car had no tachometer. But I knew when I was in the red. Because I felt when I at what speed 6,500 / min was what gear. Because you knew when to better overhauled and when not. We at home were always two or three cars and have screwed together after school to them.

Screw watching?

I had the late 1990s, early 2000s some English cars. Where was always broken something. Therefore but you love them. I had two Jaguar XJ-S, a six-cylinder, a twelve-cylinder. You have a lot of love and affection needed. Today, the time to screw myself missing. Once we are back in calm waters at Lotus, I'll do it again with a Lotus.

Your first contact with Lotus?

My father took me in 1974 in a Lotus showroom. The elite has impressed me so deeply with four-cylinder, 160 hp and double camshaft Lotus built. It was a very light car, but still very safe. 1112 kg and space for four people, plus a beautiful shape. The car was actually his time by 30 years ahead. Today, there are again exactly the same topics: downsizing, smaller engines, efficiency and safety. I had then taken me the catalog and this I have today. At that time, my enthusiasm for Lotus started. It has meant that I have become a mechanical engineer.

And what you are interested in?

Seeking a Lotus Excel. Although this is not the most popular Lotus, but I like him very much. Because he is reliable, and in my view has a beautiful shape. I have a few copies in the eye. If I get a Lotus prototypes night, I would come to work in Excel.

They also like passenger?

I am a bad passenger. Only when I'm tired. Then I let me drive. Because it is otherwise dangerous. I like to drive yourself, pay attention to every sound. Luckily I have a good ear and take every crunch true. Actually, I give the tax only on the race track from you. And while the differences between a good driver and a professional will be made aware of. The fastest experience I had in Hockenheim Bernd Schneider in a DTM Mercedes. He told me later that he gave 99 percent gas.

Your favorite route?

My personal favorite track is between Monaco and Genoa and runs along the lake. Since you can virtually stop every five kilometers, enjoy a very good cappuccino. The on a sunny day in a sports car: There is not much that can beat that.

Chevrolet Cruze in Detroit: Opel Astra on American

Chevrolet brings the new compact class model Cruze at the start. The compact model is technically closely related to the new Opel Astra and will provide world sales. After the notchback sedan, the hatchback version debuts in Detroit now.

07/01/2016 Uli Baumann

The largest markets for the Chevrolet Cuze, which is offered on more than 40 markets worldwide, the US and Asia. From Europe, the Cruze holds out after the withdrawal of Chevrolet. Here GM leaves the Opel Astra and the field. Nevertheless, the new Cuze is to build on the success of the old - which is more than 3.5 million units sold since 2008, the best-seller in Chevrolet Program. However, the new Chevrolet Cruze was developed in parallel with the Astra in Rüsselsheim. Accordingly, both share the same platform (D2) and the same virtues. More space and less weight.

Chevrolet Cruze at first only as a petrol

Thus, the new Chevrolet Cruze is said to have slimmed down as a sedan up to 113 kg. He was also 68 mm longer and 25 mm flatter. The hatchback version is easier to up to 91 kg. With a standardized wheelbase of 2,700 mm, the Cruze will offer significantly more interior space. The design, which is based at the sister models Impala and Malibu, the new Cruze with its flatter hood, the windshield flat stationary and the flatter rear makes more sportiness. The hatchback version relies on a roof spoiler and distinctive pronounced bumper corners. Into the back of the hatchback fit luggage 524-1189 liter.

Under the hood, initially proposes as a standard heart a 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine that brings PS 154 and 240 Nm at the start and exclusively drives the front wheels. is selectively switched to a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission. A diesel engine is to be pushed with the model year 2017th

Up-to-date is the Chevrolet Cruze in the multimedia equipment. The MyLink infotainment system with a large touch screen integrates Android Auto and Apple carplay virtually all smartphones. The OnStar telematics service is available as well as a Iinternetzugang. The safety features of the Chevrolet Cruze are among ten airbags, a rearview camera, a dead spot assistant, a cross-traffic warning rear, a lane departure warning and collision warning.

Alpha-N Performance Tuning: BMW M4 becomes the RS

Specifically for use at the Nurburgring Alpha-N Performance has the BMW M4 prepared: M4 RS is their work - 560 hp it and hits the GTS M4 so by 60 hp. but that was not all!

06/21/2017 Roman domes Powered by

Who wants to attack the Nürburgring Nordschleife on time, it needs the right tool: a track tool. The BMW M4 heard the production car to be quite suitable for race track, but still leaves room for improvement open. The tuner Alpha-N Performance from the Eifel town of Bad Neuenahr transforms the M4 to the absolute track slayer, packs more than 100 horsepower on top of it and calls it like this - like racing.

BMW engine strengthened to 560 hp

Alpha-N Performance were the 431 hp of the series M4 not strong enough. Therefore, they optimized the S55B30 twin-turbo straight six by software to 560 hp and nearly 690 Nm. So that the M4 is as strong as the old BMW M5 Series F10. The Vmax is, according to Alpha-N at more than 300 km / h.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M4 F82 RS, tuning, track tool Photo: Alpha-N Performance
More air: The carbon bonnet has air vents to cool the 560 hp engine.

The new hood is made entirely of carbon and lets hot air through the integrated outlet to escape, so the engine does not overheat.

is switched on the BMW M4 RS by Alpha-N via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission - the transmission software comes here from the M4 GTS and should offer faster gear changes.

In addition, Alpha-N also played on the software for the electronic controlled differential and the stability program DSC. In the cockpit, the tuner has changed little: the Recaro sports seats of the type "pole position" are the only visible change in the interior.

Ohlins suspension on the BMW M4 RS

From specialists Ohlins the new chassis, type "Road comes & Track ", which was specially designed for the Nordschleife. The 20.83 km long route requires a special setup, as it is not with other circuits because of their history comparable. Special feature: New Bump stops allow for an adjustment of the camber, can improve the turn-in.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M4 F82 RS, tuning, track tool Photo: Alpha-N Performance
More Camber: The camber plates allow for adjustment of camber for better steering response.

Upgrades have also experienced the brakes - but only indirectly: New brake ducts on the front axle are the cooling air to the brake system perform better. Interesting fact: The new hood directs cooling air via hose to the brake.

Alpha-N did not leave it in the wheel-tire combination, on the M4 rolls normally. In the wheel arches now 20-inch OZ Racing Leggera HLT rims in widths 9J and 10J turn. The tires on the front axle: 265/30; at the rear: 285/30.

The new aerodynamics works

On the north loop output is an important factor, without them, the Lamborghini Huracán-performance probably can enter no new record.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M4 F82 RS, tuning, track tool Photo: Alpha-N Performance
More pressure: The carbon spoiler is very similar to the M4 GTS and donates nordschleife important output.

Alpha-N installed at their M4 RS a new front carbon splitter, which is to direct the air over the vehicle, minimizing understeer. Additionally, perched on the trunk lid, a large rear spoiler, which looks very similar to the M4 GTS. However, the tuning rear wing can not be adjusted in its inclination.

Result: Thanks to the extensive tuning a Nordschleife lap time (BTG) from 7:20 minutes to be feasible - if the driver knows what he's doing.

This costs the alpha-N-tuning for the BMW M4

The prices for the tuning can be broken down as follows: The engine tuning costs about 2,000 euros. Changing the software for gearbox, DSC and differential almost 800 euros. The chassis (plus top mount) costs about 3,900 euros. The wheel set of OZ Racing is 3,500 euros in the price list. 7,700 Euros are due for all aerodynamic components and the new hood. And the new Recaro seats cost 2,700 euros. TÜV and assembly are still on top.

Wörthersee 2016: The Fanautos: Lots of work, lots of love (mostly)

When brunette young women entertain with blonde hair extensions on cleaning systems for daytime running lights, then we are in the middle in the VW GTI meet at the Wörthersee.

05/04/2016 Gregor Hebermehl Powered by

The motorcade through Reifnitz does not stop. Strangely, for example, models of Mercedes and Chevrolet have mingled with the myriad VW. No one is bothered by it, the mood is chosen friendly and peaceful. VW itself has declared for the 35th GTI Meet the motto "Back to the Roots", finally, the Golf GTI, this year 40 years old. The fans seem to have adopted this slogan: models of VW subsidiary brands such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche or Lamborghini are much less represented than in recent years.

And GTI fan is not the same GTI fan: Some have prepared their cars consuming, some still polish it at the meeting, others put their car in an elaborate themed world and still others are simply come to the meeting with their normal everyday car.

Many cars of fans see in the gallery.