Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese: Charalambos Bull Arena on 2 levels

Lamborghini has a checkered past. The tractor manufacturer, the Italian company changed to performance forged from super sports cars. With songs like the Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murciélago. The on-site museum Lamborghini revels in the past - and tells his story started at 350 and 400 GT sports cars like the Miura, Countach, Urraco, Jalpa to the LM002 SUV.

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Automobili Lamborghini, Via Modena 12, I-40019 Sant'Agata Bolognese: In this address, you should definitely pay a visit once, when you hold it with supercars. And have a soft spot for run traditional at the same time. Here, in the small Italian community in the Emilia-Romagna, they not only produce annually about 3,200 new fighting bulls grade Aventador and Huracán, but also remember their past.

Lamborghini Miura SV - Lamborghini Museum - Sant'Agata Bolognese
Charalambos Bull Arena on 2 levels 11 sec.

Lamborghinis story stands on parquet flooring

Glass facade, parquet flooring: Since 2001, curl up on two floors several bulls comfortable, the Lamborghini is no longer in the arena to fight against the Porsches, McLarens and Bugattis in the world sends. And of course, against favorite opponent Ferrari.

Lamborghini 350 GT, 400 GT, Miura, Countach, Urraco, Jalpa, LM002, Espada, Estoque: You tell her story in the gallery - enriched by fascinating photos on the walls. The first exhibit of the house museum was a Murciélago.

The turbulent history but begins with the 350 GT - the first mass-production model of the brand. 3.5-liter V12, 280 horsepower and a top speed of 280 km / h. Lamborghini recorded from 1964 to 1966 to a total of 120 copies of it. The successor 400 GT managed to double the number of pieces. Both already proudly wore the Bull emblem on the bodywork.

LM002 "every 10 minutes at the gas station"

The tradition to seek the names of his sports car in bullfighting, Lamborghini began with the Miura. At that time the with 280 km / h fastest sports cars in the world turned out to be the first big hit of the Italians. Only one of the success may not have tasted: the Lamborghini Islero, which the Miura put in the shade.

Also made it into the museum have allowed the Espada Jalpa and 350. One was the first four-seater Grand Tourer of Lamborghini, the other was until 1988 the last V8 the brand. To him the Lambo engineers will incorporate the 2018 coming SUV again. His predecessor terrain named LM002. LM for Lamborghini Military, which explains the originally intended purpose. The 2.7-ton colossus, or just Rambo-Lambo, drives a 5.2-liter V12. His passion for the LM002 gasoline under the thick body could never hide. "One liter per kilometer," joke mocking about his thirst. Other press it this way: "He has trampled you on the highway Ten minutes later, did you see him at the gas station.."

In 53 years of automotive history, Lamborghini has also must put away the occasional low blow. Despite a Countachs it kriselte in the company in the 1970s. And the owners changed from then until 1998 as in some football club coaches. To Audi took over the reins.

Unfortunately, did not find the way to the museum all models. For example, the Lamborghini Marzal. Or the Miura Roadster. Both individual pieces are now privately owned.

That are in the museum, see our slide show.

Exclusive BMW M1 on sale: Is this worth 850,000 euros M1?

The company Mint Classics gathered in Muenster some old and stunning BMW models like the Z8 Roadster, 1600GT or M1. Since the end of June, the company has a BMW M1 in Polaris Silver on offer. Which price shall CEO Felipe Garcia solid at 939,590 US dollars.

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Bernie Ecclestone is said to have one. In addition, there should still be a prototype of it. And currently the third and final copy with the chassis number 4301424 is in Muenster. We are talking about a BMW M1 in Polaris Silver. This painting should, according Classics carry only three of the 453 made BMW M1 Mint Company. What makes the accessories for sale mid-engine sports an absolute rarity.

Garcia privately has another rare M1

A rare piece that wants to be Mint Classics boss Felipe Garcia paid expensive. The Colombian calls for the silver BMW M1 with 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder, 277 hp and 300 Nm at a price of 939,590 US dollars. Converted these are about 850,000 euros. For the background: With the launch of the 1978 M1 for 100,000 marks was offered.

Is the price of almost one million dollars too high? Well no. "Next week is a first prospective customer from Scandinavia. Then another from the United States," says Garcia. "I think that the BMW M1 can generally prices by 1 million euros reached in the distant future."

A few days ago, the Colombian, who himself has a black M1 privately owned has sold (one of three worldwide), a BMW M1 Procar with the red-white BASF paint to a gentleman racer. "The exact price I can not tell. I would have to deny only with the buyer. But even there we are in the range of 1 million euros."

Interior of the BMW M1 in top condition

The history of the BMW M1 in Polaris Silver is quickly told. In 1981, he was extradited to France. In 1983, the sports car wandered into the possession of a Japanese collector. "The car is standing in Japan longer unmoved," says Garcia. Currently, the BMW M1 has only 17,500 kilometers on the clock. In 2006, a Belgian grabbed the rare model. "I'm Over a fellow dealers to the owner hard to get," says the Colombian. And at what price he bought the M1? "I'm a seller. I'm not," he says and laughs.

Step by step Garcia has prepared the M1. "The paint was no longer so beautiful. Here we have repainted in its original color. In addition, we renewed all wear parts. For example, the brakes, rubber and water pipelines. Engine and transmission are in their original state," says Garcia. Problems with rust, there are none. "When M1 have to be careful. In many cases, rusts the space frame from the inside out. In this instance, however, everything is perfect."

At the interior, the Colombian had to do anything. "The interior we did just clean. The seats are original, and even the carpets." In the coming days he will have a check the M1 of BMW Classic. "To have it certified to me that everything is tip-top. You look at the engine, transmission, chassis, axles and suspension arm on. The result is a 20-page report, which I can show prospective buyers."

Sporting classic cars to 15,000 Euros: This sports car has classic potential

We have put together 25 sports cars, which have the makings, sports car classic. Whether Corvette, BMW M5 sedan with Ferrari engine - for 15,000 euros, there is a wide range of fast oldies.

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Those looking for a sporty second car, for example, can buy a Renault Twingo Sport with 133 hp for 14,999 euros. But there are more attractive cars that remain also spared from such extreme loss of value: Exactly, sporting classic cars and vintage cars. We have put together 25 sporting classics to 15,000 euros.

Exotic Wankel athlete for 7,500 euros

The range and the range is large, for everyone can be found a suitable car. It already is in far off below 10,000 euros. For 6,700 euros, there is for example a Ford Capri III, at least 160 horsepower and dashing style of the wild eighties. Or how about a 4x4 Opel Calibra 2.0i Turbo? After all, the almost forgotten athlete is with its 204 hp and all-wheel drive for race track and winter use alike. With less than 8,000 euros for a neat copy you are - there are usually just a Dacia Logan.

And if it should be something exotic, there are around 7,500 euros for a Mazda RX-7 rotary engine, or 9,500 euros a Matra Murena in which a family of three can be sporty on the road - and all in the front row.

Sedan with Ferrari engine for 14,900 euros, US sports car icon for 12,000 euros

The largest displacement you get with an American sports car icon: the Corvette C4. 5.7 liters and up to 330 PS already for about 12,000 euros. If you prefer the discreet appearance. Chooses to 14,900 euros rather a Lancia Thema 8.32, the unobtrusive family sedan is powered by a Ferrari engine of the 308 GTB. 

315 hp sports sedan for 13,000 euros

If the sports car, however, is to replace the same everyday car, we have the BMW M5 Series E34 a hot issue in the quiver: Where else 315 bouncing pony for just 13,000 euros? A comparable current 5 Series from BMW, the 535i with 306 horsepower, costs at least in standard equipment 50,500 euros. Since there is scope would remain for a second and third athletes. More tips are available in our slide show.

Opel Enigma: The Opel Calibra for the future

Manta, GT, Calibra - the past of the Opel brand can be so wet some eye, the future does not look quite so rosy. Nevertheless designer David Cardoso has outlined the future of Opel and calls his "new" Opel Calibra Enigma.

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The sporty four-seater will be based on the platform of the Chevrolet Camaro and could include the coupe version of the Opel Insignia represent. According to information Cardoso has had influence on the Opel Enigma from the Astra GTC and the Flextreme study. Surely the designer ventured in creating even a glance at the Citroen GQ - because the expressive Opel study surprisingly recalls the concept car of the French.

Opel Enigma with Camaro engine

The strongly curved bonnet finds its extension in a flat windshield, which in turn passes into the Coup Roof. Only about the window of the belt Opel Enigma is cut, vigorous issued the wheel housings, the flanks vigorously and the rear overhang in comparison to the front long. The eye-catcher is certainly the rear quarter window, which gives the Opel Enigma a special drawing. The roof is coming slowly towards the stern, which precipitates almost a little too conservative.

the Opel Enigma would allowed to operate even when the Camaro engines, the 2 + 2-seater with 250 things about the web is believed to roar. But instead of the 432 hp 6.2 liter V8 Enigma would this country fired maximum of the 2.8-liter V6 with 325 hp from the OPC Insignia. Would, could, subjunctive mood - that accompanies not only the Opel Enigma, but also the brand. Nevertheless, Opel still have a lot of new products in store: So is the Opel Astra facelift and the Astra Cabrio at the SUV Mokka Corsa-based and subcompact Opel Junior.

Maybach Exelero: With 700 horsepower against the zombie apocalypse

What do zombies and Maybach brand in common? Both are dead - in fact. For the Jordanian 3D artists Kehled Alkayed has revived the legendary Maybach Exelero and equipped the highly exclusive coupe for the fight against undead.

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Maybach Exelero with chain drive and machine gun

On the Internet, his paintings are currently being hotly debated and honorable mention - and we remember 2005 as the tire manufacturer Fulda with the Exelero to Maybach 57 S-based IAA rocked and sent the Maybach Coupe as a test car for high speed tire testing on record run. 351.45 km / h fast driving racing driver Klaus Ludwig then, Nardo.

But back in the "here and now", threatened us clearly the zombie apocalypse and who if not we dream of an automobile riposte: V12, 700 hp, armor all around, reinforced doors, vergittere washers, optimized sills and a rear chain drive. At the front, a martial bumper with flashing lights, auxiliary lights and winch, behind which one can only imagine the slim Exelero grill. The triangular headlights are protected by gratings and on the front there is a zweiläufiges machine gun. The fat wide tires protrude from the fenders and surround high-gloss chrome wheels. The rear end is equipped with pivotable guns and also barred windows.

If the zombie-Exelero built in time?

Apparently it is the model even as a 1: 1 type vehicle. But instead of the original Exelero from the Italian design company stole must serve a 2010s Dodge Viper well - after all, we could then go with a 8.3-liter V10 zombie hunting, if it were not just a whole horde stood before the editors! "Oh my God, break the door, goes away, away from miirrrr, ahhhhh". Schlurf, smacking, blood splattering, arggeg, gurgling, mrummmpf ...

Car check before driving: RundumSorglos

to enjoy a vacation check his car before departure not only soothes the nerves. later it also saves some unnecessary trouble.


Actually, of course: The holiday check should not be performed until the evening before departure. Then it would be already too late to get to new wiper blades for example, or change a damaged tire
allow. Also, such a review is obviously no substitute proper inspection in the workshop. but a couple of standard controls are easy to perform yourself.

It begins with an assessment of the tires: Is there enough profile exists, corruption has occurred? Here, if any, do not forget the spare wheel. The air pressure should be adjusted to the additional load, the correct values ​​can be found in the operating instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. Provided that the wiper blades are not fit snugly on the disk or to detect wear and damage, it is better to replace them before departure. After opening the hood, the tank of the windscreen washer system can fill.

look at the opportunity immediately after the coolant and the engine oil level in automatic vehicles, even after the transmission oil. Attentive panoramic view completes the check under the hood. In particular, pay attention to cracked rubber on hoses and loose or corroded connections. The belt should sit tight enough and must not show any visible damage.

To further control the electrical system, it is helpful if a second person is present. While checking all light units front and rear, and also remember the horn.

For just in case replacement should be taken in any case. Make sure that not only light bulbs of all kinds installed on board, which in some countries
is even required. Also spare fuses should be there. In addition to the jack and wheel brace also a set of tools of the popular sizes is one of the car.

The phone number from the breakdown service should not be ignored. Last but not least look for the first-aid kit, warning triangle and safety vest.

Other countries other manners

Those who travel abroad must comply with the applicable there traffic regulations. this applies
not only for speed limits, alcohol limits and regulations for the use of the lighting system. In many countries there are special laws that are unknown here in Germany. As in, for example, in England and Spain to carry spare bulbs is prescribed. England travelers should also Beam Converters get called to adjust the headlights driving on the left. Those looking for
Italy or Spain runs and carries a bicycle that has to attach a special warning sign on the bicycle rack.

Mazda Classic Museum Augsburg: Mazda Maniacs

Frey familien solgte Mazdas og henter inspirasjon den klassiske bilen av merkevaren. Dette kan bare beskrives som en bil, men ville nesten være en fornærmelse. Bak hver modell er en historie som må fortelles.

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13. mai 2017 den eneste Mazda Museum utenfor Japan i Augsburg byen åpnet. I Wertachstraße 29b dermed Mazda historie blir levende. 45 historiske modeller fortelle historien om den japanske bilprodusenten til mer enn 1500 kvadratmeter. ved siden av de historiske Mazda modeller av det tyske markedet, utstillingen inneholder også en rekke sjeldne Mazda klassikere som ble solgt, for eksempel, bare i Japan eller USA samt sjeldne stykker fra totalt ca 120 biler omfattende privat samling av Mazda Frey familien. I tillegg Mazda Classic tilbyr et 700 m² hendelser, en restaurant og en Mazda Classic Store.

Mazda Classic Augsburg Foto: Mazda Åpner dørene 13 mai 2017: Mazda Classic i Augsburg.

Tirsdag til søndag 10:00 til 18:00

Voksne: 5,00 euro; Barn 13-17 år: 2,50 euro; Barn under 12 år: gratis inngang; Pensjonister / studenter: 2,50 euro
Gruppe på fem eller mer: 4,00 EUR / person; Gruppetur (20 personer): 50,00 EUR

Vi var i stand til å se deg rundt på forhånd i utstillingen oss. Gal. Crazy var de alle sier Marcus Frey. Han viser til sin familie og seg selv. Tross alt, har han, far og bror Walter Joachim nå en bil museum. Med gamle Mazdas i den. Ja, du leste riktig. Ingen Mercedes Gullwing, ingen luftkjølt Porsche, men Mazda. Japanerne med Wankel-motoren. Hvor entusiasmen er, men er trolig ganske klart: "Otto noen kan, "Walter Frey stiftet i korte tiår med lidenskap. Den tekniske raffinement av en rotasjonsmotor, annerledeshet enn konvensjonelle fremdriftsmetoder inspirere ham til skolen. Og siden Mazda er bare en pioner. I 1978, har 78-åringen begynt å selge biler. Samtidig fører han med sine sønner tre Mazda forhandlere i større Augsburg.

Allerede i 2015 har de med prosjektet "Mazda Classic i gang". De kjøpte en gammel trikk depot i byen, kan det løse opp og satt gradvis hennes babyer ren. Eller i det minste et bra utvalg av samlingen sin. Beløpene nå som er allerede over 120 Mazda-modeller. "Det viktigste, vi alle har ", sier Marcus Frey, som "Hunter "av familien. Han er ansvarlig for spionasje, sier han. Har internett portaler alltid i visningen, stadig sjekket hans "Tilkoblinger "i Japan på jakt etter nye juveler. "Ja, det gjør avhengige, "det 46-åringen og hans øyne gnisten beskriver.

Med Cosmo startet det

På sitt første kan han huske nøyaktig. Midten av åttitallet startet Freys beregnet med showpiece Mazda Cosmo. Den første Wankel med to skiver. VIN "5". "Hvem har "smittet med viruset samle oss alle, sier Frey. På den tiden reiste hun til New Jersey for å plukke opp bilen på en havn. I topp stand var han ikke, "fordi vi måtte gjøre likevel noen som frontruten. "Price? "I en ikke snakker. "I mellomtiden, de Freys har tre Cosmos i sin samling. Så de slipper å krangle om hvem som har lov til å kjøre den elegante to-seters. nummer "5 "har hedersplass i museet og plassert på en pidestall. Familien trofé. Han var også den dyreste Mazda, den rumstehe her setter Marcus Frey. Verdi? Om hundre tusen bør det være.

Far og sønner kombinerer ikke bare samlingen, men også mekke. Bortsett fra maleri og kroppen fungerer, de Freys gjør nemlig alt selv på egen "Gull stykker". Beleilig, er far Walter utdannet auto elektriker, er bror Joachim utdannet automotive vert og Marcus Frey selv bilmekaniker. "Vi har våre områder "klart definert, forklarer Frey familien hierarkiet. Slik at ingen kommer i veien. mens i helgene de nyter felles Schraubstunden med sin Mazda. "Frey tid "så å si.

Mazda K360 Foto: Christian BittmannEigentlich et hemmelig prosjekt: K360 tricycle.

Med containerskip til Tyskland

Har alltid gi noe. Fordi internett de ofte kjøper "gris i sekken. "Hvilket betyr at de betaler for biler, uten å ha sett det før i Natura. "Vi plukker opp ting fra Japan, Australia, New Zealand eller andre steder. Siden du ikke kan reise dit noen gang før. "Så de er avhengige da at selgeren tar bilene til havnen, hvor de blir deretter sendt til Europa. Pure spenning var hver gang. "Når beholderen åpner døren for meg er jul, "Frey beskriver de første møtene med Internett-kjøp. Siden de allerede hadde opplevd mye. Fra helt glatt nye biler som Mazda 616 Capella, som med "Null "kilometer på kilometertelleren sto over modeller der motoren ble bygget der foran, som R360 Coupe. "Men ekte skrap var inntil nå det aldri vil. Heldigvis. "

Biler de selger for øvrig også måten - dyre hobby slutt ville finansiere en eller annen måte. De Freys er kjent på scenen nå, men i stedet for vintage leger som spesialiserer seg på "Mazda og Wankel". En slik omfattende samling av de japanske kult modeller er det ingen andre steder. Selv Japan ikke har noen større utvalg, familien mistenkt. De kan sikkert lære ellers - de var allerede et par ganger, selv med Mazda sjefer.

Et møte har vært spesielt husket Markus Frey: "Siden vi har møtt Wankel Gud Kenichi Yamamoto. "Den japanske ingeniøren ledet Wankel forskning på syttitallet på Mazda, da selskapet ble fortsatt kalt Toyo Kogyo. Frey var nå godt over 80 år gammel japansk et bilde av sine nylig restaurerte K360, en front lukket, rosa malte tricycle last området. Yamamoto velig hoppet da han så det, øynene hans utvidet: "Han fortalte oss at, "sier Frey hadde har fungert som en slags hemmelig prosjekt på. Yamamoto har utviklet modellen hemmelighet med sitt team. Det bør være etterfølgeren til den første serieproduserte Mazda kjøretøy, en britisk tricycle fra 1950-tallet. "Kunden trengte en avansert trehjulssykkel med et tak, men styret nektet. "Så Yamamoto hadde summarisk utviklet K360 bak lukkede dører, og ba sine sjefer med et fait accompli. "Da han så bildet av vår tricycle, som var en veldig overveldende øyeblikk ", fordi han har lagt så mye hjerte og sjel i denne Mazda, minnes Frey.

Frey familie Foto: Christian BittmannMarcus Frey, far og bror Walter Joachim nå eier en bil museum.

Unik Wankel bussen som en del av samlingen

Hans personlige favoritt i samlingen forresten var en RX7 1979. Daværende-rival "Selv om folk Porsche "924 er ikke en spesielt verdifull bil, men den henge personlige minner: "Med begynnelsen av åttitallet gikk til England. "Etter trening, ville han "se noe annet ", og bestemte seg for å emigrere med bag og bagasje. det er fylt til randen med den RX7, hans første Mazda, drevet på de britiske øyer, hvor han slo et par måneder i en garasje. Etter nesten et år, men han gikk tilbake igjen: "I Tyskland likte jeg det da, men bedre. "Frey far, men fantasier for Parkway bussen, en ekte eksotiske. "Dette er den eneste bussen rotasjonsmotoren ", sier han begeistret. Hvor mange modeller er det fortsatt fra den opprinnelige 42 produsert tidligere skolebusser, er uklart. Uansett, er imidlertid Wankel bussen en sjeldenhet.

På denne måten kan de Freys fortsette å gå på i timevis. Siden det var endelig den lille Gullwing kåret "Autozam AZ1", en mikro-bil med en turboladet tresylindret som aldri kom til Tyskland. Eller Pathfinder XV1, en SUV, som ble bygget i Burma og en gammel Land Rover som ligner mistenkelig. Eller den prestisjetunge Luce, som er den nest mest verdifulle bil ved siden av Cosmo sikkert, den står rundt her. Fra den legendariske MX5 vil de ikke engang begynne fordi de manglet tiden fortsatt i gult. De snakker fort og glise i ferd med å fullføre hverandres setninger.

Den viltvoksende museum hall er nå litt nedtonet, nesen til tinny, tunge lukten av gamle biler har lenge vært vant. I oktober er det offisiell åpning planlagt. Utstillingene alternative tema, så alltid forskjellige Mazdas presenteres. Når "Mazda Classic "er utstyrt med en restaurant, vil de ikke bare tiltrekke besøkende, men også fungere som konferanseområder. Når du planlegger familien til Mazda Tyskland samt fra klassisk prosjektleder Marc Baumüller støttes, er ansvarlig for den klassiske byen i Frankfurt eller Ewald kull i Recklinghausen.

Foreløpig vurderer Freys hvor mange reklametavler er å henge dem på veggene. De ønsker også å øke sin samling til noen racerbiler. De har nettopp kjøpt en 727c, kom i 1984 24-timersløpet på Le Mans brukt: "Siden vi allerede mangler da noen, "Frey innrømmer og ruller opp ermene. Han holde øynene åpne. Brother Joachim nikker. De er et godt lag. Mazda Maniacs. Og helt gal.

Les mer om Mazda

Essen Motor Show 2016: 12 cars that we would take away

The Essen Motor Show 2016 is the weekend to end. Pity! We have picked 12 cars that we would not take any hesitation. Also included is the Lamborghini of a very special actress.

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The choice was not easy - there are just too many highlights at the Essen Motor Show 2016: Tuned sport car, old race car, legendary vintage, cool US cars. How should one opt for twelve cars up there? We have done it anyway.

Tuning cars, racing cars and classic cars

Okay, there are a few exhibits that you would really pack on the spot on a trailer, to then go home. Including the garish green Techart Porsche GT Street R falls based on the 911 Turbo. What a monster! 720 hp, over 800 Nm and less than 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h. This has to be experienced.

But one would like to order every day on the road? Probably not, so we grab even the Audi RS6 from the tuner Abt. Lots of space, excessive amount of power (730 hp, 920 Nm) and compared with the Techart Porsche still a touch of understatement.

Enough of the modern age - back to cars that became famous in the 1980s and early 1990s. But not anyhow, but because they gave an absolutely tough duel on the track: BMW E30 M3 and Mercedes 190 E 2.5 Evolution II This time we do not decide, no.. We simply take both.

The Lambo Porn star

Whoever reads this name and instantly know who it is, was probably at night too often to relevant pages on the go: Lexy Roxx. The actress and foregone Car Crazy presented at the Essen Motor Show its wide body Lamborghini ago at the booth of Liberty Walk. Something else. Cool! Let's do the same with a - so the car, not the actress.

In our gallery we show what cars we would not otherwise take.

Chamonix Roadster: Porsche 356 and Porsche 550 Spyder replica

In the industrial park in the small town ketch, close to the Hockenheimring, sees little something out for auto manufacturing. Michael Gehrke tinkering here in proper working replicas of the Porsche 356 or Porsche 550 Spyder.


Which Oldtimerfan does not dream of a Porsche 356 or even the 550 Spyder, which was the fatal crash of James Dean for automotive legend? A well-preserved Porsche 356 today will cost 50,000 euros loose; a real 550 Spyder is seriously hard to get. Finally, it was not even built by the dangerous Renner 100 vehicles in Zuffenhausen.

Porsche 356 or Porsche 550 Spyder at 30,000 euros

Since a savings and fun offer from Gehrke Classic Cars lures. "We go to cars like the Porsche 356 or the Porsche 550 Spyder at under 30,000 euros going on," says Michael Gehrke, "in top equipment with real instruments and numerous original parts one is around 42,000 euros." The vehicles themselves are replicas with plastic chassis that were built for ease of registration options on an old Beetle platform and pass as used cars. Gehrke does not build the cars themselves; He completes it in his workshop in Ketch only. Manufacturers of replicas is the company Chamonix Roadster that creates in Brazil since 1987, replicas of old clowns.

The completion takes only two to three weeks

Chamonix produces about 100 vehicles a year and exports around the world. Main market is the USA, but also to Europe and Asia go some of the replicas. Michael Gehrke makes the whole for about a year. The first vehicles are ready. His previous showpiece is a silver Porsche 550 Spyder. Which is almost indistinguishable at first glance from a real rarity. Only with details and optical nuances is lagging behind. Inside, there are red leather and the typical instrumentation. "The construction of such a car, depending on the equipment in two to three weeks," says Gehrke, "the most difficult is to get appropriate spare parts." Because Chamonix provides the vehicles naked, ie without motor or any electrical system in an overseas container. there are three bodies per delivery. For the rest Gehrke is responsible.

2,500 euros for an original Porsche 356 instrument set

As the desire car should look like, it alone decides the customer. Either he wants to have old original parts or cheaper parts from the accessories. "It's all a matter of price," Gehrke explained, "only the original set of instruments of a Porsche 356 costs more than 2,500 euros originals are hard to get;. But two companies from Switzerland to produce watches." Before the vehicles in Brazil are ordered, the customer must decide alone for the color. The classic colors dark blue, dark green, black and silver are especially popular.

Used parts on the Porsche 356 replica

Michael Gehrke is building around in a black Porsche 356 replica. The processing makes a good impression at first glance. But the Oldtimerfan Gehrke admits: "In the reworking but you have to work very neatly, so that by our standards the quality is right." The engine compartment to the rear is empty and the whiskey-colored fabric roof is just mounted only. The quality of leather and carpets in the interior shows that 356 certainly could deck out even more exclusive Porsche. However, the lights front and rear are used original parts and the chrome trim with light patina to be proud of. "Many items I'll get me to parts markets and the Internet," Gehrke reported by the effort to make the car appear original as possible.

The replica Porsche weigh only 600 kg

In the engine, the customer also has a number of choices. The basic engine is in each case an outdated beetle motor 60 or 75 PS and four-speed transmission. Much better it looks in the sportier versions of the Porsche shelf. From 1.9 liters of displacement is there between 90 and 110 hp for the Porsche 550. Fast enough you are with each of the replicas go. Finally, Porsche 356 and Porsche 550 weighing just 600 kilograms. "In 6000 my Spyder Tours runs over 200 km / h", Michael Gehrke makes you want more.

No Porsche logo for the Spyder

However, the Porsche Spyder is delivered without any lettering. Forefather Porsche is little capable of suffering, when it comes to replicas of their own jewelry. This will be disputes out of the way, Gehrke provides the car with appropriate Signet drilling. The characters are in the same package available to it.

Packed on vacation: the faster a car or trailer are overweight

Too much luggage? Especially travelers with caravans overdo it when loading like once. AUTO, the sister magazine auto motor und sport, was there during a check of the Stuttgart motorway police.

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Friday, shortly after eight in the morning on the A8 at the motorway junction Leonberg. Start of the holidays in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the journey wave rolling south. But for some vacationers anticipation of sun, beach and sea is equal to getting a damper - at an unscheduled break at the rest area.

After waiting on the edge of the highway Polizeihauptmeister Andreas Keinath and Oberkommissar Dirk Baumann, peeking for caravans and motor homes. When a team comes along, they start the engine of her VW Passat and give chase. After one kilometer, they pull the trailer with the Belgian license plate over and snap the "Please follow" indicator on the roof on. With the tourists in tow it comes to the rest area Sindelfingen forest to vehicle control, where her waiting colleagues take over. Today the traveler's your turn instead of lorries with mobile holiday home.

Excess baggage must remain

The most important utensil of the twelve officials employed are two wheel scales. Finally, many vacationers suffer from acute weight problems. "Families with children or motor homes with lots of accessories on the vehicle are usually too heavy on the go," says Oberkommissar Roland Thiel from experience. Since 1980 he is part of the Highway Patrol Stuttgart, since often enough to look to spot traffic offenders.

It should not go primarily to penalties, but for an explanation. After all, unlike many trucking companies overcharged the travelers their cars often out of ignorance. But when an overloaded tire bursts in a highway construction site and gets the team out of control, human lives are in danger. From a minor offense therefore out of the question.

The legislation leaves no doubt: It is the maximum permissible gross weight. Who brings the scales at up to 20 percent overweight, charged 35 euros, in addition, three points and 95 euros are due. be deducted ten kilograms as tolerance. Depending on the overload level but does not scare the punishment so much on what the consequences for the pending holiday ". Overloading we let anyone drive on, the weight must be reduced in extreme cases then just part of the baggage will remain here," said Thiel.

Today, the control proceeds comparatively harmless. The Belgian team, which has prevented from continuing travel of the strips car remains, at least, by weight, in the context of the permissible. That protrudes three rusty screws studded final bar at the rear of the caravan, but does not fit in police officers. They send the tourists to a repair shop to fix the damage.

Vehicle Paper entries and actual weight may differ

Contrary Thiel forecast a together caravan south aspiring family turns out shortly thereafter as exemplary: 1200 kg may weigh the trailer, 1115, he brings on the scale. Team handlebars Roland Sistermans grins: "Was I realized I have weighed it before yourself."

If that would only do all travelers. But too fond of being displaced that the information that only partially have to do for curb weight on the registration document with your own model, but with the homologation copy of the standard equipment. Especially in older caravans the actual weight is often significantly higher and the remaining payload ridiculously low in relation to the existing storage space.

Then, when plenty of heavy accessories like awning or electrical maneuvering system to be installed, only hand baggage on board is allowed. This must just learned that with VW Multivan and caravans wants to sixth for two weeks of the Swabian Alb family Leu. 1360 kg may bring their followers on the scale, but there are 1,730. "We have it for 14 days food, milk and drinks. At the resort there is little shopping," said mother Christine excused. Father Dettmar invites meanwhile luggage from the trailer into the VW bus: "The fact that it is so much, I did not think, but that's what happens when you can not cut yourself." After all, the coaches there is enough capacity to get started for a redistribution of loads.

Defects in one third of Controlled

Similarly, it runs at a Belgian family that has packed too much 400 kg, including 60 bottles of red wine and 60 kg dumbbells - one wants to also stay fit while on vacation. By transferring and discharging the water tanks these vacationers remain ultimately just as within the limit of the permissible.

But not always in control is similar from smoothly as little later Jörg Abend discovers. Together with his wife and two children in their teens and aims in the VW Passat, together with caravans gen Bavaria. The sedan rear depends so deeply into the springs that officials also equal to check the towing vehicle. 1010 kg may weigh on the rear axle, but the scale reported 180 kg more. When caravan it does not look better: 240 kg are here too much on board. "You have to let what's with reloading They do not come on," Thiel sums up the situation. The tourists become frustrated, "If we unload all the holiday does not work anymore, but the officer remains hard." Still nothing happened, we can avoid worse "After all, the family may temporarily store a part of the baggage in the police station..

The balance sheet after half a day in action: At 30 checked road users was criticized overload or poorly secured baggage in ten cases.

Brother EXP-6 off-road caravan: The hardest caravan the world

Forget everything you ever knew about caravans. The brother EXP-6 is the most radical way to go for camping. And he has everything on board to survive in the outback.

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Camping in Jesolo, awning with artificial turf, marked out small plots and full supply of the catering business - all forgotten just once. Caravan is another way. After all, who wants to learn how hardcore camping works, can pick up some inspiration from Down Under are welcome. If anyone knows how to get out very much clear with a sleeping bag and camp stoves, then the Australians.

Brother EXP-6 Offroad caravan
The ultimate off-road caravan 6:46 min.

Accordingly, there is on the red continent not only lots of sensible and robust SUV instead pompous City SUV. Also developed by numerous specialized providers camping and outdoor equipment is popular with off-road enthusiasts worldwide.

Function instead show

Because the Outback Camper for days far roam every civilization, are all-terrain trailer, often upgraded with mobile kitchen and folding tent, where for decades the drug of choice. Also somewhat off-road campers are not even so unusual in Australia. But the brother EXP-6 tops it all.

This biaxial extreme caravan Central European Sandals Camper brings instant and unerring for gasping, it has literally located. The device looks like it came straight out of a apocalyptic science fiction film, but the menacing look is not just for show. At Brother EXP-6 everything is thought out and designed indestructible in direction.

The core of the brother EXP-6 is the extremely robust lead frame as a base, on which the actual living "container" is mounted as in truck construction with rubber bearings. integrated in the frame is a subframe on which the four wheels are suspended individually with super stable round tube-trailing arms. The trick here is the air spring elements. They not only allow a giant suspension travel of 31 centimeters, but can be - even while driving from the towing vehicle - controlled individually. submit terrain passages higher, lower road maintenance, save fuel with an empty trailer in single-axis or in the comfort level the caravan on the pitch control by mobile phone - no problem.

The brother EXP-6 emerged what

By the optional lift kit by remote control and the independent suspension brother EXP-6 reaches an enormous ground clearance and puts not shrink from challenging inclines and declines, because the surpluses are well above ground. Since off-road excursions in Australia once part meter deep water crossings need to be addressed more often, the increased ground clearance also helps of course. And another aspect: When driving, the brother EXP-6 is waterproof.

Brother EXP-6 Offroad caravan Australia Photo: Brother
The kitchen can indeed-users from the inside, but is only really spacious as outdoor version.

This is achieved mainly by the wily rear element that is folded like a lock gate from the rearward entry area. On the pitch it is easily at your fingertips upward swing, there are so the rear area free and serves as a weather roof. The vehicle width is chosen so that on a normal road vehicle in adults format no mirror extensions are needed and the trailer can follow in the tracks of the towing vehicle - especially in the field a big advantage. In addition, the external storage compartments with filtered fresh air are supplied with a high-mounted air intake system to prevent dust from entering.

Everything else is extremely elaborate on brother EXP-6 and subordinate to the function. At the front locker, two spare wheels can be attached standing. The - widespread in Australian supporters - panels below the drawbar protect the structure of the trailer against thrown from the tractor stones. However, in the climatic conditions in Australia perfect and airy, with alpine winter campsite probably less suitable - to leave the brother EXP-6 as low as possible despite its enormous chassis height, the headroom in the interior can on the pitch improved by a sunroof.

Modular construction in brother EXP-6 Caravan

Plenty of brain power is in the modular equipment. Thus, the laterally arranged kitchen is available both from inside and from the outside. There, the outer side wall when needed just high and a cross table folded down and pulled out a kitchen module with fridge and storage compartments. This creates a very generously sized outdoor kitchen in U format. Another refrigerator is also located in the interior of EXP. 6 is mainly slept on the mezzanine floor on a large, fixed two-person bed. Nevertheless, the patient surface can be enough space to realize a two-seat dining area with tilting table. Up to six beds (total length of the trailer: 6.7 meters) can be divided into the five-meter-long structure set up. A rooftop air conditioning system provides at extreme outside temperatures for a cool head, the wet room is fully equipped.

Brother EXP-6 Offroad caravan Australia Photo: Brother
The EXP-6 is pretty much all the details completely different than a normal trailer.

For sufficiently self-sufficiency a 200 liter fresh water supply on board, if necessary by a Webasto diesel heater is brought to Warmduscher-suitable temperature (next to the shower in the wet there is also an outdoor shower). The power supply is secured by a 260-amp solar system with storage battery. And if it does not go forward again: At the rear of the trailer an electric winch is housed, which can pull the team out of the mess.

No caravan for bargain hunters

The price for the brother EXP-6, one suspects there is nothing for bargain hunters and varies depending on the equipment. It starts at the equivalent of about 74,000 euros. Added to this would be the individual container transport, which are few euro but then even matter. After all, the manufacturer takes care of the formalities: Brother promises a worldwide delivery of the trailer, including the appropriate local regulations adapted technology. But who might it all together before with a multi-week vacation trip in the newly acquired extreme caravan through the vastness of Australia, the matter can easily nice expect a little bit. And among us: So a huge standard residential castle for Jesolo & Co., which collapsed on each track, there is finally not for pocket money.

Factory B 26: New classic car center in Schwabisch Gmund

Since 25 June 2016 are in Schwäbisch Gmünder cup Lehenstrasse 26 with the "Factory B 26" a new center for classic car lovers.

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Nuclear power in the former Ritz Pumpenfabrik is the possibility here of up to 175 vehicles in part fully glazed boxes under note (price per unit and monthly 125 euros plus tax and utilities). These offers car preparer companies APZ in manufactures its services as well as the oldies workshop Müller Classic.

Alexander Müller, Mercedes dealers from nearby Donzdorf was certified by Mercedes-Benz Classic is the first German-MB Classic dealer with special skills for the classic car care, maintenance and repair. His workshop Dependence Müller Classic in Schwabisch Gmund is now beyond all brands open.

Coffee roasting, the manufactory

Highlight the manufactory B 26 is the coffee roasting Dinzler, highway tourists already well known by the much appreciated Dinzler restaurant on Irschenberg (A8 Munich-Salzburg). Once the fire protection requirements are all satisfied, the finest coffee varieties are then roasted in the old, belonging to the manufactory metal foundry. Also in Manufacturing: A vintage trade name reputation Classic, which has nothing to do with the world-famous Porsche specialists from Bavaria Pfaffenhausen.

In the middle of more than 130 years old factory building, the Piazza and the adjoining rooms of the pits offer a total of more than 500 people space. In addition to historical cars, the relevant services and the hospitality of Ritz and Dinzler art also finds its place in the factory: Joerg Schulze there is currently presenting his sculptures made of wood, about the axis with two massive wheels and a subsequent balancing, thread-thin people. For more information:

Car Friday at the Nurburgring 2015: The loudest silence holiday of the year

The flair: as the 24-hour race. The difference: on Good Friday opens the Nurburgring Nordschleife for everyone. We were part of this spectacle.

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The Nürburgring fascinated his fans like this, like a boy band growing up, mostly teenage girls. to get near him, the hormones go haywire, your heart is racing, crazy happen, inexplicable things.

The "Car Friday" is not Stiller holiday in the Eifel

More than 50 kilometers from the Nordschleife a sports car convoy formed on the A61, just before the exit weir, with an estimated 200 vehicles. Honking horns, exhaust sound demonstrations - and breastfeeding on a holiday. Which is in the Eifel region each year to a loud holiday: The Nordschleife is open to tourists trips, and the Good Friday becomes the Car Friday. Sounds logical.

While the column is squeezed by the by submerged into the sunlight landscape towards Nürburgring Nordschleife, the small town of Adenau is located shortly before eight o'clock still in the shadow of the Eifel mountains. The panes of the parked cars are covered with a layer of frost. About a bakery it smokes two chimneys, inside, two women prepare diligently for the forthcoming onslaught before.

In the parking lot four Mercedes are lined up, parked with his face to the front, 190 E. One of them belongs Marco. In fact, he drives the strong version of the young-timer with six-cylinder, 2.6-liter displacement and 160 hp. "Before, the thing was cleared, and I'm so driven on the Nordschleife, also on Friday Car," says Marco. Today, he and his friends - Pascal, Thomas and Lisa - just came to watch. For five years originating from Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland friends come to karfreitäglichen madness.

At half past eight the car park at Brünnchen is crowded

So that they are not alone. The organizers estimate that every year around 15,000 car fans clogged the streets to really sleepy towns like Kempenich, Meuspath or Quiddelbach.

Rolf Kremer has four in the morning awake. He has to tell people where they can park and where not the job. "Every year, the same madness," he says, grinning. The sprightly senior speaks with a strong dialect, as a non-Eifelaner one to understand it hardly. For 20 years he has worked at the Nurburgring, partly as a marshal - mostly on planting garden - partly as a folder. Rolf is, like so many here, a big motor sports fan.

Today it stands at the entrance to dovetail, where he was sent because the parking lot of the Brünnchen was overcrowded before nine o'clock. "The parking lot there's also one on the dovetail is only a muddy field." At that moment, a bubbling Ford Focus RS drives past Rolf, without waiting for his signal. Rolf beckons the driver to him, and explained to him why he is here, and where the focus should go. "Otherwise kommste here nich get out, boy," he cried, shaking his head afterward. The driver of the Ford will not hear that, too loud is the noise coming from the right-left combination on the dovetail behind him.

Car Friday in 2015 with the best Nordschleife Weather

Nine o'clock: The track is open for a few moments. One reason for this is the outstanding weather. Sunshine and blue skies were not only in the past week, a rarity in the Eifel. Until a few days it has snowed. Today, the temperatures are above freezing - the happy drivers and fans. The Nordschleife is almost dry, but only in areas where sunlight is not came out still covered a wet, slippery layer the asphalt.

On Brünnchen soon sounded bass-heavy music, the first wisps of smoke rise up, it smells of beer and grilled meats. And rubber. And exhaust gases. For anyone who was ever on the 24-hour race, a familiar scent. For this, a fishing chair with beer holder, and the day is perfect. At least if the route is not blocked due to an accident. This happens on the first day of "free driving" a couple of times when a mistake outweighs than his own ambition. Worse events remain saved us that day. Also, about one looks forward to the track.

As against seven in the evening, the Nordschleife is closed, it is ruckzuck empty at Pflanzgarten, Brünnchen and dovetail. Only the traffic jam stretches along the single track road to the highway. At planting garden takeaways owner cleans up, is pleased about the business and then given away the last curry sausages. The previously so well-attended hills and meadows behind his trailer: deserted. "So they came fast, so fast they are gone," he says. Just like after a concert.

Project trailer tent camp in the Box

New boom in terms of outdoor camping: off-road trailer tents are becoming popular also with us. We have built a.

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The trend comes from warmer climes: mainly in Australia and southern Africa are the "Trailer Tents" common dwelling for several days off-road trip into the bush. For some time, however, the enthusiasm for this companion attempts in Germany around. The starting point is one of several folding tents offered specifically for trailer use. And it is a more or less off-road-capable trailer.

But like so much of the outdoor and travel area have the trailer tents ready offered a certain drawback: the price. Ready-equipped off-road trailers are rarely get below 10,000 euros, with plenty of room for improvement. A lot of money for a few weeks tent pleasure in. This must also go cheaper, we were sure, and went to work.

Project-trailer with tent Gordigear

Before the start of the project initially, we choose the most suitable for their own claims tent. Many different concepts are on the market. We opted for the folding tent of the Australian provider Gordigear, which supplies a branch in Upper Bavaria via direct sales to the German market. Several were the reasons for the decision. On the one hand, of course, the relatively low price, with 2,050 euros for the whole base tent under Gordigear provides other suppliers in some cases significantly. The second reason was the size of the tent: the same footprint on the trailer the base tent is much more spacious than many competing products. With a floor space of 5.3 x 2.3 meters is more enclosed space available than adult in some caravans. And by simply anclipsbarem extra tent this place can practically be doubled.
But more importantly, the choice of the base. Many providers of complete solutions for their use folding tent trailer conventional industrial supporters of the rod. These are for normal operation in Central Europe certainly adequate, off-road but quickly end their skills. As it should be a bit more robust for our project.

Which trailer as a base?

At the same time, the question must be "braked or unrestrained" be clarified. This has important implications: trailers without brakes can be relatively easily upgraded with greater Bereifumg in braked trailers TÜV often says "no" to thick rubber. Downside for the coveted 100-km / h approval an unbraked trailer must be derated efficient. He may then only 0.3 times as much sway as the motor vehicle when empty.
We resorted to unbridled basis: a platform-trailer from South African production, with robust heavy-duty axle, fully galvanized. The bolt pattern used corresponds to the selected towing vehicle, a Toyota Hilux. Thus, trailer and car can "share" a spare tire. Clear disadvantage of unchecked solution: the trailer must be chocked off in order not to roll it. Therefore, additional brackets for robust steel wedges came to the camping trailer.

The folding tent manufacturers make precise specifications, to be as high, long and wide of the trailer structure to mount correctly the tent. The base plate on which the sleeping surface is allowed to be neither too high nor too low to achieve an appropriate conclusion tent to the ground. According to the information of Gordigear we had a rack of stainless steel square welded. Small drawback: by the already quite lush height of the trailer with the road tires was not allowed to fail all too high, which limits the expansion plan of the building.

It starts

The steel frame of the trailer was covered with aluminum plates that we bonded. Front and rear side flaps have been installed in order to get access to the cargo area from the outside. Because of the low interior height we opted for kitchen and equipment for a drawer Solution: A Case from the stage area, sufficiently long, wide and low, can be pulled back out of the trailer and also serves as a "kitchen table" on the stove and cooking utensils Place Find.
After the use of the trailer was primarily "self-sufficient" and not planned on camping, the corresponding self-technology had on board. Power supply for cool box and lighting as well as an outdoor shower have been installed. The power supply we opted for so-called AGM batteries, which have a certain deep discharge safety and lower self-discharge, unlike normal starter batteries from the passenger car sector. Who does not rely on well-known names such as Optima, is equivalent but cheaper offers, such as independent power supplies (UPS) from the computer area in the industrial sector.

Low-cost solutions for off-road trailer

When charging electronics we chose a self-made solution instead of the costly solutions from the mobile home sector. The voltage control is via a self-made LCD display. To charge we use a CTEK charger. It has the advantage that it automatically jumps to the once set charging program once it is connected to AC power. All fittings were screwed out the wiring in a channel. Batterienah main fuses were installed, the consumer connections are made via a self-made fuse box with individual protection. The connection to the mains current for charging of the batteries is done from the outside with a known area of ​​the mobile home CEE feeder outlet.
Because of the limited cargo space of the trailer an underground water tank was used. Which was bolted from below to the bottom plate. With the assembly in hanger center, right in front of the axle, the ride height is largely preserved and the focus remains relatively balanced even with a full 80-liter tank, also important for the support load. the tank via a drawbar mounted on the plate filler is filled. Connect the tank to a suction pump Shurflo. Supplying an outer outlet that is attached to the side wall. Here is a hand-held shower can be infected with a practical click closure. Water to a boil remove, or a brisk shower off after the beach are no longer an issue.

Folding tent trailers to measure

His first jobs, the folding tent trailers already successfully behind. The concept proved to be fully practicable, especially the outdoor shower and the power supply work perfectly.
The Gordigear tent has fully met expectations. The huge living room and the lush sleeping surface on the trailer offer outstanding comfort than roof or floor tents. The construction of the giant thing is after the first few times practicing done relatively quickly - two of the Faltburg is in five minutes alone it takes a few minutes longer. virtually extremely quick-release fasteners to the tent poles with which they, the tent can be quickly and easily bring on tension are. Sun can be completely waive the exhaustion with external lines, depending on weather. The very robust material and all processing (zippers, seams) show that Australians know when Zeltbau what matters.
On the wish list now only still stands a more comfortable solution for the kitchen drawer and a permanently installed tent interior light. But as usual in such projects: they are rarely really finished, because with each use fall new ideas to improve on. Above all, we have substantial savings. Compared to a folding tent-off trailer "off the shelf" several thousand euros, because with material cost of less than 4,000 euros of camping trailers has become a real budget project.

In our photo show, we show you the construction phases of the trailer in detail.

50 years to win the Monte Carlo Rally: Aaltonen reveals his secret Monte

For the 50th anniversary of its success Rauno Aaltonen takes again the ordeal in itself and starts at the Rally Monte Carlo Historique, the retro version of the classic rally for historic cars built before 1979. We were there.

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In hardly any other top rally drivers were so close together in the Rallye Monte Carlo triumph and tragedy as the ex-Mini factory driver Rauno Aaltonen: In 1962, he escaped only thanks to the presence of mind his co-driver of the burning wreck, five years later he triumphed in the Mini Cooper S at the most prestigious rally in the world: But this success in 1967 was hanging by a thread.

Rauno Aaltonen is 79 years old. After the final stage of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique in the Mini Cooper S he has indeed gotten only six hours of sleep, but the Finn stands there like a one, telling lively, sometimes teaches a bit about the young people of today, but looks almost as agile like 50 years ago.

Night of long knifes

Flashback to the Monte Carlo Rally 1967: On the night of January 20, running in the Maritime Alps, the six final stages of the 36th Monte Carlo Rally. About 4,400 kilometers the teams already on the way, but now it applies to the 623 km long final loop, the "Night of the Long Knives": It is the Decisive Battle of Monte Carlo Rally - for the teams is the most famous rally in the world at the same time consuming the year.

Rauno Aaltonen description of this Monte-finals 50 years ago seem as fresh as if he had just driven until the top of the Hercules port on the finish ramp. Suddenly he says: "I have never been told." In the second of three crossings of the Col de Turini La Bollene to Le Moulinet a blizzard set in. Shortly after crossing the pass at 1,607 meters above sea level falls Aaltonen factory Mini Cooper S in 1275 with the starting number 177 before a curve slide around and is heading for massive boundary stones and the slope: "I had to make a decision without knowing how it ends, "says Aaltonen. On the peppered with serpentine, snow-covered road to Le Moulinet the studded tires have lost on a patch of ice adhesion.

Aaltonen Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Rally Photo: BMW / Hardy Mutschler
On a pass road in the Alps. Vehicle and driver make even 50 years after the victory still a good figure.

Dramatic seconds Mini

A class rider like Aaltonen dissected those tricky scenes in tenths or hundredths of a second, "The road boundaries at that time consisted of stone blocks that were connected to rods of steel - but these compounds were missing there. So I had a choice: either to put the car in front of one of these stone blocks. . My co-driver Henry Liddon and would not mean anything happened, but we would have been with the damaged car out, "The Finn remembers continues:" Or I try to control our attention between two stone blocks through and hope we are lucky " , Quick as a flash he opts for the second option. The red Mini Cooper rolls down the steep slope between snow-covered rocks and trees. "Suddenly, it crashes and we are back on the road," says Aaltonen. However, his orientation is missing: He first moves a piece in the wrong direction, then turns around and runs the test to an end - in record time. "Only later I realized that I was doing probably abbreviated a piece of track," notes Aaltonen with a smile.

And probably the European champion has secured in 1965 with the bailout his only success in the Monte Carlo Rally. Because the target he has only a few seconds ahead of the onrushing from behind Ove Andersson and John Davenport in Lancia Fulvia HF. Andersson, who was found a few years later the legendary Toyota Team Europe (TTE) was the fastest driver at the "Night of the Long Knives".

Mini proposes Lancia and Porsche

About the exact distance between the two best teams of this Monte there are different specifications: The mini-team manager Stuart Turner called 13 seconds, Aaltonen itself estimates that his lead was only five to seven seconds. The mini-factory rider could not imagine who else made him his success in dispute during the rally: "We have focused only on ourselves," he stressed. Actually, all had the Porsche 911 favored by Vic Elford and David Stone - the English-rehearsed Rally Team waxed in tire choice yet and falls back to third place.

Aaltonen Mini Cooper Monte Carlo Rally Photo: BMW / Hardy Mutschler
Souvenir photo with mini Hans Sylvan, Hans Ake Söderqvist and Rauno Aaltonen.

For the 50th anniversary of its success Rauno Aaltonen takes again the ordeal in itself and starts at the Rally Monte Carlo Historique, the retro version of the classic rally for historic cars built before 1979. Aaltonen controls a Mini Cooper S in 1965. About 2,690 km must he lay back with the 120-hp rally car: from the start in Bad Homburg to the finish in the port of Monte Carlo six days later, at four o'clock in the morning. Sometimes brings back memories of 1967 on the way, as on the final day of the test, which runs from Luceram to Lantosque. "In Luceram I in 1962 had a serious accident," Aaltonen reports on his first Monte Carlo Rally: With the right-hand drive Mini Cooper, the Finn touched a rock. The car rolled over six times, remained on the roof lie and caught fire. His English co-driver Geoff Mabbs pulled him out of the car and rescued the then 24-year-old mini-novices life.

Although the Monte Carlo Rally Historique is decided by constancy tests and not by the pursuit of personal bests as in the current editions of the "Monte". But the historic rally requires maximum concentration. The co-pilot is at least as important as in the 60s. Aaltonen has secured the services of a very experienced co-driver with the 72-year old Swede Hans Sylvan, who has long been on the road with the ex-World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist and Per Eklund. The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique have both two weeks preparing intensively, have inspected the course in December and made a road book.

But even that does not help them on the first of a total of 14 regularity tests: The average computer strike and without the small device, the required average speed can not be maintained exactly. Rauno Aaltonen and Hans Sylvan cash by a third of the penalties which they enter on the rally and are in the general classification far behind. In the end, the two veterans have fought on the 84th rank forward in their class, they are nevertheless still Fourth: This is good old school rally: is posted only when there is no more wheel turns.